Universalist Unitarian Church
Santa Paula, California
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Our church is raising funds through the eScrip program. This is a program used by many schools and churches around the country. Participants register their Von's Club cards, credit cards and ATM/debit cards with eScrip and pay an annual membership fee of $10. When they use these cards at participating merchants, a percentage of the sale is contributed to our church.

A list of participating merchants is available online at www.escrip.com and a pamphlet listing participating merchants nationwide is sent to you by eScrip when you register.

You can go to www.escrip.com and register online. At that site, you can also download registration forms if you would prefer to register by mail. You will need our group ID number, which is 3481384.

If you're already supporting a school by eScrip, you can support the church as well. You can divide your proceeds up among 3 organizations. It only costs $5 to register for each subsequent organization.

This is a convenient and effective way to raise money to support our church. Please join us.

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