UWA Rules
1. Original charaters only.  We don't allow real wrestlers as managers/valets or as wrestlers.  Also do not mention real wrestlers in your bio saying you trained with them or anything.  Make sure you are telling us a story about your character and make them unique and show us what makes them different from the others.

2. Rp's are an important part of this fed.  We ask that you RP
at least 1-2 times a week to help further your character and the storyline.  Without you guys this fed would be nothing and we would like to see consistency.  It's ALWAYS quantity over quality.  The number of words in an RP doesn't mean anything.  As long as you throw out something that is of good quality, you are better off.  Also, try your best from rambling with your character.  We all do it at times and that's fine, but keep it down to a minimum.

3. Please do not use anybody's elses wrestlers in your Rps without their permission.  If you abuse this rule the staff will decide the consequence.  Same goes for attacking in RPs!  If you want to attack someone, send the staff an attack/interference scene for one of the shows and we will consider using it, and most bases we will unless you attack someone every week.  Then the tables might turn.

4. Please do not go after the "top dog" right away.  We don't want to see someone join and during there first RP state they want a shot at the World Title or ANY other title.  Titles will be earned by your work and and determination. 

NO IN RING PROMO'S (Unless on a show)!  Please keep all Rp's out of the ring.  Do your Rp's backstage, at a party, at a restraunt, where ever your character likes to be.  This is because there are no 24/7 rings with audiences.  UWA is on the move a lot and we would appreciate if you kept everything outside of the ring unless at a live event.

TRY to avoide racial or sexual slurs.  Please keep your Rp's fairly clean.  Abuse of language will result in a penalty.  If it's allowed on RAW or Smackdown! then we'll allow it here.  However please do not abuse the priviledge.  People have feelings as well.  Racist comments are disrespectful and are not appreciative, so keep them to a rare or just never use them.  Please, try your best to avoid anything you would see as offensive.

7. Complaints are to be sent directly to the staff members or posted on the OOC Board.  The staff can't improve the fed without your opinions.  Also,
DO NOT complain about a person's RP style unless it's a MAJOR deal.  At any time someone comes to a staff member with a complaint about an RPer's style, the staff will warn you once, and after that, you're gone.  People have their own styles of RPs, and if you don't like how they RP, tough.  Talk to them if you wish, but the staff has more important things to do than deal with compulsive complainers.  If a show is late, please don't mention it in your RP as it makes us feel worse of late shows.  Just act like the show is still set up for the same date.  Also, if you have to take a personal or vacational leave, tell the staff and we will make sure to keep your character alive and well when/if you return. 

8. Listen (look) closely people.  This is
THE most important rule.  You MUST have fun!  PLEASE HAVE FUN! eFeds are meant to be fun and we intend to live up to that.  REMEMBER!!! Have Fun =D!!