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U-Turn Tammy
a.k.a. "Sneaky T"
    I'm from Texas, but I have lived in the Domincian Republic, Chile, Peru, and Honduras, as well as travelled to many other countries. 
     I love languages and culture and I hope to become a Spanish teacher soon. 
    I like to read good literature and watch thought-provoking films.
     I love Keith, my fiance and I can't wait to be married to him soon! 
    Thanks for visiting my site.
oh geez, where do I start?  I won't bore you with a huge list that makes me look cooler than I am.  I am just a girl.  My top interests are Snowboarding, Scuba diving, Spanish, Shopping, Swimming, and Space.  Yeah, I'm facinated by space and I went to Space Camp 4 times in Jr. High and High School.
Shout outs to all my friends at APU, there are too many to list.  High five to LA Term-ers and the NWG!  I love you Buffalo Girls.  Don't mess with me, my momma, or Texas.  Peace.
Fall '01 Freshman Year @ APU
Spring '02 Freshman Year @ APU
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Hey!  You've made it to my page!  I'm so glad you're here!
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This picture was taken at Playa Sosua in the Dominican Republic on May 13, 2003.  Check out our funky snorkel gear. That's me in the front lookin' like a moron.
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Azusa Pacific University
High School in Texas
Iquitos, Peru 2002
Fall '02 - Sophomore Year @ APU
The site is all about the photo pages listed on the right hand side of the page.  I hope you check them out because they're fun.  You should be able to see a larger version of most of the photo pages by clicking on them.  I hope you enjoy!
Vacation in Hawaii 2002
*Updated* Study abroad in the Dominican Republic 2003
Union Rescue Mission, Los Angeles
Fall '03 Los Angeles Term - Urban Studies
Spring '03 - Sophomore Year @ APU