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Global Assault Tour

“The Beginning”


From The UWA Coliseum!







(“Lose Yourself” By Eminem blares over the PA system in the UWA Coliseum as the pyros shoot out into the arena and the crowd stands to thier feet as the first of what should be many cards in the ‘Global Assault Tour’ eminates from the UWA Coliseum in Augusta, Maine! The camera’s pan down to where only Charlie Corbet and Arnold Oxford are sat for tonight.)


Charlie: Welcome ladies and gentleman to the Global Assault Tour!


Arnold: As you can see, Blonde, won’t be joining us tonight... Because no one likes here anyways.


Charlie: Shannon had personal business to attend to tonight, Arnold!


Arnold: Just suck the fun outta everything don’t ya?!


Charlie: Away from Arnold... We’ve got one helluva show lined up for the first “GAT” card!


Arnold: Your damn skippy!


Charlie: Paul Phoenix will battle “UWA’s Resident Superhero” Zander Frost first!


Arnold: Why do people cheer for this kid?! If I dressed up in my P.J.’s would I get cheered like him?!


Charlie: No one wants to see YOU in your P.J.’s Arnold! But after that a big Tag Match featuring “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes and “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder, who wrestled AGAINST eachother on Vortex, will team up to battle Klown and X-Caliber!


Arnold: I dunno about all these new guys, Charlie Brown???


Charlie: After that we’ll see a Cruiserweight Championship match between the new and FIRST UWA Cruiserweight Champion, Billy “The Brilliant” facing off against “SLWA” member, Jeff Jones!


Arnold: Time to take that belt off little boy blue, and into the hands of SLWA!


Charlie: I a very Unique matchup, Dustin Cage will do battle against William Grand in a .. .. Taser on a Pole Match!!!


Arnold: Shocking!!! Hehehe....


Charlie: Not slowing down for a second, “Prince of Pain” Duriel will have his hands full when he takes on “The Monster” Magnum Steele in a STREET FIGHT!!!!


Arnold: Imagine the damage Magnum Steele will do to Malstrom’s carrier pigeon! It won’t compare to the beating Zander Frost is gonna get in time though!


Charlie: And in our Main Event, President DeMonye says Nathaniel Davis will have to make it back for this match or plainly lose.... how can he expect Nathanile Dacis ot fly from Japan back to Maine for this match though?!


Arnold: He’s Nathaniel Davis.. Isn’t he supposed to be able to do all that crazy shit?!


Charlie: It should make for an interesting night folks... Stick around!







(The camera picks up a limousine arriving in the back of the UWA Coliseum, the camera pans all around the car but eventually settles on the license plate which reads “Sharp1”. This sends the fans within the UWA Coliseum into a frenzy of cheers and a pretty sizeable “Sharp! Sharp! Sharp!” chant rises up.)


Charlie: Ladies and gentleman the newly named President of LCW....


(The fans cheers as the limousine door opens and the driver steps out and helps Chris Sharp out of the limousine and into his wheelchair.)


Charlie: It’s been along time since that man has been on camera.


Arnold: Oh wow! Everyone clap for the cripple!


Charlie: Show some respect, Arnold! The mans an ‘Icon!’ in this sport!


(The fans still chant loudly as Chris can hear the chants backstage and smiles before his driver begins to push the wheelchair into the Coliseum as the scene fades back to the announcers table.)


Charlie: What business could the Eldest Sharp have here tonight?


Arnold: Who.... Cares?!




---“The Berserker” Paul Phoenix versus Zander Frost---




To the suprise of the crowd, "We Will Rock You" by Queen blares out of the loudspeakers and Billy "The Brilliant" makes his way down to the ring. He climbs onto the ring apron and poses for a moment with his cruiserweight championship as the crowd chants "BTB" in unison.


Arnold: What the hell is he doing out here?


Charles: Oh, I forgot to tell ya, he's gonna be our special guest here at the announcers table!


Arnold: What???


Billy steps down and heads for the announcers table. The lights cut out as a spotlight hits the entrance.  “Boom” by P.O.D erupts throughout the arena as Zander Frost makes his way down the ramp giving high fives to the crowd.  He slides into the ring and runs up to the top turnbuckle to a huge pop from the crowd.  He jumps down and runs across the ring and up to the other turnbuckle for another huge pop from the crowd.


Billy: Whoo! What a guy!


Charles: Zander Frost is certainly getting his fair share of cheers here in the UWA! He's a popular young rookie with a hell of a lot of charisma.


Billy: He's brilliant! My hero!


Arnold: The only brilliant thing that can happen in this match is Zander gettin' his ass beaten! And he WILL get his ass beaten!


Billy: We'll see!!!


The lights flicker around the arena as “Fuel” by Metallica begins to rumble throughout the arena.  The crowd begins to boo as Paul Phoenix makes his way down the ramp towards the ring.  He ignores the screaming fans as he slides into the ring to begin loosening up.


Arnold: Now thats a true hero!


Billy: What? What the hell has he ever done for society?


The two wrestlers stare at each other from seperate sides of the ring. Suddenly, Zander Frost comes running at full speed towards Phoenix and hits him with an azmazing missile dropkick. Paul stumbles backwards, loses his balance and falls over the tope rope to the outside of the ring, hitting the ground with a thud. The crowd cheer Zander as he does some stereotypical superhero type poses.


Billy: Yeah! You the man Zander!!!


Charles: Zander stunned Phoenix with that move!


An outraged Paul Phoenix climbs up onto the apron, only to be dropkicked back out onto the floor. This time though, Zander isnt posing as Phoenix gets straight back onto his feet and rolls into the ring. Zander gets into a fist fight with Phoenix but it is Phoenix who gains the advantage with his power. Phoenix rocks Zander with hard rights and then with a huge left with drops Zander to the mat!


Billy: C'mon Zander!


Charles: Phoenix is enraged. I'd hate to be Zander Frost right now! Infact, I'd hate to be Zander Frost anytime!


Phoenix begins stomping on the grounded Zander. Phoenix then picks him up and slams him back down again. Zander is having real difficulty getting back into this one and it doesn't get any better as Phoenix hits him with a DDT. Phoenix then attempts to pin Zander....






Charles: No, Zander kicked out!


Arnold: But it ain't gonna be long before this one is over!


Once again, Phoenix delivers stiff kicks to the grounded Zander as the crowd boo wildly. Phoenix then proceeds to hit Zander with a series of brutal moves. First of all, Phoenix executes a neckbreaker. Then, he delivers a suplex, and finally Paul Phoenix hits Zander with a devestating piledriver.


Arnold: Forget about it! This one is over!


Charles: Paul is gonna try for a pin...






Charles: No!!!


Billy: What did I tell ya? This little guy has a big heart!


The crowd cheers Zander on, trying to stir him into a comeback but Phoenix is just far to brutal. Phoenix once again begins to stomp on a grounded Zander Frost and it's looking increasingly unlikley that he'll be able to make a comeback. Phoenix walks over to the edge of the ring nearest the announcer table and begins taunting Billy "The Brilliant". An enraged BTB tries to enter the ring but the referee is there to stop him!


Arnold: Look at that damn idiot tryin' to get involved.


Whilst the referee is distracted, Phoenix produces a steel chain from his trunks. He begins to strangle Zander with the chain, tying it tightly round his neck as the crowd boo with a great passion.


Charles: Aw, come on!!! This isn't fair!!!


The referee finally manages to calm down BTB and turns round to re-focus his attention on the match. Phoenix puts the chain back into his trunks just in time and begins stomping on a near unconsious Zander Frost. Phoenix picks Zander up and drills him with a DDT. Phoenix picks Zander up again and this time he applys a sleeper hold, slowly the life begins to fade from Zander.


Arnold: He's gonna put Zander to sleep! It's bed-time baby!!!


Charles: Theres no way back for Zander now.


Arnold: Don't sound so supprised, Charlie Brown, this match is another mis-match which Zander had lost long before the bell even rung!


Charles: Don't speak to soon...ZANDERS MOUNTING A COMEBACK!!!


The crowd goes wild as Zander wriggles his way out of the hold and begins to hit Phoenix with solid rights. Zander bounces of the ropes for elevation and hits his opponent with a flying cross-body! Zander tries for a quick pin...




Charles: Kickout! It's gonna take much more than that, Zander!


Both men are back on thier feet. Zander rocks Phoenix with more hard rights and then hits him with a low-blow.


Arnold: DQ!!!!!!!! DQ!!!!!!!!


The pain brings Phoenix to his knees. Zander then climbs to the top turnbuckle. He waits for Phoenix to get back to his feet and comes flying off with a missile dropkick which connects right to the head of Phoenix who falls to the ground.


Charles: I think it's safe to say that Zander is back in this one!


Arnold: How did this happen!?


Charles: Hold on, Zanders goin'g for a pin...






Charles: No! Paul got his shoulder up just in time!


Zander, high on the cheers of the crowd and BTB standing shouting support at ringside, goes up top once more. This time, he comes flying off with a Swantom Bomb... But Phoenix rolls out of the way. Zander hits the mat with a sickening thud.


Arnold: HOLY GIRLS GONE WILD!!! Did you see that?


Charles: Zander maybe seriously hurt, folks! He doesnt seem to be moving!


Phoenix gets back to his feet and smiles down upon the injured Zander. Phoenix then picks Zander up and drills him with the DEVILS DELUX!!! (F5)


Charles: Damn! Phoenix hits the Devils Delux, this one is over!


Arnold: And about time too!


Phoenix smiles at Zanders tag-partner, Billy "The Brilliant". An enraged BTB once again tries to enter the ring but the referee is there to stop him...


Arnold: Will somebody get that idiot outta here?


As the referee is distracted, Duriel comes running through the crowd and into the ring. He sneaks up behind Paul and hits him with the CHRONIC PAIN.  (Stalling Screwdriver)


Charles: Woah! He came outta nowhere!


Arnold: Turn around referee, turn around!


Duriel places the unconsious Zander Frost on top of the also unconsious Paul Phoenix. Duriel leaves the ring to a huge cheer and the referee turns round in time to make the count...








Arnold: No! What cheating scumbags!!!


Charles: Zander Frost picks up the win! Amazing! Well done to him!




---Who Hired Who?---




A hand knocking on a door is shown. The camera zooms out and the new President of LCW,Chris Sharp is shown in his wheel chair in front of a door in the UWA Coliseum.


Come in!


Chris's chaufer and personal assitant opens the door and Chris wheels himself inside as his assitant closes the door and Co-President of UWA, James Tanner is shown sitting in his box office watching the fans.


Hello James.


James turns around to face the crippled man and stands up to greet him with a handshake and a smile.


Nice to see you again Chris.  It's been a long time.


It has been awhile, yes.


Congradulations by the way on you promotion.


I've been wondering just who it was that gave me this job... It came as quite a surprise.


You don't know who gave you the promotion?  Thats kind of odd don't you think?


Yes, that's why I'm here tonight. I was hoping it was you and not...




Your fellow Co-President... Alex was my friend at one time... But he is to corrupted by power.


I'm seeing that more and more each day.  I hate to say it though but I'm not the man your looking for.


Chris hangs his head but then looks back up with a put-on smile.


I geuss I knew it would be him. I let hope blind me from reason..


Have you ever thought that maybe it was Fredrick?


I thought it could of been him... But after what I heard on UWA TV coming to the Coliseum that just cannot be, can it?


Theres always hope.


Hope? I think your mistaken, James.... DeMonye has called upon the investors to review Fredrick's position as CEO of this company!


Thats news to me Chris.


And while the review is going on Fredrick will be powerless in UWA... It seems you and Alex are the top men now, James.


Between me and you Chris I don't think Fredrick is behind this.


If not Fredrick, James... Who is? Your Commissioner has been released. Seth is standing by DeMonye and doesn't have the level of clearness to advance even if Alex was to fall... This falls soley on YOU or Fredrick... Or someone from the outside.


I don't think ANYONE in the UWA is behind this.  I'm thinking more along the lines of someone from GZW or the CCW in general like Shinoba.


He's claimed not to be Shinoba though... And uses far more brutal and common weapons.. Shinoba would not trail from using his weapons of choice. No, James... I fear the man you look for may change UWA's fate forever...


You make a strong point Chris.  Alex and I need to get to the bottom of this soon though before that masked "person" strikes again.


If you ever need any help, James, you know where I will be.


Chris smiles and bows his head.


Thanks Chris.


The Eldest Sharp's assitant enters the room and wheels the President of LCW from the room as the scene fades out.




---Further Backstage---



(Further backstage the “Prince of Pain” Duriel is shown walking backstage, he enters Paul Phoenix’s locker room and gives a slight smirk before entering “The Berserker’s” dressing room. A few seconds later, Paul himself walks up to his locker room. He begins to turn the knob but stops and grabs ahold of a worker standing nearbye.)




“Hey, kid... I got an important job for ya.”




“Sure, what?”




“Go into my locker room there and check around for uh... rats.”








“Listen, you gonna do this or not?!


(The kid just shrugs and walks into the locker room, a loud crash is heard from inside as Paul gives a slight smirk. From inside the room you can hear Duriel’s voice.)




“Ah, crap!”


(Paul walk in and the camera sees Duriel standing over the knocked out kid with a steel chair in hand. Phoenix gives a smirk and shakes his head mockingly.)




“Into beating up kids now are we?”


(Duriel immidiately runs at Paul and tackles him back into the wall. Phoenix wastes little time though as he drops and elbow into the small of the back of the “Prince of Pain”. Paul whips Duriel into his locker room door with a thud. “The Berserker” follows up with a kick to the ribs, Paul picks Duriel up but before he can do any more damage a group of referee swarm around the two and hold them apart. Paul backs off as Duriel continues to try and break free.)




“When are you going to learn? You CAN NOT DEFEAT ME!!! I am more then you ever will be! So take this as your final warning... Back off! Leave UWA... Forever!”


(Paul backs off smirking as Duriel finally turns away the other way and backs off, turns smashes his fist into Phoenix’s locker room door and then turns and storms off down the hallway.)



---Announcers Table---



Charlie: The tension between Paul Phoenix and Duriel has continued to escalate... And things may boil over as both men will team together to battle “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes and Klown on the upcoming Vortex card!


Arnold: Paul Phoenix has got Duriel down to a tea... the ‘Prince of Pain’ might as well pack up and leave, just like Paul said!


Charlie: Anyways things may get to hot for those two to even team with eachother on Vortex...


Arnold: Enough yapping, let’s get to the next match!




---Tag Team Match---

---“The Beast" Jaxon Hayes and "Hot Shot" Ace Thunder versus Klown and X-Caliber---



Charlie: This should be good...


Arnold: Says you...


(The Universal-Tron flashes to life as we see a view of “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder standing in the back. He is talking on his cell phone. He stops and drops the phone and looks up and yells at someone who the camera does not see. Thunder flips the unseen person off and goes back to talking on his phone when a steel chair flies out into view and cranks Ace Thunder in the back of the head. The unseen assailant can be heard running off as Thunder is laid out cold.)


Charlie: What was that about?!


Arnold: We can’t have another attacker here in UWA can we?


Charlie: I dont know but it looks like Jaxon Hayes may well be going it alone...


(The arena lights flip off and the sound of pigs being slaughtered and screaming can be heard.)


Arnold: Boy... That’s.... Just pretty sick...


Charlie: Agreed.


(The crowd sits silent, not knowing wether to boo or cheer as Klown walks out onto the ramp with X-Caliber a few feet back. Klown stops and stares out into the sea of people as X-Caliber makes sure to stand back far enough. The crowd soon erupts in cheers though as “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes runs out from the back with a steel chair in hand!!)


Charlie: Jaxon Hayes not wasting any time here!


(Jaxon swings the chair and X-Caliber ducks... But Jaxon keeps on running and collides with Klown on the top of the ramp, smashing the steel chair into The Sickness members back! Klown stumbles forward, and X-Caliber rushes to save his partner booting Jaxon in the side, X keeps on the attack by booting Jaxon in the ribs making sure “The Beast” stays down, on the third kick though, Jaxon grabs X’s leg and flips him back hard onto the steel ramp promoting a loud cheer from the crowd.)


Charlie: “The Beast” may not make it to the ring....


(Jaxon pulls himself up and boots X in the side of the head as the crowd cheers for the newcomer. X scrambles and tries to crawl away but Jaxon won’t have any of it as he whips X-Caliber RIGHT INTO THE UNIVERSAL-TRON!!! X stumbles backwards and Jaxon SPEARS X-CALIBER FROM BEHIND!!!)


Charlie: X-Caliber’s back just snapped backwards!!!


Arnold: He looked like my drill sergeant after a hard night or marching!!!


Charlie: Well at least you didn’t say it straight out...


(The crowd pops loudly as Jaxon stands over X-Caliber’s lifeless body. He turns to head back but a steel chair shot to the side of the head stuns him. Klown drives the steel chair into the gut of Jaxon, bending him over and then uppercutting the chair straight into “The Beast’s” face!!!!)


Arnold: That’ll rearange your looks!


(Jaxon falls backwards unconcious as Klown stops and looks over Jaxon, he then turns to X-Caliber and lifts his body up.)


Arnold: Klown is helping his partner!




Charlie: Dear god!!! I think X-Caliber’s days of wrestling are hearbye over!


(Klown walks over and as one last show of embarrasment, spits on Jaxon and then disappears behind the ramp.)


Charlie: Things are far from done between these two...


Arnold: And they have to team up on Vortex!!!


Charlie: That should be interesting to say the least!







(The crowd pops once again as the President of LCW, Chris Sharp is shown sitting this time in front of the Co-President of UWA,Alex DeMonye which prompts some quick boos from the crowd.)




“It’s so nice to see you again Chris...”




“It has been awhile, Alex.”




“I saw your little chat with James earlier... I’m so sad you don’t consider us friends anymore.. And after I gave you that nice comfy job as President of LCW?”




“I thought it was you...”




“Of course it was me! Friends look out for eachother, Chris.”








“Still got that same Sharp attitude I see.... Months in that chair haven’t softened you a bit...”


(DeMonye smirks and leans back and sits up on the edge of his desk.)




“I’m glad you came tonight..... I’ve got an offer for you.”




“I dont want it.”




“Ah, come on Chris!”




“I dont make deals with men who are likely to stab me in the back.”


(Alex smiles and nods his head.)




“I respect that... But if you won’t take my offer, at least make sure you show up for Fredrick’s CEO review in December, Chris... Every vote counts.”


(Another smirk from the Co-President.)




“I’ll be there, Alex. And you may see me sooner then you think.”




“I wouldn’t doubt it for a second.”


(Chris turns and wheels out of the room as Alex nods his head with his same cocky smirk on his face. The scene fades out shortly afterwards.)




---UWA Cruiserweight Championship Match---

---Jeff Jones versus Billy “The Brilliant”---




(“_____” By ____ shatters the silence as the crowd boos louly for Jeff Jones who walks out onto the ramp accompanied by “The Monster” Magnum Steele. Jeff poses on the top of the ramp as the crowd boos and Magnum stares out, gazing over the legions of fans.)


Charlie: Magnum has no business being out here!


Arnold: Just here watching his SLWA buddies back!


(Jeff rolls into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle soaking in the boos from the crowd, Magnum on the other hand stands at ringside with his arms folded looking over the ring. The crowd boos loudly but all the jeering turns to loud cheers as “_______” By _____ hits and out walks Billy “The Brilliant” walks out onto the ramp with his UWA Cruiserweight Championship strapped securely around his waist.)


Charlie: Our Cruiserweight Champion!


Arnold: Soon to be EX-Cruiserweight Champion, Charlie Brown!


(Billy stops halfway down the ramp and looks from Jeff, who is taunting Billy to get in the ring to Magnum, who is still staring blankly with his massive arms crossed. Referee Flash Jefferey steps in between Jeff and the ropes on Billy’s side and the Synergists member rushes the ring as the bell rings! Billy and Jeff both take it to the limit right away as Jeff leap frogs over a spear attempt by Billy, Jeff tries for a spinning heel kick but Billy ducks and Jeff catches only air, Jeff tries for a standing dropkick, but once again Billy evades the attack and this time catches Jeff with a bearhug straight into a spinebuster!!!)


Charlie: The fans liked that exchange!


(Billy quickly jumps up and scales the top turnbuckle and then flies through the air with a HUGE 450 Splash only for Jeff to move and Billy eats the canvass! Jeff gets up quickly and bounces off the ropes and catches Billy at just the right time with a snapmare!!!)


Arnold: Wowsers!


Charlie: Jeff hit that snapmare from one hell of an angle!


(Billy holds his neck as Jeff struts around the Cruiserweight Champ, sizing up his prey. Jeff picks Billy up and lifts him up in a stalling vertical suplex! But in mid air Billy shifts himself around and then transfers all the power into a BEAUTIFUL Hurracanranna!!! The crowd pops loudly as Billy hooks the leg!)

















Charlie: Kick out by Jeff Jones!


(Jones shoots his left shoulder from the mat as Magnum nods his approval of his stablemates match so far. Billy rolls off and then quickly gets up, bounces off the ropes bor momentum and then looks for a swinging neckbreaker on Jeff, but Jones moves out of the way and catches Billy with a flowing ddt he calls Bust‘em Up!!!)


Arnold: It’s gotta be over now!


(Instead of going for the pin though, Jeff quickly scales to the top turnbuckle as Magnum watches on and Jeff flies through the air with...)


Charlie: East Coast Drop!!! (Moonsault)


(Jeff quickly scrambles to Billy for the lateral press!!!)





















Charlie: Billy “The Brilliant” just kicked out of the East Coast Drop!!!


Arnold: Impossible!


(Jeff can’t believe it and gets up in Flash Jefferey’s face arguing it was for sure a three count. Jefferey’s says no way but Jeff persues the matter, he pushes Jefferey’s and the UWA Referee falls through the ropes right to the ground on the outside!!!!)


Arnold: Hehehe....


(Jeff looks down at Flash who is out of it as Magnum take shis cue and rolls into the ring picks Billy up and drops him down hard with a high angled powerbomb!!!! Jeff tells Magnum to pick Billy up again and “The Monster” does just that....)


Charlie: I smell a Ruff Side(Superkick)...


(Jeff launches his foot but Billy ducks and Jeff clocks Magnum right to the chin pushing the big man back!!!! The crowd erupts as Magnum tosses Billy to the ground and stares down his SLWA member!!!)


Charlie: That wasn’t good for SLWA!!!


Arnold: Don’t do it Magnum!!!


(Before anything can happen though the crowd erupts as “Boom” By P.O.D rips through the arena and Magnum breaks his stare with Jeff as “UWA’s Resident Superhero” Zander Frost runs in through the crowd behind Magnum!!!)


Charlie: Here we go!


(Zander goes to roll into the ring but Magnum viciously stomps on the neck of the young superstar!!! Magnum pulls Zander up and then military presses him OVER HIS HEAD!!! The crowd stare sin awe as Magnum tosses Zander like a ragdoll straight through the announcers table!!!!!)


Charlie: Dear god!!!!




(The crowd chants ‘Holy Shit!’ and ‘BTB!’ as Magnum steps down from the ring and stares at the carnage he’s caused on the young Synergist superhero! Flash slowly rolls back into the ring just in time to see Billy “The Brilliant” roll Jeff up into a cradle!!!)























Arnold: No! No! No!


Charlie: Yes! Billy “The Brilliant” pulls one over the heads of the struggling SLWA!


Arnold: Struggling? Your almost as bad as that damn Voltage Writing team, Charlie Brown!


(“We Will Rock You” By Queen blares over the PA system as the crowd erupts for the succesful defense by “The Brilliant One”. Magnum steps back up into the ring and looks down at Jeff who is still laying on the mat with his head burried in his hands. “The Monster” shakes his head and then leaves the ring walking up the ramp alone as EMT’s slowly pulls Zander Frost’s lifeless body from the rubble with help from the Cruiserweight Champion.)


Charlie: Magnum Steele once again leaving his friends side... And the turmoil within SLWA has become very evident to me at least...


Arnold: Shut up! Shut Up!




---Play MY Game!---



(The arena lights turn off and the crowd all turn to the top of the ramp where the Universal-Tron has sprung to life as the underbelly of the UWA Coliseum is shown and the masked ‘attacker’ of Alex DeMonye, “Daemon” is shown sitting on a pipe.)


“PlAy My GaMe.... BeCaUsE iT tRuLy HaS bEcOmE mY gAmE, aLeX!!! FaCe It... YoU’vE lOsT cOnTrOl oF wHaT wAs BeCoMiNg An EaSy LiFe FoR yOu WaSn’T iT aLeX?! BuT sTaY iN dEnIlE fOr AlL iT’s WoRtH tO mE... yOuR gAmE iS nO mOrE... wElCoMe To My GaMe, AlEx.... AnD yOu WiLl DiE mY wAy!!!!”


(The crackling voice of  “Daemon” disappears from the screen as the lights turn back on once again and Charles Corbet and Arnold Oxford where they have a new announcers table set up.)


Charles: This game that “Daemon” is playing with our Co-President grows deeper everyday..


Arnold: Guy sounds like a nut to me... Alex DeMonye isn’t in denile? He’s got the world by his fingers...


Charles: In time we may learn just who “Daemon” really is... In time...







(Co-President Alex DeMonye is shown in his box office with Paul Phoenix.)




“Find him... Tonight!”




“I’m on it...”


(Paul leaves the room as Alex sits staring out into the Coliseum.)




“It is still MY game...”




---Taser On A Pole Match---

---Dustin Cage versus William Grand---




"Elevation" by U2 blares out of the arena loudspeakers and the crowd let out a cheer as Dustin Cage makes his way down to the ring. He climbs into the ring, with Mellisa notably absent and prepares for the match.


Charles: Dustin Cage looks ready! Let us just remind you of the rules for this Taser On A Pole Match. The aim is to grab the taser which sits above the turnbuckle and use the eletronic shocking device on your opponent. It really is that simple, but it's very, very brutal.


“Bow Down” by Westside Connection hits first and pounds through the arena.  The fans have a mixed reaction for the classy young athlete as he begins to stride down to the ring in his tux and his cane in his hand.  Without even looking at the fans, William Grand walks up the steps and wipes his feet off on the ring apron before getting inside.


Arnold: I really like this guys manners!


Charles: Manners aint gonna get ya anywhere in a wrestling ring.


The bell rings. The momentum of the match goes back and fourth many times. Firstly, Grand gets the better of Cage in a brutal fist fight. Grand sends Dustin Cage stumbling back with a hard right to the jaw, but Cage counters with a sharp kick to the groin which brings William Grand to his knees.


Charles: Ouch!


Arnold: Damn that Dustin Cage! Where are his manners?


Dustin tries for the quick win and walks quickly towards the pole which holds the taser but Grand runs up behind him and spears him. William Grand then picks Dustin up and tries to suplex him over the top rope but Cage lands on the apron and manages to maintain his balance. Dustin then grabs Grand by the hair and bashes his head repeatedly into the turnbuckle. William Grand staggers back, holding his nose which his bleeding slightly. Dustin Cage climbs up to the top turnbuckle and launches himself off with a flying missile dropkick which connects hard with the face of Grand.


Charles: Wow, good move from the rookie, Dustin Cage!


Arnold: Well, dont get too excited, Charlie Brown, this one is far from over!


Dustin Cage then attemps to suplex Grand but the move is reversed and it is William Grand who manages to pull off the suplex. Grand then begins to stomp on the grounded Dustin Cage repeatedly as the crowd shower him with boos. Grand then bigs up the battered Dustin Cage and irish whips him into the corner where the taser is attached to the pole.


Charles: Whats gonna happen here?


Dustin Cage is leaning against the turnbuckle, slightly dazed. William Grand walks over and climbs on top of him, reaching for the taser which only just seems to be out of reach.


Arnold: Go on, William! Just stretch a little more and you've got it!


Just as it looks like William might grab the taser, Dustin Cage throws him off of him and William Grand falls to the mat with a great thud, taking out the referee as he falls.


Charles: The referee just got taken out, William Grand seems to be in agony, and Dustin Cage has the perfect oppertunity to grab the taser! All he has to do is reach above him!


Arnold: No!!! Get up, William, get up before it's too late!


For some reason, William Grand rolls out of the ring and falls to the ringside mats. Meanwhile, Dustin shakes off the pain and slowly begins to climb up the turnbuckle to get to the taser. It just seems to be out of reach however but the crowd continue to cheer him on.


Charles: Dustin Cage is just inches away from grabbing that taser!!!


Suddenly, William Grand springs up onto the apron and sweeps Dustins legs away from him. Dustin lands in a rather unpleasent position on the top turnbuckle. William Grand then holds up another taser which he must have gotten from underneath the ring. William clotheslines Cage from the top turnbuckle, Cage falls to the inside of the ring in a heap. Grand then climbs in after him and as Dustin begins to get to his feet, Grand stuns him with the unofficial taser.


Charles: No, this isnt right! William Grand is cheating his way to victory!


Arnold: Ha! I disagree! He's just making the best outta a bad situation! It's not his fault the referee is down.


The crowd shower Grand with boos as he smiles arrogantly. Grand then begins to notice that the referee is stirring and quickly disposes of the unofficial taser from the ring. William Grand then walks over to the proper taser, climbs the turnbuckle and this time manages to reach it. He grabs it from the pole and then walks over to Cage who is still grounded and barley moving...


Charles: Dont tell me he's gonna use that!!!


Arnold: Of course he is, it's the only way you can win the match...


Charles: What the hell? This shouldn't be happening!


The referee turns around just in time to see Grand using the taser on Dustin and rings the bell to bring the match to a conclusion.


Arnold: We have a winner!


Charles: Dammit! What a cheater William Grand is!


William laughs as he tasers Dustin and the young rookie grabs his side in pain. But the crowd soon cheers as “Bad to the Bone” By George Thorogood and The Destroyers hits and the crowd erupts as William stops and looks to the top of the rampway but the crowd cheers soon turn to boos as none other then the UWA Intercontinental Champion, “Fighting Force” Damien ArkAngel steps out onto the ramp!


Charles: Where’s Nathaniel Davis?!


Arnold: Hopefully still in Japan...


Damien rushes the ring but Dustin uses the oppurtunity to roll from the ring, Damien rolls in and he and William both taunts the backing away Dustin.


Charles: Where’s Mellisa Cage?!


Arnold: Who cares?!




---We’re Back!---



(Mellisa Cage is shown backstage corner by two men, the camera pans around to see that it is none other then the LCW Tag Team Champions, Syn and Jason Johnson!!!)


Charlie: What are they doing here?!


Arnold: Dunno...


(Syn and Jason both have Mellisa corner but a loud crash is heard as both men turn to see “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder who was attacked in the first of the show charging down the hall with a baseball bat in hand. Syn and Jason both blow a kiss to Mellisa and Syn mouths ‘Next Time Baby!’ before Ace crashes in and both men take off down the hall. The scene fades with Ace checking on Mellisa, the sibling to Dustin Cage hugs Ace as the fans cheer loudly.)


Charlie: Is it just me or is there a little chemistry between Mellisa and Ace?


Arnold: Who cares...




---No Match---



(“Prince of Pain” Duriel is shown walking to the ring backstage when Co-President Alex DeMonye steps out in front of him...)




“Don’t bother... Your match has just been cancelled.”








“I can’t have Magnum wrestle after the cheap attack from the Synergists earlier tonight...On the other hand, you will come in handy...”




“Get out of-“


(Before Duriel can finish a vicious chair shot from behind decks the ‘Prince of Pain’ down as Paul Phoenix steps out from behind the curtains. DeMonye steps over Duriel and walks off leaving Paul to lean over and whispers this in Duriel’s ear.)




“Get some rest for Vortex... partner!”


(Paul smirks and steps over Duriel himself before the scene fades to the announcers table.)




---Main Event---

---UWA Intercontinental Championship Matchup---

---Nathaniel “Mr. Entertainment” Davis versus “Fighting Force” Damien ArkAngel---




Charlie: I still have no idea why this match was booked with Nathaniel over in Japan?!


Arnold: Everything with a reason, Charlie Brown...



(“Forest” By System of a Down rips through the PA system as the UWA Intercontinental Champion, “Fighting Force” Damien ArkAngel steps out through the curtains with a smirk on his face. Damien stops in the center of the ramp and gives a thumbs up to his title belt. (Think RVD) The crowd erupts in boos for the cocky IC Champion as he struts down the ramp stopping again halfway down the ramp before turning and actually SPITTING ON THE PEOPLE AT RINGSIDE!!!)


Charlie: This Damien ArkAngel deserves a good backhand!


(Damien finally rolls into the ring and immidiately calls for a microphone.)




“Hello UWA!”


(The fans shower the IC Champ with boos.)




“Yea, Yea... Well keep on booing because it seem your GZW ‘Icon’ and ‘Franchise Wrestler’, Nathaniel Davis has chickened out of his shot at my Intercontinental Championship!!!”


(The crowd boos loudly and chants “Bullshit!”)


Charlie: That IS Bullshit! Nathaniel Davis was pre-booked in GZW, in Japan!




“So there is no other choice then to count “Mr. Entertainment” out and once again.. Another successful defense for yours truly!”


(Referee Flash Jefferey has no choice and counts the 10 count as the bell rings and Damien is given the free victory.)




“Boy I worked up a sweat in that one... Have a good night, UWA!”


Arnold: Genius!


Charlie: This is just bullshit!


(“Forest” By System of a Down hits as the fans shower Damien with boos and the barrage of garbage litters the ring for the cheap finish.)


Arnold: Here comes the garbage!


Charlie: And well deserved!


(The garbage throwing soon stops though and a MASSIVE cheer goes up as Dustin Cage runs out from the back with a steel chair in hand, Dustin smashes Damien with the steel chair right to the top of the head as the IC Champ buckles!!! Dustin the grabs the UWA Intercontinental Championship and holds it above his head shouting, “Mine baby!!!” as the show begins to close.)


Charlie: There we go!!!


Arnold: What a heap of crap!


Charlie: Dustin Cage just gave these fans exactly what they were looking for!


Arnold: He’ll get his on Vortex though...


Charlie: And until then folks! Goodnight!






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(Matches 1,4)


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High Voltage Productions 2002


Universal Wrestling Alliance 2002