Charlie & Mike vs. Utsira 2002

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GB or Utsira? It's a tough call
Frankie went to Hollywood. So where did we go...?

UPDATE: FEB 2004: The book of the trip (and, let's be honest*, a little more besides) will be published on 28 May 2004. Pre-order your copy here (and make Charlie and his agent very, very happy)
*If by 'honest' you mean pretending Mike wasn't on the trip at all, you'll love the book ;-)
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It was October. Cold. Rainy London. We did the obvious thing. Headed north.

Utsira - yes, that's right, as in North Utsira, South Utsira... - is a tiny island 28km off the west coast of Norway. Level with the Shetlands. That's north of mainland Britain... hell, it's north of Moscow.

Armed with nothing more than fabulous late autumnal weather, four credit cards, two Switch cards, free Business Class tickets, a really good-looking leather jacket, one member of the party who is half-Norwegian and the certain knowledge that all Norwegians speak English anyway, this contemporary Don Quixote and Sancho Panza... this present-day Phileas Fogg and Passepartout... this latter-day Lewis & Clark... this Ant & Dec for the 21st century, set forth, cheap but cute digital camera in hand...


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