Universalist Unitarian Church
Santa Paula, California
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Religious Education

Religious Education Committee Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a liberal religious voice within a community that embraces diversity, continuing to carry on this 100-year-old tradition of affirming the principles and purposes of Unitarian Universalism.

Ours is a cooperative, volunteer-led religious education program. There are many ways you can help to create a meaningful program for your children (and for yourselves) from bringing Sunday morning snacks, assisting teachers, teaching a section of curriculum, to attending monthly Religious Education meetings.
R.E. meetings are held on the first Wednesday evening of each month at 6:30 p.m. Please join us!

Introduction to Curricula
Sunday morning Religious Education classes are for children ages 5-16 years. We also provide child care for our younger ones.

Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU)
This youth group will meet once a month for either an outing or dinner and rap session.
It is our hope to create an atmosphere of honesty, trust and openness so that our youth have a safe place in which to discuss important issues of their day with other youth and adult advisors.
They will engage in community service, go on field trips, and camp. Friends are invited, but must attend on a regular basis.

Attendance for R.E. Programs for Children & Youth
We realize that it is not always possible for children to attend every Sunday, but we also know that children benefit from regular attendance.
Regular attendance tells your child or youth that the church is one that you value. Continuity of attendance will help her/him feel a part of her/his church school class and will contribute to a feeling of community and friendship.

Adult Religious Education
The New UU This class is designed for newcomers and new members to become better acquainted with one another, Unitarian Universalism, and our church. It will be offered periodically.
Women's Spirituality Circle meets monthly.
Men's Group meets bimonthly after church.
Simplicity Circle is currently meeting biweekly.
Discussion Group meets monthly. Dates and locations are in the newsletter

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