Friends,                                                                                                                                                                                      July 21, 2008
The Uttarayani society of Delhi is going strong. Uttarakhandis too are going strong, in UK, India and the world. To our delight, UK is the only newly born state of India that has achieved better growth than its parent state. Though we had a painful birth and a few bad patches, the political leadership has generally delivered OK.
Talking of this website, it still remains alive and  we will try at least to enrich it with more UK links. The blog is perhaps a better means of communication. The uttarayani [official] web team have started a yahoo group in the name of uttarayani, and as things stand today, a good number of people are using it for communication.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    May 25, 2008
What has been written below need not be erased, we thought, rightly or wrongly, so that if we need to re-activate the site later, we would be able to start from there. The present 'post' is just to tell you that right now UTTARAYANI is actively maintaining a site,, and we need not duplicate the efforts here. Still, thanks for visiting us there. Would you like to go to

February 22, 2006

We thought, this website had out-lived its utility, so we kept it hibernating for the last three-and-a-half years. But our friends refused to un-visit us. The ticker maintained below is of people who have visited us during this period and are visiting us now. So, we will like to revive it in a small way to start with: to use its bulletin board, linked below as 'Write to us'.

Could we request you to please visit This is a new blog we have started just to have another platform to interact with fellow Uttaranchalis and our friends and well-wishers beyond Uttaranchal.

This website or the blog mentioned above are NOT the official website / blog of UTTARAYANI. Uttarayani does have a website on a different platform. So, this website bids adieu to all its patrons and well-wishers.



This website used to belong to  Uttarayani,a society registered in Delhi, of  the people from Uttaranchal state of India. It now belongs to all Uttaranchalis and their friends and well-wishers and, of course, Uttarayani.
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