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(“Falling Apart” By Trust Company blares over the PA system as huge pyros shoot of into the air throughout the newly revamped UWA Coliseum! The camera’s pan across the sold out UWA Coliseum and signs are highlighed on the screen. “Life for Inphino!”, a group of girls hold up a South Park character of Seven with the word ‘Dunce’ across its forehead. And finally just behind the commentators table is a giant sign reading... “Let’s Hope This Thing Last Over A Week!!!” Finally the cameras pan down to show the newly exposed UWA Vortex Commentators: Charles Corbet, Arnold Oxford, and Shannon Taylor!)


Charles: Welcome everyone to the first UWA televised event! I am Charles Corbet, you play-by-play announcer! And sitting on either side of me are...


Arnold: The star of our show: Arnol Oxford! UWA beware!


Shannon: The beauty of UWA, Shannon Taylor!


Charles: Together we three have been selected from a group of many to become the UWA Vortex Team!


Arnold: Why they’d pick a man like you I dont know?! You might as well have “TOOL” written square across your forehead Charlie Brown!


Shannon: I dunno why they would choose someone like YOU!? I mean god, we are both likely to be blinded by the light shining off that dome of yours!


Arnold: Oh, fiesty! I can tell I’m going to LOVE working with you Barbie!


Charles: Both of you stop it! We’ve got a show to preview!


Arnold: Well then do it! Stop bitching at us about it!


Shannon: Yea, god!


Charles: *sigh* Very well... In our first match tonight, we get to see SLWA’s Jeff Jones take on the rather popular new comer, Billy “The Brilliant”!


Arnold: Jones will rip that Mooie Milk dork limb from limb! End of case!


Shannon: BTB won’t agree with you there I’m sure.


Arnold: Do I look like I care if... (drenched with sarcasm) B-T-B!! (normal voice) cares?!


Charles: Ah, right...


Shannon: Let’s not forget another member of the 4 member SLWA will be in action tonight as “The Monster” Magnum Steele has been assigned to fight Zander Frost?


Charles: One must wonder who booked this match?


Arnold: Was that directed at Mr. DeMonye?


Shannon: You said his name, not us!


Arnold: I can’t velieve you two! Zander Frost has been signed to fight Magnum Steele because he’s been running his mouth about being some sort of superhero! So obviously a superhero must have some sort of monster to fight, right?


Charles: This reaks of mismatch, Arnlod. Even you must see that.


Arnold: Hmph!


Charles: Following that match we’ll see one of what we can only geuss as many firsts in UWA history! A Fatal First Blood Fourway! Inphino versus Trash Taylor versus X-Caliber versus Ark Angel!


Arnold: Mr. DeMonye has thankfully taken charge of this one and made sure that the MURDERER, Inphino is dealt with!


Shannon: I have to agree.... Inphino should feel pain and be locked away for good!


Charles: Well it seems that the three of us do agree on somethings then... Inphino has displayed nothing but viciousness and the characteristics of a psycho rather then a professional wrestler!


Shannon: Yet, Mr. DeMonye refuses to fire the murderer!


Arnold: Because he’s a smart man and knows that this is going to get AMAZING ratings!


Charles: Ratings or not... A killer should not walk free for this....


Arnold: You don’t even know if ‘Bob’ is dead or not... ha!


Shannon: Following the Fatal First Blood Fourway, William Grand will lock up with the third member of SLWA to see action tonight, Cornell Davis!


Arnold: You know... Thank god for the SLWA! Without them we may not have a show!


Charles: Hmm... Well we’ll see if the group can redeem themselves for thier actions they’re well known for...


Arnold: Bad actions or not... SLWA equal money in the bank!


Charles: Immidiately after Davis and Grand lock-up we will get to see DeMonye’s ‘thug’ Paul Phoenix lock horns with CEO Fred Malstroms rumoured bodyguard, Duriel!


Arnold: Fred Malstrom... Pfft! Where’s he been lately?!


Shannon: Perhaps doing his job?


Arnold: (Immitating Shannon) Perhaps doing his job... (Normal voice) Boy, get on your knees tuts!


Shannon: I’ll give you a knee!! Right to your shrivelled up...


Charles: ALRIGHTY THEN!!! Family TV show! Family TV show!


Shannon: Sorry, moving on. In a rematch from WWA we will get to see Blake “Turbo” Dyhart put on a show with the final member of SLWA to see action tonight, Earl Davison!


Arnold: Where Earl will finally box that little skaters ears! Bring the first of what will be MANY title into the SLWA stable!


Charles: It surely will be a hard fought battle! But in our Main Event tonight, signed by Mr. DeMonye weeks ago!!! Damien Ark Angel will face off with his old buddy from WWA, “The Dark Angel” Seven with the Intercontinental Championship on the line!!!


Shannon: Both of these two are dirty cheats..


Arnold: One of these two Shannon... Damien is a perfect wrestler. Don’t ever compare him with that lop of poop, Seven!


Charles: Did you just say poop?


Arnold: Uh... No.... Of course not!


Shannon: To make this matchup even more sizzling, Co-President Alex DeMonye signed both men to a 2 out of 3 falls matchup!!! Where in the first fall both men will wrestle straight up until a winner is declared!!


Arnold: The second fall we ge to see some blood and gore and tables and chairs in a I Quit Match!!! I can’t wait to see that big baby Seven crying like a baby whining... “I Quit!!”


Charles: And in the third and final fall if need be, both men will fight it out until only one is left standing as the Intercontinental Champion!!!







“Bad To The Bone” by George Thorogood and The Destroyers fill the jam packed UWA Coliseum as the fans of CCW know immediately that this is the entrance music of GZW’s “Entertainment Franchise” Nathaniel Davis. As the guitar rift blares Davis, wearing khakis and a UWA polo shirt, steps onto the entranceway as the crowd greets the longtime fan favorite with a chorus of cheers. Davis looks out to the cheering crowd, smiling from ear to ear. He lifts up his arms suddenly and pyro shoots up behind him. “Mr. Entertainment” walks down the rampway slapping hands with the fans.


Arnold: Well if it isn’t a walking breathing dinosaur!!! And me without my camera!!


Shannon: You know he’s still pretty hot for an older guy!


Charles: I think Nathaniel Davis is married and hsi wife expecting, Shannon....


Shannon: Oh... Well then!


The wrestling veteran walks up the steps and steps into the ring. Ring crew immediately throws him a microphone as he paces around the middle of the ring. The UWA crowd begins chants of “FRANCHISE, FRANCHISE”. Davis stops and looks to the crowd with an almost embarrassed smile. He holds up his hand to get them to quiet but they continue on.


Charles: The support for GZW’s Franchise wrestler is evident even here in Maine!


Arnold: Let me get the plyers so me can get your lips off his ass!!!


After a few more minutes the crowd starts to die down enough for Davis to speak.



“I heard there is goin’ to be some BIG TIME wrestlin’ here in UNIVERSAL WRESTLIN’ ALLIANCE on VORTEX!!!


Arnold: What a suck up!


The crowd cheep pops at the mention of the company and its inaugural television show. Chants of “U-W-A” begin to sprout up in the crowd. Davis smiles as he pounds his fist in the air at each letter shouted.



“In case some of you don’t know me, I’m Nathaniel Davis. That’s right, GroundZero Wrestlin’ 2K1’s ‘Entertainment Franchise’. But in UWA that don’t mean jack. In this great company you’ll see a deep departure from the Davis that you have all come to love in GZW 2K1, well not that great of a departure but somethin’ different nonetheless.”


“Bein’ here for you fans is never goin’ to change, (crowd pops) but it is all you countless fans that have told me that chasin’ after titles won’t deem me as bein’ selfish. That my image of the ‘good guy’ won’t be tarnished in your eyes if I set my eyes on a UWA Championship.”


“Well, my fans, I have listened to you and I have returned to my roots. ‘Mr. Entertainment’ is back and ready to spearhead his charge at bein’ a champion for UWA as well as you fans out there. I want you to know all you fans out there (points to the crowd) and all the fans watchin’ at home that Nathaniel Davis will never forsake you. What the fans want from me, the fans will get. I am nothin’ without you…the people…the fans!! Enjoy the show!!”


Davis throws the mic to the ring crew as “Bad To The Bone” echoes through the large arena. Davis steps out of the ring and makes his way backstage waving to the fans.


Charles: “Mr. Entertainment” making sure the fans and perhaps the wrestlers in the back know he’s out for some titles here in UWA!!!


Arnold: (Sarcastically) And what a big threat he will be....




---Billy “The Brilliant” Vs. Jeff Jones---


"We Will Rock You" by Queen is the first to hit the PA system as the fans rise to their feet, ready for the first match in UWA’s history.  Billy comes out to a good ovation from the fans, but nothing special, as they don’t know his style yet.  He slaps the fan’s hands on the way down and rolls into the ring.  He climbs to the second rope and poses for the pictures from the fans.


Shannon:  It must be an honor to be participating in the first match in UWA’s young history!


Arnold:  Who cares?  I mean it’s Billy “The Brilliant” against a five star athlete, Jeff Jones.  It’s a one way match and I already claimed my winnings on the bet.


Charles:  Nonetheless, I’m ready to see a great match-up!


"World's Most Dangerous" by Ja Rule f/Nemisis is the next to hit, signaling Jeff Jones’s entrance.  The fans quickly boo, knowing who the former SLWA superstar is.  Jeff ignores everyone’s reaction and heads down to the ring in his baggy ring attire and du-rag covering his head.  He climbs up onto the ring apron and climbs inside the ring, pulling up his pants a little bit.  He stares down his opponent across the ring and jerks his head as if to say, “What’s up?”.


Arnold:  Look at this man’s generosity.  A fine gentleman if you ask me!


Charles:  You’d figure President Tanner would have him wear something more…  Suitable for his match.


Referee Reese Florey signals for the bell and the first match is under way. Circling each other in the middle of the ring, Jones and Billy begin feeling each other out, whipping their hand out every once in a while for feints. After circling each other for a good half a minute, the two lunge at each other and lock up. Following a brief power struggle, Billy takes Jeff to the mat with an arm drag. Jeff sits up and looks out to the crowd, shaking his head in disbelief. 


Shannon:  And what’s his problem?


Arnold:  Isn’t it obvious?  Billy couldn’t hurt a fly with a move like that.


Getting up, Jones brushes himself off and claps his hands together as he looks back at “The Brilliant”, applauding his maneuver. Billy doesn't look very pleased at this acknowledgement from his opponent, instead motioning for Jeff to come at him once more. Jeff puts up his index finger to tell Billy to wait a second.  Jeff takes off his du-rag and throws it at Billy.


Charles:  Come on! Jeff is just stalling in there! The fans didn't come here to watch a man run around trying to avoid a fight!


Arnold:  No way, he’s just stretching!


Billy lunges at Jones, but the former SLWA champion makes sure to stay out of his grasp. Another attempt by Billy to get to Jeff yields the same results. By now the rookie referee is beginning to look as irritated as Billy as he keeps circling to try to keep an eye on both men.  He is in the midst of ordering him to show some offense when Jeff decides to strike. Quickly sidestepping around the ref, Jeff delivers a dropkick to Billy’s knee before he can react to this unexpected display of offense. Billy falls to the mat, holding his leg, while Jones drops a lightning quick legdrop across the back of his head.


Arnold:  See, now Jeff is all limber, he's ready for action.


Shannon:  I don't care how limber he is. I'm not a fan of these cheap tactics he's employing here.


Billy tries to get back to his feet, but Jeff grabs him by the hair before he has a chance to and slams his face back down into the canvas. After dropping a series of elbows down on the back of Billy’s neck, Jeff returns to his feet and takes a moment to showboat to the crowd, leaning over the top rope to make sure all the fans in the front row know how good he actually is.


Shannon:  Doesn't Jeff Jones know that showboating is never good for the bad guy? It just gives the good guy a chance to regain control.


Arnold:  Hey now! Who says that Jeff is a bad guy, anyway?


Shannon: Me and about twenty thousand angry Maine fans here tonight.


Charles:  He might pay for his taunting in a second.


Jeff turns around casually and walks back over to Billy, only to have his feet swept out from underneath him by Billy, who quickly rolls over the top of him with a bridging cradle. Reece hits the mat for the pin.


Shannon:  This could take Jeff by surprise!






Charles:  Or not.


Jeff kicks out easily, with a surprised look on his face. As both men get to their feet, Jones takes out Billy's knee again with a quick chopblock that catches him in the side of the leg.


Shannon:  He is keeping Billy down by attacking the leg.


Arnold:  Of course, that’s why Jeff is a former SLWA champion.


Grabbing Billy by the foot, Jeff proceeds to lift his leg high in the air, and then slams it back to the mat, knee first. Picking his leg up again, Jeff repeats the move, causing Billy to grit his teeth in pain. Lifting Billy's leg for a third time, this time Jeff holds it suspended in the air, and Billy turns around to face him. Jeff points at him and laughs as Billy hops up and down on one foot…  But the smile fades as Billy launches an enziguri at the side of his head, which he ducks, kicking out Billy’s leg when it lands back on the mat to send him sprawling down on his face. Still holding his opponent's foot, Jeff delivers another legdrop, this time to the back of the knee.


Charles:  Jeff Jones is really going to work on Billy's leg unless it cracks!


Shannon:  That wouldn’t fit too well with Billy in his first match here.


Arnold:  It would make wonders for Jeff though by putting that idiot on the shelf.


Intertwining Billy's legs with his, Jeff draws boos from the crowd as he pumps a fist in the air, before falling back to apply pressure to an Indian Deathlock. Billy screams out in pain, pounding his fists on the mat as he tries to crawl his way over to the ropes, but he gets nowhere. Jeff stands up with the deathlock still hooked in, only to fall back to the mat again, wrenching away on the leg.


Shannon:  Will you just look at the agony on Billy's face.  It makes me all tingly inside just watching it!


Arnold:  I get a tingly feeling in my throat just looking at his face period.


Breaking the hold, Jeff gets to his feet and looks down at Billy with disdain. Kicking Billy in the ribs, Jeff lifts him to his feet, then places him in powerbomb position. Flipping him up, he drives him down into the mat, but doesn't release the hold. With a grunt, Jeff lifts Billy off the mat up into powerbomb position again, but in midair Billy shifts his weight and disrupts Jones's balance, causing him to stumble forward. Reaching the ropes, Billy uses the momentum to execute a modified huricanranna; making both men tumble to the outside floor.


Charles:  Billy using a lightweight move to take a little advantage.


Shannon:  He even put himself on the line with that move.


Jeff’s back hits the edge of the ring apron as he falls to the outside, but he manages to stay on his feet, although with a pained expression on his face. Billy falls on his knees near the ring steps. A few seconds pass as both men take a small breather, and then Jeff charges at Billy...only to be backdropped over his shoulders onto the steel steps. The crowd goes wild at this reversal as Jeff rolls around on the concrete in pain.


Charles:  And Billy is still in this one, and what a way to stay in it! A backdrop on the steel steps!  


Inside the ring, Reese Florey is administering the count on both of these men. As he gets to five, Billy pulls Jeff to his feet and walks him down the side of the ring to drive his head into the ringpost. By time he reaches eight, Billy has rolled Jones in the ring and by nine “The Brilliant” is in the ring as well.


Shannon:  Both men are in the ring now, but now Billy has taken control of this match.


Billy stays in control, lifting Jeff up and delivering a snap suplex in the center of the ring. Jeff bounces off the canvas and tries to crawl away, but Billy will have none of it. Jeff backs up into the corner, trying to escape through the ropes, but Billy catches him with a spinning heel kick before he has a chance. Pulling him out of the corner, he executes another snap suplex to send Jones back to the middle. As Jeff sits back up from the hold, favoring his back, Billy surprisingly somersaults forward over the top of him, snapping Jeff's head forward as he does so.


Arnold:  You see, Jeff is just letting Billy get a few moves in before he obliterates him later!


Charles:  Right, you might want to shake that Magic 8 Ball again.


Grabbing Jeff in a front chancery, Billy ascends the ropes, making the motion with his free hand for a tornado DDT. Leaping off, he spins around to drive Jeff's face into the mat, but he holds on to prevent the impact. Billy ends up landing on his feet, with the chancery still hooked in, but the impact with which he landed on the canvas makes his knee give out. Taking advantage of the situation, Jeff lifts him up and back with a Northern Lights suplex, bridging for the pin.


Shannon:  That leg Jeff was working on earlier has paid off for his sake.


Arnold:  Of course! He knew in advanced what to do.






Charles:  No way! There's still plenty of fight in!


Billy kicks out, but Jeff stays on the attack, immediately going after the right leg he was working on earlier. Sliding to the outside, he pulls Billy crotch first into the ring post. Florey warns him that one more move like that and he'll disqualify him, but Jeff blows him off, pulling Billy's right leg back and wrapping it around the ring post hard. He repeats this maneuver twice, the third time holding onto Billy’s leg and crossing it across his left knee. Draping his right leg over where Billy's legs intertwine, Jeff falls backward with a figure four leglock administered around the ring post.


Shannon:  Jeff is showing a vicious streak out here tonight, and that does not bode well for Billy.


Arnold:  Thank you captain obvious!


Billy flails his arms, screaming out in pain from the brutal maneuver currently punishing his legs. Jones wrenches away on the legs, a vicious grin on his face as he pulls down on the figure four. Reese Florey begins counting for Jeff to break the illegal hold. 










At the last second Jeff releases his grip on Billy, looking at his opponent triumphantly as Billy crawls his way back to the middle of the ring. Sliding under the bottom rope, Jeff grabs both of his legs, spreading them apart. Reese warns Jeff not to administer a low blow, but he points, telling the ref to look at what's happening at ringside. Of course nothing's going on and it's just an excuse to distract the rookie referee long enough for Jeff to stomp hard on Billy’s groin. When the ref turns his attention back to the action Jeff has already moved on to dropping a series of elbow drops across his opponent's knee.


Arnold: *Snicker* Florey fell for the oldest trick in the book! What a maroon!


Shannon:  Awe, give him a break; he’s only a rookie.


Arnold:  Oh, sorry. He must have been up late last night watching the Bugs Bunny marathon on the Cartoon Network and his hard refereeing skills are not coming to him.


Jeff picks Billy up from the mat and hooks him for a brainbuster. He lifts Billy into the air, but can't get him all the way up, dropping him back down to the set up position. He tries lifting him again, but this time the move is blocked by Billy linking his leg with Jones's. Shoving his opponent away, Jeff launches a clothesline at Billy, which is ducked. Pushing Jeff into the ropes, Billy delivers an uppercut clothesline that catches Jeff up under the chin.


Charles:  Hard shot to the chin.


Arnold:  Too bad it didn’t do much.


Jeff is up though, and doesn't allow Billy to gain control of the match. He hooks him for the brainbuster once more and this time successfully executes it. Back in the driver's seat, the cocky look returns to Jeff's face as he runs the ropes. Once up he taunts the crowd then flips off with the East Coast Drop (Moonsault)!


Charles:  Jeff just hit the East Coast Drop!  Billy is in trouble.


Arnold:  He was in trouble the moment he stepped into that ring.






Thre… NO!


Shannon:  Billy kicked out!  But if Jeff keeps the pressure on him like he's doing right now, then I fear Billy cannot last much longer in this one.


Charles:  I don’t think this one is even close to over.


Arnold:  Shows what you know…  Nothing.


Lifting Billy up, a quick boot from Jeff keels Billy over again, allowing Jeff to spin him around and secure a double underhook from behind. Rotating his body one eighty degree, Jeff holds on the Billy's arms, going for a Tiger Suplex. Before he has the opportunity to perform it, Billy shoves him off face first into the turnbuckle. Jeff has the presence of mind to leap up before impact, stopping himself by jumping to the second rope. He isn't able to stop Billy coming up from behind, grabbing him around the back of the head, and pulling him off with a hangman's neckbreaker! The Maine crowd leaps to their feet as Billy makes the pin. 


Charles:  This is just what Billy needed!








No!!!  Jeff kicks out at the last second, but Billy is not frightened in the least. Pulling Jeff up from the canvas, he immediately launches into his next maneuver, picking Jeff up with a gutwrench from which he switches him to a powerbomb position. Billy's leg nearly gives out from the weight being placed on it, but he manages to counteract it by shifting the majority of the weight onto his uninjured leg. Once steadied, Billy drives Jeff into the mat with a HARD powerbomb, lying on top for the pin again.




Arnold:  WAIT!  That wasn’t in the script!  He’s cheating!






Charles:  THREE!!!




Jeff kicks out again, drawing an "Aw!" from the fans. Billy doesn't blink an eye in response to the kick out, instead just rolling Jeff over and locking in his Scorpio Boston Crab submission hold! With Jeff’s body trapped under the pressure of Billy’s body, Jeff seems to be stuck.


Charles:  Jumping Jupiter!  The Scorpio is locked in and Jeff is stranded in the middle of the ring.


Arnold:  What is Reese Florey doing?!  He should have claimed Jeff the winner a long time ago!


Suddenly, seen running down the ramp, Cornell Davis jumps up on the apron, distracting the ref. Reese immediately bans Cornell from the ring, knowing his alliance with Jeff Jones. Behind the ref’s back, Davis tosses Jeff an iron pipe.  Jeff reaches for it and picks it up.  He then hits Billy’s tender leg.  Billy yells and drops down.  The fans burst into cheers as Blake “Turbo” Dyhart runs down to the ring and pulls Cornell from the apron.


Charles:  Cornell has cheated, but is about to pay for it!


Arnold:  Who cares?  As long as Jeff gets the win!


Turbo and Cornell fight it out but it is broken up when Earl Davison charges down the ramp and tackles the former WWA Cruiserweight Champion.  The two SLWA stablemates lay in a few closed fists to Turbo’s body.  Referees run down, separating the double team.


Shannon:  Thank God.  They just saved our Cruiserweight Championship match for tonight!


Arnold:  Referees always ruin the fun!


The refs finally clear ringside. Inside the ring, Jeff tosses out the iron pipe and taps his leg, waiting for Billy to get up.


Charles:  He’s calling for the Ruff Side (Superkick)!




Billy gets up and turns around. Jeff moves him and thrusts his leg but Billy ducks. Jeff turns around and Billy hits a DDT out of nowhere! “The Brilliant” holds his leg and rolls around a bit before taking the pin.






Thre…  KICKOUT!  Billy looks around and grabs Jeff by the head, forcing him back to his feet. Suddenly, Jeff rolls Billy up and puts his feat on the ropes for a better pin.


Shannon:  What a cheater!








NO!  Reese Florey catches him, gets to his feet and kicks Jeff’s legs off the ropes. From there Billy rolls Jeff up and holds his tights without the ref seeing it!


Arnold:  HEY!  Now who’s cheating?!




Charles:  What goes around comes around!




Shannon:  THREE!!!  Billy wins the match!


Arnold:  WHAT?!  By cheating!  He should be fined and suspended without pay for that stunt!


Charles:  The fans don’t seem to care because Billy just got the win!


Jeff looks around, confused as to what happened. Reese raises Billy’s arm into the air. Outside of the ring, Jeff grabs the iron pipe and slides back in. He then dives at Billy and takes out his injured leg!


Charles:  Give me a break!


Arnold:  Break me off a piece of that KIT-KAT BAR!


Shannon:  Jeff is totally out of line!


Jeff then locks in True Pain (Sunrise Submission Five), pulling Billy’s leg. Referees once again flood the ring to force another SLWA member from causing further damage. Jeff finally releases the hold and gets to his feet with a load of boo’s from the crowd.  Billy squirms around the ring, cradling his leg. 


Arnold:  Jeff gets the last laugh!  HAHA!!


Shannon:  So disrespectful!


Charles:  Well, we still have a night full of action ahead of us!  Stay tuned!






(Alex DeMonye is shown watching the last match in his private box office high above the UWA Coliseum ring. DeMonye claps as Billy “The Brilliant” comes out victorious and gives a slight nod.)




“Well done, BTB. You’ve definately earned your spot here in the Universal Wrestling Alliance! But the road for you ahead is not so black and white, I forsee some hurdles for the spokesman for Mooie Milk!”


“As for the rest of the show, it was nice to see how our three commentators have started off. All of you are filling your roles perfectly! Well done! And to see Nathaniel Davis FINALLY make his way to UWA is a bright spot on this companies future! I’m sure you’ll find your stay here...... interestin’ to say the least.”


(DeMonye is about to continue when Paul Phoenix barges into the Co-President’s office with a vague look on his face. He walks up to DeMonye and leans in closely whispering something in the Co-Presidents ear. DeMonye looks shocked and looks at Phoenix with a “are you sure?” look. Paul nods and DeMonye gives a nod as well as Paul rushes from the room leaving the Co-President alone once again.)




“Somethings have come up.... I hope you all enjoy the show!”


(DeMonye gets up and leaves as the scene fades out.)



Charles: Perhaps this has to do with the rumoured attacks on Co-President Tanner?!


Arnold: I wish someone would attack that young punk!


Shannon: I find he’s quite the hotty myself!


Charles: Once again Shannon... Engaged!


Shannon: Oh, well then!




---Further Backstage---



(Billy “The Brilliant” is walking backstage towards his dressing room. He enters and closes the door behind him as a loud smash can be heard. A few loud thuds and then a another loud crash. Finally emerging from the room in none other then Jeff Jones with a bent steel chair in hand. He turns and smirks as the camera catches BTB’s body laid out on the floor. Jeff drops the chair and leaves the scene as EMT’s rush to check on BTB.)



---Announcers Table---



Charles: Billy may be seriously injured after that blindside attack from Jeff Jones!


Shannon: What kind of man hides out in someone elses dressing room just to cheap shot him?!


Arnold: A SMART ONE!!! Hehehe...


Charles: Well we’re getting news that we’re ready for our next match as Magnum Steele will ‘challenge’ Zander Frost...


Shannon: This shouldn’t take long...







October 25: UWA Coliseum


November 1: UWA Coliseum


November 8: UWA Coliseum


November 15: UWA Coliseum


November 22: UWA Coliseum


November 29: Molson Centre, Quebec, Canada


December 6: GM Place, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


December 11: Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


December 15: PERFECT DARK: Toronto Skydome, Canada





Sitting in a dark corner of the UWA Coliseum is a tall shadow.  From the way the camera is positioned the figures face cannot be seen.  The camera turns on the light to shine more on the person to reveal the person to be none other than the massive monster Magnum Steele.  He looks at the camera with a cocky smirk on his face.  He stands up straight and spits on the ground.  He wipes the excess from his lips before addressing the camera.


The time has come for Zander to be welcomed into the UWA the right way.  The self proclaimed super hero of UWA has no idea what he is getting himself into tonight.  No amount of flying or whatever super hero powers he has will get him out of this match alive.  His life is slowly coming to an end and the poor boy doesn’t even see it coming.  However once the bell rings to start the match we will see his life shorting but there will be no way to stop it. 


Magnum cracks his neck from side to side before looking back at the camera with an almost humorous look to his face.


Zander I pity the fact that you must be the first to suffer.  However there is nothing you can do about it.  All you can do is sit back and try to relax because you have just entered…


He pauses momentarily and the silence left is very eerie.  The camera begins to shake from fear as Magnum opens him mouth one last time.


Zone 213.


He walks off down the hallway and away from the camera bringing the scene to a close.





---Magnum Steele versus Zander Frost---



*~* Commercials return to show the sold out UWA Arena, as the fans all around are pumped fhe sold out UWA Arena, as the fans all around are pumped for an exiting show from the new group.  Once the camera pans around the thriving arena, it zooms into one specific point, a box office just above the entrance area, where Fredrick Malstrom, Chief Executive Officer of UWA Inc.  sits peacefully watching the show with a look of content on his face. *~*


Shannon:  “We’re back from commercials, and we are now looking upon the CEO of this company… Fredrick Malstrom!”


Charlie:  “Pfft… why give that low-life any props?”


Arnold:  “…because he is the man that determines wether you plan for the next show, or plan for your next job…”


Charlie:  “Uh… Well, there he is folks… the man of UWA!”


Shannon:  “Thought so…  on to our next match of this action-packed night of UWA Action… We have the cousin of UWA President, Alex DeMonye, Zander Frost going toe to toe with the biggest man in the UWA, Magnum Steele.”


Charlie:  “With all due respect to the president, he either had a rat named Zander up his ass that day, or he’s trying to push him to the moon…”


Arnold:  “I’m banking on the second one myself…”


Shannon:  “Well, off to the ring, where the announcer is standing by to introduce the next match.”


*~* The camera zooms in on the middle of the ring, where the announcer is standing as “Regulators” By Warren G and Nate Dogg starts off over the PA system.  As Magnum comes out from the back, the crowds stare in awe at the huge man. *~*


Announcer:  “The following match is schedualed for one fall.  Coming to the ring first… standing at seven feet six inches, and weighing in at four hundred and eighty-nine pounds… from Long Beach, California, Magnum STEELE!”


*~* Magnum climbs up into the ring and looks out at the crowd, as his music cuts off into “Boom” by POD as from the back, Zander Frost comes out with a wide smile on his face.  Zander high fives several people lining the ramp as the announcer calls him out. *~*


Announcer:  “Now coming to the ring… standing at six feet six inches, and weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds…  from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada Zander FROST!”


*~* Looking into the ring, Frost sees that the big man has his back turned to his opponent.  Quickly, Zander slides into the ring and begins to attack the back of the big man.  Zander forcefully lays in huge blows to the big man’s back, momentarily phasing him.  Suddenly, Zander turns him around, kicks him in the gut, and hits an X Factor, stunning both the referee and the announcers at ringside. *~*


Shannon:  “Wow… that’s his finishing move!”


Arnold:  “Could it be over this quickly?!”


Charlie:  “…Nope.”


*~* As Zander celebrates his supposed victory with his back turned to the big man, Magnum rises up to his feet quickly and faces Zander, staring a hole into the much smaller man, with a face full of anger. *~*


Arnold:  “Uh… Zander?  Nice knowing you.”


Charlie:  “Yeah… be sure to write us and day how the devil is doing down there…”


*~* Zander turns around, thinking that his opponent is still on the floor, but much to his dismay, Magnum lifts him up into a fireman’s carry, holds him there for several seconds, and in one swift motion, swings him around his head and plants him into the mat with an inverted DDT (Signature Move:  Steele Shot) *~*


Shannon:  “Holy snoogins… that one’s gonna leave a welt.”


Arnold:  “You said it girl…”


*~* Not finished with his attack, Magnum lifts Zander back up to his feet, kicks him in the midsection, and hits a massive spinning powerbomb on the much smaller and weaker man, finally knocking Zander out cold (Finishing Move: 213) *~*


Charlie:  “Well.. call the coroner… looks like they’ve got an addition to the morgue…”


*~* Instead of dropping down to pin the man, Magnum kneels at the head of Zander, lifts his head up, and locks in a Dragon sleeper on Zander.  The referee drops down on them, checks on Zander, and calls for the bell, as the smaller man is totally limp, and obviously knocked out cold. *~*


Announcer:  “Your winner by Knock Out… Magnum Steele!”


Charlie:  “As I said before… Mr. DeMonye must have had a rat by the name of Zander up his ass the day he was making the card.”


Shannon:  “Well, as hard as it is to conceive… I actually agree with you on that one Charlie…”


Arnold:  “Yeah… I kinda do as well.”


Charlie:  “Well thank you… finally I’m getting some respect around here…”


Shannon:  “At any rate… we’ll be back for more intense UWA Action, right here on Vortex!”


*~* The camera fades out, as “Regulators” by Warren G and Nate Dogg sounds out in the arena, and several Paramedics climb into the ring to check on the totally limp Zander Frost. *~*




(EMT’s are shown rushing Zander backstage and out to an ambulance when Jeff Jones comes running out of no where and topples the medical gurny, knocking Zander to the ground. Jones kicks at the still injured Frost as the EMT’s and security try to pry him off! They manage to pull Jones away but then all the camera picks up is EMT’s flying as “The Monster” Magnum Steele comes to the scene and disperces of the medical crew!)


Charles: SLWA are bent on destruction! Magnum has won the match.. Why is he doing this?!


(Magnum throws the EMT’s out of the way as he stares down the still groggy Zander Frost, Magnum grabs the young rookie by the throat and looks to cause more pain but a chiar shot swing out of no where and connects with “The Monster’s” head!!!! The camera swings around to show Billy “The Brilliant” standing with steel chair in hand!!!)


Arnold: Whats that Brilliant punk doing?! He has no need to be here!


Shannon: Billy is saving Zander from more pain from these SLWA bullies!


Arnold: What....a.... pussy!


(Magnum goes to move on BTB, but Jeff gets in front of him and pushes him back.)


Jeff: He’ll get his time Magnum... Let’s split!


(Jeff leaves as Magnum stares down at Zander with great distaste in his eyes before leaving the scene as EMT’s rush to help Zander along with Billy “The Brilliant”.)




---Announcers Table---



Charles: Alliances being drawn here tonight... Blake Dyhart, Billy “The Brilliant” and Zander Frost seem to have had enough of SLWA’s bullying, putting a stop to it before it grows!


Arnold: How can you call SLWA bullies, Charlie Brown?!


Shannon: Did you have your eyes closed that whole segment?


Arnold: All I saw was Billy “The Brilliant” attack Magnum Steele with a steel chair!


Shannon: Your unbelievable!


Charles: I hate to break up your arguing but we’re ready for our next match... Fatal First Blood Fourway! Coming up next!




---Fatal First Blood Fourway---

---Inphino Vs. Trash Taylor Vs. ArkAngel Vs. X-Caliber---



Charles: Up next we bear witness to a first in UWA history. A Fatal First Blood Fourway!


Arnold: Translation to english from ‘dorkish’.. A beatdown on the resident murderer here in UWA!


Shannon: I for once hope Inphino IS brutalized!


Charles: We’ll see if the three men Alex DeMonye contacted are going to go through with thier contract beating or not...


(“X” By Xzibit hits as the crowd rises to its feet to greet the outcoming superstar. It is indeed X-Caliber who walks out recieving some rather loud boos and “Who In The Blue Hell Are You?!” comments from the UWA crowd for not showing up on UWA TV lately. X-Caliber pays them no attention and rolls into the ring to await his opponents.)


Arnold: What kind of name is X-Caliber?! You sure this guy isn’t X-Plicit from WWA?! He sucks just as bad....


Charles: Give the young kid a chance to prove himself Arnold!


Shannon: As some of you may know, X-Caliber has not been seen on UWA TV as of yet.


(“Logic” By Bella Morte hits as the crowd rises to it’s feet with the same reaction they gave to X-Caliber as ArkAngel walks out onto the ramp. The fans boo him and basically just sit down showing no respect to the young rookie at all!)


Charles: Boy these fans are really not digging X-Caliber or ArkAngel?


Arnold: If you don’t show up on UWA TV, dont expect much from ANYONE here!!!


(ArkAngel rolls into the ring and stands alongside X-Caliber talking back and forth as “City Slicker” By CirKuz hits and the fans finally give a loud cheer up for Trash Taylor! Taylor walks out onto the ramp carrying a steel chair with the word “Inphino” sprwaled over it’s surface. Trash rolls into the ring and stands with two of his three opponents talking amongst eachother.)


Arnold: As much as I hate to say it... Compared to these three... Inphino is looking pretty good!


Charles: It seems the three are gonna go along with Mr. DeMonye’s plan as well.


(“Jesus Christ Pose” By Soundgarden hits as all three men stop talking and turn to the ramp as UWA’s resident murderer, Inphino walks out onto the ramp. The fans to stunned to cheer or boo Inphino just look at him as walks slowly down the ramp stopping halfway. A lady in the front row holds up her, “Oh My God, You Killed Bob!!!” sign and then the man next to her stands up with his, “YOU BASTARD!!!” sign as some fans get a laugh out of that.)


Arnold: Hehehe... Oooh that was good!


Charles: The fans seem as awe struck as I about this masked man we know so little about.


Shannon: I’m not awe struck I see a cold blooded nut job!


(Inphino poses halfway down the ramp as huge white pyro shoots up into the sky getting a pop from the crowd for seeing all the pretty colors. In the ring Trash points to X and ArkAngel as all three flood from the ring as the bell goes.)


Charles: Here we go with this 3 on 1 situation....


(Trash charges at Inphino but right off the bat Inphino launches into his defense and connects with a HUGE spinning heel kick right to the temple of ArkAngel!! ArkAngel drops immidiately as X-Caliber rushes Inphino and trie for a spear, only to have Inphino leapfrog over the charging X-Caliber and catch him with a neckbreaker onto the steel rampway afterwards!!!)


Charles: Inphino is destroying the competition!!!


Arnold: This is rather impressive....


(Trash is the last to attack Inphino as he plays it smart and rolls back into the ring and bangs the chair on the ground and tells Inphino to ‘come get some’. Inphino slides into the ring as Trash takes to the offensive and drops the chair to stomp away on Inphino’s exposed back. Trash continues the assault before he picks Inphino up and launches him to the other side of the ring, (think Rock) Inphino bounces off the ropes and Trash executes a perfect high knee to the face (ala HHH) dropping Inphino down finally.)


Shannon: Come on Trash...


Arnold: That Disco Dancing dork couldn’t wrestle his way out of a Mascot convention!


Carles: Huh?


(Trash stalks around Inphino as he slowly crawls to one knee. Taylor charges at the unseeing Inphino and clips his left leg with his shoulder! Inphino buckles but continues to stand and catch Trash from behind and lifts him up and drops him hard with a modified acid drop (think spike dudley). Inphino crawls to his feet as the crowd cheers for the action. On the outside ArkAngel has finally gotten up and crawls back into the ring and tackles Inphino down from behind! ArkAngel stomps away on Inphino’s left leg but the accused murderer sweeps the legs right out from under ArkAngel with a break dancing like spin! Inphino snaps back up to standing position as the crowd cheers loudly.)


Charles: These fans are getting behind Inphino!?!?!


(Inphino runs and climbs the ropes in the very center with only his legs and pins off them hitting an AMAZING leg drop off the top rope onto ArkAngel!!!!!)


Charles: Jumping Jupiter!!!!




Shannon: Unlike the both of you, I’m not so amazed at what this KILLER can do!!!


(The crowd chants “Holy Shit!” as Inphino gets up quickly once again but this time is taken down by a hard clothesline from X-Caliber who’s gotten back up.)


Charles: I’m surprised X-Caliber can walk after that spinning heel kick at the start of this match....


(X-Caliber gets up and peels Inphino off the mat, X-Caliber whips Inphino into the ropes just as Trash is getting up on the outside. X lits Inphino up into a flapjack position but Inphino catches X’s head with his legs and nails a PERFECT Hurracarana!!! Sparing no time, Trash attaks Inphino himself with a lowlevel, snapmare. Trash picks up the steel chair he brought to the ring and raises it to strike Inphino.)


Charles: It may be over now....


(Trash swings the chair but gets nothing but Inphino’s feet straight up into the chair! STRAIGHT UP INTO TRASH’S FACE!!!! The fans cheer and Referee Flash Jeffery checks for blood but find none and the match continues on as Inphino gets back up to his feet.)


Charles: Inphino just keeps coming!


(ArkAngel gets back up to his feet and locks up with Inphino trying to get the accused murderer into an armbar. He finally locks it on but Inphino flips right over ArkAngel and the armbar is reversed!!!! Inphino pulls ArkAngel’s arm and pulls the rookie right up off the mat and down on the otherside of him, creating a loud POP!!!!)


Arnold: Okay... Your done.


Charles: Done is right! ArkAngel just popped his shoulder out of place!


Arnold: You mean Inphino just popped ArkAngel’s shoulder out fo place!


(Inphino releases ArkAngel’s arm and turns to face X-Caliber who has just now gotten up, X charges Inphino but stops just in front of him this time and tries to go for the low blow but Inphino blocks using his hand and gives a quick buzzsaw kick right to X-Caliber’s head!!! X-Caliber is dazed and Inphino quickly pulls him up and whips him into the ropes. X-Caliber bounces back and Inphino wraps himself right around the rookie and locks on....)


Charles: Lullaby Spike!!!! (Sleeper Hold With Thumb Jabbed Into Windpipe)


Shannon: Now he’s going to kill another man!!!


Arnold: Yay!


(Inphino has the hold locked on tight as X-Caliber gasps for air and wave shis hands in the air showing the pain and discomfort of the move! Inphino doesn’t let go though as X drops to one knee and holds his throat trying to break free of the hold. The fans seem awe struck at the pure rage filled in the amazing young superstar accused of murder as they witness the cruelty he can show.)


Charles: Unless Inphino slits X-Calibers throat he won’t get any blood out of him this way.....


Arnold: Not true... Hold on long enough and blood will come out of X-Caliber’s nose I promise you!


(Inphino keeps holding on tightly but doesn’t see Trash Taylor up behind him and with the steel chair in hand!!! Trash swings and connects with the steel chair right over Inphino’s back!! Inphino still doesn’t release the hold though so Trash swings again and this time right to the back of Inphino’s head!!!! X-Caliber drops to the mat as does his attacker and yes blood can be seen coming from the back of Inphino’s head as Referee Flash Jefferey calls for the bell!!!)


Charles: It’s over.... Trash Taylor wins... But...


Arnold: Inphino was the star!!!!


Shannon: That killer got just what he deserved!


(Trash holds up the steel chair but this time no chears come from the crowd, this time they boo Trash and loudly!!! Trash looks stunned as he looks around and drops the steel chair to mouth at the fans who have turned on him to cheer for a killer! Trash doesn’t see Inphino get up though.... And when the tap comes on Trash’s shoulder he spins around only to recieve a kick to the gut and then....)


Charles: Rigor Mortis!!!! (Rotating Single Arm Underhook Into Reverse Mat Slam)


Arnold: HOLY GIRLS GONE WILD!!! This Inphino in amazing! You can’t argue that Barbie...


Shannon: I dont care how good a wrestler he is... Killers don’t belong in UWA.


(Inphino climbs to the top turnbuckle and looks out into the sea of fans cheering for him. He does a Crucifix like pose with his arms as pyros shoot off and “Jesus Christ Pose” By Soundgarden hits as the show goes to a Commercial.)






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---Back in Black---



With a loud crack of thunder and a flash of white streaked lightning the arena is descended into darkness. The crowd; silent. The arena is in an errie dark silence for many seconds, shrouded in mystery. But finally that silence is broken.

"Bottled Up Inside" by KoRn blasts out of the PA system and the fans get to thier feet in anticipation? Who will it be? The crowds excitement is soon doused though as the all too farmilar words "God of Pain" flash up on the titantron. The crowd boo wildly as Bane makes his way out onto the main stage, drenched in blackness, his long black hair hanging loosley over his pale white face. He walks slowly down to the ring, the spotlight mirroring his slow, even pace. Finally he reaches the ringside area, he climbs up the steps and into the ring. The proper arena lighting is restored and the fans once again get to look at Bane in all his glory. He signals for the mic and it is tossed to him. The crowd stop jeering. They are curious about this man, they want to hear what he has to say. With a pyshcotic grin, he begins to speak...


BANE-I'm baaaaack!!!! Hehehehahah!


Silence. The mad man is met with curious silence from the crowd.


BANE-I'm back bitches, I'm back where I belong! I'm back where everything is as I know it should be. I'm back in the place I was always supposed to be in! I'm back inside the hollow, hollow ring. The place where other peoples biggest nightmares become my purest, happiest dreams. The place where I can torture souls to my black hearts content. I'm back bitches and guess what? I'm all alone this time. I'm no longer just a puppet in the grander scheme of things. Everything I do from now on I do for ME! Not for Cracker Jack! And certainly not for you pathetic wrestling fans.


The crowd suddenly breaks out into a frenzy of jeers. Bane smiles, satisfied with the cheap heat he has given himself.


BANE-I remember it all like it were yesterday, the last time I stepped into a ring. I had the same feeling that I did everytime I stepped into the ring and the same feeling I do today as I stand in the ring. I dont perform for you fans, I dont do tricks. When I step into the ring the last thing I'm thinking about is putting on a good show for you idiotic fans. The only thing I think about when I'm inside a wrestling ring is putting somebody through serious pain and inflicting as much torture as possible. So incase you people have forgotten how I go about doing things, which you all probably have, let me remind you that I will not do any fancy wrestling holds. I will not fly through the air in spectacular fashion and I will not pose for you fans. All I do is torture people. I torture people and I do it very well. Where will I strike? Who will I claim as my first tortured soul here in the Universal Wrestling Alliance? You'll all see...soon enough.


The lights dim down for a few seconds. When they return to normal all that is left in the ring is a baseball bat with a red ribbon attached to it.



---Seven Promo---




The scene fades in to the soon to be first intercontinental champion Seven in his locker room, he is preparing for his match when there is a knock at the door, Seven does not get up to answer it because he is not concentrating on the knock but preparing for his match. Seven is putting on his gloves while thinking out loud.



Seven: The day of reckoning is upon us, the day for Damien to finally meet his maker is here. Damien since the beginning days of the WWA, you and I have been going back and forth, you and Demonye both hated everything that I stood for, you attacked me from behind every single day, you hit me with metal chairs, you attacked me when I had matches, and when it was time for me and you to step into the ring, what happened that damned Demonye closed the damn fed down, and for what, to start over here in the Uwa.


Damien you know that your stay here will be a short one, very short one. Maybe you have learned from your mistakes, you have yet to even show your damn face on the tv here in a long time, are you just that scared of me Damien. You know I sit here and I watch tv and all I see is people cutting promo’s people who don’t even have half the talent as I do, Nathaniel Davis, some washed up has been who thinks that this is the Gzw, Magnum Steele, some big bastard with no talent what so ever, Bane, some crazed freak who is in need of an attitude adjustment. All of those men whom I named have no use in the Uwa, they are nothing, nobodies, and pretty soon they all will fall by the hands of Seven.



Seven finishes fixing his gloves and walks over and stares out the window into the night, the moon is shining bright and fans are still pouring into the arena.



Damien, look long and hard, these people that are pouring into the arena, these same people that you worship every day, the same people that you are here to entertain will be the same people who will be your downfall, these same people will set you off course, and these same people will witness you fall to the hands of Seven, and when the announcer announces me as the very First Intercontinental Champion in the Uwa, you will know then that I am your maker, you will know then that I am the chosen one, and you will know just why I am the Dark Angel.



Seven walks over and picks up his hat and coat, he puts them on and walks back to the window.


Tonight is the night Damien, tonight you will become the first casualty of the Dark Angel, you will become just another victim, because the Three R’s will be served, Redemption, Retribution, and Revenge will be served, and Damien, Revenge is a Bitch.



The scene fades out as Seven continues to look out the window.



---Announcers Table---



Charles: This show has been amazing so far people! And we’ve only done THREE matches!


Arnold: Only three? Wow...


Shannon: But the third is coming up next, wait... Somethings up backstage!






(William Grand is shown walking backstage when Cornell Davis is shown jumping out from behind a pile of crates and SMASHES William with a steel chair!!!)


Shannon: SLWA up to thier old tricks!


(William falls but reacts quickly and pulls out his cane and presses the top as the cane becomes a TASER!!! William jabs Cornell hard in the gut as the SLWA member falls back as William Grand slowly gets to his feet. He pokes the twitching Cornell with his foot before just hsaking his head with a look of disgust before continuing on his way!)


Arnold: Man, as much as I like SLWA... William Grand is one smooth dude!


Charles: Let’s hope GZW doesn’t get up in a fit over that!


Arnold: Over what?!


Charles: Ah... Never mind!


Arnold: That’s what I though! But hey? No match now or what?!


Shannon: I geuss not?! EMT’s are saying that Cornell Davis is in no condition to wrestle and as such... THE WIN IS AUTOMATICALLY GIVEN TO WILLIAM GRAND!!!!


Arnold: Yay! Next match...


Charles: First we’re going to Mr. DeMonye’s room where he’s supposed to make some sort of announcement....







(The scene fades in to show Alex DeMonye sitting in his private box high above the UWa ring once again as the show comes back from commercial. He is talking to someone unseen on the other end of the line.)




"I want him protected.... Fred must not be allowed to attack James tonight."


(A knock on the door is heard. President Demonye puts the phone down for a moment, to answer.)




"Yes! Come in!"


(The door slowly creaks open as we all see a pair of black bondage pants walk in, followed by the rest of the body. Black mesh shirt, blueish black hair, and the rest of Inphino.)




"Listen Paul... Forget about James, get your as up HERE now!"


(DeMonye slams the phone down and leans back in his chair, the nervous look fading to his usual controlled smile.)




"Well if it isn't UWA's resident pyscho killer.... Come to 'release' me? You touch me you slimy freak and you'll become very well aquainted with what true pain can bear. I'll make you fucking dust!"


(Inphino cocks a smirk.)




"Is that so, Mr. President? Well, for your information, I'm not here to hurt you, or even touch you...I'm here to educate you!"




"Forgive me if I dont believe a slimy little freak like YOU could EVER teach ME anything!"




"Slimy freak, eh? Well call me what you like, but it doesn't make a difference. I'm here to teach you to never underestimate me. Never count me out. You saw me out there...I dominated, but a chair to the head sort of slowed me down."




"Murderer.... I can do whatever I bloody well want. You think ANYONE is going to have sympathy for a cold blooded killer? These fans may respect the talent you have, but to them your only fresh meat. And to me your only a dollar sign. Get that straight right now! Because the moment they stop liking what you do... thats the moment you stop being a dollar sign and become just a pest... And thats the moment your career here in the Universal Wrestling Alliance ends."




"Is that a threat, Mr. President?!"


(Inphino leaps onto Demonye's desk, crouching, and staring into the President's eyes, with his own cold, gray eyes.)




"I dont make 'threats' Murderer.... I make smart business moves."




"So....is that what a chairshot is now? A 'smart business move'? Well, if I were you, DeMonye...I'd get a LITTLE bit smarter. Because you know in the pit of your heart, that I can take out anyone I'd like to, whenever I'd like to."




"I'm so glad your confidence wasn't hurt from the loss, Murderer. But YOUR going to find out that in the pit of my heart is only more 'smart business moves'. I'm your GOD from here on out Murderer! I'm the man who is standing between you and the authorities who want your arrest! So perhaps, Murderer, it is time YOU got a little bit smarter!"




"So, you're my thin red line between UWA and steel bars, is it? Very much true, President....but I have no GODS! I bow before NO ONE! If at all, I'm the Celestial God of UWA...and believe me, DeMonye...I have the UWA wrapped around my little finger here."


(Still crouching down, Inphino shows the President his hand, as he stares into his eyes, hatred in his eyes.)




"That's good, Murderer. That's very good. You go out there and work for MY company and eanr ME, MY money. Then perhaps one day I'll allow you the chance to become a god... But believe you, me, your stay in my company is going to a walking hell! You want to be the big man in UWA... I'm going to give you your chance. If you can make it past my obstacles then you will get your chance.... at the Universal Heavyweight Championship!"


(Inphino smirks.)




"Oh yeah? Well, what's your little obstacles?"




"A 'god' wouldn't need to be told.... Inphino."


(This time it is DeMonye who smirks.)




"Oooo....nice one, DeMonye....so, is it to destroy everyone on the roster? Or is it to just take out one of your enemies?"


(This time DeMonye out right laughs in the face of the accused killer of UWA.)




"What's so funny?"




"Oh, and here I was actually worried about you for a few minutes... Your obstacles will present themselves to you, Inphino. Pain will find you, dont go looking it yourself. Only foolish men look for thier own ends, because in more cases then not... Those ends find them soon enough!"


(Inphino nods in agreement before jumping back to the floor.)




"Agreed...I'll pass whatever comes my way...and a good rule of thumb, DeMonye...when life hands you lemons, throw them at your neighbour's cat."


(DeMonye nods in agreement with a picture perfect smile plastered on his face.)




"Oh, I plan to knock off two 'cats' with one 'lemon'.... Good day, Murderer."


(Inphino nods, and turns around walking back to the door.)




"You'll see that I'm a true Celestial God...and so will everyone else who will be at there knees in my mercy."




"Yes. Yes.... Get out of my office."


(DeMonye goes back to working on papers on his desk.)




---Announcers Table---



Charles: Well it seems that DeMonye’s announcement will have to wait as Inphino crashed that party?!


Arnold: Man did you see Inphino and DeMonye go back and forth with eachother?!


Shannon: Intense...


Charles: But what did DeMonye mean by, two cats with one lemon?


Arnold: What the hell kind of saying is that anyways?!


Shannon: Not sure... But I do know that Alex DeMonye is schedualed to make an appearnace following our next matchup!


Charles: Let’s get to it then....



---“The Berserker” Paul Phoenix versus Duriel---



The lights flicker around the arena as “Fuel” by Metallica begins to rumble throughout the arena.  The crowd begins to boo as Paul Phoenix makes his way down the ramp towards the ring.  He ignores the screaming fans as he slides into the ring to begin loosening up.


Arnold: All hail “The Berserker” that is Paul Phoenix.


Charles: *cough* suck up *cough*


Suddenly the music cuts and is replaced with “Bad Religion” by Godsmack.  The crowd delivers a mixed reaction as Duriel makes his way towards the ring with a determined look on his face.  He slides into the ring and goes right for Paul with a massive spear.


Shannon: Now that will wake you up.


Duriel goes for the quick cover as referee Reese Florey goes down to count.






Paul kicks out before the ref can hit three to the dismay of the crowd.


Charles: You won’t win a match that easily, especially against that man.


Duriel lifts Paul to his feet and whips him into the corner.  He charges in and levels him with a closeline that knocks him down into a seated position in the corner.  Duriel steps back a few feet before charging in and ramming his knee into his face knocking him down to the mat.  Duriel steps back before leaping into the air and driving both knees into his chest.  He makes the cover again and hooks the far leg.






Phoenix once again kicks out before the ref can hit three.  Duriel lifts Paul to his feet and whips him into the ropes.  He goes for a closeline on the return but Paul ducks it and hits the far ropes.  Duriel goes for another closeline but Phoenix ducks behind him and grabs him around the waist before throwing him backwards with a belly to back suplex.


Arnold: Oh man that was a move.  Did you see that?


Charles: No I didn’t.  I’m only sitting right next to you.


Shannon: Good one.


Arnold: Shut up little miss precious.


Shannon: Bite me.


Phoenix is slow to get back to his feet but finally does at the same time as Duriel.  The two big men meet in the middle of the ring and begin to exchange rights and lefts.  Neither man moves an inch as the blows become harder and harder.  Duriel starts to get the upper hand but is quickly stopped by a knee to the gut.


Charles: That’ll stop your flow easily.


Phoenix goes over to the doubled over Duriel and nails him in the back of the head with an elbow that drops him to the ground.  Phoenix lifts him to his feet but quickly takes Duriel back down to the mat with a vicious closeline.  Phoenix stomps away viciously on the downed Duriel as he tries to get to his feet unsuccessfully.  Phoenix lifts Duriel up to his feet and applies a standing headscissor.  He lifts him into the air and drives him down to the mat hard with a powerbomb that rocks the ring.  He makes the cover and hooks both legs.






Before the ref can hit three Duriel rolls the shoulder to the delight of the crowd.  Paul pounds on the mat several times before lifting Duriel back to his feet.  Phoenix whips Duriel into the corner with force that brings him out of the corner.  Paul charges in and turns him inside out with a closeline.  Paul makes the cover and hooks the leg.






Arnold: Oh come on ref that was three.


Charles: It was only two.  Quit being so impatient.


Paul lifts Duriel to his feet and whips him into the corner once again with force that brings him out of the corner.  Paul charges in again looking for a closeline but Duriel ducks it and takes Paul down with a standing dropkick.  The crowd pops as Paul hits the ground hard and Duriel lands on top of him.  The ref slides into position to make the count.






Shannon: Oh man that was close.


Charles: I thought he had him there.


The ref starts the mandatory ten count as both men struggle to get to their feet.  As the ref hits about 7 Duriel makes it to his feet by pulling on the top rope.  Paul pulls himself up in the corner just moments after words.  Duriel charges into the corner trying to crush Phoenix but instead catches a boot to the chops.  Duriel hits the ground and Paul makes the cover by hooking both legs and placing both his feet on the middle turnbuckle.  The ref doesn’t see this and goes to make the count.




Shannon: The feet are on the ropes you blind ref.




Arnold: (acting blind) I don’t see anything do you Shannon?


Before the ref hits three he looks up to see the feet on the ropes.  He yells at Paul to get his feet off the ropes or be disqualified.  Paul pulls his feet off the turnbuckle and lifts Duriel to his feet.  He locks in a quick sleeper to try and wear him out.


Arnold: Squeeze the life out of him!  End the match.


Charles: That could do it.


Duriel tries to fight off the sleep but as he does this Phoenix locks in the move even more.  Duriel tries to reach for the ropes but he is to far away and Paul cinches the hold in even more than before.  The ref checks the hold to make sure it’s legal which it is.


Charles: Duriel is fading fast.


Shannon: The longer that hold is locked on the harder it’ll be to get out.


Duriel finally gives in and falls to the mat as Paul holds onto the move.  The ref checks on Duriel before raising his arm for the first time and it falls limp.


Arnold: Choke him out!


The ref lifts the arm up and holds it there.  He lets it go and once again the arm falls limp to his side.


Charles: Calm down Arnold.


The ref raises the arm one last time and holds it there.  He lets it go and starts to call for the bell but Duriel stops his arm from hitting the mat for the third time to the delight of the fans.  Duriel slowly gets to his feet as Paul keeps the hold locked in.  Duriel throws his elbow back and nails Paul in the gut.  He does it again, and again, and again until finally the hold is broken.  Duriel hits the ropes and charges in.  Paul goes for a knee lift but Duriel slams on the breaks and drives his elbow into his face.


Charles: (grabbing his face) Ouch that hurt.


Arnold: Phoenix could have done it better.


Duriel steps back before stepping in with a vicious closeline.  He makes the cover and hooks the leg.






Shannon: He kicked out.  That closeline almost took his head off.


Duriel stomps on the downed Phoenix trying to take out all his frustration.  He lifts Phoenix up and whips him into the ropes.  He swings a wild right hand but Phoenix ducks it and pops up behind Duriel.  He kicks him in the midsection and hits Duriel with another high impact powerbomb.  He hits the ropes and leaps into the air driving both knees into the chest of Duriel before making the cover and hooking the leg.






Duriel rolls the shoulder at the last second to the dismay of Phoenix.  Phoenix gets in the face of the ref and begins to yell at him that the count was to slow and that he should be the winner.


Charles: This isn’t a wise move.


Shannon: He’s gonna get himself DQed if he don’t watch it.


Phoenix pushes the ref up against the ropes and continues to yell at him and getting right into his face.  He finally turns around only to receive a high impact spear from Duriel that drops him to the mat hard.  Duriel makes the cover and hooks both legs.






Arnold: Come on Phoenix.  Kick his ass.


Duriel leans back on his heels and puts his head in his hands with frustration.  He gets back to his feet and calls for the end of the match.  He grabs Phoenix and calls for “Chronic Pain” but before he can hit it Phoenix drops to his knees and nails a low blow.


Shannon: Oh man that even makes be hurt.


The ref scolds Phoenix for the move but he ignores it as he shoves the ref down to the mat.  He rolls out of the ring and grabs a couple of chairs.  He slides into the ring with both chairs just as Duriel is standing up.  The ref tries to get the chairs out of his hand but he ignores it.  He throws one of the chairs at Duriel and he catches it.  Duriel goes to swing the chair but Phoenix is quicker and slams his chair into the chair of Duriel that drives it into his face.  The ref calls for the bell and the DQ after watching this.


Charles: Phoenix must have realized he couldn’t beat him fair and square.


Arnold: Phoenix just got tired of playing.


Shannon: Let it go Arnold


Phoenix slams the chair down on the lower back of Duriel several times before standing over his prone body with a sick smile on his face.  “Fuel” kicks in where it left off as Paul’s grin becomes bigger than before.  The ref tries to get in between the two men and get Phoenix to leave.  Phoenix without another word leaves the ring and makes his way up the ramp.


Shannon: That’s all she wrote.


Arnold: Phoenix needs to go finish what he started.


Charles: Arnold let it go.  The match is over with.


Shannon: Phoenix lost plain and simple.


Arnold: Shut up you two.





(Damien ArkAngel is shown in the locker room surrounded by many UWA superstars. Obviously telling a tale, most superstars dont pay Damien’s cockyness much attention.)


Damien: So after tonight... And I become the FIRST UWA Intercontinental Champion... Who has the balls to step up against Damien ArkAngel?! I mean look at me?! Huh? How bout you? Rookie!


(The man Damien is talking to is none other then Dustin Cage!!! The fans pop, especially the girls at the cameras show his face.)


Dustin: I-


Damien: That’s what I thought! No one... I mean.... NO ONE! Has the guts to do shit about UWA’s “Fighting Force”!!!


(Damien walks out of the locker room as most supersatrs leave and go onto thier own business except Dustin, who gives a slight smile.)


Dustin: No one huh?


(Dustin just nods his head as the scene fades back to the announcers table.)






(Alex DeMonye is shown walking backstage heading towards the ring. He stops and looks into the locker room to see Dustin Cage, he smiles at Dustin before continuing on his way towards the ring. He walks around the corner and is just about to go up the stairs. “Points of Authority” By Linkin Park hits and the Co-President of UWA, Alex DeMonye walks up the stiars and out onto the ramp as the fans give a mixed reaction of cheers and jeers, not knowing quite where Alex DeMonye stands.)


Charles: The Co-President of UWA!


Arnold: All Hail DeMonye!


Shannon: Sit down Arnold...


(DeMonye stands on the ramp and pulls out a microphone.)




“People of Augusta!!!”


(The fans give a cheap pop for the mention of thier small towns name.)




“I am proud to be the first to announce to you....”


(Before DeMonye can continue a masked man jumps out of the crowd with a steel pipe in his hand!!! He charges for DeMonye and clips the Co-President’s leg!!! The man lifts DeMonye up and drills him down onto the steel rampway with a F5!!!)


Charles: MY God!


Arnold: HOLY GIRLS GONE WILD!!! Who the hell is that?!


Shannon: Perhaps this is the attack Mr. DeMonye has been trying to warn James about all night? But Mr. Tanner hasn’t been seen all night?!


(The masked man stares down at DeMonye before jumping into the crowd as most of UWA’s roster runs out onto the rampway!!! Some chase after the masked man but he disappears into the sea of people as Paul Phoenix helps DeMonye to his feet. The Co-President limps to the back as the cameras swing back to Charles, Arnold and Shannon.)


Charles: Who could that of been?! It looked to me as if the whole roster came to DeMonye’s aid?!


Arnold: I’m betting it was either Tanner of Maltrom behind this! I know it!


Shannon: Let’s not jump to conclussions!


Charles: We’ll be sure to update you all if we find out anything else on this situation as it developes...






---UWA Cruiserweight Championship Match---

---Blake “Turbo” Dyhart versus Earl Davison---




*~* Commercials return to show the exploding UWA Arena, where thousands upon thousands of fans jam-pack into the small arena, normally built for dark matches.  The duo of announcers at the table begin their duties once again. *~*


Shannon:  “Welcome back to this inaugural night of the UWA!  Tonight has already been full of action, and these next two matches on the card are no doubt going to impress!”


Arnold:  “First of all, we have a match to decide the first ever Cruiserweight Champion, between Turbo and Earl Davison.”


Charlie:  “This one is bound to be a load of thrills…”


Shannon:  “Man… don’t sound too exited…”


*~* “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem” by DMX sounds out over the PA system, as the fans stand on their feet in cheers for the next man.  Earl Davison steps out from the back and walks to the ring. *~*


Ring Announcer:  “The following match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the UWA Cruiserweight Championship!  Coming to the ring first… standing at six feet three inches and weighing in at one hundred and sixty-five pounds… Earl DAVISON!”


*~* Earl slides into the ring and taunts the crowd a little, as his music cuts off bringing on the theme song of Turbo entitled "It's Going Down" by The X-Ecutioners Feat. Linkin Park.  Turbo walks out from the back and makes his way down the entrance ramp to the ring.  *~*


Announcer:  “Now coming to the ring… Standing at a height of Six feet three inches, and weighing in at one hundred and seventy-nine pounds… TURBO!!”


*~* Turbo slides into the ring and glares across the ring at his opponent, as the bell rings, signaling the start of the match. *~*


Shannon:  “Here we go… one of these men will walk out of this match a Cruiserweight Champion in UWA…”


Charlie:  “This should be an interesting bout…”


Arnold:  “To say the least…”


*~* Both men begin to circle the ring, staring at each other while the crowds at ringside begin to cheer for them.  Almost like a gun signaling them to go at it, both men rush to the middle of the ring and lock up.  After a brief scuffle, Turbo gets the upper hand by locking Davison into a side headlock.  Turbo cranks down on Davison’s neck three times, before Davison suddenly lifts Turbo off of his feet and hits a back body drop getting Turbo to break the hold.  Turbo quickly gets up to his knees and stares back at Davison, as if congratulating him on getting out of it. *~*


Shannon:  “Both men look ready to take it all the way…”


*~* Turbo gets back up to his feet, and the two again circle the ring, never taking their eyes off of one another.  Again, both men simultaneously rush into the middle of the ring, but this time it’s Davison that gets the better of the two, as he quickly ducks under Turbo, and immediately comes back with a clothesline, knocking Turbo down on the floor.  Quickly, Davison drops down and begins to punch away at Turbo’s head.  After getting a four count from the referee, Davison breaks the hold he has on Turbo.  Angrily, Turbo bolts to his feet, and clotheslines Davison out onto the floor. *~*


Arnold:  “Thatta way… get his bloody arse out of the ring…”


Charlie:  “What are you British now?”


Arnold:  “Oh shut up you wanker…”


*~* Turbo follows Davison out onto the floor, and begins to punch away at him.  Davison gets to his feet, but just in time to be irish whipped into the steel guard rail separating the crowd from ringside.  Cringing in pain, Davison lurches forward, only to be immediately kicked in the gut, and thrown into the Roll of the Dice (Finishing Move – Turbulence)  Suddenly realizing that the referee is almost done with his count out, Turbo rolls into the ring as the referee counts ten.  The ref signals for the bell, as Turbo raises his arms in the air, much to the dismay of the crowd, who were all hoping for a good match. *~*


Shannon:  “What the hell?  That was cheap!  That’s no way to win a title!”


Arnold:  “Oh pish-posh… any way is a good way.”


Charlie:  “I’m sure these fans feel cheated out of a match here…”


*~* In the ring, Turbo, thinking that he has won the championship, pumps his fists into the air, as the announcer starts up. *~*


Announcer:  “The winner of this match by Count Out… TURBO!”


*~* The referee leans out over the ropes, and tells the announcer something. *~*


Announcer:  “However… UWA Regulations specifically state that Championship Belts must be won via Pinfall, submission, or Knock out… so as a result, the UWA Cruiserweight Championship is declared VACANT!”


*~* The entire arena explodes in approval, as Turbo looks at the referee in disbelief *~*


Arnold:  “BULL!  Tell me where it says that in the rules!”


*~* Charlie whips out a rulebook from under his chair, and shows Albert where it says that. *~*


Arnold: “Well… but STILL!  Turbo was cheated!”


Shannon:  “At any rate, these two are most definitely going to have some things to straighten out at a later time… for now, The incredible two out of three falls match is NEXT… here on VORTEX!”


*~* the camera fades out, with the last image that of Turbo shaking his head in disbelief in the middle of the ring. *~*






---Main Event: 2/3 Falls Match---

---Intercontinental Championship Match---

---“The Dark Angel” Seven versus Damien ArkAngel---




---1st Fall: Straight Wrestling Match---




(The show returns from commercial as Charles Corbet, Arnold Oxford and Shannon Taylor are sat at the announcers table at ringside to announce the Main Event, Intercontinental Champioship, 2/3 Falls Matchup!)


Charles: Welcome back ladies and gentleman!


Arnold: Cut the crap Charlie Brown... These people don’t wanna be welcomed back! They want the 2/3 Falls Match... NOW!


(As if on cue “Stupify” By Disturbed hits as “The Dark Angel” Seven walks out onto the ramp to some heat from the UWA crowd but also some cheers. Seven pays no attention and slides into the ring raising his hands in the air and then lowering them as pyros shoot down from the cieling and hit the ring posts as the music cuts short and the lights in the arena begin to lighten up.)


Charles: Seven has proven through WWA to here that he can hang with the big boys and that he deserves this Intercontinental Championship match!


Arnold: Seven blows ass monkeys!


Charles: Certainly cheery tonight aren’t we Arnold?


Shannon: Someone needs to give him a good hard slap....


Arnold: You volunteering to slap me baby? Wouldn’t you rather spank bad ole’ Arnold?!


Charles: Family....TV.... Show!


(“Forest” By System of a Down hits as the fans rise to thier feets to boo once again as Damien ArkAngel walks out onto the ramp. Damien immitates a title around his waist while dancing about on the top of the ramp. He makes it halfway down the ramp when Seven tries to jump over the ropes but Referee Flash Jeffery, who has been assigned the main event stops him. Damien takes this oppurtunity and slides in the ring and clips Seven’s leg with a tackle as the bell rings!)


Charles: And we’re underway!


(Damien stomps away on Seven’s leg before quickly bouncing off the ropes and dropping the lebow on it. He bounces up again and once again drops the elbow on Seven’s knee. “The Dark Angel” holds his knee in pain as Damien bounces off the ropes once more and this time hits a baseball slide dropkick to the side of the knee before bouncing up quickly again.)


Charles: Damien is on a roll!


(Damien slowly pulls Seven from the mat before whipping him into the ropes, Seven tries to counter with a clothesline but Damien ducks and hits a spinning heel kick right to the back of Seven’s head!!! Damien quickly hooks the leg...)













Charles: To early!


Arnold: I thought it was over... I mean with Seven being such a big loser and all...


Shannon: Shut up Arnold...


(Damien quickly gets to his feet and crouches down awaiting Seven to stand up, the big man walks right into the trap as Damien quickly scoops the big man up into a backdrop! Seven holds the small of his back but gets up qucikly as Damien reacts and once again executes a backdrop on his opponent! This time Seven is slower to get up as Damien acting quickly scales the top turnbuckle and launches in the air with a cross body, only to get caught mid air by Seven and SMASHED down with a hard bodyslam!!!)


Arnold: What is this an ‘Old School’ convention?


Charles: Both men are showing very good WRESTLING techniques... Because this is WRESTLING Arnold... WRESTLING!


(Seven climbs up to his feet as Damien slowly picks himself up, Seven tries for a right hand but Damien blocks it and tries for a left, but Seven blocks it and quickly follows suit with a knee to the gut. Damien bends forward and Seven quickly drops him with a hard DDT!!! Seven quickly falls for the lateral press....)












Charles: Not gonna keep Damien down with that it seems...


(Seven gets up and pulls Damien to his feet before bouncing him into the ropes. Damien sees the big boot coming though and slides under Seven and right out of the ring. Seven quickly turns and rolls out himself.)


Arnold: Ah... Dont come over here!


Charles: It seems they aren’t listening!


(Seven whips Damien hard into the ring steps with a loud crash!!! Damien holds his shoulder as he tries to get away from his attacker, but Seven keeps right on him and runs up and follows up with a hard clothesline almost beheading Damien! Seven gloats to the crowd which boo him before reaching down to grab Damien by the hair.)


Shannon: Seven really should be paying attention to Damien and not the fans here...


(Seven quickly rolls Damien back into the ring but Damien senses this and quickly crawls right back out the other side!!! Seven walks around the ring trying to get to Damien, but DeMonye’s former TroubleInc. Stablemate simply flips Seven off and rolls back into the ring and awaits Seven’s next move.)


Charles: Damien and Seven seemingly playing in a game of cat and mouse here today...


(Seven seems to be getting angry with his opponent and rolls back into the ring but Damien takes charge and lets lose his trap by hitting a leg drop right to the back of Seven’s neck! Damien quickly pulls “The Dark Angel” into the ring, rolls him over and runs at the ropes looking for a lionsault but only finds a chest full of knees!!! Damien holds his rib cage hurt as Seven slowly gets up and slashes his throat calling for the end!!!)


Charles: Seven saying it may be over now...


Arnold: Right... Who’d be scared of that thing? I’ve shit out scarier looking stuff!


Shannon: (Obviously grosses out)Oh my god....


(Seven grabs Damien and grabs ahold of his throat as the fans cheer. Seven lifts Damien up but before he can hit the chokeslam, Damien boots him square in the face!!!!)


Charles: Well thats one way to get outta a Chokeslam!


Arnold: What a smart move from our future Intercontinental Champion!


(Seven drops Damien and holds his face as ArkAngel quickly takes charge and bounces off the ropes and hits a perfect swinging neckbreaker!!! Damien quickly drops and hooks the leg....)



















(Flash tells Damien it was only a two count as ArkAngel begins to get a little discouraged over the kickout. He quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle and raises his arms in the air as Seven is just now getting up.... Damien launches himself and connects with a BIG TIME, top rope spear!!! He hurts himself on the exchange and slowly crawls over to Seven...)























Charles: A LONG TIME two count for Damien!


Arlond: God damn, this hillbilly Ref needs a good boot to the gonads!


(Damien CAN NOT believe it! He gets up and pushes Referee Flash Jefferey, but Flash gives him a shrug and tells him it was a two. Damien flips Jefferey off and climbs the top turnbuckle once again. Once up there he flips Jefferey off again and waits for Seven to get up. Seven slowly turns but this time expects the spear and catches Damien and transfers all that power into a....)


Charles: Seventh Sign!!!!! (F5) It’s got to be over!










Arnold: Kick out!










Shannon: I think you should be saying... Okay... Your Done.








(The bell rings as Flash holds Seven’s hand up as he is awarded the first fall in this 2/3 falls matchup!)


Charles: Seven wins the first fall!


Arnold: Crap...


Shannon: Is there any sort of rest period?!


Charles: Nope, we continue on right away with the second fall.... I Quit Match!


Arnold: Now heres where it gets good!


Shannon: Nothing but an extreme junky aren’t you Arnold?


Arnold: Your damn right!



---2nd Fall: I Quit Match---



(Seven sneers evily as the bell rings to start the second fall, the I Quit Match is officially underway and Seven waists no time as he whips Damien to the outside and quickly follows. Damien tries to retreat up the ramp but Seven keeps on him, stalking ArkAngel. Damien jumps from the rampway just long enough to knab a chair as he tells Seven to ‘come on’. “The Dark Angel” quickly snatches up his own chair and continues his stalking of Damien up the ramp. Both men reach the top and Seven swings at Damien, but ArkAngel jumps back just barely avoiding the shot to the skull. Instead of swinging back though, Damien THROWS THE CHAIR RIGHT INTO SEVEN’S FACE!!!!)


Arnold: There we go!


(“The Dark Angel” drops his chair as blood can easily be seen pouring from Seven’s forehead as Damien doesn’t relent on his attack, this time using Seven’s confiscated chair as a battering ram as he drives it into Seven’s back!!! Seven drops to one knee and this time Damien raises the chair and SMASHES it over Seven’s back!!! Seven arches back and holds the small of his back and Damien SPINS AROUND AND DRILLS THE CHAIR SQUARE INTO SEVEN’S FACE!!!!!)


Charles: Dear god! Seven’s face may just have been destroyed under that BRUTAL chair shot!


Arnold: HOLY GIRLS GONE WILD!!! Hit him again!


(Damien gloats proudly as he raises the dented chair above his head to get a mized reaction from the UWA crowd. He drops the chair and slowly raises Seven up to his feet but still holding his hair. He pulls seven towards the Universal-Tron and smashes his head into it full force!!! Seven holds his bloody face and Damien takes advantage of it to get behind “The Dark Angel” and hits a belly-to-back release suplex RIGHT ONTO THE STEEL RAMP!!!! Damien stalks Seven as “The Dark Angel” half crawls, half walks his way back down the ramp towards the ring.)


Arnold: Seven is crawling away like a little baby!


Shannon: This is fastly deteriorating into a brawl...




(Seven crawls down to ring side as Damien quickly rolls back into the ring and rolls out the other side, reaching under the ring, the crowd pops instantly as Damien pulls out a wooden table!!! He slides it into the ring and slides in after himself, and sets the table up as Seven is slowly recovering on the outside!)


Charles: Damien has got to stay on Seven if he hopes to win this fall and force a third one!


(Damien slides out and sees Seven getting up to his feet on the outside. “The Dark Angels” face is masked in a crimson red of blood as he stumbles over the dislodged ring steps as Damien quickly stays on him and rolls him into the ring and this time crawls up the outside of the turnbuckle....)


Charles: Damien ArkAngel looking for something BIG here!


Arnold: Take his head off Damien!


(Damien launches into the air and connects with a missile dropkick sending Seven right back onto his back!)


Charles: This second fall has been ALL Damien ArkAngel!


Arnold: Thank you, Captain Obvious!


(Damien smirks to himself seeing himself in total control of this second fall. He quickly grabs ahold of Seven’s legs and locks on a Half Crab!!!! The fans pop as Damien holds the manuever looking to finish the second fall!!!)


Shannon: Theres a wrestling move!


Charles: Beautiful! Beautiful manuever! If Damien can make Seven tap out we will move on to the third and deciding fall!


Arnold: Break his leg Damien!


(Damien holds the move on hard as Seven tries to crawl to the ropes in obvious pain! He gets so very close but Damien reaches down.... AND PULLS SEVEN BACK INTO THE CENTER OF THE RING!!!!)


Charles: Seven was oh so close, but now its got to be over!


Arnold: Yes! Yes!


(Seven reaches down and makes one last move towards the ropes as Damien fights hard to keep the monster from reaching his destination....)


Arnold: No! No!


(Seven crawls closer and closer as the fans cheer loudly....)


Charles: Seven is only mere inches from those ropes!!!


(Seven reaches out and GRABS AHOLD OF THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!!)


Arnold: NO!!!


(Referee Flash Jefferey tells Damine to relaease the hold but knwoing its an I Quit Match, Damien can keep the hold on as long as he wants, ropes or no ropes!!!!!)


Arnold: AH! We forgot this is an I Quit Match! But Damien didn’t! He can hold onto the move as long he needs to!!!


Charles: Seven is in serious trouble here...


Shannon: He’s been in that move for near a minute now!!!


(Damien reels back as Seven scream out in pain!!! Flash asks Seven is he’s going to tap but Seven won’t give out!!! He reaches deep down and SOMEHOW manages to push Damien off with his other leg!!!)


Charles: Seven showing AMAZING heart with that!!!


(The fans pop loudly and Damien seems to be just a little pissed that Seven was still in the match! He quickly begins to stomp down HARD on Seven’s hip and left leg! Damien stays on the agressor role by picking a limping Seven up and knocking him down hard with a clothesline straight to the brdige of the nose! He quickly picks him up again , only to clothesline him back down hard! Damien lifts Seven to his feet and third time and this time rolls him onto the table still set up in the corner.)


Arnold: Damien is going to end it right here... Right now!


(Damien climbs up to the top turnbuckle and raises his arms in the air(think Matt Hardy) before flying through the air, AND CRASHING THROUGH AN EMPTY TABLE WITH A 450 SPLASH!!!!!)


Charles: Seven moved!!! Damien just got wood!


Shannon: That was an amazing 450 Splash none the less! But man, Damien must be hurting!


Arnold: No!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shannon: Man... Calm down Arnold!


(The fans chant “Holy Shit!” and “UWA! UWA!” as both Damien and Seven are both down. The camera pans over the destruction in the ring as Referee Flash Jeferey pushes pieces of the splintered table that Damien isn’t laying on, out of the ring as both men continue to stay down. Finally as the crowd still chants “UWA!” Seven slowly pulls himself to one knee!)


Charles: Seven has a chance to take control of this matchup if he can get to his feet!


Arnold: Come on Damien you bumb! I got $100 riding on this... Uh.. I mean... Get up!


Shannon: Typical!


(Seven manages to get up to both feet as Damien is just slowly getting up to a knee. Seven slowly walks over to Damien and grabs ahold of his head pulling him up the rest of the way before leveling him back with a hard right hand as the crowd cheers! Seven slowly walks up to Damien again and kicks the remnants of the broken table from the ring before grabbing Damien with his right hand right around the neck as the crowd cheers!!!!)


Charles: Might be time for that Chokeslam now!


(Seven raises Damine up and drills him to the mat with a HARD Chokeslam!!!! He raises back to his feet and rolls from the ring and quickly searches under the ring as Damien is laid out inside the ring. Seven finally finds what it is he is looking for and brings out a long line of BARBED WIRE!!!!!)


Charles: Woah! That shoudln’t of been under there!


Arnold: Seven is going to use that barbed wire as a weapon!?!


Shannon: I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if say, Damien used it though huh?


Arnold: You know... Your getting pretty damn annoying for a blonde headed Barbie doll!


(The crowd pops as Seven throws the barbed wire up over the top rope into the ring, he turns and quickly PUNCHES THE TIME KEEPER AND TAKES HIS STEEL CHAIR!!! Seven throws that into the ring and looks to take a camera mans chair but the camera man quickly gets up and hands it to Seven politely as the crowd laughs.)


Arnold: Heh!


(Seven rolls into the ring with the steel chair and touches the front of his face where the dried blood has built up. He smiles as he taps the chair twice on the mat waiting for Damien to get up.)


Charles: Seven looking to take out Damien here!


(Seven waits for Damien to raise up to his feet as he ABSOLUTELY PASTES HIM WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!!! Damien crashes back to the mat as Seven picks Damien up and lifts him up into a bear hug!!! Damien waves his free arm trying to break from the hold but the much bigger and stronger, Seven holds tight as the fans begin to cheer as Damien starts to fade.)


Charles: Seven could win the Intercontinental Championship right here!!!


(Seven continues to hold onto the move but Damien tries to fight back and finally gets smart and kicks Seven quare in the crotch as the fans all “ooooo” loudly as Seven drops to his knees as Damien quickly tries to regain his breath.)


Arnold: What a smart move!


Shannon: Cheap, but effective!


(Damien quickly sees some of the ‘gear’ Seven has brought into the ring and UWA’s self proclaimed “Fighting Force” takes up a steel chair and spins fancily and connects with Seven’s back, dropping the big man down face first. Damie quickly takes the chair and places Seven’s arm inside of it as he then locks on an armbar right through the chair!!!! Seven bangs his hand hard on the mat but Referee Flash Jefferey asks if he’s gonna give, Seven just screams no!)


Arnold: Tap you big idiot!


(Seven pounds his fist but a sudden HUGE pop from the girls in the crowd makes Damien look up as Dustin Cage appears on the top of the ramp and walks halfway down. The fans cheer loudly for the newcomer boy as Damien doesn’t seem quite so happy as he releases the hold on Seven and gets up and leans into the ropes pointing at Dustin. He screams, “Get the fuck out of here, pretty boy! This is MY match!” Dustin just smiles and points behind Damien. ArkAngel doesn’t pay any attention to Seven getting up behind him though and continues to berate the young rookie who’s made his way out onto the ramp.)


Arnold: What’s this little shit doing out here?! He’s got no business out here!


(Seven looks around the ring and quickly spies the string of barbed wire he brought into the ring! He grabs ahol dof it as the fans cheer loudly, Seven goes to wrap the barbed wire around Damien’s throat, but the self proclaimed “Fighting Force” ducks and hits a low blow on Seven dropping him to the mat. Damien quickly grabs up the barbed wire BEFORE WRAPPING IT AROUND SEVEN’S FACE!!!!)


Charles: Dear god! Seven’s face may be tore up!!!


Arnold: Tear him, rip him!


Shannon: Look at Damien he’s just staring at Dustin Cage as he rips apart seven’s face!!!


(Referee Flash Jefferey tries to get Seven to Quit as the blood can be seens pouring from Seven’s forehead and his left hand which he has blocking the barbed wire!!! Finally after about a minute of the excrutiating pain....)




Charles: It’s over!!!


Shannon: Not quite....


Arnold: Third fall!!! Third Fall!!!


(Damien releases the barbed wire from Seven’s face and steps back to the other side of the ring as Dustin Cage gives him a slight nod and then smirks a confident little smile as Damien flips him off and points at the barbed wire. Dustin continues to smile but heads back through the entrance as the fans boo, wanting to see the young star tackle the cocky ex-WWA superstar.)


Charles: We’re all even at one fall a piece and now these two men, who have put thier bodies through hell will have to finish it all now in a Last Man Standing Match!!! Winner takes the prize!


Shannon: The UWA Intercontinental Championship!!


Arnold: Nuff’ talk.. Let’s get this going!


(Referee Flash Jefferey holds Damien’s hand up in the air as the crowd boos loudly as Damien sneers. Seven has gotten to his feet and stares intently at Damien and literally peels blood from his face to be able to see!)


Shannon: Seven looks like a bloody mess!!!




---3rd Fall: Last Man Standing Match---



Charles: We’re ready to go now! This folks should get very messy!


Arnold: Let’s go! This is taking forever!!!


(The bell rings as the fans pop loudly and chant “UWA! UWA!” as Damien and Seven stare at eachother. Damien starts it off by lunging at Seven with the barbed wire once again but Seven catches him mid assault and lifts him up into the air and DRILLS HIM INTO THE MAT WITH A HUGE CHOKESLAM!!!!)


Charles: Dear god! It may be over right there!!!


Arnold: Damien landed on the god damn barbed wire!!!































(Damien slowly crawls to one knee as Seven is basically begging his opponenet to get up.)







(Damien pulls himself up to his feet as the 10 count stops but Seven waists  no time and lunges at Damien and both men go flying out through the middle rope and to the floor below!)


Arnold: Ah crap....


Shannon: What?


Charles: They’re coming our way again!


(Damien tries to retreat but Seven isn’t having it and picks Damien up in a military press and drops him face first into the ring apron! Damien drops to his knees but quickly gets up, just in time for Seven to whips him hard into the already dislodged ring steps!!! Damien slowly peels himself up and continues his retreat as Seven continues to stalk ArkAngel, only stopping to pick up the dislodged ringsteps!!! Damien turns and kicks Seven in the gut slowing the monster of a man down but not stopping him. Seven swings the ring steps at Damien but ArkAngel ducks adn the steps smash into the ringpost with a loud thundering crash. Damien takes the oppurtunity and scales the ringpost from the outside and LAUNCHES HIMSELF AND CONNECTS WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK RIGHT TO THE STEPS RIGHT INTO SEVEN’S FACE!!!!!)


Charles: Seven’s face just got smashed by those ringsteps!


Arnold: Hopefully that’ll keep the big goof down...





















(Damien gets up to his feet by pulling himself up on the ring apron as the count continues on Seven after the referee checks on Damien.)
















Arnold: This has got to be it!




















(To the pleasure of the crowd Seven SNAPS up at 9 and pulls himself up as Damien CAN NOT  believe it!!! Seven wipes the blood from his face and slides into the ring as Damien slides out the other end!!! Seven lifts up a steel chair and tempts Damien to get back into the ring as the fans cheer.)


Arnold: How the fuck did that big goof get up?!


Shannon: Seven wants the Intercontinental Championship..


Charles: Or perhaps just to finally end this feud with Damien ArkAngel!


(Damien grabs a steel chair of his own and dashes into the ring, Seven swings the steel chair HARD at Damien, but ArkAngel ducks and the devestating shot falls short. Damien swings though and Seven side steps just in time!!! Both men reach back and BOTH swing HARd and BOTH CONNECT!!!! Both men collapse as the crowd cheers loudly!!!)


Arnold: Oh hell no! Not a draw!




























(Damien stirs and rolls to his stomache as Seven ACTUALLY sits up!!!)






(Damien rolls onto his stomache and Seven pulls himself up in the corner as Referee Flash Jefferey tells them to keep at it. Damien and Seven are both bleeding though and both exhausted from this long hard hitting matchup! Seven charges at Damien, but ArkAngel digs deeps and ducks the attempt and flips Seven right over the top rope! Seven lands on his feet though and trips Damien up and pulls him right out of the ring along with him!!! Seven pins Damien around and nails a right hand to Damien’s chin! ArkAngel stumbles but keeps his balance and blocks another shot from Seven adn responds with his own right hadn to Seven’s jaw! Seven’s strumbles backwards and Damien takes to him with a hard spear onto the steel rampway!!!)


Arnold: That a boy!



























(Seven slowly gets to one knee as Damien looks worried. He backs up the rampway to about the top as Seven slowly gets up and backtracks a few feet and retrieves a dented steel chair as the crowd pops. Damien is at the top and doesn’t know where to go, so he jumps off the rampway and picks up a long steel pipe! He turns to get ready for Seven, but can’t find him and crawls back up onto the rampway... He looks about but doesn’t see “The Dark Angel” come out through the crowd and SMACK him in the back with the steel chair! Damien drops the pipe and tries to retreat back up the ramp but Seven doesn’t stop and CRACKS ArkAngel on the top of the head, COMPLETELY SHATTERING THE CHAIR!!!!)


Charles: Owie...


Arnold: Holy girls gone wild!!!! Damien just got smashed....


Shannon: This must be over now...


(Seven drops the shattered chair as the 10 count begins on Damien.)









































Charles: It must be... Wait! Whats this?!




Arnold: WooHoo!!


Shannon: Bane just damn well destroyed Seven!!!


(Referee Flash Jefferey tries to push Bane to the back but the returning monster pays no attention and litterally KICKS Seven over the side of the rampway to the concrete floor below!!! Damien slowly gets to his feet and sees the monster Bane standing in front of him and quickly backs up to halfway down the ramp as Referee Jefferey has no choice but to count...)


















































Charles: It’s over!


Arnold: Damien did it!!! Damien did it!!!


Shannon: Thanks to Bane!


Arnold: Who cares? All hail the first UWA Intercontinental Champion!


(Flash calls for the bell as Damien celebrates at the bottom of the ramp! “Forest” By System of a Down hits as Flash hands Damien the Intercontinental Championship!!! Meanwhile at the top of the ramp Bane steps down to Seven and grabs the sides of his head, Bane smiles as he whips blood from Seven’s face and whipes bloody fingers over his own face! Bane continues to stare down wickedly at Seven as Damien is shown taunting on the top rope as the show fades out!!!)