100 Letters of Love
Letters 5 & 6
May 22-25, 1922

May 22, 1922
My Dear Hub
Your two very welcome letters received on Friday 19th (no. 4) with 5 enclosed many thanks indeed. Money means everything. I am going to Killarney tomorrow to get them shoes. I hope I can get some to suit Sheila as her right fott is inclined to turn in. If not I will have you send me on the ones with the stiff ankles. Well my dear I do hope your hand is all better by now. How does Birt [sic] like the States or what does he think of the night watch? I thought of you to day you came home at 7 a.m. Well you must have lots of news from me by this time (not seasick a minute). Well how is the flat? Are you doing any painting? Take it easy like me but I cant have it very easy while Sheila is on the go. She is getting so big not a baby any more. Any man she sees working in the fields she calls (Dad Da). The weather is very nice quite cool. Mother is here now washing duck eggs. 10 doz. in a basket. I hope she says Len will never die untill [sic] I can send him some to England or Wales. I will leave space until after the Post in the morning.
Tuesday morning
This morning very changeable. Am not going to Town expect the Post man any minute but will have the letter ready any how and will write again by next mail. The cuckoo just struck ten as I came down stairs pretty soft. Nancy is waiting to be dressed. Sheila pulling everything off the table. Will now close with love and kisses from us three.
Your loving wife, Belle

Ross Castle, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland

May 25, 1922
My dear Hub
Both your letters received nos. 5-6 written May 12-15 many thanks. This morning I got your last one as I was to Rathduane mass the P'nau was waiting on the ditch for me (the Yank). Well I am glad you had news from us. Prety good speed. I never wrote Miss Ward since but I must as it meant so much to me to meet her. You didn't mention about your fingers so I know they are better. Well we are going along fine T. G. This is a beautiful day Mother and Michael went to Millstreet. I left [sic] Nancy go with them. She is actually crazy to go for rides on the Donkey. She is even spread legs on Bell the dog every chance she gets. Sheila that is getting so fat but she drinks the new milk. Eggs I don't give her very often, just bread and butter and potatoes mashed. Nancy dont [sic] care for the milk. She is as stubborn as ever sometimes. Otherwise she is very good and growing so tall that rash I said she has on her body is sea rash. Mrs. Nolan [of] Rathduane told me her 4 children that came over 3 years ago got it and she showed me some of it on one of the little girls body fat yet it would be terrible if it would last that long but I am not worrying as it is nothing serious. Enright of Millstreet gave her some sulphur to use in the water to bathe them with. Sheila got a touch of it too but she dont scratch it. well I am short of nothing now only money for a Pony its not much. I am asking is it. I feel lost for one. Mike saw a nice one in Killarney two weeks ago for 7 which was 12 a year ago and a second hand Trap and harness can be had for 8 or 9 Pound more and I can easily dispose of it again so Mother tells me.

I know you will be pleased to know we are getting along fine. The children look so well if we spent all summer in the Catskills. We could not look any better than we do now and we are here only a month. I think it must the the beautiful air thats here and the weather is just grand very warm since Saturday. Sheila is as red and brown now as Mother such a lovely colour and Nancy too and she eats all the time but we have only plain food. I have had fresh meat only twice bread and B and Jam eggs and potatoes thats our principal food. Some day bacon and cabbage it is green yet but you ought to see Sheila eat it. I bought a bag of potatoes for 11S as we wont have the new ones until July. Money every hand stir such a small loaf of bread for 6d. I have not been to Millstreet yet just because I dont want to spend and I am bothered from Mother wanting me to go out. I tell her I enjoy myself around the Cottage. It was so warm those days past we had to sit in the hay barn. Nancy has a swing their [sic] but Sheila wouldnt keep still a minute. I have her in socks but she is in all dirt. Nancy wants to be dressed up all the time. I bought her a pair of sandals the day I was to Killarney as they are so cool 5s-6d more. Mother cooked a tiny chicken for Nancy it was on 7 weeks old and she eat [sic] it all and saved the bones for Sheila as she was sleeping. Well I have not much more to news now but am much more content T. G. Mother is very good but cant do the work she used to but she has such fine health. Poor Jone Callius can only get around on a stick. You say you had ice cream how my teeth did water. I will send some cards to my Edgewater friends when I go to Killarney. Did you bring up the camp chair? I wish I had it. Well will say good by from us three ever you loving wife, Belle.

to Daddy
xxx Nancy
xxx Sheila
Ma Ma xxxxxx

Please address my letters Mrs. L. C. B. I am no widow yet T. G. Bye bye.

Mike with Nancy and Sheila

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