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Saturday Night Fight

“Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!”






(“Fight Music” By D12 hits over the Pa system as this special televised Saturday Night Fight from the UWA Coliseum comes over the airwaves to show the long time no see duo of the twins Andy and Dany who are dressed to the nines in full tuxes.)


Andy: Welcome everyone, and long time no see!!


Dany: Yeah, it’s about time those jackasses in the back got us back on TV!!


Andy: With you calling them jackasses constantly I can see why we hardly get any jobs anymore you klutz!!


Dany: Hey, shut your mouth!!!


Andy: Shut MY mouth?!! How about I shut your mouth!!!


(Andy smacks Dany upside the head with the back of his hand to which Dany responds by totally tackling his brother and commentating partner to the ground and the two begin to swing it out as the fans all cheer as they see the first action of the night, albeit from two they did not expect to see it from!! Dany is the first to his feet and tosses Dany into the ring post but as he charges in his brother gets his foot up and clocks Andy in the balls!!! Dany is quick to his feet and pulls a steel chair out from underneath the ring and raises it above his head-)





We Pause Now Due To Technical Difficulties…..































(Finally the show comes back to air with both brothers sitting at their posts again, Dany with a little blood on his face and Andy still holding onto his lower extremities with great care as the two still exchange their brotherly hate gaze and just as it looks like the two are about to start all over again, a giant hand lays on both of their shoulders and a stern looking security guard stands in between the duo wearing your stereotypical sunglasses with a stern look in his face as both Andy and Dany turn back to the cameras.)


Andy: Erh… Where was I?


Dany: Sucking up…


Andy: Whatever!!! Why don’t I just…


(The security guard tightens his grasp on the duos shoulders.)


Andy: Get back to announcing this show!!


Dany: Capitol Idea!!


Andy: Tonight we’ve got four very high class matches planned for this very special edition of Saturday Night Fight! Trash Taylor will battle William Blessing in a match that both men cannot afford to lose in their quests towards the Television Championship that lies in the hands of Blake Dyhart!


Dany: They can both forget it… Turbo has really come into his own in the TV Division and after his feud with the EX-President Tanner at Hellstorm, either of these two will just serve as another victim of the styling and whiling champion!!


Andy: In a Triple Threat Battle for the Outlaw Championship Disturbed Sickness will try to master Aaron “The Damned” and “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes, who both want to walk out of this one the sole Outlaw Champ.


Dany: Loser… Loser… and Loser… Does this match have to have a winner?! Disturbed and Aaron, there’s times I don’t know if they’re acting for a movie or actually being themselves? And Jaxon still has this goody goody thing going on while spending way to much time with The Sickness and if he’s not careful may just end up where these two are heading… The Un-employment line!!


Andy: Well I wouldn’t go THAT far…


Dany: I would!!


Andy: Alright… Well after that we have a rematch from Vortex a few weeks back when “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix will step into the ring against “The Monster” Magnum Steele!!!


Dany: A match that should above and beyond make up for the opening two… Although I cant say I’m gonna be disappointed finally seeing blessing compete in a singles match again.. But Phoenix will hopefully crush the monster in this case, because well… Uh… I can’t think of a good reason, but I hope he does!!


Andy: (Sarcastically) Good call, Dany, Good call!!


Dany: Thank you, bro.


Andy: And tonights massive main event will feature the UWA World Tag Team Champions, fresh of their successful defense against Law and Phoenix last Vortex will defend again only this time against two of the brightest “babyfaces” UWA has to offer in “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder and Billy “The Brilliant”!!!


Dany: Another win for pure Perfection!!



---Bye Bye---


(Backstage we see the long time no seen “Daemon”, who is looking around a corner for someone as he is breathing quite deeply almost as if from running a great distance. He breathes a sigh of relief and turns around only to receive a fast punch to the face and then a metal pole smashes over his masked face as blood can visibly be seen leaking out onto the floor as the camera finally sees none other then the Vindictive Seraph walk out into the screen and bends down over Daemon.)


VS: Don't worry Daemon, the evil doings of your past will soon be forgiven.  Look at this as the first step in the cleansing process.  It's time to let those demons out, no matter how strong of a hold they have on your spirit.  I will save you.


(Daemon doesn’t move as the Seraph stands and walks away as the scene slowly fades with a set of unknown feet stepping to the side of Daemon and as the unseen man bends forward we see it to be none other then newcomer NeCro.)


Andy: What’s Necro doing here tonight?!


Dany: Looking out for his ass as should all the sicko’s and wierdo’s of UWA… this Vindictive seraph just took out one of their own!!




---Trash Taylor versus William Blessing---


(“City Slicker” By CirKuz hits and the fans rise to their feet in cheers as Trash Taylor boogies out onto the rampway, the “Funky One” makes his way to the ring slapping the hands of outreaching fans as he does before sliding in and pumping the crowd for everything he’s got.)


Andy: This should be uh.. interesting?


Dany: You’d wish!!


(“Natural Born Killers” By Dr. Dre and Ice Cube hits and a mixture of boos and cheer is given for William Blessing who looks purely focused, as usual, on the task at hand as he makes his way to the ring quickly and wastes no time in charging and Trash as the bell goes to begin this matchup!!! Blessing starts it off with an irish whip into the ropes followed up by a drop toe hold that brings Trash down hard to the mat face first. Blessing is quick on the recovery and pulls Trash up only to snap him back with a snap suplex and right over in the lateral press pin!)











Andy: To early!!


(Blessing keeps the pressure on though and pulls Trash up and whips him into the corner and follows it up with a high knee to the abdomen and then pulls and throws Trash across to the other corner and once again plows into the funky superstar with a high knee as the crowd let’s out an “oooh!” as Trash falls face first to the ground.)


Dany: This is all Blessing!


(William picks Trash off the mat and gives a look to both sides of the ring and then DRILLS his fellow TV Division superstar into the mat with a hard Atomic Drop!!)


Andy: It’s got to be over?!


(William doesn’t go for the pin thought and instead climbs up to the top turnbuckle and with a pop from the near capacity crowd rocks Trash Taylor with…)


Andy: Harmonious Fury!!!! (Roaring Elbow)



















Dany: It was just that simple on this night for William Grand…


Andy: Perhaps a future challenger for the Television Championship?


Dany: No doubt about it.




---Surprise For Tanner---


Backstage we see James Tanner walking up to his locker room door.  Just as he is about to open the door he finds a note tapped to it.  He takes it off and opens the paper.  It reads “See you at Hellstorm”.  Tanner turns around and to his surprise he sees Blake Dyhart standing face to face with him.  Tanner jumps back a few feet in a defensive position.  Blake smiles and extends his hand.


Blake:  “I just want to wish you luck James.”


Tanner oddly looks at Blake and cautiously reaches out and shakes Blake’s hand.


James:  “…You too?”


Blake smiles again and walks off without saying another word.  Tanner is left there confused from this sudden “respect” his opponent for Hellstorm has for him.




---UWA Outlaw Championship Match: Triple Threat---

---Disturbed Sickness versus Aaron “The Damned” versus “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes---



Andy: Up next we have a three way battle over the coveted Outlaw Championship which both Aaron “The Damned” and “The Beast” have held over the last few months, but tonight a third and interesting factor is added in as Disturbed Sickness must scale his at one time “friend” in Aaron and also Jaxon who has perhaps picked up a few two many traits from these two.


Dany: Either ay you look at this one… I’m going to go use the bathroom!!


Andy: What?


Dany: Yeah, I gotta take a leak!


(“Get Down With The Sickness” By Disturbed blares over the PA system and the crowd stands and watches as the odd and sometimes demented Disturbed Sickness slowly makes his way out onto the ramp and down towards the ring. He stands on the ring apron and just stares almost blankly out at the crowd who have given NO reaction to t he superstar who has been accused and abused since he debuted close to UWA’s opening.)


Andy: I can’ believe Dany left to go take a leak… He’s gonna get my ass fired!!


(Disturbed waits in the ring for his opponents as “Ratamahatta” By Sepultra hits and the crowd reacts for “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes but instead of Jaxon coming out from the ramp, BOTH he and Aaron jump out from underneath the ring and tackle Disturbed down hard to the mat!! The crowd doesn’t even have time to react before Aaron lifts his one time friend into the air with a Klown Drop (Brainbuster) and spits on his one time Sickness family member before Jaxon moves in and pulls Disturbed up and then uses him as a guinea pig with a wicked…)


Andy: Hate Breeds Love!!! (Elevated Diamond Cutter) These two have laid Disturbed out flat!!


(Aaron threatens referee Davison to call for the match to begin which he does and to the surprise of almost EVERY fan in the building, BOTH Aaron and Jaxon cover Disturbed at the same time as Referee Davison has no choice but to count the three!!)


Andy: It’s over!?! Aaron and Jaxon both set this up… Why?


Dany: Hey Andy, line up was to big for the bathroom so I just went in the sink! Miss Much?


Andy: Look in the ring…


Dany: Oh… Wow. I geuss Aaron and Jaxon both want one last final showdown between just the two of them?


Andy: ……


Dany: What? I do pay attention you know!


Andy: ……


Dany: WHAT?!


Andy: Let’s go to commercial… AND DID YOU SAY THE SINK?!?!?!








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Universal Wrestling Alliances




“What Happens When All Hell Is Unleashed On Atlanta, Georgia?!”


“Live From Turner Field!”




---He’s Back---




The lights go out and the Universal-Tron goes blank. “Rollin” By Limp Bizkit hits on the sound system and the words “The Man once forgotten, has now returned” comes up on the screen. The crowd jump to their feet as the lights go back out. When the lights return, there is a man standing in the ring wearing a long black trench coat and a cowboy hat. The man raises his head to reveal that he is none other than Shawn Jones, the former commissioner of the UWA.



Shawn: Did You miss me UWA?


The fans erupt with a chorus of boo’s.


Its so nice to be back home, where I am hate so damn much. But you see I am not out here to tell you that I left the Uwa because of the backstage bullshit that was taking place at the time, and I am glad to see that those who cause the ruckus have now been delt with.


Speaking of dealing with business. I am out here to tell all of you sorry, no job having, front teeth missing hicks that I am now an agent for not just three of the best damn superstars in the Uwa, but ones that are going to take this damn bull by the horns and kick its all black and blue. Yes I am talking about the team of Jeremy and Chris Taylor otherwise know to you sorry people as T.N.T.


The fans begin to throw things into the ring.


Not only am I representing those two, but I am also representing none other than the First Ever Uwa Intercontinental Champion “The Fighting Force” Damien Ark Angel. And the three of us are going to rule the Uwa with the highest of honors; we are going to take out all who dare to stand in our way. This brings me to my next point. Ace Thunder, you come out here week in and week out claiming about how you are this and how you are that, well let me be the first to snatch that ego card out of your hand and remind you that you aren’t shit, you never will be shit. Hot shot my ass, let me let you in on a secret Hot Shot, the only reason you are where you are, and that is wrestling the best of the best, Damien, is because I told the committee that Damien needs someone to beat up on, hell If it wasn’t for me, then you would still be competing against guys like William Blessing, Traylor Trash, Cornell Davis, and any other no name person walking the Uwa.


The fans loud boos quickly turn to loud cheers as “I Can’t Dance” By Genesis hits and none other then “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder walks out, already in his ring gear for his main event match tonight against the UWA World Tag Team Champions. Ace waists no time in rushing into the ring as Shawn makes the “smart” choice and slides out the other end to point at Ace and try to talk the intense and often cocky superstar out of kicking his ass. Ace jumps from the ring and chases after Shawn but Jones is quick to run up the ramp and Ace once again falls straight into the trap as both members of TNT jump Thunder and pound him into the steel rampway furiously for the third show in a row!!


Andy: Ace Thunder has once again been duped by TNT and company!!


Dany: Third times a charm! Erh.. Fourth… fifth? Which one is this?!


TNT both hold Ace up as Jones sucker punches Thunder to some massive heat from the near capacity crowd that is very Ace biased. “Forest” By System of a Down hits and the fans once again boo as the first UWA Intercontinental champion, Damien ArkAngel walks out to join his buddies on the top of the ramp.


Andy: The happy foursome…


Dany: And the un-happy, Ace!!


Damien hooks Ace up and with some support from his three “boys” goes to hit the Trigger Bomb (Test Diving Powerbomb) on Ace on top of the ramp but “We Will Rick You” By Queen blares up over the PA system and the fans rise up with HUGE cheers and Billy “The Brilliant” runs out with a steel chair in hand and makes the save for his tag team partner for later tonight. All four members of Damien’s crew laugh at the assault though and walk backstage as Billy helps Ace to his feet to some big “B-T-B” chants and a few “Hot-Shot!” chants from the crowd.





---“The Berserker” Paul Phoenix versus “The Monster” Magnum Steele---



(“Regulators” By Warren G and Nate Dawg hits and the fans jump to their feet with a good pop for “The Monster” Magnum Steele, who walks out onto the rampway followed by a blast of pyros!! Magnum slaps hands with some fans on the way to the ring and crouches down in a ready position.)


Andy: Boy the intensity is turning up between Ace Thunder and the new alliance between “The Fighting Force” and the new tag team duo of TNT and the former Commissioner now agent, Shawn Jones!!


Dany: A good list of names.


Andy: But that situation aside, this next match could carry a lot of pull on the UWA World and Universal championship scenes as Magnum is set to meet Seven for his UWA World Heavyweight Championship come Hellstorm!


Dany: Let’s not forget that “The God of Pain” is also setting his sights on Magnum and Seven and rumors are already afloat of President Sharp wanting this three way feud to end at Hellstorm.


(A loud guitar blast brings the crowd to it’s feet as “I Stand Alone” By Godsmack rips over the PA system with a shot of red fire pyros and out walks “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix, getting a loud round of boos for what he did to Wen Law on Vortex. Paul merely smiles at the heat though and tips his “hat” at the crowd before rolling into the ring as a swarm of referees gather in between he and Magnum. Paul stands on the second turnbuckle and looks out into the crowd before turning and mocking Magnum as Referee Jefferey’s tries to hold back “The Monster”.)


Andy: This match should be hard hitting!!


(Paul jumps down and looks across the ring at Magnum as the bell goes and Steele rushes Phoenix to only have Paul slide out of the ring as the fans boo him for his tactics. Magnum tries to go out after him but the referee prevents it and begins a ten count on Paul who takes his time taunting Magnum and the crowd behind him who have started up a “Pussy!” chant.)


Dany: Smart move by Phoenix, wrestle on his terms, not Magnums!


















(Paul slides into the ring in the corner but slides right back out the other side as the fans erupt in boos and Magnum finally shoves Referee Flash Jefferey out of the way and jumps from the ring after Phoenix who makes a quick retreat and runs around the outside before sliding in and as soon as Magnum does, Paul begins to stomp down on his opponents back!)


Andy: Magnum walked right into that, smart wrestling from Paul Phoenix.


(Paul lifts Magnum up and hits an irish whip but pulls back and clocks Magnum with a high clothesline that knocks the UWA World Heavyweight Contender to the mat with a hard thud as Paul gestures for him to get up and as soon as “The Monster” stands, Paul levels him back to the mat with yet another hard clothesline!! Magnum is a little slower to get up this time but as he finally does, Phoenix moves in from behind and hooks up for a German Suplex but Magnum responds with a sharp elbow to the side of Paul’s head that breaks the waist lock as the crowd gets back into it and tries to rally behind Magnum as he charges at Paul but Phoenix still has far to much energy and ducks the tackle and once again slides in for another German Suplex but Magnum hooks his leg behind Paul’s and blocks the maneuver! Paul gets frustrated with it and hooks one of Magnum’s arms and drops him back with a Side Russian Leg Sweep and right into a press pin!!)







Andy: To early but Paul has the leg hooked again, keeping the pressure on!








Dany: Good tactics so far by Paul as he has dominated the much bigger Magnum Steele!!


(Paul pulls Magnum up and whips him into the ring ropes but Magnum has the attempted flap jack well scouted and stops with a cheer from the crowd and kicks Phoenix is the face!!! Paul stumbles back on his knees holding his jaw as Magnum looks at the crowd, who are going nuts over the last move. Paul gets up but stumbles right into a HUGE over the head Belly-To-Belly Throw from Magnum that really rocks the roof!!)


Andy: What impact from the big man!!


(Magnum pulls Paul up and hooks both his arms and looks for a Double-Underhook Powerbomb but in the air, Phoenix wings around and turns it into an Enziguri on Magnum!!! The crowd can’t believe it as the impact topples the big man and Paul slowly makes his way over and drops and arm over “The Monster”.)









Andy: Magnum is still in it!!


(Paul crawls into a neutral corner and begins to pull himself up as he can hardly believe his eyes as Magnum gets himself to a knee after the brutal Enziguri suffered mere seconds ago. Magnum pulls himself to his feet as the crowd cheers as Steele rushes into the corner and drills a knee into the abdomen of “The Berserker”!! Paul holds his chest as Magnum whips Paul into the center of the ring, quickly reverses and sends Phoenix into the corner, then follows it up with a hard clothesline that has no give from the turnbuckle to Paul’s back as the crowd “ooohs” in the background! Paul holds onto the ring ropes to balance himself as Magnum lays in some hard boots to the chest and knees before lifting Paul up and straddling him on the top turnbuckle before climbing up himself as the crowd cheers in anticipation of what ever hard hitting move may come from the two giants on the top rope!!)


Dany: Two big men..


(Magnum hooks Phoenix up and the crowd gives a big cheer as “The Monster” lifts Paul up in a Samoan drop position but then drops him down to the mat with a hard DDT!!!)


Andy: And one big impact, as Magnum calls that maneuver the Steele Shot!!!


Dany: But the impact.. if I can anything good came from it at all… rolled Phoenix from the ring to the floor!!


Andy: Bad luck for “The Monster”.


(The crowd still is in a frenzy as Magnum rolls from the ring and the slides Paul’s lifeless body back into the ring after the vicious maneuver, he sildes in and drapes himself over Paul’s shoulder as Referee Flash Jefferey moves in for the three count…)






























Andy: NO?!


Dany: No is right!!!


Ding Ding Ding!!!


Dany: What?! Paul kicked out!!


Andy: One second two late it seems! Although I swear, I saw it too.


(“Rgulators” By Warren G and Nate Dawg hits as the crowd cheers loudly as Magnums hand is raised and a replay is shown on the Universal-Tron as Paul looks up from the mat and clearly sees that he DID INDEED KICK OUT IN TIME!!! Referee Flash Jefferey shakes his head from side to side in disbelief as Magnum rolls from the ring and makes his way up the rampway as Flash goes to try and apologize to Paul for giving Magnum the false victory. Paul extends his hand and Flash helps him up ONLY TO HAVE PHOENIX KICK THE SENIOR REFEREE IN THE STOMACHE AND LOCK HIM RIGHT UP IN THE BERSERKER (TORTURE RACK)!!!!!! The fans boo loudly as a swarm of referees rush the ring and finally Phoenix drops Flash to the mat and this time “I Stand Alone” By Godsmack hits and Phoenix rolls from the ring and walks up the ramp in a less then happy mood after the unintentional screw job that just went down.)


Andy: Paul Phoenix and Magnum Steele will fight another day.. This didn’t end this little rivalry one bit!!


Dany: But perhaps an underlying message to the at home recuperating Wen Law, who suffered the same fate as poor ole’ Flash did tonight with that vicious Berserker submission maneuver!!


Andy: We’ll be right back after this with our main event and the UWA World Tag Team Championships on the line!!




---Not Gone Billy---



(Backstage we see “BTB”, Billy “The Brilliant”, walking through the hallways towards the ring ready for his Tag Team Championships Match against Perfection. Billy walks around the final corner to the ring and sees standing before him the smiling face of Dustin “Simply Remarkable” Daniels!! Billy wastes no time and rushes Daniels with an attempted Spear but Dustin quickly smashes Billy in the face with a fist full of brass knuckles that knocks the Brilliant One to the ground with a thud!! Daniels smiles as he kneels over the fallen fan favorite and playfully slaps BTB on the side of the face.)


Daniels: Good luck tonight… Champ.


(Dustin stands and then spits on the fallen Cruiserweight Champion before making his way down the hallway.)



---Announcers Table---



Andy: Dustin Daniels has set his sights purely on BTB and his Cruiserweight Championship in a feud that has been personal since day one with Daniels taking full advantage of Billy’s fallen comrade Zander Frost’s suicide!!


Dany: I admire Dustin.. Most people are to afraid to confront BTB because his partner and friend recently died… This is a business and personal things like that need to be overlooked sometime. Dustin has the makings of a true Champ!


Andy: I can’t believe you and I share the same blood…


Dany: …..



---UWA World Tag Team Championships---

---Billy “The Brilliant” and “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder versus Perfection (Syn and Jason Johnson)---




(“Make Me Bad” By Korn hits over the PA system and the fans react in kind with loud boos for the UWA World Tag Team Champions, Syn and Jason Johnson fresh off their trip to Atlanta, Georgia. The cocky duo make their way to the ring paying no attention to the fans at all and it seems all business for UWA’s “Perfection” as the duo toss their titles to referee Davidson and get into stance right away.)


Dany: Syn and JJ are ready to go here tonight!!


Andy: But can they overcome the “Hot Shot” rookie and the smoking Cruiserweight Champ???


(“I Can’t Dance” By Genesis hits and the fans look to the stage and cheer as “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder emerges from the curtains with some high energy and he sprints to the ring but stops short of sliding in as both members of Perfection get close to the ropes and get ready to stomp down on Thunder. Ace backs up and eyes both members of the Tag Team Champions as the fans begin to settle in.)


(But as soon as the fans seem to die down they come to life in a big way as “We Will Rock You” By Queen begins to beat over the PA System and the fans begins to clap along to the rhythm as the Cruiserweight Champion walks out onto the ramp, the blood from his earlier attack still fresh on his forehead, as he makes his way down to the side of Thunder as the two exchange brief eye contact but Billy offers his knuckles to which Ace touches and the two storm the ring as the bell sounds but each man is met with nothing but hard stomps from the Tag Champs who were not phased at all by the showing of friendship no matter how brief between Thunder and Brilliant.)


Andy: Ace and Billy seem to be on the same page, if not for tonight only.


Dany: But the comments Ace made about Zander may just prove to be the downfall between these two.


(Syn is hard on the Cruiserweight Champ as he lifts him up and bounces him off the ropes and connects with a high elevation flapjack as Billy writhes up in pain!! Jason finally stops pummeling Ace and pulls him up by the hair to whips him into the ropes as Syn pulls Ace up into the air by the legs only to have Jason jump up and just barely grab Ace’s head to bring him down hard face first into the canvas!!!)


Andy: What an innovative move by the Tag Champs to start out this match!!


(Syn jumps out onto the ring apron as Jason and Ace seem to be the two to start this match-up. Ace is still feeling the effects of the double team though and Jason doesn’t seem to have any trouble pulling Thunder up again and just throwing him into the corner. JJ moves in and begins to work over Ace with hard body shots to chest, ribs, and kidneys as the fans try to get behind Ace. JJ smirks as he backs off and Ace just barely holds himself up with one arm in the ropes. Johnson moves in for another shots but this time just lets loose with a hard and stinging SLAP that echoes throughout the Coliseum as Ace holds the side of his face while still trying to stay on his feet. JJ looks over at Syn and shakes his head laughing and goes to slap Ace again but this time Thunder blocks the slap and to some huge cheers form the fans, retaliates with a slap of his own!!!)


Dany: Hey now, you can’t slap Perfection!!


Andy: He didn’t seem to have a problem slapping Ace?!


Dany: Is Ace Thunder “Perfect”… I think not!!


(Jason doesn’t seem to take to the showing of disrespect to kindly and runs in with a head of steam to crush Ace in the corner, but thunder drops down and JJ gets nothing but turn buckle!! The crowd is on it’s feet as Ace gets behind JJ and as soon as Johnson turns around right into a high clothesline from Thunder!! JJ doesn’t fall down though but instead backs into the corner and comes charging out himself at Ace but Thunder ducks it and hooks up JJ’s waist and hits a realease German Suplex!!!)


Andy: What a beautiful Release German Suplex from Ace!!


(Ace is the first man up as he stalks JJ with a smile on his face. Johnson slowly pulls himself up but just as he gets to one knee Thunder bounces off the ropes and executes a picture perfect Snapmare that snaps JJ back to the mat. Ace rushes to make the pin…)













Andy: Very close!!


Dany: To close!!


(Ace stays right on though and this time hooks JJ’s leg as Referee Davidson attempts to count the three again…)











Andy: Ace keeping the pressure on JJ here in this very important match, not only for Ace and Billy who would gain a lot of steam in their careers from holding the UWA World Tag Team Championship, but Syn and Jason also need every win they can get as they strive for a shot at GZW’s World Tag Team Championships!!


Dany: The tension is slowly building between Legacy and Perfection.. That is for sure!


(This time Ace pulls Johnson from the mat and lays in with a few hard rights as he backs the big man of Perfection back into the corner. Thunder pulls JJ out with an irish whip, but it is quickly reversed by JJ, but then reversed again by Ace as JJ crashes into the corner and then is hit hard and high with a spinning heel kick from Ace that finds its mark on the side of JJ’s face, sending him over the top rope and crashing hard to the padded floor on the outside as the fans are on their feet for the rookie!!)


Andy: Things just picked up here!!


(Syn runs over to his partner who is still absolutely out on the floor. Syn pulls JJ up and slaps his face to try and make him come around as both members of the UWA World Tag Team Champs finally get to their feet they are met with a SUICIDE DIVE OVER THE TOP ROPE FROM ACE THUNDER!!!!)


Dany: Holy Wankers!!!


Andy: Ace Thunder has taken out both members of Perfection right here in front of us! These fans are on their feet!!


(All three men are down as BTB jumps into the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle as the fans chant “BTB” “BTB”!! Billy looks at waits from Syn or JJ to get up as Ace rolls out of the way… Billy looks like he’s about to jump but out of the crowd runs Dustin “Simply Remarkable” Daniels and grabs BTB from behind and nails a Jackknife Powerbomb!!!)


Andy: Oh Shit!!


Dany: Daniels strikes again!! The second time this night!!


(The fans are booing as loud as they can as Ace finally gets to his feet and slides into the ring and charges at Dustin, who slides out and runs up the ramp to the top as Ace stops about halfway and turns to go back to the ring as Syn and JJ are back up. Ace points at both men but as he goes to slide into the ring… Damien ArkAngel blind sides Thunder out of the crowd!!! ArkAngel pummels Ace as Referee Davidson calls for the Bell!!!)


Andy: This one won’t be settled tonight!!


Dany: Oh I think it may still!


(BTB is up in the ring and gets up behind Syn who turns right into a kick to the midsection and to a huge cheer from the crowd….)


Andy: The Brilliant Bomb!!! (Powerbomb)


(The fans are on their feet cheering for Billy but on the outside Damien lifts Ace up and THROWS THE ROOKIE ALMOST FIVE FEET INTO THE RING POST!!!! Damien laughs and begins to walk up the ramp as Dustin runs past him and into the ring and tackles Billy down hard and then quickly flips The Brilliant One over into a Sharp Shooter!!)


Dany: Dustin calls his Sharp Shooter… Simplicity!!!


(The fans litter the ring with garbage as Dustin won’t let the hold go as on the ramp Damien is joined by TNT and Shawn Jones. A shot of Ace’s crimpled body is shown on the ground. Dustin with the Simplicity on Brilliant. And the show comes to a close with the scene of Syn and Jason Johnson holding their Championship Belts up in the air!!)


Andy: We’ll see ya’ll later!!