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(“Satellite” By P.O.D hits over the PA system of the Molson Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The crowd stands on its feet as the UWA camera’s flash on. Signs in the crowd are shown but they’re all in French and we’ll pretend you all can’t read French so we’ll skip this part. The camera settles on the trio of Charles Corbet, Arnold Oxford and Shannon Taylor at their usual announcers spot.)


Charles: Welcome one and all to beautiful Montreal!!!


Arnold: (French laugh)


Shannon: Quit that Arnold!


Arnold: (shity French accent) Hey, lady... Shut your mouth non?


Charles: You are so embarrassing, you’re like a dog that wets itself, and we can’t take you anywhere.


Shannon: Hehehe...


Arnold: (still French accent) If I am a dog, then you lady, are a female dog... better know as a...BITCH!!!


Charles: Alright you to, let’s get started.


Shannon: Fine with me!


Charles: It’s a night made for TV here in Montreal as the first round of the Television Championship Tournament draws nearer and nearer to an end with only two more first round matches scheduled for Wrath this Thursday!


Arnold: I’m so happy to be here on a night when we’ll see so many no good little shits get beaten out of this tournament!





---Television Championship Tournament---

---“The Untouchable” Kaine versus Eric Clampton---



("Feuer Frei" by Rammstein hits over the PA system and the fans rise to their feet in boos as the LCW Heavyweight Champion walks out onto the ramp and soaks in the jeers from the crowd. Kaine slides into the ring and climbs to the second turnbuckle and raises his LCW Heavyweight Championship above his head.)


Arnold: “The Untouchable”!!!


Charles: We’ll see if that holds true here tonight as the new comer “Fading No More” Eric Clampton makes his big televised debut!


Shannon: Clampton seems focused lately on UWA TV.


("It's been Awhile" By Staind hits and the fans turn to the entrance ramp as the new comer to UWA, Eric Clampton walks out onto the ramp. The fans don’t know what to make of him but instead of waiting for a response, he sprints to the ring and drops Kaine from behind with a double axe handle! Kaine falls forward and the fans cheer as this new man takes Kaine and drives his shoulder straight into the ring post! Kaine holds his shoulder in pain and stumbles backwards only to have Clampton hook him up and drop him hard on his neck with a neck breaker!)


Arnold: Whoa!


(Eric pulls Kaine up and whips him across into the ropes but Kaine ducks a clothesline attempt and then catches Clampton off guard with a cross body! “The Untouchable” doesn’t go for a pin though and instead jumps up and bounces off the ropes himself and drops the elbow down into the jaw of Eric Clampton! Clampton holds his jaw in pain. The LCW Heavyweight Champ jumps up again and bounces off the ropes and this time drops the knee into the chest of Clampton! Eric holds his chest and rolls onto his knees as Kaine taunts the crowd to a much awaited boo that Kaine seems to love.)


Charles: Odd kid...


Shannon: Both of these men could have very good UWA futures, this tournament is a big chance for new comers to bust out!


(Kaine turns around and pulls Clampton up by his hair and pulls him close to the corner and lifts him up in a suplex position and places him on the top rope. Kaine climbs up and begins to punch away on Eric’s skull...)


1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10!


(Kaine is about to punch again but Clampton shoves him backwards and “The Untouchable” hits the mat with a hard thud! The crowd pops as Eric gets to his feet on the top rope and flies through the air and hits a moonsault!!! Clampton hooks the leg...)



















Arnold: No!


(Kaine kicks out and Clampton rolls from the ring in frustration to gain his wits as Kaine pulls himself over to the ropes and lifts himself up. Eric walks around the ring and rolls in the other side as Kaine charges and both men swing away with some hard body shots to each others chests. Kaine pushes Eric back into the corner and unloads with some quick boots to Clamptons mid-section. Eric grabs Kaine’s foot on the third kick though and spins him around and then grabs the LCW Heavyweight Champ’s head and drills him into the mat with a hard bulldog that shakes the ring. Clampton hooks up Kaine’s leg and then locks on a STF!!!)


Charles: A nice move from the rookie!


Arnold: Anyone ever tell you, that when you get excited, you look like straight up ass?!


(Kaine struggles to the ropes but can’t grasp the bottom rope as Eric pulls him out into the center of the ring once more. Kaine starts to pull himself towards the side ropes but Eric keeps him pretty ground, Referee Flash Jefferey bends over to ask Kaine if he wishes to submit but instead Kaine punches him right in the face!!!)


Arnold: HOLY GIRLS GONE WILD!!! What a punch!


Charles: This kid has absolutely no respect for UWA, and in my opinion is a disgrace to the LCW Heavyweight Championship that such men as William Grand and Paul Phoenix have held!


Arnold: Ah, shove it!


Shannon: Look at the ring you two!


(Kaine gets to the ropes and the ref breaks up the STF, he warns Kaine about a DQ, but “The Untouchable” pays no attention and turns around only its right into a high clothesline from Eric Clampton! Kaine falls back and Eric is right on the ball as he picks Kaine up and whips him into the ropes, Clampton looks for a flap jack but Kaine holds the ropes and Clampton gets a stiff boot to the face which knocks him back hard on his head! Kaine picks Clampton up this time and whips him into the corner and then follows it up and he grabs his legs and catapults him up, catching Eric’s face on the bottom turnbuckle!!!)


Arnold: That’ll rearrange your face!


Charles: Kaine getting close to that DQ!


(Flash warns Kaine again about the DQ but Kaine just slaps him across the face to some surprised heat from the crowd.)


Charles: This kid has got a lot to learn!!!


Arnold: The hick deserved it, you can’t touch the untouchable!


(Flash pushes Kaine back and Eric slides up and trips Kaine over and hooks the leg as Flash drops down…)








Charles: It’s over! Eric Clampton wins it and advances to the Quarter Finals!


Arnold: WHAT?! That was a little bit of a quick count don’t you think?


Shannon: Perhaps Kaine shouldn’t have punched, and slapped the referee, Arnold!


("It's been Awhile" By Staind hits again and Eric rolls from the ring and quickly makes his way up the ramp, not paying any attention to the few cheers he’s got from the capacity crowd and disappears behind the curtains. Meanwhile in the ring Kaine pulls himself up and grabs Referee Flash Jefferey from behind and decks him with a right hand!!! Flash buckles over and Kaine hooks him up, but before he can do anything the crowd pops as “The Rouge Dragon” Went Law comes running down the ramp and hits the ring and spins Kaine around but he misses a right hand attempt and Kaine vacates the ring and walks up the ramp to the boos from the crowd as "Feuer Frei" by Rammstein hits again and the show fades to commercial.)







---Blood Brothers---




“Watch your back because the next man is coming

And you don't know if the next man is dumbin

Survival of the fittest what it is!”


“I got yo back,

You got my back

And that's the biz”


“Blood is rushing through my veins

I got the power

Channel the energy

And with my strength

I will devour”


“Sickening thoughts are running through my head

That's when I realize I'm glad I'm not dead

Corruption and abuse, the salesman of our blood

For the public's craving, existence in the dark.”


“It's our nature to destroy ourselves

It's our nature to kill ourselves
It's our nature to kill each other
It's in our nature to”






“It was a dream and then hit me,

Reality struck and now my life is all shifty

And it all moves fast close to buck 50

And we all stand strong.”


“In respect to the family in times of our insanity

And through the words of profanity

I describe our dysfunctional family

Blood Brothers keep it really to the end

Deeper than the thoughts that you think...”
“Not a trend...”



The Next Man Comes….




---Television Championship Tournament---

---“The Rouge Dragon” Went Law versus Earl Davison---




(“Alive” By P.O.D hits over the PA system and the fans rise to their feet as “The Rouge Dragon” Wen Law walks out onto the ramp and stops at the front and gives a downward flex of his arms as pyros shoot off behind him causing the crowd to cheer louder. Wen slowly makes his way down to the ring and slides in and awaits his opponent stretching out.)


Charles: “The Rouge Dragon” was once a very feared wrestler in Eastern Asia and Central Europe in his prime, even though I still consider him in his prime.


Arnold: Get with the times Charlie Brown, after Phoenix took Law out back in London those five years ago… He’s been nothing! It’s about time he moved on!


Shannon: Your some ignorant sometimes!


Arnold: Go suck Zander’s…


Charles: Alrighty then! Let’s get to the match.


("Ruff Ryder's Anthem" by DMX hits and the fans rise with their usual boos for the SLWA, as Earl Davison walks out onto the ramp by himself this time. Davison looks on with disgust at the fans and points at Wen before sprinting to the ring as the bell rings to begin this matchup! Earl and Wen each exchange right hands but it is Law that gets the upper hand as he backs Davison back into the ropes and launches him to the other side of the ring, Earl bounces off the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Law ducks it and Earl bounces off the ropes again but this time Wen catches him with a spine buster!!!)


Charles: What a move from The Rouge Dragon!!!


(Wen stands up and crouches down (ala Rock) as the fans know what’s coming and cheer as Earl slowly gets up to his knee…)


Shannon: Law is looking for the Rouge Spear!!! (Gore)


(Earl stands up but as Wen charges in for the Rouge Spear but Davison is pulled out of the way Cornell Davis who has run in through the crowd! The crowd boos as both SLWA members converse outside the ring and Earl slides back in and takes it to Wen with a spinning heel kick that hits the target and knocks Wen over hard! Earl pulls Law up slowly and whips him into the ropes but it is reversed and then Wen powers Davison into the ropes and holds on and rolls Earl up into a cradle pin!!!)


















Charles: Cornell Davis out here still!


Arnold: Smart move by Davis to pull Law’s foot.


(Wen turns and looks at Cornell, he gets up and points at him and mouths “you next” but Davison is up behind him and hooks Wen up into a Release German Suplex!!! Earl stands up and plays off the boos as he cockily strides over to Wen and lifts him up again and this time drills him back with a Side Russian Legsweep!!! Cornell shows support to his SLWA buddy at ringside as Earl climbs to the top rope and raises both hands in the air before hitting….No Pain!!!)




Shannon: Davison got No Pain!!! (Swanton)




















Charles: Kick Out from Wen Law!!!


Arnold: Ahh… Boo!!!


Shannon: Cornell Davis can’t believe his buddy didn’t score the pin!


(Earl pounds the mat in frustration as the crowd pops for Law who looks out of it. Earl gets up and mouths at the referee and distracts him as the crowd boos loudly as Jeff Jones comes running out of the back with a steel chair in hand and CLOCKS Wen over the face with it and flies out the other side of the ring and Earl pushes past the ref and hooks the leg….)

















Charles: Wen Law kicks out again!!!


(Earl pounds on the mat in frustration and begins to unload some hard right hands to the top of Wen’s skull but the ref get sin between the two and pushes Earl off. Davison mouths the ref off and gives an unseen nod to Jones, who trips the ref up and pulls him from the ring right on his head! Cornell swoops in on cue and along with Davison the two men beat down on Wen with some hard kicks to the skull! Cornell pulls Law up and whips him into the ropes and Davison connects with a sickening Spinning Heel Kick that almost beheads “The Rouge Dragon”!)


Charles: Someone get out here and help this man!!!


(Jones rolls into the ring with the steel chair he brought down the first time and sets it up in the corner. Cornell picks Law up and pulls him up to the second rope and looks for a Russian Leg Sweep off the second rope onto the chair!!! Cornell goes but Wen holds onto the rope and Davis slams down onto the chair himself to the pleasure of the crowd!!! Jones takes up and tries to kick Wen back down but Law blocks his kick and hits a single leg takedown, sending Jones out of the ring!!!)


Arnold: Hey now?!


(Davison tries to sweeps Law’s legs but Wen jumps. Davison comes off the ropes and tries for a baseball slide dropkick to Wen’s knees but Law sidesteps and Davison connects with the dropkick right into Jeff Jones!!!!)


Charles: Oh boy!


(Davison gets up and motions that it was a mistake but Wen rolls him up from behind….)


Arnold: No ref! no ref!


Charles: Not for long!!!


(Another ref runs down the ramp and slides into the ring and counts the pin…)




















(Cornell Davis is up and pulls Wen out of the ring. Wen connects right away though with a superkick that downs Davis much to the crowd’s delight!!! Wen rolls back into the ring but Davison is on him and bounces him into the ropes he catches him and holds him for Jeff Jones, who drops the referee and slides into the ring and looks for the Ruff Ryde (superkick) but Wen ducks and Jeff hits Earl!!!!)


Arnold: No!


Shannon: Yes!


(Wen backs up and then hits a Rouge Spear (gore) on Jeff and then drops back and hooks the leg on Davison as the ref rolls back in….)






















Charles: It’s over and Wen Law moves on!


Shannon: What a poor showing for SLWA!


(“Alive” By P.O.D hits as Wen Law rolls from the ring and walks up the ramp with one arm raised and the other holding his side. In the ring though, Jeff slides in and checks on Earl but Davison pushes him away. Jeff shoves him back and points a finger in his face but Davison slaps his finger away and gives him a finger of his own… the middle one!!!)


Charles: Look at this!


(Jeff nods his head as if to say, “so that’s how it’s gonna be?” and then DECKS EARL WITH A RIGHT HAND!!! Earl swings back and before long both men are swinging at eachother!!!)


Arnold: Oh no!!!


(Cornell Davis slides into the ring and gets in between his two stablemates but both men stop for a second, turn AND THEN DECK CORNELL!!!!! Referee’s and security swarm the ring and hold all three members of the SLWA apart as the scene fades out to commercial.)










New In Stores Just In Time For Christmas: UWA Action Figures!!!


Seven (With UWA World Heavyweight Title)


Paul Phoenix

Zander Frost

Billy “The Brilliant”


And more!!!


Also Just In Time For Christmas(Due Out December 20th):




“A Look Backstage Inside The UWA!”









---Television Championship Tournament---

---El Dragon versus Klown---




*~* The scene fades in to show the sold out _ Arena in, where thousands upon thousands of fans are standing on their feet in cheers. The voices of Charlie, Shannon, and Albert are heard over the incredible noise of the crowd. *~*


Shannon:  Welcome back to the Global Assault Tour!  Our next match tonight is another tournament match for the Television Title!  Already tonight, we have seen _ and _advance in the tournament, with one more yet to advance!


Charlie:  The next two members in this tournament are Klown and El Drago.  


Albert:  With Klown making less and less appearances in the ring these days, you’d think that he realized that his Sicko gimmick ain’t working.


Shannon: Albert!  It’s not like your asshole gimmick is working any better!


Albert:  It’s not a gimmick, Shannon it’s a lifestyle!


Shannon *~* gruffs at Albert’s statement *~* With El Drago also coming off of a depressing loss at Wrath, both men are going to be looking for a much needed win here in the Tournament.


Charlie:  Well, off to the ring we go for the next match!


*~* “Look Away” by Sepultura starts up in the arena, as El Drago walks out onto the ramp and makes his way down the ring, looking at the fans at ringside, as they give him mixed reactions. *~*


Shannon:  Heh, people don’t really care about him at this point.


Charlie:  Well, he’s only had one match here in the UWA, so no one really knows much about him.


Albert:  Well, I certainly could care less about him.


*~* El Drago climbs up into the ring, and looks out at the crowd, as his music cuts off and gives way to “Black Heart” by Slipknot as Klown comes out from the back with his usual attire on.  Klown makes his way down the ring as the fans at ringside are booing him and taunting him.  Klown makes a jump towards the ring, but pulls back immediately, as if joking with the fans, making them boo more, and one fan sticks his long finger upright at Klown, getting the approval of the fans around him. *~*


Shannon:  On the contrary, these people just can’t stand Klown.


Charlie:  No doubt.  At least we don’t have to listen to that god awful Pig Screaming entrance any more!


Albert:  Classic! One of the greatest entrances in all sports entertainment.


*~* Charlie and Shannon both glance over at Albert in unison, giving him a strange look as in the ring, the referee signals for the bell, and the match begins.  Starting out the match, Klown rushes towards El Drago to take advantage of his back being turned, but El Drago hears the footsteps, and quickly bolts to the side, and drops Klown to the floor with a drop toe hold. *~*


Shannon:  Nice reversal by Drago.


Charlie:  He duped Klown into thinking that he was distracted!


*~* Drago rolls over on top of Klown for the pin, but barely gets a two count from the referee. Drago picks Klown up to his feet and attempts a vertical suplex, but Klown blocks the attempt, and reverses it into a beautiful snap suplex of his own. *~*


Charlie:  Nice reversal from Klown.


*~* Klown locks Drago up in an arm lock, but only for a few moments before Drago kicks Klown in the back of the head with his foot causing Klown to let go of Dragos arm so he can clinch on to the back of his head.  Drago uses this opportunity to climb to the top rope, and hit his patented move, “The Slaying” (Signature Move:  Moonsault into Leg Drop), driving his leg into the upper chest of Klown. Drago rolls on top of Klown for the pin. *~*








*~* Klown kicks out of the pin, getting a small groan from the crowd at hand. *~*


Shannon:  These fans all want to see Klown out of the match early.


Albert:  I’d like it the other way around. Drago getting his arrogant ass kicked like no other.


*~* Drago pulls Klown up to his feet, but when the referee is distracted, Klown quickly throws his arm up in between Dragos legs, hitting him in the crotch and dropping him to his knees in pain. *~*


Charlie:  What a cheap move by Klown!


Albert:  Smart move, Charlie what a smart move!


*~* Klown picks Drago up to his feet, and pushes him into the turnbuckle.  Klown gets up onto the second rope, and punches Drago three times in the head before sinking his teeth into a part of his face, getting Drago to flail his hands in pain.  Quickly, the referee pulls Klown off of Drago and begins to argue with him, while in the corner Drago climbs up to the top rope and perches like a hawk waiting for the perfect moment.  Klown quits arguing with the ref, and turns around just in time to see Drago perform a Missile Dropkick, connecting with Klowns head.  Drago quickly rolls up on Klown for the pin.






Three! NO!


*~* Klown kicks out of the pin, and quickly rolls over onto his side to avoid being pinned again. *~*


Albert:  What stamina shown by Klown for kicking out of that Missile Dropkick!


*~* Drago raises Klown to his feet, and attempts to hit his finisher, but Klown reverses it into a devastating Tombstone Piledriver, rocking the ring as he hit.  All of the sudden from the back of the arena, The Beast Jaxton Hayes bolts out of the back, and streams towards the ring with a chair in hand. *~*


Shannon:  What the hell is the Beast doing here?


*~* The Beast slides into the ring and stand upright, as his eyes and Klowns eyes meet dead on. Klown beckons him to hit him with the chair, but instead, The Beast pulls the chair above his head, and brings it squarely down on top of the chest of El Drago, who is on the ground, causing the ref to signal for the bell.  Klown stares at the Beast in confusion, but is immediately met by a huge chair shot, landing squarely between his eyes, knocking him down and out of the ring. *~*


Charlie:  What the hell is Beast doing?  First he attacks Drago, then he attacks Klown!


Shannon:  Well, it looks like he doesn’t like anyone here at all!


*~* TO everyone’s surprise, The Beast lifts Drago to his feet, and raises his arm in victory, while whispering something to Drago. *~*


Albert:  Is Beast Drunk or what?


Announcer:  The result of this match is a DISQUALIFICATION of Klown by interference!  The winner of this match and advancing on in the Television Tournament EL DRAGO!


*~* Drago lifts his arms up in mixed emotions of confusion, and joy, as Klown walks back up the ramp, staring at the Beast, mouthing words at him.  The Beast suddenly bolts outside of the ring, and gives chase to Klown, dropping the chair as he goes.  Quickly, he is intercepted by a horde of referees and officials, separating him from Klown. *~*


Shannon:  I get it!  He attacked Drago first to cause a DQ win for him!  He hates Klown, so he cost Klown the match with a chairshot to Drago!


Albert:  Very good Shannon!  Here’s a treat for you!


Shannon:  Bite me, Albert.


Charlie:  Well, it seems that El Drago is advancing in this tournament to the quarter finals he will be facing his next opponent on Vortex next week!


Shannon:  Stay tuned.. We’ve got more exiting UWA Action in store for you all!


*~* the scene fades out with the last picture being that of Klown and The Beast being held back by officials on the entrance ramp, while screaming words between each other. *~*








Scorpio Productions




Universal Wrestling Alliance’s



Perfect Dark

“Live From The Toronto Skydome, Coming The Week Of December 22-28!”






---Television Championship Tournament Match---

---William Blessing versus Disturbed Sickness---





(“Down With The Sickness” By Disturbed hits and the fans rise up as the apparent leader of the cult like stable, The Sickness walks out onto the rampway to a somewhat stunned silence although a few fans start up a “YOUR FUCKED!” chant which Disturbed doesn’t seem to notice or just shrugs off. Sickness slides into the ring and holds the ring ropes awaiting his opponent.)


Charles: Strange fella…


Arnold: Hmm… Yea, ya think?


(“Natural Born Killers” By Dr.Dre and Ice Cube hits and the fans rise to their feet in a respective cheer as newcomer, William Blessing walks out onto the ramp to a shot of pyro. He pays no attention to the crowd at all and instead walks intently down to the ring not taking his eyes off of Disturbed who crouches down and looks ready to pounce.)


Charles: These two have had quite the war of words lately over UWA TV!


Arnold: I’ve got to say, Charlie Brown, I just can’t get into these Sickness guys?!


Shannon: We agree! Finally!


(Referee Jesse Davidson holds Disturbed back as William slides into the ring. William looks straight at Disturbed who looks back with a vengeful look as the bell rings and Referee Davidson moves out of the way as both me begin to circle eachother as the match gets underway! Both men lock eachother up in head locks and sort of feel each other out for the first minute or so before William locks on an armbar on Disturbed who powers out of it and reverses it into an armbar on William who rolls out of and pumps Disturbed’s arm hard downwards which causes the Sickness member to fall to the mat. William wastes no time in locking on another armbar, this time using his legs! Disturbed summersaults out of the hold though and both men are on their feet as the crowd pops respectively to both men.)


Charles: Very good wrestling from both men here early on!


(William and Disturbed hook up again and this time William drops to his knee and tries to push Disturbed back but Sickness pushes his knee down and both men are gridlocked as Referee Jesse Davidson once again gets in between both men and unlocks them. As soon as he does though, Disturbed lashes out with a right hand and catches Blessing off guard! Disturbed pounces on the chance and begins to unload some right hands into the side of Blessing’s head. William falls back into the ropes and Disturbed catches him and lifts him up and over with an impressive power slam that rattles the ring! Disturbed quickly bounces off the second rope and hits a nice springboard leg drop right onto William’s neck!!!)


Charles: Nice move from Disturbed!



















(William kicks out easily as Disturbed went for the lateral press. Sickness gets to a knee and pulls Blessing’s left leg up into his arm pit and then executes a single leg catapult which flings William awkwardly side first into the mat! Disturbed is up once again though and lifts William up and then with a swift taunt to the crowd executes a hard DDT!!!)


Shannon: Disturbed calls that the Sic DDT!!!


(Disturbed doesn’t go for the pin though and instead lifts William up and hooks him up into a piledriver position…)


Charles: Disturbed may be looking for The Sickness (Reverse Tombstone Into Modified Texas Cloverleaf)


(Disturbed hooks William up but Blessing is not done yet and drops Disturbed back with a backdrop as the crowd pops for the wrestler. William bounces off the ropes and quickly takes out Disturbed’s left leg with a quick chop that takes the Sickness member down to one knee and from their William easily locks in a Blessed Slumber!!!!! (Dragon Sleeper Hold) Disturbed tries to fight out of it though as he elbows William in the side of the head like a wild animal to escape the maneuver! William is determined to keep the move locked on though but with an amazing last strength dive, Disturbed grabs onto the bottom rope and Referee Jesse Davidson breaks up the submission hold)


Charles: A very nice last ditch effort from Disturbed that may of saved him this match!


(Blessing waits for Disturbed to get up again and ducks a clothesline attempt from Sickness and ducks an elbow attempt before hitting a hard chop to Disturbed’s chest which prompts a “WHOOO!” from the crowd! Disturbed reels and steps back as William moves in and chops away again to another “WHOOO!” from the UWA Montreal fans! Disturbed backs into the corner and Blessing moves in for another chop but Disturbed pulls his arm and flips Blessing into the corner and this time hits a chop of his own but more of a slap which once again sends up a mighty “WHOOO!” from the fans. Before Disturbed can capitalize again though, blessing slips under another chop attack and hammers Disturbed back with a hard snap suplex! The crowd “ooohs” as Disturbed bends over and William maintains the waist lock and pulls Disturbed up only to slam him back again with a snap suplex! This time he holds for the pin….)



















Charles: Disturbed rolled his shoulder off the mat and made sure the three didn’t go down!


Shannon: Great wrestling match so far!


Arnold: Blessing has got this Sickness guy where he wants him though, Disturbed had better be careful!


(Blessing maintains the bridge and Disturbed can’t roll out of it as another pin is counted…)













(Disturbed manages to use his own body weight to just barely escape the three count this time. Blessing and Disturbed both get up quickly but this time it is Disturbed who catches Blessing off guard with a high clothesline that knocks William down to the mat hard. Disturbed stays on William to as he measures up and delivers not one, not two, but three hard kicks to the small of Blessing’s back! Jesse jumps in and warns Disturbed who pulls William up and whips him into the ropes and this time catches him and locks on a sleeper hold of his own!!!)


Charles: Smart move form Disturbed!!!


Shannon: He could have it here!!


(Disturbed will not let the hold go and finally after a minute of struggling William falls to the mat and Jesse raises his hand…..)












Charles: William Blessing just won’t quit in this already high hitting, high stakes matchup!


(William powers up to his feet and lifts Disturbed up and drops him back with a standing backdrop once again out of nowhere as the crowd pops. William falls forward though still exhausted and Jesse begins a mandatory ten count on both men…)


1!   2!   3!   4!   5!   6!   7!   8!   9! 


(Disturbed and William both begin to stir and manage to pull themselves up to a knee by nine as the crowd cheers both men for just getting up. William is the first to his feet though and looks over at Disturbed as if to say, “how’s he getting up?”. Disturbed rushes for William with a sudden burst of energy but Blessing drops him face first with a drop toe hold and then right up and into a Blessed Slumber!!!! (Dragon Sleeper Hold) Disturbed struggles about but eventually falls and this time far from the bottom rope…)


Charles: Disturbed is way to far from the ropes!!!



(Jesse raises Disturbed’s hand and….)
















Charles: William Blessing win this matchup and advances onto the Quarter finals!


Shannon: But Disturbed has nothing to be ashamed of here… He wrestled a good match, a clean match!


Arnold: Hell, even I’m impressed… Well a little!


(“Natural Born Killers” By Dr.Dre and Ice Cube hits and Jesse raises William’s hand before he makes his way up the ramp and disappears behind the curtains as the camera switches back to Disturbed who holds himself up on the second rope.)


Charles: Well, like I was saying, Disturbed has NOTHING…. WAIT, Whats going on?!


(The lights in the arena have gone out and a LOUD SMASH is heard and when the lights come back on Disturbed is laid out in the middle of the ring with blodd leaking from his mouth and only a single steel chair is laying beside his head.)


Shannon: Someones got it in for Disturbed Sickness!





---Not Going Away!---




(The scene fades in and you can see water dripping down from a steel pipe and steam shoots out into the air with a harsh hissing sound. Out of the darkness a voice is heard which is unfamiliar yet, not totally unidentifiable.)


“Who am I? The question was asked as soon as I appeared… Like a bolt of lightning I struck down Alex DeMonye just as HE wanted! I kept myself and my voice totally hidden with that cursed voice decoder… And what now? Since DeMonye was taken out by someone who didn’t even belong in that role, that HE can just see me fall away? That I will fade into the shadows I emerged from those weeks ago? NO!!!! I’M NOT NEAR DONE YET!!!!


“If YOU, or any one of you others think I’m just some hitman, just some thug for hire… You couldn’t be farer from the truth! Just as fate plans each and everyone of your miserable lives, mine too was pre planned within the universe! I’m meant to emerge from the shadows and fill the role that my father was unable to fill… To fill the role that my brother CAN NOT!!! I am Daemon! And just as my name means “The Devil”, I will show UWA just how evil I can be… I have not disappeared at all, superstars of UWA, and I will not disappear until MY destiny is fulfilled! Welcome….. To End Game!!!”


(The voice fades and the scene switches back to Charles Corbet, Arnold Oxford, and Shannon Taylor.)




---Main Event---

---UWA World Tag Team Championships---

---The Synergists (“UWA’s Resident Superhero” Zander Frost and Billy “The Brilliant”) versus Perfection (Syn and Jason Johnson)---





(“Boom” By P.O.D shatters the silence in the arena from Daemon’s promo as the fans rise up as Zander Frost and Billy “The Brilliant” both appear at the top of the ramp to a huge cheer from the UWA fans!!! Billy and Zander both storm the ring and climb the far ring posts and Billy holds up his UWA Cruiserweight Championship and Zander raises both hands (think Matt Hardy Version 1). Zander jumps down and Billy follows as both men touch knuckles and turn and await their opponents.)


Charles: These two have become some if not THE most popular superstars in UWA today!


Shannon: Of course, their both awesome!


Arnold: You make me so sick….


Shannon: What?


Arnold: You do add new meaning to the word “Blonde” sandwich though!!! HA!


Charles: Oh my…


Shannon: What are you talking about? What’s so funny?


(“Make Me Bad” By Korn hits stopping either Charles or Arnold from answering as the fans know who they have to boo and do it well as Syn walks out followed closely by Jason. Both men stop and stare out over the sea of booing fans. Syn holds both titles out to his side and Jason lifts his above his head and the duo taunt from the top of the ramp as pyros shoot off into the air!!! (Think HBK and Kevin Nash) The crowd boos but Syn and JJ pay no attention to it and walk to ring and circle it as Zander points at Syn and Billy eyes Jason. The UWA World Tag Champs slide into the ring and don’t take their eyes off of Zander or Billy as Referee Flash Jefferey is given the UWA World Tag Championships and the LCW Tag Team Championships.)


Arnold: Perfections new attitude after they spent time with Paul Phoenix in LCW has given this team new life!


Charles: Indeed it seems with an easy win last week to capture these belts. But this match won’t be so easy for Perfection.


(The bell rings and Syn and Zander start it off as both men circle each other and drops down with fakes at a double leg takedown, Syn charges in and burries a knee into Zander’s stomache to neutralize the high flier momentarily. Zander doubles over and Syn takes charge as he lifts Zander up and drops him hard on his back with a backdrop that shakes the mat. Zander holds the small of his back and Syn takes notice of it as he burries his knee into Frost’s back and pulls both his arms back as Zander screams out in pain!!!)


Shannon: No! Come on Zander!


(Billy smacks the top turnbuckle with his hand to get the crowd into it, and it works as the fans begin to clap along as Zander slowly begins to stand up. He spins the move inside and boots Syn in the gut and drops him down with a hard DDT!! The crowd pops as Zander gets up his momentum and pulls Syn up and whips him hard across the ring and into the ropes, Syn tries to catch Zander with a spear but Frost leapfrogs over Syn and bounces off the ropes himself and catches Syn this time in a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!!! Syn reaches his hand out for Jason in his corner but Zander is on the ball and pulls Syn back into the center of the ring and lifts his knee up into the air and drives it back down hard into the mat!!! Syn scrambles and tries to get the tag again but Zander pulls his leg again and pulls Syn back to his own corner and tags in the Cruiserweight Champion to a pop from the fans.)


Charles: Both Billy and Zander on the same page… Just days before they head one on one AGAINST each other at Perfect Dark!


Shannon: Billy and Zander are more then tag partners Charlie, they’re friends… A little match or a title won’t ruin them.


Arnold: What about a little blonde?


Shannon: …………….


(Zander picks Syn up and whips him into the ropes, He goes for a clothesline but Syn ducks but ducks right into a HARD Spear from Billy!!! Billy hooks the leg as Zander rolls from the ring…)






















Charles: Give Syn credit he kicked out of that hard spear!


Arnold: Perfection, Charlie Brown! Perfection!


(Billy pulls Syn up and whips him into the ropes and looks for a flap jack but Jason reaches over and slaps Syn’s back to get the blind tag. Billy lifts Syn up and slams him down with a huge flapjack but turns around right into a right hand from JJ that knocks BTB back hard into the ropes! Johnson pulls Billy’s arm and goes to whip him across the ring but reverses his own whip and let’s go and follows it up with a high clothesline that drops BTB once again! The crowd has been silenced as Jason manhandles Billy in the ring by pushing him around and then lifts him up into a military press and drops him hard face first to the mat before dopping down and hooking a leg…)
















Shannon: Kick Out!


(Jason doesn’t seem phased at all that Billy kicked out and instead pulls him up and whips him into the ropes, Billy tries to counter with a dropkick but JJ just pushes his feet away and then stomps viciously on his chest!!! Billy squirms and tries to get to Zander but JJ is there to block BTB’s course of escape and pulls him out into the center of the ring but misses a long delayed elbow drop that BTB has scouted nicely and Billy has a chance to get to his feet once again. He runs into the ropes for momentum and flies across with an axe handle cross body but it doesn’t take JJ down but only knocks him back a bit. BTB backs into the ropes again and this time hits a full cross body and the fans pop as JJ falls back and does down!!!)
























Charles: Jason Johnson is just to strong and military pressed BTB right off him!


Arnold: Perfection will not go down that easily Charlie Brown!


(Billy seems a little stunned this time and gets up and stumbles to his corner and goes to tag in Zander but his tag partner is pulled from the apron by Syn on the outside and Zander’s face bounces hard off the ring apron!!! Referee Flash Jefferey warns Syn on the outside and this allows for JJ to score the unseen low blow on BTB, Billy folds over and JJ takes advantage of the time to get to his corner and tag in Syn who climbs to the top immediately and flies through the air with a Missile Dropkick that drops Billy back to the mat hard… Syn hooks the leg on BTB as Flash turns around….)
















(Zander is up and slides in to make the save. Flash once again has to push Zander from the ring though, and as the Synergist points behind Flash, the ref doesn’t see Syn lift BTB up and whip him into the ropes and then out of nowhere….)


Arnold: Devils Dust!!! (Red Dust To Eyes)


(Billy holds his eyes but as Flash turns he can’t stop Zander as he storms into the ring and takes Syn and bounces him into the ropes and hits a kick to the stomache and drills Syn hard into the mat with….)


Charles+Shannon: Zander Bomb!!! (X-Factor)


(Flash pushes Zander from the ring and Jason rushes in to stop that though and along with a steel chair he’s grabbed from ringside, SMASHES BTB IN THE BACK!!!! Billy falls forward and JJ pulls Syn over onto him and then makes a run for Zander, Zander elevates Jason who is caught off guard though and both men go over the top rope to the floor on the outside just as Flash turns and counts the pin…)








Shannon: NO!











Arnold: Yes!








Charles: Perfection has done it!




Shannon: I gotta go!


(Shannon gets up and slides in to check on Billy as Syn is lifted off of BTb by Flash who gives Syn all four titles as “Make Me Bad” By Korn hits again and syn who still seems dazed from the Zander Bomb, slides from the ring and joins JJ who is already halfway up the ramp. Both men taunt Zander who’s gotten to a knee and hears their music and knows they’ve lost. He taunts both members of Perfection to just come on but Syn and JJ disappear behind the curtains and Zander turns around to see Shannon over Billy holding his head in her arms.)


Arnold: Ah, the little kid is jealous!!!


Charles: Zander seems to feel for Shannon… I don’t think our commentary partner knows what she may be doing to these two!


(Zander looks like he’s about to join Shannon and Billy in the ring but instead turns and walks up the ramp himself as the scene fades with Shannon helping Billy to his feet.)


Charles: We’re out folks! Vortex should be a burner… The TV Title Tourney Quarter Finals will go down!


Arnold: Phoenix will get to show Seven a preview of how badly he’s gonna smoke his ass at Perfect Dark!


Charles: And of course the HUGE Triple Threat Tag Match will wrap up the night! Good Night!








Voltage Writings 2002

(Matches 1,2,4,5)


Golden Sun Productions 2002

(Match 3)



Scorpio Productions 2002


Universal Wrestling Alliance 2002