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Mark Coomes - 07/18/00 23:05:34
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I really liked the animated Pikachu. I know one UU kid who will really appreciate it!

Norman Stickney - 10/16/99 01:36:08
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hi thanks for the great site

Sam - 10/12/99 17:45:54
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Mailing List: yes

looks good

Bill Ragsdale - 08/05/99 13:26:50
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This should be very helpful to our various congregations. I just hope they use it.

Wendell Rawlins - 08/04/99 04:58:25
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I downloaded a couple of the clip art items This is a very nice service. Thank you

Becky Deighan - 07/29/99 17:52:05
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Hi Susan, it look good. Are these your own review? They look great. I want to buy the red badge of courage. Does it take a lot of time to put together. I will go through you whenever I order books. Becky

- 07/12/99 19:19:05
Mailing List: yes indeed!!


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