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                Snow White's stepmother looks like a pussycat compared to the monster
                 under which Adeline Yen Mah suffered. The author's memoir of life in
                 mainland China and--after the 1949 revolution--Hong Kong is a gruesome
                 chronicle of nonstop emotional abuse from her wealthy father and his
                  beautiful, cruel second wife. Chinese proverbs scattered throughout the text
                  pithily covey the traditional world view that prompted Adeline's
                 subservience. Had she not escaped to America, where she experienced a
                 fulfilling medical career and a happy marriage, her story would be unbearable;
                 instead, it's grimly fascinating.     Buy the Book Today!


                 It has been said that one can see farther only by standing on the shoulders of giants.
                 Ahab's Wife, Sena Naslund's epic work of historical fiction, honors that aphorism, using
                 Herman Melville's Moby-Dick as looking glass into early-19th-century America.
                 Through the eye of an outsider, a woman, she suggests that New England life was
                 broader and richer than Melville's manly world of men, ships, and whales. This
                 ambitious novel pays tribute to Melville, creating heroines from his lesser characters,
                 and to America's literary heritage in general.       Buy the Book Today!

         Award-winning and bestselling author Wallace Stegner
        takes on the hippy generation in a novel of "crackling vividness."
        --The New York Times Boook Review. A bearded young cultist
        invades the  lives of a retired literary agenda and his wife after
        the death of their wayward son.
       Buy the Book Today!
                     Remembering their painful experiences of the past in which
                    they were each manipulated and betrayed by the same woman,
                    Roz, Charis, and Tony are relieved at Zenia's funeral, and are
                    shocked when Zenia turns up alive and well.
                    Buy the Book Today!
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