One of Belle's Letters

Page 2

Belle continues writing on
the back of the folded

Here she uses her oft-used
abbreviation for Thank God,
T. G.

Note the infrequent use of

Page 1

Belle writes Leonard on
the stationery he sent her.
It is inscribed with his

She begins her letters with
the number, from where she
writes (usually Knocknalomon),
the date, her salutation My dear
Hub, and an acknowledgement
of having received his most
recent correspondence.

Page 3

In this letter, Belle tells husband
Leonard her first-hand account
of the Irish Civil War.  In this
passage the lack of punctuation
leads to an amusing ambiguity:

...we can hear the machine
guns go off down at
Rathmore right from the
fireplace they are firing into the village...

Page 4

Belle almost always would
conclude with lots of love and
kisses from your three big
girls and with three kisses each
from Nancy and Sheila and 6
or more from "Ma Ma."