Diane's Wiesbaden Page
Diane's Wiesbaden Page
I grew up an Air Force brat living in places like Omaha, Nebraska; Phalsbourg, France; Lakenheath, England; Salina, Kansas; and Wiesbaden, Germany.  I had a wonderful childhood and some of my best memories come from the time we lived in Hainerberg in Wiesbaden.  I was four years old when we moved there in December of 1969, and we stayed until I was nine years old in August of 1974.
I've gathered together some pictures of places that may be familiar to others that were stationed in Wiesbaden at some point in their lives.  I hope that these pictures will bring back memories for some fellow brats out there.

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Picture List:
hainerberg (pg.1) hainerberg (pg.2) hainerberg (pg.3)
baseball field opelbad pool camping
castles & the rhine (pg.1) castles & the rhine (pg.2)
rudesheim (pg.1) rudesheim (pg.2)
miscellaneous (pg.1) miscellaneous (pg.2) miscellaneous (pg.3)
garmisch (pg.1) garmisch (pg.2)

Thanks to my Dad for helping me identify some of the pictures.
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