Workin' It!


Have A Look See, Kiddies...
Keep Abreast Of Melanie's Doings And Goings Ons.

Anne Jet And Arsenic
Is Running Around Like
The Wild Woman It Is!
So Have A Look,

It Saddens Me To Do This - But Our Lovely,
Wonderful Web-Site Has Succumbed To Bad Porn Sites
(If They Were Any Good I'd Gladly Leave Them, But Egh!)
Generally Broken Links And Over-All Gaudniess.
(The Layout's Still Lovely... No... Nothing Wrong With The Layout!)
So... Though I Have No Intention Of Ridding The
Poor Unsuspecting World Of Our Gloriousness,
We'll Be Temporarily Out Of Order.

However, We're In The Midst Of An Exciting Time!
Here VERY Soon The Official Release Of The Shiney
And Keen Anne Jet And Arsenic Site Will
Be In Business!

And Don't Worry Your Dear Little Hearts!
Utterly Bent Will Be Back Up And Writhing In No Time!

So... In Closing, Keep A Sharp Eye On
The Update Spot! (Previously "I Am NOT Moody!")

We Love You All Desperately,
And Hope You Miss Us As Much As We Do You!