Universalist Unitarian Church
Santa Paula, California

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The Sermons of Reverend Price

To Kneel and Kiss the Ground
Unto Others: The Challenge of Inclusion
Towards a Theology of Belonging
Song of Songs
From the Darkness the Real Questions Arise: Religious Humanism Today
Learning to Trust
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The Sermons of Reverend Crane

Underlying Unity: The Hidden Secret of UU Religion
The Religion of Thomas Jefferson
Where to Look for God
Myth and the Meaning of Life
What on Earth Is Mysticism?
What Ever Happened to Hell?: The Story of Universalism
Things That Matter Most
How to Do What You Want to Do
In Defense of Atheism & Prayer
Is Humanity Rational?
The Music Is Nothing If the Audience Is Deaf
A Frank Discussion of the Unmentionable
The Free Mind and Its Enemies
Fact and Fantasy in Our Lives
The Meaning of It All
Who Am I? Finding Oneself
Is Your Religion the Best in the World?
On Being Alive: Love, Loss, Pain, Peace
The Use of Reason and Its Limits
The World of Harry Potter
Sources of Meaning in a Secular Society
Where to Look for Reality
The Importance of Not Being Yourself
Survival of the Fittest?
The Eskimo, the Engineer, and Dr Rainwater
Celebration of the Man Jesus at Eastertime
Seeking Self-Transcendence: A Uniquely Human Trait
Freedom Is Not a Gift: Itís Earned Only with Effort
What Everybody Seeks in Life
Freeman, Channing, and Sparks: Conflict between Tradition and Reason
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Workshops by Reverend Crane

Underlying Unity: Hidden Secret of UU Religion
(a workshop at General Assembly 2000)
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Guest Sermons

Voices in Our Blood--by June Hopkins

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