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03/16/08 "Beyond the Tea Party: Pondering and Practicing Hospitality" with Rev. Laurie Bushbaum

What might a theology and practice of hospitality look like? We probably all know that hospitality is about sharing and giving. Can you imagine that it also requires that we empty ourselves of expectation and prejudice and that we move outside of our comfort zone? Click here.

04/29/07 All Souls Church BYLAWS

These are the bylaws that were passed by a congregational vote in April of 2007. Click here.

3/11/07 "In Defense of the 7 Principles" with Bob Feragen, All Souls member.

Bob responds to Davidson Loehr, Minister of the First Unitarian Church of Austin Texas: "In a speech on July 21, 2004, Davidson Loehr asserts that Unitarian Universalism is dying and has been for forty-three years; furthermore, he asserts, it is trivial and not a religion. His argument is detailed and complex, yet I believe it needs refutation, at least in part." Read his defense. click here.

5/7/06 "Reading the Gospel of John: Friedrich Schleiermacher Between the New Biblical Critics and Christian Orthodoxy" with Dr. Michael Ryan.

This talk was an introduction to a development in the history of New Testament biblical criticism in early 19th century Germany. Schleiermacher, the first theologian at the University of Berlin, attempted this "worldly" interpretation of the Jesus of John's gospel throughout his career, but failed due to the force of the powerful rhetoric attributed to Jesus by the author of John's gospel. To download a copy of the Dr. Ryan's message (complete with references), click here.

11/16/04 "Freedom and the Truth" by Wesley V. Hromatko, D.Min.

Click here.

2/8/04 "Humanism & UU" with Mary Patterson, PhD

Click here.

09/08/02 "DOUBT, FAITH, AND DISCOVERY" by Ronald Knapp, Minister Emeritus, First Unitarian Church of Omaha.

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ALWAYS LARGELY AGREEING" by Ronald Knapp, Minister Emeritus, First Unitarian Church of Omaha.

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9/19/99 "Politics of God" with Marshall Damgaard.

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11/29/98 "IS THERE A HOPEFUL SPIRIT IN YOUR FUTURE?" with Rev. Peter Holland

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All Souls Church History

Eliza Tupper Wilkes, Founding Minister, 1886. Click here for the text from Dakota Territory's Eliza Tupper Wilkes: Prairie Pastor by Doug Chapman. This is Doug's paper from the opening day of the Dakota Conference on History, Literature, Art, and Archaeology, May 25, 2000. It was held in the Madsen Center at Augustana College and was sponsored by the South Dakota Humanities Council and the Center for Western Studies.Click here for more.

Caroline Bartlett Crane, Minister from 1887 - 1889. Click here for more.