---At The End Of Last Vortex---



(After the Bane/Seven match up we go backstage to see the Cruiserweight Champion, Billy “The Brilliant”, who is still looking for his partner Zander Frost as he barges into the duos locker room to find the room almost pitch black except a small tape recorder set up on the bench. Billy looks around and picks up the tape recorder to play the cracked and obviously crying voice of his partner, Zander Frost.)




“I’m sorry Billy…. I’m so sorry for the way I’ve acted, for the way I’ve been. You were right when you said I’d never be better then you! I know it; I guess I knew it all along…. I’m sorry that Shannon had to get mixed up between us but I know she made the smart choice in you, Billy. Please… Take…. Take good care of her, Billy.”


(A long pause is heard and only the sounds of Zander crying can be heard as Billy’s face has gone totally white.)




“I’ve…. I’ve got to go now, Billy. I’m sorry.”


(The tape ends and Billy gets frantic as he looks around the deserted room.)




“Zander?! Zander?!”


(Billy runs from the room and the camera follows him down the hall as the Cruiserweight Champion rushes out into the parking lot behind the UWA Coliseum just in time to see his partner, and friends orange car go up in flames with a huge explosion!!! Tons of superstars rush out of the Coliseum and looks on as the young teenagers car is totally engulfed by flames and the camera focuses on Billy who is standing alone in front of the crowd as the tape recorded falls from his hands and smashes on the ground as the show cuts out.)







(Outisde the Savanah Civic Center a limo pulls up and with a cheer from the fans out steps President Chris Sharp, who is closely followed by none other then CEO Fredrick Malstrom!! Chris opens the door for Fredrick who walks inside as Chris flashes a devious smile before letting the door close as the scene fades.)


Charles: What’s this?!




Scorpio Productions




Universal Wrestling Alliances




Global Assault Tour

“Live From The Savanah Civic Center In Savanah Georgia!!”




(“Midnight Train To Memphis” By Kid Rock hits as the Georgia fans rise up in cheers as pyros hit the ring and ramp as the UWA cameras flash on for the first time ever in the state of their southern rival, Ground Zero Wrestling. Signs visible in the stands obviously show a bit of a bias for the Georgia native promotion such as, “I Gave Up Crimson Tickets For This, So Impress Me!!!”, and “Are You Sure Seven Isn’t Maxx Pain In Drag?!?!” and finally a huge out of place section that each has a piece of a giant “MONARCH” puzzle before the cameras come down to Charles Corbet and Arnold Oxford sitting near ringside.)


Charles: Welcome one and all to another night of UWA action!!


Arnold: As you can see our co-hostess Shannon Taylor was given the night off after the tragedy of last Vortex.


Charles: Indeed the death of Zander Frost as seen at the top of this show will weigh greatly on the minds of the UWA stars here tonight, and this bias GZW crowd may throw them off even more? I can’t remember being in such a tense building before?


Arnold: Well we got big shoes to fill CB…


Charles: That we do and best to get right to it!!!


Arnold: With one of our amazing matches… Necro vs. El Drago?? What the flying Frenchman is this crap?!






---Debut Match---

---NeCro versus El Drago---







Arnold: Oh this one should be interesting…. NOT!


Charles: Must you always dump on the new superstars?


Arnold: Yes, I must!


(“Survivor” By Destiny’s Child hits breaking the duos conversation as the crowd stands and pops, especially the guys in the crowd, as Shannon Taylor walks out onto the ramp waving to the fans as she does. The fans give a really nice cheer for Shannon in respect for the loss she felt after Zander’s untimely suicide on Vortex just weeks ago. Shannon takes a seat next to Charles and Arnold as the two seem a little surprised to see her out tonight.)


Charles: Shannon, I didn’t know you’d be joining us tonight?!


Arnold: Yeah, you got the night off babes…


Shannon: I know Mr. Sharp gave me the night off, but just sitting back there definitely wasn’t helping anything so I decided I’d rather be out here close to the action and with you two.


Charles: That’s very nice of you Shannon, but are you-?


Arnold: Sure that you can handle this tonight?!


Shannon: It’s sweat you two are worried about me, but it’s cool don’t worry.


Charles: Alright….


(“My Plauge” By Slipknot rips over the PA system and the fans all turn to the ramp to see UWA’s newest attraction, NeCro who walks out slowly and seems rather lost. Finally he just sprints to the ring and waits on his opponent some of the fans begun to taunt the newcomer, but instead of ignoring it NeCro shouts out at the young kids near ringside and says he’ll slit their throats?!?!)


Charles: This guys a loose cannon?!


Arnold: Heh, did you see those little wankers run off?!


Shannon: Rather cruel I think…


(“Look Away” By Slipknot soon replaces NeCro’s music as the man rumoured to be the next big jobber of UWA, El Drago walks out onto the rampway with his hands above his head as most fans cheer and laugh as a “Jobber! Jobber!” chant starts up promoting El D to scream out how he’s not a jobber!!)


Arnold: Now that’s just funny!


(El D crawls into the ring but as NeCro goes to chase him he quickly slides out and begins to walk up the ramp?!?!)


El Drago: I forgot I left the washing machine running backstage!!!


(The crowd laughs out loud as NeCro is just scratching his head trying to figure out just what El D is on!!)


Charles: El Drago high tailing it outta here!!


Shannon: But there goes NeCro after him!!


(NeCro chases El Drago up the ramp stops and raises his hands as if to pray for a save but seeing none jumps off the ramp and has no choice but to run back to the ring where he slides in closely followed by Necro, who stalks the smaller man around the ring before going for a lock up but El Drago drops to his knees and begs for mercy?!?!)




Arnold: Hahaha! This is classic!!


(Necro makes an “Oh My God” expression as he can’t believe his opponents actions. Necro backs up and raises his hands as the grin on El Drago’s face is priceless!!! Necro offers his hand to Drago who gladly takes it and shakes hands with the newcomer but when Drago goes to leave, Necro keeps ahold of his hand and won’t let Drago go!!!)


Shannon: Necro should just let him go… Drago is nothing but a stand up comedian here in UWA!


Arnold: Necro wanted a match.. Necro’s gonna get one!!


(Drago begins to cry as Necro pulls him back to the center of the ring and smiles before booting the poor UWA star in the stomache and lifting him up only to drill him into the mat with a thunderous sitdown powerbomb!! (Think Last Ride) Necro smiles as the ref begins the pin….)


Charles: Necro calls that move the Fate Ride!!













Shannon: Aw come on!!


(Necro has pulled El D off the mat again in an amazing display of power but the fans boo the relentless newcomer for his actions here against the loveable El Drago. Necro holds El D high above his head before once again powering him down with a second Fate Ride!!!)


1!! 2!! 3!!!


Ding! Ding! Ding!


Charles: And it was that easy for UWA’s newest superstar!


Arnold: What a powerhouse!!


Shannon: What a meanie!!


Charles: We’ll be back with more UWA action here tonight after this!!!







Scorpio Productions




Universal Wrestling Alliances




“What Happens When All Hell Is Unleashed On Atlanta, Georgia?!”


“Live From Turner Field!”





---Perfect Acceptance---



(Inside the locker room of the UWA World Tag Team Champions sits Syn and Jason Johnson each with a UWA World Tag Titles Belt and a LCW Tag Title Belt over one shoulder as the two look into the camera with a slight sneer.)




“Yeah, it’s been awhile now since you logs out their in toilet land where gifted with the presence of true Perfection! But we decided the time for silence and pondering what the hell Paul Phoenix is smoking has passed!! And instead we’re just gonna come out and say it… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SMOKING PAUL?!?!


(Syn looks at JJ as if expecting and answer but only gets a shrug from the silent member of the Tag Team Champs.)




“Yeah, we don’t know what the fuck your smoking either?! But whatever it is you best be dropping it before tonight, because if you come out tonight and make a save on you off again/on again buddy Wen Law, we won’t be so nice as to overlook our past friendship with you this time. Oh no, we’ll smash your old greasy ass without a second thought!! And if you still haven’t managed to pull your head out of your ass come Vortex, JJ and me will be more then happy to bring you back to the real world where the only thing that is perfect, is us two!!! Your re-enactment of your little love to hate to love relationship with the Rouge Dragonfly is well frankly… Nauseating!!!


“So come Vortex we’ve decided to be good buddies and to snap this little lapse in space you’ve got your head caught in and bring you back to our world. But be for warned, Phoenix, you may of trained us… But don’t forget that to obtain Perfection as we have you can’t just run on training, sometimes it just takes pure raw god given talent!! And what team has more of that then Syn and Jason Johnson?!”


(Syn smirks and slaps JJ’s chest as the bigger man smiles and nods his head.)




“And the duo of the now reinstated GZW World Tag Team Championships…”




“Good point, JJ, I almost forgot about the two gum flapping “legacy” bitches that beat the snot out of us months ago!! How nice and convenient that GZW would reinstate it’s Tag Division at a time when we are sweeping CCW by storm?! It’s all gravy though, because this is just the opportunity we’ve been searching for! Perfection versus Legacy for BOTH our companies Tag Team Championships!!! The best up and coming tag team CCW has seen in ages against a “team” of old beatniks that can’t even stand to look at each other anymore?! Still not much of a competition in my eyes, but what the hell, our schedules are clear up till Hellstorm when we gotta smack around these dirt talking, mystery team that is to cowardly to step out of the shadows and face the perfection of the UWA World Tag Team Champions!!! But once again, its all gravy!! We don’t sweat no one!! Because it’s this easy to be this confident..”




“When a team…”






(Syn and JJ both smirk and flex with their titles as the scene fades to black.)




---Announcers Table---


Charles: A challenge to Legacy!!


Arnold: That certainly got this pro-GZW crowd going!


Shannon: Perfection have got to be nuts… The beating Spartan and Monarch handed to them months ago may pale in comparison to what this next round could entail!!


Charles: If it can be worked out, and if Legacy accepts.


Arnold: What a match that would be though….


Shannon: Indeed it would be, but we got word our next match is coming up with a couple teams that also could find themselves with Tag Cold hopes in the near future!



---Tag Match---

---“Private” Dawson and “Lance Corporal” Black versus “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes and Klown---




“Ratamahatta” by Sepultura blares out of the PA system and the crowd gives a mixed reaction as “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes makes his way down to the ring as blue strobe lights flash all around. Hayes rolls into the ring and pearches himself on the top turnbuckle, awaiting his partner.

Arnold: The Beast looks ready for this one, but can he and Klown co-exist here tonight?

Charles: It’ll be interesting to see how this one unfolds here tonight.


Shannon: The Co-Outlaw Champs face another title threat on the upcoming Vortex as Jaxon defends against none other then Disturbed Sickness in a First Blood Match!!!

Static comes over the UniversalTron and the word “Klown” then appears fading slightly in and out of the static. Black Heart by Slipknot hits the PA as the isappea man walks out holding his headless teddy bear. He stops and looks around at the fans who taunt and jeer the freak. He then walks down to the ring and slides in sitting in the corner with his teddy held in close to his heart as Jaxon Hayes looks on.

Arnold: This guy just gives me the creeps.

Charles: I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

Arnold: Wha- Hey!!


Shannon: Hehehehe…

The “Welcome To Atlanta” remix blares out of the loudspeakers and the fans let out a cheer for the marine soldier, Lance Corporal Black and his partner, Private Dawson. The two walk down to the ring side by side as the patriotic fans cheer louder. Black and Dawson slide into the ring and straight away they are met by punches from “The Beast”.

Charles: And we’re up and running folks. The beast in taking it to both Lance Corporal Black and Private Dawson.

Arnold: Whooo!!!

As Klown still sits in the corner cradling his teddy, Jaxon Hayes continues to jab away at both Dawson and Black. Hayes floors Dawson with a big right and goes to do the same to Black. But Lance Corporal Black ducks and hits a jab of his own which stuns Hayes ever so slightly. Black backs up against the ropes and runs at Hayes, hitting him with a lou thez press. Black punches away at Hayes and then bites him on the nose as the referee orders Private Dawson out of the ring.

Arnold: Oh no! It’s chow time!!!!

Charles: Not the most technical or wrestling moves!


Shannon: Kind of f*cked up… Just like the wrestler I suppose?!

Hayes holds his nose in agony as Lance stomps away at his mid-section. Eventually, Klown gets up from the corner and stares a hole right into Lance. Lance begins to walk towards Klown but The Beast cuts him off with a low blow. Klown climbs out of the ring and cradles the teddy as inside, The Beast delivers a isappearin boxing like combo to the head and body areas of Black. Lance blocks one of the punches though and grabs hold of The Beast’s arm. Lance keeps a hold of the arm as he delivers a spinning martial arts style kick to the head of Jaxon Hayes. Lance releases his arm and Hayes falls to the ground.

Arnold: Ouch!

Charles: Ouch yes, but a nice kick none the less. I enjoyed that!

Arnold: Sadist!

Black tags in Dawson who goes straight to work on the grounded Hayes by stomping away at his head. Dawson picks Hayes up and then slams him back to the mat. Dawson picks him up and slams him back down again. This time Dawson goes for the pin…



No!!! Hayes seemed to kick out of that one rather easily. Dawson picks Hayes up and whips him into the ropes, but Hayes gains the advantage as he runs back at Dawson and knocks him down with a big clothesline to the head. Hayes then picks Private Dawson up and brings him down again with a suplex. Hayes then goes to tag in Klown who climbs into the ring, leaving the teddy on the apron.

Arnold: Freak alert! Freak alert!

Klown goes right to work, hitting the grounded Dawson with boots to the back of the head. Klown then picks Dawson up and whips him into the turnbuckle. Klown runs at Dawson and knees him to the mid-section. Private Dawson tries to get out of the corner but Klown climbs on top of him and hits him with ten solid punches to the head. Klown then proceeds to bite away at the forehead of Dawson as the sickened crowd look on. The referee tries to seperate Klown teeth from the head of Dawson but has a difficult time in doing so. From the apron, Corporal Black also climbs to the top turnbuckle along with Klown. He punches away at the head of Klown but the freak simply shall not release his teeth from Dawsons skin as Private Dawson screams out in agony. Eventually Klown realeses his grip and punches at Black who loses balance and falls from the top turnbuckle, he flies through the air and his head bounces of the security barricade at ringside.

Arnold: Holy girls gone wild!!! Lance Black’s head litereally bounced off that security barricade. That’ll leave a mark no doubt!

Charles: Indeed, and what about poor Dawson?

Arnold: Having his face eaten? I found it quite amusing actually.

Charles: Hmmm…


Shannon: Why didn’t that surprise me??

Meanwhile inside the ring, Klown tags The Beast back in. The Beat lifts Dawson – who has blood streaming from his head thanks to Klown – and hits him with a belly to belly suplex. The Beast then looks around at the fans before looking down at the badly bleeding and grounded Dawson and The Beast then proceeds to scale to the top turnbuckle.

Charles: The Beast is going upstairs.

Arnold: Well…duh!

The Beast comes flying off the top turnbuckle with a frog splash, landing right on target. The Beast goes for the pin but from nowhere, Lance Black runs in and breaks up the count by hitting a leg drop on The Beast. A stunned Beast slowly gets to his feet and makes his way towards Klown as the crowd cheer Dawson on to tag Corporal Black. Klown is tagged in and Dawson is inches away from tagging in Black but Klown runs over and pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Klown lifts Dawson into a tombstone position and hits him with The Sickness. Klown goes for the pin…



3…..No!!! Dawson kicked out at the very last moment.

Charles: Lets give Dawson some credit here! He’s taken one hell of a beating.

Arnold: Boo boo!

Klown picks the bloody Dawson up and brings him down with the Klown Drop (Brainbuster). Klown goes for another pin and this one looks to be over….



3..No!!! Lance Corporal Black makes the save by booting Klown in the head.

Arnold: Dammit.

Charles: Getting a bit nerveous I see?

Arnold: No, just a bit bored.

A pissed off Jaxon Hayes runs at Lance and the two men are sent flying over the top rope to the outside. The two continue to fight on the outside hitting one another with wild lefts and rights as the referee also climbs to the outside attempting to break it up, leaving Klown in the ring with a badly hurting Private Dawson. Klown looks around at the crowd before climbing to the outside and collecting a steel chair.

Charles: Uh… This dont look good.

Arnold: And where the hell are Black and Hayes going? They’re isappearing up the ramp!

Klown rolls back into the ring with the chair and waits for Dawson to slowly get back up to his feet. When he finally does, everyone in the arena lets out a gasp of horror as Klown brings the sharp edged side of the chair right down across the skull of Dawson. The impact of the move sends a sickening shatter around the arena as Dawson falls to the ground, followed closely by Klown who collapses on top of him for the pin.

Charles: Oh God! Fractured skull…

Meanwhile, the duo of The Beast and Corporal Black seem to have fought there way backstage. Having lost all sight of them, the confused referee shrugs his shoulders and makes his way back to the ring. The referee slides into the ring and sees Klown making the pin. The referee begins to count…



No!!! Klown springs back to his feet! He doesnt want to end this one just yet.

Arnold + Charles: WHAT???

Charles: Why didnt Klown end it right there!!??

The place falls silent as Klown makes an odd gesture at his teddy which sits in his corner before he then lifts Dawson up into a brainbuster position.

Charles: No!!! Dont do it! You’ve already shattered his skull!!!

The sick freak drops Dawson with the Klown Drop, rght on his already severely damaged skull. The crowd are in shocked silence. But just as it looks like Klown is about to go for the pin, he picks Dawson up again and hits him with another Klown Drop.

Arnold: Damn! Even I’ll admit that that sick freak has taken things to far!

Charles: Concussins, a fractured skull, brain damage! Dawson migh be suffering from one or all three! If the referee knew about that chairshot earlier this would have been stopped.

Klown finally goes for the pin and gets the three count. The bell rings as Klown grabs his teddy and rolls out of the ring, leaving Dawson motionless in the middle of the ring. The crowd look on in concern as medics run down to the ringside area.

Charles: I doubt we’ll be seeing Dawson again in the near future…







The crowd gives up a loud cheer as “The Rouge Dragon” Wen Law is shown entering his locker room and setting his ring bag down.


Charles: What a challenge awaits “The Rouge Dragon” tonight! As he faces not one, but BOTH members of the UWA World Tag Team Champions!!


Arnold: Ah but where theres a Dragon, a Phoenix can’t be that far behind.


Shannon: Very insightful, Arnold.


Arnold: Thanks, I get all these cool sayings off of cereal boxes!


Charles+Shannon: …….





---Rematch From Perfect Dark---

---Vindictive Seraph versus Disturbed Sickness---


Yankee: Welcome ladies and gentleman, Im Nate"New York" Yankee and this right here is my co-host for the evening, Jesus"Los"Angeles.


Angeles: Oh will you shut up already! Last time I worked with you was on a GZW event and you bored the hell out of me. The fans dont wanna hear you talk. They want a colorful like like me.


Yankee: Whatever you say Jesus. Now lets get on to the return match from Perfect Dark, Vindictive Seraph versus Disturbed Sickness.


The lights go out as the fans anticipate the entrance of the first superstar, Vindictive Seraph. Strangely no pyros go off or music is played when suddenly a voice is heard over the intercom system.


"You think that you stand a chance Disturbed. I will be the nightmare that you never had. Why dont you go back to your dressing room and not even bother coming out here. It will be a long night for you Disturbed. I can see it in your very own eyes."


The voice suddenly stops when Disturbed runs out onto the ramp not caring about his music or his entrance. He looks around frantically expecting Seraph to jump him, yet sees him nowhere. DS makes his way to the back but when he goes through the curtain he gets blind-sided by VS.


Angeles: Nice move there by the Vindictive One. DS never saw it coming to him.


Yankee: Thats just another classic example of the mind games that are played constantly here in the UWA. Anyways lets continue.


DS is laid out on the ground while VS looks around the area for some sort of object to beat the hell out of DS with. DS slowly makes it to his feet but VS doesnt notice. DS grabs a nearby steel pipe and when VS turns around he is nailed right smack square in the forehead. VS falls straight to the ground and grabs his head only to realize that he is bleeding profusely. DS sees the blood and gets excited and his adrenaline starts flowing. DS grabs VS and throws him through the curtain causing VS to start rolling down the ramp. The fans actually pop at seeing this and DS gets a weird look on his face as if someone just gave him a sucker.


Yankee: It looks like Disturbed is quite surprised by the reation the fans just gave him here. I dont think he knows what to do.


Angeles: They werent cheering him on. They were laughing because Seraph looked like a jackass rolling down the entrance ramp. I thought it was kinda funny myself.


Yankee: Well, I will admit that I did get a chuckle out of it, but I still think the fans are getting on Disturbeds side here.


While DS is staring out at the crowd, VS is able to make a quick recovery and despite the blood pouring from his forehead he runs right at DS. Ds sees him just in time and manages to move out of the way causing VS to run straight into a steel post that is holding up the big screen.


Yankee: Ouch!!! That has gotta hurt. I dont know if VS can take much more with that sliced open forehead he has. I suggest Disturbed take advantage and take this match to the ring where it belongs.


Angeles: It doesnt matter where these two fight as long as I see some ass kicking. The Vindictive One is probably putting on a show anyways to make Disturbed think he is better. Seraph will show him.


Yankee: Is that a prediction for the outome of this match Jesus?


Angeles: Yes it is. I am betting 50 dollars that Seraph will win in the end.(At least I hope so.)


Yankee: Did you just say something Jesus?


Angeles: NO!!! Just pay attention to the match moron.


While Jesus and Nate were arguing, DS took VS down to ringside which officially starts the match. The two brawl it out going fist for fist when suddenly VS ducks a punch and low blows DS. DS falls over and curls up into the fetal position while VS tries to wipe the blood out of his eyes. VS reaches down to grab DS but he was waiting and DS executes a perfect inside cradle to go for the pin.






And NO!!! kickout by VS at the last possible milli-second.


DS stands back up and screams at the ref for a slow count but he doesnt see VS sneek up behind him and DS ends up on the receiving end of a reverse suplex. VS gets back up and continues to wipe the blood out of his eyes. VS suddenly looks straight up towards the sky and starts screaming. He takes his hand and gets blood all over it and starts licking his hand. This makes the crowd nauseated and one lady actually leaves her seat and starts running for the restroom. VS gets out of the ring and grabs the microphone and begins to speak.


"What do you think this is going to accomplish Disturbed One??? Absolutely nothing!!! I told you that you should leave, but you wouldnt listen. Now you will pay for your sins with the loss of your career."


Yankee: I have no clue what the hell Seraph is talking about, but I dont think its gonna be good. All I know is that Seraph looks to be the one in the most trouble since he is losing blood by the minute.


Angeles: I thought I made this clear. Seraph is going to win hands down. There are no ifs, ans, or buts about it.


The Vindictive One throws down the mic and gets back in the ring only to be met by a rejuvenated Disturbed Sickness. Both men are laid out and neither has the energy to get up. The ref starts the infamous ten count.....1










Disturbed almost makes it to one knee but falls back against the ropes.






DS uses the ropes to pull himself up to cause the ref to stop the ten count. DS slowly walks over to VS and just stands over him wobbling this way and that from the energy he has released during the match. DS reaches down and grabs VS by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Irish whip by DS sends VS into the ropes but he holds on. This pisses DS off and he charges only to run smack into VS and both men roll right over the top rope and onto the floor. They start brawling again and the ref instead of doing a ten count he also leaves the ring and throws punches at both men since they wont listen to him. Both DS and VS look at the ref and they both punch him then start brawling with each other again.




---Clashing of Giants---


(Backstage Magnum Steele is shown standing by himself at a coffee stand talking with a few ring crew workers as the fans let up a cheer for “The Monster” of UWA. Magnum seems to be minding his own business and just enjoying himself as out of nowhere rushes in “The Dark Angel” Seven who uses a Cattle Prod to bring Magnum to his knees!!! Magnum holds his side and back in pain as Seven sneers and holds his UWA World Heavyweight Championship belt up above Magnum’s head.)




“Scared of you? Zone 213?! Not so mouthy now, huh Magnum?! Let your lesson be learned to NEVER try to cheap shot Seven again!!”


(Magnum sneers and boots Seven in the stomach, knocking the UWA World Heavyweight Champion back onto his knees but before Magnum can even begin to get up, Seven is right back on him with the Cattle Prod as he shocks him again and again until Magnum finally passes collapses from the pain as Seven stands and simply walks away, swinging the Cattle Prod and laughing as the scene fades to black.)




---Handicap Match---

---“The Rouge Dragon” Wen Law versus Perfection (Syn and Jason Johnson)---



The lights suddenly shut off in the arena, as the fans quiet themselves after a
Charles: Oh...I'm scared of the dark!
Arnold: What was that, Charlie?
Charles: Nothing.
A sigh can be heard from Arnold, right before "Alive" by POD hits, and brings
the crowd into a frenzy! Out of the entrance way comes Wen Law, as he smiles and
waves to the crowd, he immediately darts down the ramp, and slides swiftly into
the ring, and hopping back to his feet.
Shannon: Well, Wen's gonna be facing two big, and mean men here tonight.
Arnold: Femanist.
Wen tests the ropes, bouncing back and forth on them as "Make Me Bad" by Korn
reverberates from the loudspeakers, and turns the fan's cheers into jeers as
Perfection, Jason Johnson and Syn walk out from the back, and stand atop of the
stage, before striding purposely to the ring.
Shannon: See! Look how angry they are!
Charles: What's that got to do with anything?
Shannon: They're gonna kill Law!
Arnold: And the bad part being?
Johnson and Syn both slide under the ropes and into the ring as the referee
walks to them, and assures them that only one man is allowed in the ring from
the team. The two big men nod, as Syn stays in the ring, and Johnson going to
the apron. 
Arnold: The only advantage Wen has in the match is...well, height.
Charles: Thanks for being observant.
Shannon: Shut it, both of you!
Arnold: Bitch.
Syn and Law walk to the centre of the ring, as they both lock up in a
traditional collar and elbow tieup, with Law getting the immediate advantage as
he pushes the smaller Syn to the ropes, and breaks the tieup, before grabbing
him by the arm, and slinging him across the ring to the opposing ropes. Syn
rebounds from the ropes, and leaps up into the air, looking for a flying
clothesline, but Wen counters in mid-move, taking Syn from the air and to the
mat with an awesome powerslam! The fans pop as Law goes for the early pin.
Charles: No! Too early, but what a move on Wen's part!
Shannon: Yeah, he took him out of the air, and made him become one with the mat!
Wen sits up onto his knees as Syn tries to catch his breath from the early power
move from Law. The Rouge Dragon leans over the downed Syn, and drives several
hard shots to the forehead and face of Syn, before slamming his head against the
mat, and pushing himself to his feet. Law leans over and picks Syn from the mat
as Johnson encourages his partner from the apron. Law goes behind the smaller
Syn, and locks in a full nelson, readying himself for a Dragon Suplex.
Charles: A trademark suplex coming up!
Shannon: No, look!
Jason goes between the top and middle ropes, acting like he is going into the
ring, and getting the referee's attention, and luring him to the corner. Jason
tries to protest the referee, allowing Syn to hit a mule kick, scoring between
the legs of Wen, and escaping the potential Dragon Suplex.
Arnold: Wooo!
Wen holds his privates in pain, as Syn takes advantage, muscling Wen off of the
mat, and slamming him back down with a powerful spinebuster, that leaves Law
lying prone on the canvas. Jason slips back onto the apron as the referee turns
back around, unaware of what went down. Syn walks to his corner, and makes the
tag to the bigger Jason Johnson, giving him access to the ring. Johnson slips in
between the ropes, before going to the downed Law, and picking him off of the
canvas with ease as Syn goes to the apron.
Arnold: Things aren't lookin' too good for Law right now.
Jason grips Law into a modified bearhug, before easily lifting him from the mat,
and slamming him back down with a belly-to-belly slam, that takes the wind from
Law's sails. Johnson pushes himself off of the mat as he growls at Law, before
quickly running to the ropes, and bouncing off, before leaping into the air, and
dropping an elbow across the sternum of Law! Law's legs go up on impact as Jason
nonchalantly covers the fallen Law. The referee slides into position, and
Law manages to shoot his left shoulder off of the canvas before the referee's
hand hits the mat for the third time, much to the dismay of Johnson! The crowd
cheers as Law still has life in him, but Johnson has plans to change that, as he
quickly pushes himself to his feet, and grabs Law by the hair, lifting him
angrily off of the canvas, and whipping him to the distant corner. Law hits the
turnbuckles hard, as Johnson snarls, before charging the corner, and leaping up
into the air with a modified Hell's Bounce (Flying Clothesline) in the corner
that rocks the ring, and Law! 
Arnold: End him, dammit!
Charles: That may be the case in a moment, Arnie!
Arnold: Call me Arnie once more and I will rip you a new asshole.
Shannon: Eww...male bonding sucks.
Law stumbles out of the corner, allowing Jason to score with a one-man flapjack,
that lands Law face-first on the canvas. Syn cheers his partner one once more,
as Law remains face down on the canvas. Jason gets to his feet, and looks to
walk and tag Syn, but drops down suddenly next to Law, and latches on Silence
(Crippler Crossface)! The crowd jeers as Johnson pulls back on the neck of Wen,
trying to force him into early submission!
Arnold: Yes! This match is finally gonna be over!
Shannon: Don't seel Law short, though! Look at him try to break the hold!
Charles: Yeah, ARNIE!
Arnold: ...die.
As Jason leans further, Wen cries out in pain, but tries to unlatch Jason's
hands to break the hold. Law grips Johnson's hands, before trying to use the
power of his one arm to break it. The referee drops and asks Law if he wants to
give up the ghost, but Law refuses! As the referee continues to badger Law, Wen
takes his remaining arm, and swings it over his head, and connects with the jaw
of Johnson! Jason is taken back a bit, and loosens the hold, allowing Law to
roll out of it! Johnson slaps the mat in anger as he holds his face, before
quickly hopping to his feet.
Shannon: Law broke the hold! Yay Wen!
Arnold: Please...pfft.
Law tries to push himself off of the canvas, but Johnson has other plans as he
runs in and scores with a vicious kick to the midsection! Law gasps for air, as
he collapses to the mat again. Johnson smirks a wry smile, before casually
walking to his corner, and tagging in Syn. Syn springoards himself into the
ring, before calmly walking to the damaged Law, and picking him up by the hair,
and to his feet. Syn laughs at Law, who can hardly stand up, before driving his
foot into Law's midsection, and tucking him between his legs, signalling for
what could be the end.
Arnold: I smell the Deadly Syns coming up!
Charlie: I smell something...woof! Scoot down, Arnie.
Shannon: *giggles*
Arnold: Bastard. It's my gimmick to insult you!
Charlie: I'm breakin' kayfabe!
Syn lifts the taller and heavier Wen Law onto his shoulders and looks for the
piledriver, but can't find it, as Law manages to roll back down the chest of
Syn, and back to his regular position of the powerbomb set up, before lifting
Syn up, and back body dropping him over the top rope! The fans cheer as Wen is
making the potential second wind, but Syn lands on the apron, and keeps himself
up by pulling on the ropes. Syn waits for Law to turn around, as he readies
himself for something. After a brief moment recovering, Law turns around, but
only to have Syn to springboard to the top rope, and fly off with a spinning
reverse heel kick from the top rope!
Arnold: Go Syn! Go Syn! It's your birthday! It;'s your birthday!
Shannon: Oh please, Arnold...that is SO five years ago.
Charlie: He's trying to make a masculine statement.
Shannon: Oh, well he's not doing a very good job of it.
Syn uses the nearby ropes to pull himself to his feet, as the crowd jeers at the
fact that Wen is losing as of now. Syn smirks as he places a hard kick to the
chest of Law as he walks past him, and casually to the corner, before making the
tag to Johnson. Jason and Syn quickly walk to Law, and both pick him up by an
arm, before forcefully shooting him to the ropes. Law comes back from the
rebound, only to be driven to the mat by a double spinebuster!
Arnold: Go Perfection!
Shannon: Please, no song and dance this time.
Charles: Yeah, we know this is some explicit stuff we air, but God...no one
needs to lose their meal watching you 'break it down'.
Shannon: Breakin' something, anyway.
The referee orders Syn out of the ring, as the time limit for him able to stay
in has ended, but Johnson doesn't take too kindly to that, as he quickly sharges
the official and downs him with a hellacious spear! The crowd jeers as the
referee rolls to the apron, holding his upper body in absolute pain as Johnson
gets back to his feet.
Charles: There goes the referee.
Arnold: Yes...the referee is down courtesy to my boys Perfection!
Shannon: You're such a creepy, old guy.
Arnold: Yeah...I'll come to your house and skin you to make a funny hat tonight,
Shannon: Yuck!
With the referee down, the team of Syn and Jason Johnson wait for Wen to get to
his feet. After a moment's time, Law stumbles up to his feet, using the ropes to
help, as Perfection stalk him from behind, ready to deliver their double team
finishing manuever. The crowd begins to cheer and taunt, trying to keep Law from
turning about face, but to no avail. Wen turns around and Johnson grabs his
legs, lifting him into the air as Syn waits to deliver the cutter portion, but
Law grabs a hold of Syn and dangles on his shoulders as Jason drops to the mat,
thinking the finisher had been delivered. Syn tries to fight Wen off, but the
bigger man quickly scoops him up in an inverted body slam, before swinging him
around into an inverted ROUGE EFFECT (Body Slam into Inverted Rock Bottom)!
Arnold: Holy shit!
Charles: Did you see how Syn landed...on his head and face?
Shannon: And Jason doesn't know about it yet!
Wen falls to the mat exhausted, as that could've very well been the last bit of
energy he had in him. All of a sudden, a loud uproar is heard from the ringside
as none other than Paul Phoenix hops the guardrail, and quickly drops down and
looks under the ring, before emerging with a steel chair in hand. The crowd
doesn't know exactly what to do, as mixed reactions come from them. Paul slides
into the ring next to the fallen Syn and Wen, before stalking the taunting Jason
Johnson with the steel chair from behind. Jason flicks the crowd off on one
side, before turning around, looking to do the same to the other, but is cut
short by a chair-weilding Paul Phoenix! The chair is cracked across the head of
Jason Johnson, causing him to go limp, and drop to the mat inconscious!
Charles: Get some Advil!
Arnold: Get some Viagra for Charlie here, while you're at it!
Shannon: And get me a gun to kill both of them!
The crowd cheers as Phoenix drops the chair on the outside, and pulls Jason to
the centre of the ring, and drops him there, before trotting over to Law, and
dragging him to the centre of the ring, and draping him across Johnson! Phoenix
lifts Syn off of the mat, and onto his shoulders, before walking to the ropes,
and slinging him up and over the ropes to the outside with a version of the
Devil's Delux (F5)! The crowd goes berserk as Syn is motionless outside!
Arnold: What a move! But dammit! It was on the wrong person!
Shannon: Stop your bitching...
Charlie: Phoenix just....saved Law?
Phoenix then grabs the downed referee and slaps him about the head, trying to
revive him from the spear he took earlier on, and proceeds to drag him to where
Law lays across Jason, before sliding out of the ring, and back through the
crowd! The referee begins to stir, as he looks at the pin! He slowly drops down.
The bell rings as Law dizzily looks around, before realizing he won the match!
"Alive" by POD starts up again as Law sits up on his knees, and looks at the
now-bloodied Johnson, and peering over the ring to see the unconscious Syn
laying face down on the floor thanks to Paul Phoenix's Devil's Delux finishing








What does the year 2003 hold for GroundZero Wrestling 2K1? Where does Combined Championship Wrestling’s model federation go for its unprecedented third year of existence? Can the road to Aftermath 2K3 be that dark?

Arkadian Enterprises™ presents:

Fallout: Destination Unknown

The first pay-per-view of the New Year
Coming in February 2003
Only on closed circuit television





CCW Presents:


Scene: Locker room full of hockey players suiting up, lacing up their boots. They go down the ramp to the playing surface. One player steps onto the ice…


Suddenly, he gets run over by a zamboni machine. Blood flies and splatters onto the other players. They all nonchalantly laugh.


Player: He should have looked both ways before crossing like his mommy told him!


Announcer: Tired of boring "regular ice hockey?" Check out the only XTREME Hockey League in town, the XHL!


Scene cuts to a player running away from a rabid man-eating polar bear.





---Re-Debut Match---

---“Fighting Force” Damien ArkAngel versus “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder---



Charles: This following match was made after Ace Thunder made his re-debut last week on Vortex interfering in the ArkAngel/Grand match!


Shannon: But don’t take our word for it… Just watch!!



(William shoots his left shoulder off the mat in defiance as ArkAngel stumbles back and shakes his head before absolutely snapping and laying in some vicious boots to the chest and abdomen on the Intercontinental Champion! William rolls to his stomach and is obviously in great pain as Damien rolls from the ring and even though Flash calls him back in, Ark Angel makes straight for the time keeper and grabs the steel chair right out from underneath him!! Damien rolls into the ring and pushes past Jefferey’s and SMASHES THE STEEL CHAIR OVER WILLIAMS LEFT SHOULDER!!!)


Charles: Why is ArkAngel doing this?! He just lost himself the match?!


Arnold: He doesn’t need the win I guess…


Charles: I think Damien realized that he can’t beat William Grand and this is just him being a poor loser!!!


Arnold: You think a lot of things, Charlie Brown. Not many of them are right!!!


(The bell continues to ring as a swarm of Referees flock to ringside to try and pry Damien off of William but ArkAngel continues his assault this time on the referees of UWA as he swings the steel chair like a mad man before a loud pop goes up from the crowd and a man is shown jumping the security rail as he scales to the top turnbuckle and scales to the top turnbuckle just as Damien turns and tries to hit the unknown man with a steel chair the man flies through the air with a Missile Dropkick and connects with the steel chair which connects with Damien’s face!!!!)


Arnold: AH! Who is this punk?! Security! Security!!!


Charles: That’s no punk at all, Arnold… That’s Ace Thunder!!!


Arnold: Who?


Charles: Ace Thunder was supposedly “released” from UWA, could his return be the first move of many by the new President Chris Sharp?!


Arnold: I hope not!!! He just took out Damien!!!


(Damien lays out in the ring as Ace pulls his shirt off and throws it into the crowd as he jumps to the ring ropes and bounces up and down as the fan pop loudly as the show fades to its last commercial break before the big Non-Title Match up between “The God of Pain” and “The Dark Angel”.)


Arnold: I love the new replay option…


Charles: It’s not necessarily new, Arnold…


Arnold: Oh…


Shannon: Ya, where have you been?!


Arnold: Hey, both of you can shut the hell up!! Where’s Damien… After what you’ve been saying about UWA’s “Fighting Force”, hopefully he’ll come out here and kick your ass!!!


(“I Can’t Dance” By Genesis hits and the fans all stand in anticipation as “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder stuts out onto the ramp to a pretty decent ovation for a newcomer! Ace plays to the crowd perfectly and flips his hand to his ear on each side as the fans cheer loudly. (OOC: Making fun of Hulk Hogan..) Ace slides into the ring and leans into the ropes and poses (ala Edge) as the fans give the young newcomer and rookie a good welcome especially for his actions against ArkAngel last week on Vortex.)


Charles: These fans already seem to connect with Ace… And even though the young kid seems to have the fans on his side I got to say I didn’t agree with the comments he made about Zander Frost!


Shannon: Don’t you think for a second BTB or myself didn’t see that either.. I don’t care if Ace Thunder is “over” with the fans or not he’s no different then Damien!!


Arnold: Wrong again Blondie, ArkAngel has talent! Hehehe..


(“Forest” By System of a Down hits and the fans react in their usual hated way as “The Fighting Force” Damien ArkAngel walks out onto the ramp with a microphone in hand as he poses with two middle fingers up in the air at the fans as fireworks shoot off behind him. The fans boo as chant “Asshole!” for ArkAngel’s recent remarks about the late Zander Frost as Shannon gets up out of her seat and Charles and Arnold hold her back down as Damien imitates Thunder bouncing up and down on the ropes by stomping his feet and sucking on his thumb like a baby as Ace points and sneers as his growing rival.)


Charles: Damien ArkAngel seems to love the hate from these fans!!


Arnold: Quiet CB, Damien’s got the mic!!!




“Well if it isn’t an honor to be in.. (Damien makes a disgusted face) Georgia again!!”


(The fans boos loudly for the cheap shot at their home state as ArkAngel smiles.)




“I can make fun of you southern hicks anyday, but today I’m out here to publicly state that I WILL NOT  compete in this match tonight!! Just because President Sharp brings in this already one time loser, he expects that UWA’s First Intercontinental Champion should face the little twerp?!”


(The fans boo once again as Damien makes a face at Ace who is pacing like a caged lion in the ring.)




“But…. ACE! Since you’re so keen on wrestling and impressing these lackluster fans of yours, I’d like to introduce you to a few people, a couple explosive fellas!”


(“Glow” By Coal Chamber hits and Ace looks to the ramp but instead of out of the ramp the two men run through the crowd and attack Ace from the side of the ring!!! One man tackles Ace from behind as the other gets in place as the first man bounces Ace off the ropes and catches him before lifting him up and Powerbombing Thunder at the exact same time as the second man hits a Neckbreaker!!!)


Charles: These two men have devastated Ace Thunder?!


Shannon: What a move!


Arnold: I’ve seen that move before….


Charles: (Sarcastically) Yes, Arnold…


(Both men stand over Ace who holds his neck in great pain as the duo stand and gloat before turning to the ramp as Damien, who has been smiling the whole time finishes up his little speech and set up of Thunder.)




“I think it’s become quite obvious that you can’t step up, Ace!!! So perhaps I suggest you step down!!”


(“Forest” By System of a Down hits and the two men roll from the ring and make their way up the ramp as the two follow ArkAngel to the back as the show cuts to the back.)







(Inside a locker room of the Savanah Civic Center sits a hooded man, his face hidden from camera as he sits and watches a wall covered with posters and portraits of none other then the UWA Cruiserweight Champion, Billy “The Brilliant”. The hooded man sits and holds one arm out to the extent of his armchair as the raspy voice is heard)




“Brilliant this… Brilliant that… Well Billy your time is soon at an end. As I will show the whole world what time it is…”


(The hooded man holds one hand up in a thumbs up role before flipping it over to a thumbs down as the scene fades.)




---Non-Title Match---

---Billy “The Brilliant” versus “The Dark Angel” Seven---




Charles: Welcome back to Savanah, Georgia were already tonight we’ve had a good night of wrestling!


Arnold: And it doesn’t end now because up next we get to see Champion versus Champion as the UWA Cruiserweight Champion, Billy “The Brilliant” will face off against the UWA World Heavyweight Champion, “Dark Angel” Seven!


Shannon: How Billy can wrestle tonight I just don’t know…


Charles: Well I know Billy has to be hurting after what happened to Zander, but maybe this is his way of dealing with it?


Arnold: Yeah, Shan, I mean… He’s got a chance to beat the World Heavyweight Champion tonight and really make a big jump in his career.


Shannon: I know, I know… I’m just worried about him that’s all.


(“Stupify” By Disturbed hits and the fans rise up in a loud shouting of discontent as the UWA World Heavyweight Champion walks out onto the ramp with that very title hanging from his massive left fist. “The Dark Angel” pauses halfway down the ramp and soaks in the hatred the crowd feels for him as a small chant rises up of, “Go Home! Go Home!” as Seven sneers and the fans pick up on the annoyance of the chant and the Savanah Civic Center picks up loudly with “GO HOME!” chants directed at the UWA World Heavyweight Champion.)


Charles: The fans don’t seem to take to Seven here in Georgia either…


Arnold: Well everyone knows fan in Georgia are an extra bit stupider then those elsewhere but for this once I will agree with them because I can’t stand this blabbering idiot any more then the next guy! I’m almost tempted to cheer for the “good guy” here!


Shannon: Come on Arny, it’ll feel good!


Arnold: …..


(The fans are still booing Seven VERY loudly as the “Go Home!” chants mix in with “BTB!” chants that begin to circulate the jeering Civic Center before thelights dim and the letters “B-T-B!” flash across the Universal-Tron and the fans absolutely mark out as “The Brilliant One”, the UWA Cruiserweight Champion, Billy “The Brilliant” walks out onto the ramp. He doesn’t clap his hands to “We Will Rock You” By Queen as he usually does though and looks solemn and quite run down as he makes his way down to ringside.)


Arnold: Brilliant Boy looks like creamed crap…


Shannon: What do you think after seeing his friend commit suicide only less then a week ago?!


Charles: I respect BTB for even being out here tonight as witnessed earlier this week, even President Sharp tried to convince Billy to take some time off but BTB respects the fans and made sure he was still on this card tonight! And these fans are showing how much they respect BTB right now!


(BTB looks up at Seven who beckons Billy to get into the ring with him. Referee Davison pushes “The Dark Angel” back and finally Billy slides in and to his feet as the bell goes and both men look at each other, Seven at Billy with a look of contempt and no remorse at all, Billy at seven with a look of sadness but also desire and determination. Seven slowly walks up to Billy and offers his hand to the Cruiserweight Champion but before BTB can take it, “The Dark Angel” simply SLAPS the Cruiserweight Champion over the side of the face and then beats him down with harsh punches that land atop Billy’s skull!)


Charles: Seven showing no remorse for Billy’s loss here tonight!


Arnold: Even if the guy is stupid as piss, he can fight!


(Seven lifts the fading BTB up off the mat and powers him across the ring and into the turnbuckle with such force that Billy falls backwards and clutches his throat and chest from the impact. The UWA World Heavyweight Champion smirks to himself as lifts BTB up by the hair and powers him up over his head in an impressive Military Press!)


Charles: The power of Seven is very evident!


(“The Dark Angel” flexes before dropping Billy down hard face first to the mat! “The Brilliant One” scrambles and gets to his feet but Seven is still to fresh and easily picks Billy off with a well placed clothesline that knocks the much smaller man down! Seven mouths off to the Savanah fans and they respond in kind before going back and lifting BTB up and shoving him into the ropes and catching him as he flies back and powering him down with a Powerslam! The fans react again as Seven toys with Billy as he pulls him off the mat once again and this time throwing him into the corner and pummeling his chest and neck with hard shots that brings the fans to life with a loud “BTB! BTB! BTB!” chant!)


Shannon: Come on Billy, listen to these people!


Arnold: If he was smart he wouldn’t, I’m already getting a headache!!


Charles: Seven is just man handling the un pre-paired BTB!


(Seven backs up and mocks Billy with the thumbs up taunt that BTB and his friend Zander made famous in their short days here in UWA! The fans boo Seven loudly as the World Heavyweight Champion for Universal Wrestling Alliance turns and shouts back at them that the “Three R’s Will Be Served!!”. The fans boo loudly but then as Seven turns back for Billy, the Cruiserweight Champ gets his boot up and connects with Seven’s chin!!! The fans erupt in cheers as Billy fights back from the corner with loud chops to the chest of Seven as the crowd “Whoos!” along with each thundering slap!)


Charles: Well BTB has got this place on it’s feet now!!!


(The fans have totally gone over for Billy as he chops Seven back and then hooks him arm and delivers a Snap Suplex and shakes the ring. Brilliant is up quickly and taunts for Seven to get up and as soon as “The Dark Angel” does, Billy boots him in the stomach and hooks Seven’s arm over his head but this time lifts him up into a Vertical Suplex and then dumps the World Heavyweight Champion onto the top rope and “The Dark Angel” flips up into the air and crashes down to the padded floor below to a huge pop from the fans!!!)


Shannon: Billy is on fire! There’s good reason why he is the most popular superstar UWA is packing today!


Charles: He certainly has got these fans behind him here tonight!


(A big time “BTB!” chant fills up the Savanah, Civic Center as Billy runs back and LAUNCHES himself over the top rope with a huge Plancha that lands BTB right on top of Seven to the delight of the crowd!! “HOLY SHIT!” chants flock up and the fans are on their feet waiting for the Cruiserweight Champ to get to his feet as Billy slowly pulls himself up on the announcers table and gets up to one knee and looks around with a crazed look in his eye as he pulls Seven up and rolls him back into the ring and slides in himself as he crouches down and waits for Seven to stand up…)


Charles: Billy’s career starts now if he can beat the World Heavyweight Champ!!!


(Seven stands and Billy connects with the boot to the mid-section and then hooks “The Dark Angel” up and gives the thumbs up to a massive pop from the crowd signaling for….)


Shannon: Brilliant Bomb!!! Brilliant Bomb!!!


Arnold: Goodie Good nailed it full force!!


(The crowd is on it’s feet and Billy is about to drop down for the cover but the lights in the Savanah Civic Center black out and only a single spotlight hits the rampway as the fans seemed stunned to hear “Boom” By P.O.D hit over the PA System!!!)




Charles: Someone has obviously set out to hurt Billy and Shannon here with this cheap prank!!!


(Billy is up on his feet now and like everyone else look to the stage as a man shrouded in a large hood emerges and jumps around just as Zander would as the fans pick up a HUGE “Zander!” chant and BTB and the UWA Threesome commentary crew look absolutely stunned at ringside. Billy just stares at the shrouded man as he gives the thumbs up on the top of the ramp and the fans respond!! Billy shakes his head back and forth in utter confusion and doesn’t see Seven slowly get up behind him and twirl him around and into a sharp kick to the mid-section and then he smashes BTB down hard with…)


Arnold: The Seventh Sign!! (Brock Lesners F5)


Shannon: Not like this…























(“Stupify” By Disturbed hits again and Seven rolls from the ring, still holding his head from the Brilliant Bomb suffered earlier in the match. The hooded man at the top of the ramp still has his thumb in the air then turns it upside down as the fans seem just as confused as everyone else I’m sure as the hooded man disappears behind the curtains as the show cuts to commercial.)





Feb 2nd 2003


Scorpio Productions


Universal Wrestling Alliances

Zander Frost Remembrance Ceremony
President Sharp, Shannon Taylor, and Billy "The Brilliant" will all make speaches about the late superstar.

Non-Title Match
"The Monster" Magnum Steele versus "The Untouchable" Kaine

Tag Match
"Hot Shot" Ace Thunder and El Drago versus William Blessing and William Grand

UWA Outlaw Championship Match
First Blood Match

Disturbed Sickness versus "The Beast" Jaxon Hayes

UWA Television Championship Match
Special Referee: James Tanner

Trash Taylor versus Blake "Turbo" Dyhart

UWA World Tag Team Championships Match
"The Rouge Dragon" Wen Law and "The Berserker" Paul Phoenix versus Perfection (Syn and Jason Johnson)





---Main Event: Non-Title Math: Last Man Standing Match---

---“The Berserker” Paul Phoenix versus “The God of Pain” Bane---



(The Savanah Civic Center dims into darkness as a huge pyro fires up out of the ramp way as “I Stand Alone” By Godsmack rips through the PA system and the words “I Stand Alone, Above All The Rest!!” flashes over the Universal-Tron as the fans all react with a mixture of boos and cheers as “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix walks out onto the ramp clad in his chain mail which not only covers his head but hands down around his shoulder and waist creating a full body suit of armor as he makes his way down to ringside stopping and mouthing off at the fans as he does. Paul slides under the bottom rope and climbs up to the second turnbuckle where he flexes (ala HHH) and then jumps down as he doesn’t remove the chain mail and instead crouches down and awaits his challenge.)


Charles: This should be a hard hitting clash of titans as both Paul Phoenix and Bane claim to be THE man of UWA!


Shannon: Their both monsters that’s for sure.


Arnold: I’ve been waiting for this all night!!!


(“Bottle up Inside” By Korn begins over the PA system as the crowd sits back and waits until finally emerging from the curtains comes the UWA Universal Heavyweight Champion with his Championship draped over his shoulder. Bane stops halfway down the ramp and taunts Phoenix with his own taunt by raising one arm slowly and flexing before raising the other and doing the same as Paul leans over the ropes and points at the Universal Heavyweight Championship that hangs on Bane’s shoulder.)


Charles: Paul Phoenix made an interesting proposition lately on UWA TV, saying that after he beats Bane here tonight, he will not enter in a race for Bane’s Universal Championship IF Bane will admit that he is better?!


Arnold: You have to understand that titles don’t mean as much to men like Phoenix as to men like Bane… Paul has already proven himself time and time again through LCW! Bane is just now setting out on his road to what looks to be one hell of a career!


Shannon: Both men have huge egos though, and when egos collide… Well we’ll see what happens here now!!


(Referee Flash Jefferey’s who has reluctantly been assigned this match pushes Paul back to the other side of the ring but Phoenix won’t have it and shoves Flash hard and makes a “come on already” gesture to Bane who finally climbs up and into the ring and holds up his Universal Heavyweight Championship and hollers, “I’M the top man in UWA!!!” to which Paul responds by giving a sarcastic shrug and getting up close an personal as the two titans are nose to nose and eye to eye, albeit Bane being taller then Paul, as the crowd has been on it’s feet since the start waiting for what everyone has hoped will be a brutal match up.)


Charles: A lot of pride and push is weighed on this match and…


(Before Charles can finish Bane slaps Paul across the face in a mock gesture that has sent the fans over. Phoenix looks up at the bigger man and quickly lands his own degrading slap across the face of the Universal Heavyweight Champ! The crowd goes nuts as both men begin to haul off hard rights and lefts at each other in the center of the ring!! Bane seems to get the better of Paul with a few blocked punches but then Paul blocks a barrage of punches from Bane and the tide seems to have turned again, only for Bane to step up and put on his own spurt of offense before once again both men break apart and stare at each other from across the ring as the fans applaud!)


Arnold: No one gaining any ground through punch throwing..


(Paul and Bane both glance sideways to the fans who are still cheering before both men begin to circle each other, each to cautious to move in. Paul strikes down for a double legged takedown, but Bane blocks by pushing Phoenix’s head down and away! Bane moves in for a shoulder lock to utilize his upper body strength but Phoenix sidesteps and locks in his arms around the waist of “The God of Pain” and powers the Universal Champ up and over with a huge German Suplex that gets the fans going!!!)


Shannon: There we go!!


Arnold: Phoenix strikes first, as I expected.


(“The Berserker” still has his arms locked securely around the waist of the Universal Heavyweight Champion as Phoenix slowly pulls Bane up and once again powers him up and over with a huge German Suplex that shakes the ring as Bane’s eyes seem a little more glazey then before! The crowd is on it’s feet as Paul pulls Bane up and goes for the third German but Bane hooks his leg in behind Paul’s and gets a few hard elbows back into the jaw of Phoenix to break the hold! Bane goes for another elbow but Paul gets Bane’s arm up and lifts him up for a Backdrop but “The God of Pain” slips out and pushes Phoenix into the ropes and catches him with a quick Tilt-awhirl Powerslam that shakes the ring as the fans all “oooh” on impact.)


Charles: The Universal Champ getting one hell of a shot in right there!! A Tilt-awhirl Powerslam!!


Shannon: But it’s still way to early for Referee Flash Jefferey’s to utilize that 10 count.


(Phoenix holds the small of his back in pain as Bane moves in quickly and lifts “The Berserker” up once again and quickly hooks both arms and pulls Paul up and slams him right back down with a Double-underhook Powerbomb!!! “The God of Pain” leans back against the ring ropes as the first ten count comes up…)















Charles: Phoenix is slowly getting back up.




(Paul has managed to get to his feet for a second to stop the ten count before falling sideways through the ropes and to the floor on the outside as Bane jumps out his side of the ring and makes his way around to find his opponent. Bane finally gets to Paul but Phoenix has it well scouted and gets a low blow on “The God of Pain” which pushes Bane back towards the ring barrier. Paul looks from side to side before reaching underneath the ring to pull out a steel chair!!)


Arnold: YAY!!! Weapons!!


(Paul raises the steel chair and charges for Bane with the steel chair and swings it hard but Bane PUNCHES THE STEEL CHAIR OUT OF PAUL’S HANDS!!!)


Charles: OH MY GOD?!?!


Shannon: Bane just used his fist to deflect that solid steel chair!!!


Arnold: Man that was awesome!!!


(Paul can’t believe it and rushes Bane and gets a high knee up into the gut of “The God of Pain” which bends the Universal champ over. Phoenix looks around for someway to stop the monster and finally decides to ram the Universal Champ straight and hard into the ring post!! Bane topples back and holds his shoulder as Paul grabs “The God of Pain” again and whips him into the steel steps which dislodge and crash over against the barrier! “The God of Pain” stumbles back to his feet and climbs over the barrier and with a huge cheer from the fans stumbles through the sold out fans as Paul sees it and follows Bane through the seas of fans as the two begin to fight back and forth with hard rights and lefts!!!)


Charles: Bane and Paul are ripping each other apart!!


(Phoenix has gotten the upperhand and uses his high knees to weaken Bane to the point where Phoenix can easily pull “The God of Pain” further into the crowd of people until the two finally battle to a large caged section of the Savanah Civic Center where the hockey nets and other equipment is kept. Paul whips Bane into the caged room and closes the door behind them, quickly locking both men within the steel section. Bane boots back at Paul and manages to get out of the grasp of “The Berserker” and quickly grabs an arm and whips him across the room and SLAMS HIM INTO THE CEMENT WALL!!! Paul stumbles back and Bane uses his other arm and SLAMS HIM INTO THE STEEL CAGING!! Bane tries again to whip Paul across the room but Paul holds onto the steel caging and uses it to hit a spinning enziguri!!!!)


Arnold: What a move!!


(Bane collapses back against the wall as Paul reaches down and picks up a large pipe with one hand and points at Bane with a smirk on his face as both men can be heard mouthing off at eachother before Bane rushes at Paul only to be smashed in the face with the steel pipe!!! Blood flies from the Universal Champs face as Paul smiles overtop the fallen “God of Pain”.)


Charles: Paul Phoenix has just smashed the Universal Champions brains all over that cement wall!!


Shannon: This could be it right here!!





















Charles: NO! Bane is getting up?!?!


Arnold: This isn’t over yet!


(Paul can’t believe it and swings at Bane again but the Universal Champ grabs the pipe from Phoenix and SMASHES HIM IN THE HEAD!!! Paul stumbles backwards and holds the cage with both hands as Bane smirks and flexes his biceps before charging and KNOCKING PHOENIX AND HIMSELF THROUGH THE STEEL CAGING!!! The crowd erupts in “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” chants as both men slowly get to their feet, both of their faces crimson with red blood that has flowed down their necks as Paul begins to back peddle and make his way back to ringside as the Universal Champion stalks him with a menacing grin.)


Shannon: Paul Phoenix wants none of Bane right now, this is a pretty smart strategy of taking Bane back to the ring where in my opinion Phoenix is better equipped to walk out with the “W”!


Charles: I’ll agree that Bane has the advantage outside the ring with just pure size and power.


(Phoenix climbs over the barrier with Bane close behind as “The Berserker” slides under the bottom rope and crouches down ready for Bane who slides in and both men seem to be right back where they started! Bane charges at Paul but Phoenix sidesteps and goes for another German Suplex but this time Bane has it scouted and reverses it into a wristlock and then hooks Phoenix up for a Vertical Suplex that sends Paul bouncing off the mat!)


Arnold: Now this is what UWA is all about… Not some no good BTB or Ace Thunder…


(Bane pulls Paul back up from the mat again and this time whips him hard into the turnbuckle, before charging in with a full head of steam and leveling Paul with a high clothesline which sends Paul crashing face first into the mat. Bane looks around ringside and finally finds the already dented steel chair and quickly brings it into the ring and looks from side to side as the fans seem to be cheering him to swing the steel straight into the back of “The Berserker”. Bane raises the chair butPaul acts fast and twists around and uses his legs to catapult Bane up and over and landing with a thud on his back as Phoenix rolls up onto his feet and quickly grabs the steel chair and waits for Bane to stir before sliding in and locking onto the Universal Champs upper body and legs and locks on a BOW AND ARROW ON THE STEEL CHAIR, ON BANE!!!!)


Charles: Paul Phoenix has got a Bow and Arrow on the Universal Champ, and to make matter worse theres a steel chair in between!!!


Shannon: The stress on Bane’s back must be unbelievable!!


(Referee Flash Jefferey can do nothing as Paul pushes with all his strength and the Universal Champ screams out in pain and flails his arms as Paul seems intent on breaking Bane’s back!!!!)


Arnold: Man oh man…. Talk about a stiff back?!


(Paul continues to hold onto the devastating maneuver as “The God of Pain” has found himself in perhaps a career threatening move and can do nothing as the strong arms of “The Berserker” continue to pull away on his career with every flex. Finally the Universal Champ has seemed to collapse totally and pass out from the pain as Paul finally releases the hold and stands on the ropes as Referee Flash Jefferey’s begins the 10 count!)












Charles: Bane is still out?!?!






Arnold: Come on!!!






Shannon: This is over….


(Just as it seems all hope is gone for Bane, the Universal Champ shoots up off the mat and uses the ropes to regain himself with amazing speed as Paul seems absolutely shocked that the devastating Bow and Arrow didn’t end Bane!! Bane leans against the ropes as the pain is still obvious, Phoenix charges in and connects with a vicious spear that knocks both men from the ring to the floor on the outside as once again Referee Flash Jefferey utilizes the 10 count.)
















Arnold: This isn’t over yet?!


Shannon: Both men are getting up!




(Bane has gotten to his feet using the ring barrier and looks over at Paul who looks around for some weapon, some way to slow down and stop the monster long enough to walk out with the win.)


Charles: Both men can’t seem to find a way to walk out of here with a win?! Phoenix has once again displayed his power and plain intelligence as a ring general by well frankly, DOMINATING the Universal Heavyweight Champion throughout this matchup! But Bane has perhaps gone one step further is showing that he will not relinquish his winning streak without one hell of a blow to keep this monster down!!


Arnold: It’ll take one hell of a blow is right!! Bane has truly shown he is a monster, and undying, unstoppable force is our UWA Universal Heavyweight Champ!!


Shannon: I’ve got to admit, Phoenix has been the aggressor here but Bane has impressed me more!


(As the UWA trio have be talking, Bane and Paul have fought their way to the top of the ramp and “The God of Pain” pushes Phoenix back against the metal Universal-Tron and charges in for a big boot but Phoenix ducks and clips Bane’s knee with such force that the Universal Champ spins in the air and lands on the hard metal ramp! Paul bends over and waits for Bane to get up before charging in and hitting a hard Spear THROUGH THE UNIVERSAL-TRONS GLASS SIDE SCREEN!!!! BUT AS PAUL HITS THE SPEAR BANE ALSO HITS A TORNADO DTT AS BOTH MEN CRASH AND BURN IN THE SMASHED GLASS AND METAL SHARDS OF THE UNIVERSAL-TRON as the fans pick up the “UWA!” and “HOLY SHIT!!” as Referee Flash Jefferey picks up the 10 count!!)



















Charles: Could it be over?!


Charles: It’s a draw?!


Arnold: I can’t believe it!!!!


(The fans rise to their feet in an applause for the performances of both men tonight as EMT’s rush to check on both Paul and Bane who are just now being pulled out of the shards of glass and metal from the shattered Universal-Tron. As they are being assisted though, the main screen of the Universal-Tron lights up and a mix of cheers and very few boos go up as President Sharp appears on the screen with a piece of paper in hand.)




“I think I speak for everyone in this building when I applaud the performances of both “The Berserker” and “The God of Pain” as both have came out and shown the drive, the emotion, the skills necessary to become and to help UWA become truly… Legendary!!”


(The fans cheers as Chris smiles broadly before holding up the hand with the paper in it.)




“I promised another surprise last week on Vortex…And Chris Sharp delivers! I have in my hand the signed resignation of CEO Fredrick Malstrom!!)


Charles: What?!


Arnold: Fred quit… When?!




“I had a closed door meeting with Fredrick earlier today and he sadly had to leave our UWA family due to personal issues, but as his last act as CEO of Universal Wrestling Alliance.. Fredrick made a decision to immediately instate myself, Christopher Sharp as the new CEO of Universal Wrestling Alliance!!!”


Charles: WOAH!! Chris Sharp is the CEO too?!


Arnold: Mr. Sharp has certainly quickly gained one powerful backing here in UWA…




“I promised I’d revolutionize UWA… I promised “legendary” revolutions… And they won’t end here! This Sharp has a few more aces up his sleeve yet!”


(The Universal-Tron flashes to black as Charles, Shannon and Arnold are shown.)


Charles: Chris Sharp has taken a stranglehold on UWA!!


Shannon: The business moves performed lately by Mr. Sharp have started to come to light, but what does he mean by a few more aces left up his sleeve?!


Arnold: Hopefully his son Justin is one of them!!!


Charles: ……


Arnold: What, I’m a Justin Sharp fan, so what?! Don’t say you wouldn’t like to see him here instead of GZW…


Charles: I can’t argue that, but whatever President Sharp’s aces are… They’ll have to wait because we’re out of time!!


Shannon: See ya’ll on Vortex!!!



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