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(Pyros explode as “Falling Apart” By Trust Company hits as the camera turn on to the second edition of UWA’s flagship show, Vortex! “Mooie Milk Rocks!”, “Bring Down The Cage!”, and “SLWA? Who the hell are they?!” are some of the signs that pop out in the crowd as the camera finally settles on Charles Corbet, Arnold Oxfrod, and Shannon Taylor.)


Charles: Welcome ladies and gentleman to the second show of UWA’s history... Vortex!


Arnold: What a card tonight Charlie Brown!


Shannon: Indeed!


Charles: And to start it all off-


 (The sound of “Points of Authority” By Linkin Park cuts in as the fans rise to thier feets in a loud mized reaction as they expect the UWA Co-President, Alex DeMonye. Instead a masked man walks out. He walks to the ring as the crowd falls reletively silent. The man, who seems to be build about 6 feet tall and looks to wiegh around 250 lbs, raises a microphone to his lips. The words come out distorted and spaced making it hard to understand what the masked man says.)


“AlLoW mE.... tO.... iNtRoDuCe... MySeLf.....”


(The crowd is stunned silent trying to figure out who this man is.)


“FiRsT oFf... I aM nO sHiNoBa.... I aM nOt FrOm GzW... aLtHoUgH i KnOw It WeLl... I aM tHe DeMoN sEnT tO cOlLeCt oN oLd CrImEs, AlEx....My DeSeCrAtIoN oF yOu StArTeD lAsT wEeK... bUt It ShAlL sPaN mOnThS... dO yOu KnOw Me YeT aLeX? I’d HoPe YoU wOuLd... BuT tImE dOeS fAdE eVeN tHe MoSt PrOmInEnT oF mEmOrIeS.. tHe FuN hAs JuSt BeGuN!!! HElLo UwA... mY nAmE iS rEvEnGe... YoU aLl KnOw HoW i WoRk!!”


Arnold: Does anyone unstand what the flippin hamburgers this guy is saying?!


“I hAvE hEaRd ThE rUmOuRs AbOuT wHo CoNtRaCtEd Me.... I lAuGh At HoW sImPlE yOu iGnOrAnT fUcKs MaKe ThIs OuT tO bE!!!”


(This gets a loud boo from the crowd but the masked man pays no attention and continues.)


“I aM sO mUcH mOrE tHeN a HiReD gUn!! My MoTiVeS aNd ThE rEaSoNs bEhInD mY aCtIoNs WiLl BeCoMe KnOwN tO yOu WhEn I fEeL iT iS tImE fOr YoU tO kNoW!!! UNtIl ThEn CaLl Me.... DaEmOn!!!”


“UnTiL i ApPeAr AgAiN....”


(“Points of Authority” By Linkin Parks kicks in again as the Coliseum lights flash off and flash on as the mysterious man has vanished.)


Charlie: This has certainly intrigued me.. who was that man?!


Shannon: Obviously the attacker of Alex DeMonye from last week... But what does he have agains the UWA Co-President?!


Arnold: Forget that, Is he working for Tanner or for Malstrom?


Charlie: How can you assume either?


Arnold: Come on Charlie Brown...


Shannon: We’ll learn more about this attacker as the night goes on.. Now it’s time for our first matchup!




---Debut Match---

---“The Beast” Jaxon Hayes versus “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder---



Charlie: Two new UWA superstars ready to go!


Arnold: I dunno who to chear for? I mean by following thier indy careers.. THEY BOTH SUCK!!


Shannon: No, Arnold, you suck... alot of-


Charlies: MOVING ON!!!


(“Ratamahatta” By Sepultura hits as the crowd rises to see “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes walk out onto the ramp. He poses for the crowd but gets almost no reaction as many UWA fans have never followed “The Beast’s” Indy Career. Jaxon makes his way to the ring slapping a few hands along the way before rolling in and awaiting his opponent.)


Arnold: Nothing beats watching this rookies come in and get SQUAT of a reaction!!!


Charlie: Just.. Plain... Cruel, aren’t ya?


Arnold: I have my moments...


(“Feul” By Metallica hits as the crowd rises to thier feet to see Indy superstar, “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder walks out onto the ramp. No pyros for the “Hot Shot” yet as he gets the same treatment as any debuting superstar. The crowd does pop quite loud though as Thunder walks halfway down the ramp and raises his arms in the air.)


Charlie: “Hot Shot” got a reaction, Arnold.


Arnold: Only because these knuckle head fans got him confused with Paul Phoenix because Ace stole his entrance music!!! They also may know him from shitty garbage federations that have been polluting thier little minds! Let’s see how long the “Hot Shot” lasts here in the big leagues!


(Thunder rolls into the ring as he and Jaxon both touch knuckles before backing off into thier respective corners as the bell rings and we are underway! Both men circle and then lock up with niether man taking a clear early advantage. Jaxon tries to slip under Ace’s arm but Thunder blocks and tries to slip over Jaxon’s arm, “The Beast” wont have it though and carries his weight over and rolls over “Hot Shot’s” back and whips him into the ropes. Jaxon tries for a clothesline but Ace ducks it and quickly turns and dropkicks Jaxon in the back sending Hayes into the ropes, he stumbles backwards and Thunder takes advantage and hits a neckbreaker on the young rookie!!!)













Charlie: Very close action in the early going of this bout!


(Ace rolls to his feet and quickly pulls Hayes up and then drills him down with a hard DDT. He runs into the ropes and then drops an elbow into the chest of “The Beast”. Ace gets up fast again and  bounces off the ropes this time hitting a knee drop to the shoulder of Jaxon Hayes. The crowd is starting to come to life as Ace runs into the ropes and this time gets up to the second rope and launches a twisting corkscrew legdrop!!! He rolls his arm onto Jaxon...)


Charlie: Ace calls that move the High Voltage Splash!













Charlie: Somehow Jaxon Hayes kicked out of that amazing move by the young rookie, Ace Thunder!


Arnold: Meh! Ain’t seen nothing good yet...


Shannon: Sometimes you can be just plain dumb, you know that, Arnold?


Arnold: Am I blonde?


Shannon: I-


Arnold: That’s what I thought!


(Ace can’t believe it as he gets up and crouches down awaiting Jaxon to get up.)


Charlies: He may be looking for the Thunderstruck!!


(Jaxon gets up and Ace moves in for the Cobra Clutch to set up the Thunderstruck but “The Beast” has the move well scouted and drops down and rolls his back to get behind Ace, Jaxon springs to life and quickly rolls Ace up into an inside cradle!!!)















Charlie: Close call for the young rookie!


(Jaxon is up and awaits Ace to stand before completely leveling him with a hard high clothesline! Ace stumbles getting up and Hayes takes charge swinging Thunder around for the perfect swinging neckbreaker!!! Jaxon pulls himself to his feet and pulls “Hot Shot” up and whips him into the corner, as Ace’s head bounces hard off the corner trunbuckle! “The Beast” stays on top of his game as Ace turns around into a hard series of European Uppercuts from the ex-boxer! Jaxon backs Thunder back into the corner and continues to unload the hard body shots to the ribs of the new UWA rookie! Jaxon backs off finally and raises his arms in the air as the fans give a cheap pop.)


Arnold: Bad mistake! Never take your eyes off the prize!


(Jaxon goes to attack Ace again but Thunder responds with a HUGE flying clothesline that nearly beheads “The Beast”! The fans cheer loudly for both men as both men are down for the first time in this matchup!)


Charlie: These two are giving it thier all in thier first UWA matchup!


(Both men slowly rise to thier feet, both getting up at about the same time as they have been neck and neck the whole matchup! Jaxon lays in a right hand to Ace, Ace responds with his own right hand. Jaxon with an uppercut, Ace responds with his own uppercut! Jaxon again with the right, Ace with a right, Jaxon with a right, Ace with a right, Jaxon, Ace, Jaxon, Ace!)


Charlie: Both men laying into eachother here!


Arnold: Thier beating the piss outta eachother, I love it!


Shannon: Both of these two are earning thier UWA contracts right now!


(Jaxon gets the upper hand as his boxing skills come into play and backs Ace into the ropes hammering away on the young rookies ribs. Jaxon really takes it to Ace as he beats him around the ropes viciously!)


Charlie: I think Jaxon may need to watch out... Ace is known for using the ‘Rope-A-Dope’ in his Indy wrestling!


(Jaxon continues to wail on Ace and finally Thunder falls forward but Jaxon catches him and pulls him up and NAILS a Hate Breeds Love!!!)


Charlie: Hate Breeds Love!!! (Diamond Cutter)


(Jaxon rolls onto Ace!)

















Charlie: Ace Thunder kicked out!


(Jaxon cannot believe his new finisher didn’t put Ace out as he pounds the mat in frustration, he pulls Ace up and whips him into the ropes but “Hot Shot” catches him and pulls him up into a cradle!)

















Charlie: Jaxon rolls out of the cradle! Jaxon and Ace both up now!


(Jaxon charges at Ace but Ace slips underneath his arm and locks on a Cobra Clutch! Ace lifts Jaxon up and sweeps his feet knocking “The Beast” face first into the mat!!)


Charlie: Ace Thunder got the Thunderstruck on Jaxon!


(Ace climsb the top turnbuckle and pumps his fist in the ari before walking out onto the ring rope and FLYING THROUGH THE AIR WITH A SWANTON BOMB!!!)


Charlie: Superstardust Blast!!!


















Ding Ding Ding!


Charlie: Ace Thunder wins his debut match in UWA! But give credit to Jaxon Hayes, the young man indeed has a bright future here in the Universal Wrestling Alliance!


Shannon: Like you said, Charlie, both men put on one helluva show and they both will have great UWA careers, I’m sure of it!





---Klowning Around---



(“The Beast” Jaxon Hayes is shown in the UWA lockerroom backstage, he and Ace shake hands and seem to be joking and having a good time after thier hard fought battle. Jaxon gives them all a nod and leaves the locker room and heads on his way down a long hall. He goes to walk into his won locker-room when he is blindsided by a spear from Klown!!! Klown throws Jaxon into a pile of crates and then crouches down over him staring into his unconcious face. Klown stands and walks away as the scene fades.)



Charlie: What the hell was that about?!


Arnold: Klown was simply answering Jaxon’s open challenge! I think it’s time the newbie gets his first feud... hehehe....


Shannon: I think its time Klown stopped worrying about Jaxon Hayes and a little more about BANE!! His career could be over after tonight and facing the resurected ‘God of Pain’!


Charlie: I have to agree with Shannon on that one...


Arnold: Oh big surprise!


Charlie: Can it you two... It’s time for our next matchup!




---Debut Match---

---William Grand versus Melissa Cage---





Arnold:  I DO NOT LIKE THIS MATCH!  Someone needs to slap the bookers or something!  William Grand against Melissa?  He’s a gentleman!  Gentlemen shouldn’t be wrestling and beating woman in the ring!


Shannon:  Sexist pig!  Melissa sure as hell is up to the challenge!


Charles:  I’m not dealing with you two again.  Just get along! 


“Bow Down” by Westside Connection hits first and pounds through the arena.  The fans have a mixed reaction for the classy young athlete as he begins to stride down to the ring in his tux and his cane in his hand.  Without even looking at the fans, William Grand walks up the steps and wipes his feet off on the ring apron before getting inside.  He motions for a mic and he is given one quickly.


William Grand


“Excuse me, but can I please get some silence?  You’re being quite rude!”


The fans boo but calm down to let William speak.


“Tonight I have been forced to fight a female.  Someone whom I find quite a ‘blonde’ considering her nonsense.  What do you people think I am?  A woman beater?!  Excuse me, but I’m not into bondage like the most of you.  Women shouldn’t be wrestling anyways!  They should be behind a sink!”


The male fans laugh and cheer, but the female fans immediately boo.


Shannon:  Such disrespect!


“You didn’t let me finish.  Women should be behind the sink, working as lawyers, stopping crime, and doing as they please.  But wrestling?  Woman wrestling one another is just fine but I find it offensive that I am stuck in a professional wrestling ring in an inter-gender match!  I’m a WRESTLER and I deserve to wrestle men who have enough talent to give me a challenge.  People like Inphino, Bane, and Damien!  Men I respect for their talent!  Not Cornless Davis or Melissa Cagedancer!  I take my occupation seriously and you spit on me!  Well, I demand this match to officially be forgotten or just give me the win!”


“Elevation” by U2 starts up and Melissa Cage makes her way down to the ring dressed in her ring attire.  William shakes his head as if to say “dumb move”.  Melissa climbs onto the apron, but William walks over and…  Holds down the ropes for her.  Melissa gives him an odd stare and cautiously goes under the ropes.  Grand smiles at her and bows to be a gentleman.


Charles:  That’s pretty polite of William.


Arnold:  He’s a class act! 


Reese Florey calls for the bell.  William excuses himself and takes off his jacket, slowly unbuttoning it.  He hands it to the ring announcer.  Melissa goes in to lock up, but Grand sticks up his hand.  He takes off his watch and unties his hair, then hands that to the ring announcer as well.  William stands in the middle of the ring, straightens out his attire, and nods to Melissa.


Shannon:  Um, I thought he didn’t want to wrestle her!


Charles:  I guess he changed his mind.


Melissa runs towards Grand, but he moves out of the way, his hands behind his back.  Melissa yells at him and charges at him again, but he moves once again.  She goes for a clothesline, which Grand ducks.  She turns around and he smirks. 


Shannon:  This is ridiculous!


Melissa surprises Grand with a dropkick.  William snaps back to his feet and stares down the female athlete.  He whips her into the ropes but when she comes off on the rebound she connects with a forearm smash, sending Grand staggering back into the ropes.  She goes to clothesline him out of the ring, but he sends her over the ropes.  She drops flat on her back on the mat at ringside. 


Arnold:  You see, now he’s upset!


Grand jumps out of the ring and holds Melissa’s head to say he’s sorry.  He helps her up and takes his time checking on her.


Shannon:  I think she’s fine, what is he doing?!


Arnold:  Being a gentleman!


Charles:  Hey, they are getting counted out!  Reese Florey is almost down with the count!








William slides into the ring really quick, leaving Melissa stumped at ringside!






Shannon & Charles:  What the…?!


Arnold:  Genius!  I LOVE IT!  William Grand wins!


Melissa Cage looks shocked at ringside.  She stomps her feet yells at the ref that William distracted her.  Reese shrugs his shoulders and raises William’s hand into the air.


Charles:  That wasn’t too much of a match.


Shannon:  William is such a cheater! 


Arnold:  How is that cheating?!  He’s just that smart!  Melissa’s a blonde, remember?


Shannon:  So is William!


Arnold:  That only works for women Shannon…  EHEM!


Charles:  HUSH! 


William Grand laughs at Melissa but little does he notice, Dustin Cage is at ringside.  He slides into the ring and stands behind William.  He suddenly grabs him in a cross arm lock, then drives him down head first in a modified Edge-O-Matic!


Shannon:  CAGED UP! 


Arnold:  And you call William a cheater? 


William rolls out of the ring holding his head.  Dustin leans against the ropes and yells at William for screwing over his sister.  Grand gets to his feet but Dustin leaps off of the ropes and hits a summersault plancha!


Charles:  JUMPING JUPITER!  What a move!


Dustin gets to his feet and looks down at William, who crawls over to the commentator’s desk.  Cage walks over to his sister and says don’t worry about it.  The two walk off, keeping a close eye on William, who by now is irate.  He grabs his cane and slides into the ring.  He yells at Dustin, pointing the cane at him.


Arnold:  Dustin is going to get his!


Shannon:  But William is left in their dust!


Charles:  Seems like something’s cooking here!  We’ll be right back!







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(Mario Sanchez is shown backstage standing alonsige Zander Frost who is all done up in his super hero outfit with a confident smile on his face.)


Mario: Zander, how do you feel about your big match tonight?


Zander: I feel super, Mario! Just super! I mean, sure... Magnum Steele is the special geust referee... I may have no chance in hell... But it’s still a chance for me to go out and show the Universal Wrestling Alliance fans!!! (Cheap pop) Just what Zander Frost can do!


Mario: You do realize your probobly about to be killed...


Zander: Well...


Mario: I mean, this is Magnum Steele as a special geust ref!!! Chances are your going to be torn apart, limb by limb, heart beat for heart beat... It may be your last!


(Zander looks at Mario with a “shut up” expression.)


Zander: Listen... You hear that Mario?!


Mario: No? What the hell are you talking about?!


Zander: I hear it... I hear the call....


Mario: There ain’t any noice, Zander? What the hell are you talking about?!


(Zander is getting frustrated with Mario now.)


Zander: Well since you can’t go along and make this skit any good... I’ve only got one last thing to say... It’s Zander Time Baby!!!


(The fans pop as Zander heads off as the scene fades with Mario giving a confused shake of his head.)



---Announcers Table---


Charlie: Ya gotta love that Zander!


Arnold: No you dont... And no I dont!


Charlie: None the less... Zander Frost versus Jeff Jones is next!


Arnold: Let’s not forget the ‘small’ addition as Magnum Steele as special geust ref!




---Special Geust Referee: Magnum Steele---

---Jeff Jones versus Zander Frost---



The lights cut out as a spotlight hits the entrance.  “Boom” by P.O.D erupts throughout the arena as Zander Frost makes his way down the ramp giving high fives to the crowd.  He slides into the ring and runs up to the top turnbuckle to a huge pop from the crowd.  He jumps down and runs across the ring and up to the other turnbuckle for another huge pop from the crowd.


Shannon: He’s sorta cute.  That mask makes him, kinda mysterious.


Arnold: Give it up Shannon.  He wouldn’t give you the time of day.


Charlie: Are you sure you’re not thinking about the ladies and you?


Arnold: Eat me Charlie.


The lights around the arena flicker on and off as “World’s Most Dangerous” by Ja Rule hits the arena speakers.  Jeff Jones sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring and goes right for Zander with a double leg take down.


Shannon: Magnum Steele isn’t even out here yet.


Arnold: Who cares!  Zander can’t win this match anyways with two SLWA members out there.  Hell he couldn’t win with no SLWA members out there.


Charlie: You heard Magnum last night.  He said he would call this match down the line.


Arnold: Cram it Charlie.


Jeff mounts his opponent and pummels him with rights and lefts as the lights flicker on and off and “Regulators” by Nate Dogg and Warren G hit the speakers.  Magnum Steele walks down the ramp dressed in a referees outfit.  He climbs into the ring and calls for the bell to start the match.


Arnold: Here we go!


Jeff pulls Zander up by his hair and whips him into the corner.  He follows in and stomps away on Zander.  Magnum walks into the corner and gets in between the two men to break them up.


Arnold: What the hell?


Shannon: He’s calling it down the line?


Charlie: Interesting.


Jeff gets in the face of Zander and begins to yell at him about it but Magnum gets right back in his face to argue the fact.  Zander runs up behind the distracted Jeff and rolls him up into a pinning combination.






Jeff kicks out at the last second to the dismay of the crowd.


Arnold: What is Magnum doing??


Zander lifts up Jeff and whips him into the ropes.  On his return he receives a closeline that almost knocks his head off.  He goes for the cover and hooks both legs.






Jeff kicks out once again but Zander covers him again and hooks the leg.






Arnold: He got out again.  Magnum play the game right.


Shannon: I think he is Arnold.


Arnold: Cram it blonde.


Zander pulls Jeff up only to receive a low blow that drops the UWA superhero.  Magnum warns Jeff about it who just ignores him and stomps mercilessly on the downed Zander.  Jeff pulls Zander up by the hair and takes him back down with a snap mare.  He hits the ropes and then hits a snap leg drop on his return into a pin.






Shannon: He’s calling the match pretty evenly.


Charlie: I’m impressed.


Jeff whips Zander into the corner and follows him in with a closeline that sends both men over the top and to the outside.  Jeff gets to his feet first and begins to look under the ring for something.  He pulls out a long ladder and slides it back into the ring before throwing Zander inside the ring.


Charlie: This isn’t a ladder match.


Arnold: It is if Jeff wants it to be.


Jeff climbs up to the top turnbuckle and waits for Zander to get to his feet.  As he does Jeff takes to the air and levels him with a flying cross body that lands the two men on the ladder with a thud.  Jeff makes the cover and hooks the leg.






Zander rolls the shoulder to a huge pop from the crowd.  Jeff gets to his feet and stands the ladder up in the corner.  He pulls Zander up and pushes him into the opposite corner.  He whips him towards the ladder but before he makes contact he runs up it and flips backwards nailing Jeff with a twisting missile dropkick.  He gets back to his feet and climbs up the ladder to the very top.  He leaps off and lands on the downed Jeff with a Moonsault.  He makes the cover and hooks both legs.






Before Magnum can hit three Jeff rolls the shoulder.  Zander rolls back on his heels and places his head in his hands.  He pulls Jeff up by his hair and places him on the ladder.  Zander charges in and spears Jeff into the ladder with so much force the ladder bends inwards.  Jeff hits the mat in pain as Zander makes the cover.






Magnum stands up before hitting the three count and grabs his arm in pain as he leans up against the corner.  Zander jumps up and places his hands on his hips before getting in Magnums face with his finger.  Magnum looks at the smaller man with a look of wonder.


Arnold: Big mistake superhero.


Shannon: Zander don’t do it.  Your to cute to be hurt.


Arnold: Squash him Magnum!


Magnum wraps his huge hand around the throat of Zander and throws him into the ladder.  He charges in and delivers a back elbow into the face of Zander than slams him into the ladder harder.  Zander stumbles out only to be kicked in the midsection and lifted into the air.  Magnum spins around several times before slamming Zander down with his finisher the “213”.


Charlie: That’s it!


Shannon: Poor Zander.


Arnold: Brilliant!


Shannon: Speaking of brilliant.


Billy the Brilliant comes storming down the ramp full force with a chair in his hand.  Magnum turns around just in time to receive a steel chair to the face.  He looks at the dented chair and smirks before punching the chair back into Billy’s face.  Magnum pulls up Billy into a powerbomb position and spins around several times before slamming him down on Zander. 


Arnold: Brilliant!


Shannon: Poor Zander and Billy.


Charlie: I feel for Zander the most.


Arnold: (laughing) I don’t.


Magnum rolls out of the ring as “Regulator” kicks back in.  Magnum walks up the ramp and disappears into the back leaving a ring of carnage behind him.


Shannon: He left Jeff high and dry in that ring.


Arnold: I’m sure it was a slip up on his part, happens all the time.


Charlie: Sure it does.



---Taped Earlier---



(A security tape is played of the box office’s of the UWA Coliseum, “Daemon”, DeMonye’s attacker is shown walking the halls. He turns and stops and knocks on a door, he seems to be waiting for a responce before stopping and looking up to see the security camera. He turns and quickly disappears down the hall before the door opens and out walks CEO Fred Malstrom!!! Malstrom looks down the hall turns looks at his watch and then disappears inside his box office.)


Arnold: ARGH! It is him!


Charlie: You don’t know that... Things aren’t always that black and white Arnold...


Arnold: Cram it Charlie Brown... Sometimes things are black and white!


Shannon: Would you two stop it!






(Zander Frost is shown walking backstage with Billy “The Brilliant”. The two are quickly blindsided by the whole SLWA!!! Magnum lifts Zander up and drives him full force into the cement wall as UWA’s resident super hero falls hard to the floor gripping his lower back! Jeff, Earl and Cornell all triple team Billy, Jeff whips “The Brilliant One” straight into a hard chair shot from Davison!!! The four SLWA members gloat over the two Synergists, Jeff, Earl and Cornell walks off slapping eachother on the back as Magnum remains and stares down at the young superstars... He leans close to Zander and whispers something inaudible into his ear before the scene fades out.)








High Voltage Productions


In Association With:



Universal Wrestling Alliance





Perfect Dark

“Simply.... Perfect.”


Coming To The Toronto Skydome In December!


---Debut Match---

---Dustin Cage verus Nathaniel “Mr. Entertainment” Davis---



Charlie: The next match should be an instant classic as GZW’s Nathaniel Davis takes on the UWA rookie, Dustin Cage!


Arnold: I don’t either Charlie Brown... Davis has always been here for the ‘fans’ why someone would wanna do something that stupid is beyond me?!


Shannon: How sweet, Arny!


Arnold: Don’t call me Arny, Blonde!


Shannon: Hehehe....


(“Bad to the Bone” By George Thorogood and The Destroyers breaks the silence and the crowd pops loudly as Nathaniel Davis walks out onto the ramp. A loud PeaceKeepers and Franchise! Chants begin to pop up as Davis soaks it all up and eventually makes his way to the ring and rolls in. “Mr. Entertainement” pulls on the ring ropes and gets ready for his first UWA match as the music stops.)


Arnold: Bah!


(“Elevation” By U2 hits as the crowd pops again for Dustin Cage as he walks out onto the ramp, Dustin high  fives the crowd as he makes his way down the UWA rampway.)


Charlie: Dustin Cage is being highly looked upon as a major player in UWA’s future! Sometimes, I wonder if all these young men know exactly how big a chance they have sitting in front of them?!


Shannon: Indeed, this is the time for the true stars to step up and above the rest!


(Dustin gets halfway down the ramp when a boo from the crowd signals the cameras to turn back to the entrance as the UWA Intercontinental Champion, Damien ArkAngel walks out onto the ramp! Damien taunts the capacity crowd with his championship before reaching for a microphone.)




“Listen up!!! Yea, I’m talking to you junior, and you old man....”


(The crowd boos heavily.)




“Yea, all of YOU can listen up to!!! I decided to come out here not because I have to... Not because I needed to... No, I came out here because I WANTED to! I’m the UWA Intercontinental Champion, and I’m going to do something I shouldn’t do... But that i’m going to anyways....”


Charlie: Whats he going on about?!




“I’m going to be nice... And defend MY Intercontinental Championship against BOTH of you right here tonight!”


(This gets a big cheer from the UWA crowd.)


Charlie: Damien is going to defend his title now?! But he defens later tonight against Duriel?!


Arnold: He can defend whenever he wants, Charlie Brown! He’s the Fighting Force of UWA!




“But before we get to that... I’d just to like formally welcome, Nathaniel Davis (crowd pops) to UWA! Welcome, really... It just gives me a chance to not only beat your old decrepit ass in GZW but here in UWA as well!!!”


(The crowd boos as Dustin rolls into the ring and stands side by side with Davis.)




“And you, junior... (points at Dustin) Pick your friends wisely! But more importantly... Pick your enemies more wisely... You stand next to that man, and you won’t go ANYWHERE HERE!!! Here’s your chance, Dustin, step away from Nathaniel Davis! He doesn’t belong here anyways! Show these fans, the people backstage and the fellow wrestlers... Just where you stand!!!!”


(Dustin looks over at Nathaniel and begins to back away as the fans boo loudly.)


Charlie: Oh, I dont believe this!


(Dustin backs away from Nathaniel and walks up the ramp and stands next to Damien, he looks back at Nathaniel and THEN LEVELS DAMIEN WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! The crowd erupts as Dustin stomps away at the UWA Intercontinental Champion!!! But those cheers soon turn to boos as William Grand runs from the back and smacks Dustin with his cane!!!)


Arnold: Woo Hoo!!! All hell has borken loose!


(William sneers and then tasers Dustin as the young rookie falls to his stomache!!! William looks up just in time to see Nathaniel Davis’s fist connect with his jaw as Grand stumbles backwards! Davis whips Grand into the Universal-Tron as Damien has gotten up and with a run connects with a title shot to the back of Nathaniel Davis’s skull!!! William takes this oppurtunity to stomp away on “Mr. Entertainment” as Damien stomps on Dustin! William rolls Davis to the side of the ramp and very delicately pushes him off the side, sending Davis to the hard cement floor below with a thud... Damien and William pick Dustin up and both lift him and then NAIL a Double Powerbomb straight into the steel rampway on the young rookie!!!)


Charlie: This is disgraceful!


Arnold: This is life... Get used to it!


(Damien grabs his Intercontinetal Championship and puts one foot ontop of Dustin, mockingly pinning the young rookie.)


Arnold: 1!!! 2!!! 3!!!! A succesful defense for Damien ArkAngel!


(William gives one last look at Davis on the cement floor before heading to the back quickly followed by Damien Ark Angel.)


Charlie: William and Damien may of gotten a good laugh here tonight over Dustin and Nathaniel, but they will be hell to pay, I promise you that!




---Up To Something---



(Co-President Alex DeMonye is shown backstage talking on his cell phone as the scene fades in. The Co-President looks a little nervous but Paul Phoenix stands nearbye overlooking his boss and friend from any more attacks.)


DeMonye: Yes, listen is everything good to go for tonight?




DeMonye: Very good, the ring crew knew what to do then? I don’t want any mishaps!




DeMonye: Perfect, things will heat up just as I promised!


(DeMonye clicks the cell phone off and turns to Paul.)


DeMonye: We need to find this attacker... Neutralize him.. Permenantly! That footage of him outside Fred’s door only makes it a bit clearer who he’s working for, the bullshit he spouted tonight makes no sense to me at all? This masked coward has some sort of personal agenda against me?! I’ll show that chicken shit... That if he plays my game.. He’ll die my way!


(DeMonye walks off down the hall as Paul closely follows.)



---Announcers Table---



Charlie: DeMonye very cautious tonight, and with good reason!


Arnold: This attacker has got me puzzled...


Shannon: The personal vendetta is what has me thrown off? Someone from Alex’s past?


Charlie: I’m sure we’ll learn more as the night goes on.. but for now it’s time for Klown to take on the “God of Pain”, Bane!


Arnold: Bane has revamped big time since his last stay in GZW! He’s come into his own as the monster!


Charlie: Tonight he takes on a different kind of foe though... A sick one!


Shannon: Very sick...


Arnold: I think Klown’s just hyped up on crack if you ask me!



---Falls Count Anywhere Match---

---Klown versus Bane---



(The sound of pigs being butchered is heard throughout the arena as Klown walks out onto the ramp. The fans don’t know wether to boo or cheer this freak so they sit oddly silent. Klown walks out into the entranceway and stares out into the sea of people.)


Arnold: It’s the FREAKSHOW!!!


(Klown begins to walk down the ramp when the crowd erupts in boos and some cheers as well, as Bane storms out onto the ramp with a steel chair in hand, he SMASHES the steel chair over Klown’s head from behind!!! Klown drops to the steel rampway hard!!! Referee Flash Jefferey calls for the bell as this Falls Count Anywhere match is underway!!!)


Charlie: Bane is going to make short work of Klown with that steel chair in hand!


(Bane indeed uses the chair as a deadly weapon, Bane brings the chairs up high above his hea and waits for Klown to get to one knee before drilling it across his back, denting the chair greatly as Klown collapses again!!! Bane waists no time though as he drops the chair onto the ramp and picks Klown up with one hand!!!)


Shannon: Look at the power of Bane!!!


(Bane lifts Klown up and plants him with a modified Implosion RIGHT ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!!!! The crowd chants “Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” as Bane drops for the lateral press...)


















Charlie: Bane got up? Why did he do that?!


Arnold: He’s sending a message to Seven and all others who want to step up to him!


Shannon: What message might that be?


Arnold: Watch this and you may get the idea, Blonde!


(Bane lifts Klown up above his head and holds him thier, he turns and THROWS KLOWN STRAIGHT THROUGH THE UNIVERSAL-TRON SCREEN!!!! The glass shatters everywhere as the crowd chants “UWA! UWA!”)


Charlie: My GOD!!!




Shannon: Bane just sacrificed Klown!


(The crowd is still in a frenzy as Bane disappears behind the curtains as the camera crew and Referee Flash Jefferey follow the self proclaimed, ‘God of Pain’! The camera finally finds Klown, cut up badly in his own blood and glass shattered beneath him, Bane drops and makes the cover....)


















Ding! Ding! Ding!


Charlie: And it’s over... God, give it to Klown, he took a hell of a lot of punishment... but this match was ALL Bane!


Arnold: He’s out for that Universal Heavyweight Championship, Charlie Brown! And there ain’t gonna be no one to stop him!





Brought To You By CCW:



Arkadian Enterprise™ Presents:


“GroundZero Wrestling 2K1’s return to the Land of the Rising Sun”

Fallout: Zero Defects

Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall, Makuhari Event Hall in Makuhari New City, Japan


Coming in early November





---Cruiserweight Title Tag Match---

---SLWA (Earl Davison and Cornell Davis) versus Blake “Turbo” Dyhart and Billy “The Brilliant---



Shannon: Now this match should prove to be interesting.


Arnold: Yes it should.  For the simple reason because the SLWA can work as a team and could care less who wins the title but can the same be said about Billy and Blake?  One word, no!


Charles: I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


The lights cut off except for a large spotlight that hits the stage area of the ramp.  “It’s Goin’ Down” by the X-Ecutioners rumbles the arena.  Blake and Billy come out together and dart down the ramp hitting low fives with the crowd.  They both slide into the ring and climb up opposite corners as the crowd cheers both men.


Arnold: Suck ups!


The music cuts out as does the lights.  The lights flicker on and off this time to the beat of “They Ain’t Ready” by Jadakiss and Bubba Sparxxx.  Cornell Davis and Earl Davison dart down the ramp and slide into the ring.  Cornell goes straight for Billy as Earl goes after Blake.


Arnold: Let the bodies hit the floor!


As if no cue to that statement Blake and Billy are both thrown over the top rope and land on the mat outside with force at the same time.  Both Cornell and Earl slingshot themselves over the top rope and land on wipe out the two men outside.  Earl rolls Blake back into the ring to start off the match.


Shannon: Now we get to see who the man is.


Arnold: (straightening his tie) Me!


Shannon: Ha, Ha, Ha!


Earl pounds away on the back of the downed Black before pulling him to his feet and whipping him into the corner.  He charges in and levels Blake with a closeline before tagging in Cornell.  Cornell pulls back on the top rope and shoots himself over the top rope and levels Blake with a slingshot spear.  He makes the cover and hooks both legs and a handful of tights.






Charles: Blake reversed the pin and has a handful of tights himself.






Earl steps into the ring and stomps on the back of Blake’s head to break the count.  The referee gets in his face and tells him to get out of the ring giving Cornell time to get to his feet and deliver a low blow to the downed Blake.  Cornell pulls Blake up and places him on his shoulders.  He walks to the center of the ring before dropping him down hard with a Death Valley Driver that rattles the ring.  Cornell runs across the ring and climbs to the top rope.  He squats low before launching himself across the ring with a flying head butt than nails Blake squarely in the face.


Arnold: I guess Blake will have to make the rest of his teeth gold after that shot.


Cornell drags himself over and makes the cover without hooking the leg.






Billy climbs into the ring and brakes up the count before the ref can hit three.  The ref jumps up and gets in Billy’s face telling him to get out of the ring and wait for a tag.  Earl climbs into the ring allowing Cornell to climb out without a tag.


Shannon: That was deliberate cheating by the SLWA!


Arnold: Do what?  That was a legal tag.  Didn’t you see it?


The ref asks Cornell if there was a tag and he says there was.


Charles: Like he’s gonna lie.


Earl delivers several clubbing forearm shots to the lower back of Blake that drops the young man to the ground in a heap.  Earl makes the cover and hooks the far leg.






Blake rolls the shoulder at the last second to the delight of the crowd.  Earl pulls Blake up by his dreadlocks and hauls him over to the corner where he tags in Cornell.  Cornell comes in and goes for a right hand to the face but Blake ducks it and sneaks behind Cornell to drop him with a release german suplex.  Earl goes for a right hand of his own but Blake climbs between his legs and darts across the ring to tag in the anxious Billy.


Shannon: Here we go boys!


Arnold: Big whoop.  Can I get a hot dog over here!?!?!


Billy runs in and levels Earl with a closeline then Cornell.  He goes back to the now standing Cornell and whips him into the corner.  He charges in and levels him with a closeline that causes him to come crashing out of corner and face first onto the mat.  He turns around and grabs Earl and whips him into the same corner.  He charges in and leaps off the back of Cornell and levels him with a flying forearm smash that knocks him over the turnbuckle to the outside. 


Shannon: Billy is on a roll here.


Arnold: Can a man not get a hot dog over here?!?!?!


Charles: Cram it Arnold.


Billy pulls Cornell up but receives a low blow for his troubles that drops the man to one knee.  Cornell rolls him up in a small package and grabs a fistful of tights.






Blake charges in and nails Cornell with an elbow to the back of the head giving Billy the chance to reverse the small package into a pinning combination of his own.




Earl dives into the ring but Blake stops him with a knee to the head that drives his face into the mat.




Arnold: Kick out Cornell!




“We Will Rock You” by Queen begins to play as Billy is handed the LH Title.  He cradles it like a small child as he slides out of the ring and jumps over the guard rail to celebrate with the fans in attendance.  Cornell sits up and slams his fist on the mat in frustration several times before getting to his feet.  Blake stands up and prepares to leave the ring but Cornell jumps him from behind with a pair of brass knuckles he had in his trunks that knocks him out of the ring.  Earl and Cornell stomp on him a couple of times before leaving the ring to the boos of the crowd.


Shannon: That was uncalled for.


Arnold: Yea but it was sure fun to watch.


Charles: Why must I work with you week in and week out?



---UWA Intercontinental Championship Match---

---Duriel versus “Fighting Force” Damien ArkAngel---



Charlie: This should be good... Both men have tremendous talent!


Arnold: Bets on Damien, Charlie Brown!


Shannon: Always with the gambling...


(“Bad Religeon” By Godsmack hits as the crowd cheers for Duriel as he walks out onto the rampway, the self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Pain’ raises his arms as fireworks shoot out behind him into the air! Duriel walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring, awaiting his opponent. He bounces off the ropes a few times and climbs one turnbuckle as the crowd pops loudly.)


Arnold: Notice how Duriel calls himself ‘The Prince of Pain’, yet Bane calls himself ‘The God of Pain’? Any relation there Charlie Brown?


Charlie: Not that I know of... I’m sure in time though both men will get to see who is the true top man of Pain in UWA’s future...


Shannon: Personally, I think Duriel should be worrying about a certain “Berserker” before he tries to tango with Bane...


(“Forest” By System of a Down hits as the crowd erupts in boos as the words “Fighting Force” appear on the Zero-Tron quickly followed by pyros hitting the rampway as the UWA Intercontinental Champion, Damien ArkAngel walks out onto the ramp to a chorus of loud boos from the UWA fans.)


Arnold: I think these fans should show Damien some respect... He is by the way the first UWA star to crossover to GZW and show those pizza heads what the future stars of CCW are made of!


Charlie: Damien risks alot by this move of competing in GZW.. Let’s hope he can pull it off!


(Damien rolls into the ring and holds his title in the air as the crowd boos loudly. He walks to the other side of the ring and does the same and gets the same reaction. Duriel shakes his head at the IC Champ and walks in front of him and levels him back with a hard RIGHT HAND!!!)


Charlie: Duriel waisting no time here!


(Duriel whips Damien into the ropes and connects with a high elevation flapjack! Damien rolls off his back quickly and to his feet only to be knocked down with a hard clothesline from Duriel! Damien gets up quick again and this time Duriel burries the IC Champ into the mat with a HARD spinebuster!!!)


Charlie: Early advantage goes to Duriel!


Shannon: He’s not looking to bad out there...


(The ‘Prince of Pain’ quickly stays on the ball and pulls Damien up only to drill him back to the mat with a picture perfect belly-to-belly suplex!!! Duriel, slowing the pace of the match down, pulls Damien up yet again, he locks him up for another belly-to-belly, but Damien hooks his left leg around Duriel’s and drops him to his back!!! Damien quickly moves int position and locks on a Figure Four Leg Lock!!!)


Arnold: Woo Hoo!


Charlie: A move that is time tested to work! Damien has got some wrestling skill, theres no denying that!


(Damien pulls himself to the ropes as Duriel screams out in pain! Referee Flash Jefferey asks if Duriel will submit, but he won’t do it. Damien reaches up to the top rope and pulls himself up putting even more pressure on Duriel leg!!! Duriel points to the ropes and tries to get Flash to look, but everytime the ref turns, Damien lets the ropes go!!! Damien pulls himself up again as the fans star to chant “Prince of Pain! Prince of Pain!” as Duriel digs deep and pulls himself and Damien out into the center of the ring. Duriel tries to counter the move by turning to his stomache but Damien sees this and pulls out of the Figure Four quickly and stands up stomping away on Duriel’s knees!)


Charlie: That Damien is smart... He knew the counter was coming!


(Damien pulls Duriel up to his feet and bounces him into the ropes and looks for the Trigger Bomb but Duriel has it scouted and slides behind Damien and rolls him up for a pin!!!)















(Damien rolls out of the bridge and into one of his own!)
















(Duriel rolls out this time and right back into a pin on Damien!!!)


















(Damien powers out of the cradle and pushes Duriel off, Damien snaps up quickly and blocks a left hand from Duriel, Damien blocks a right and fires back with one of his own to the chin on Duriel! Duriel backs up to the ropes as Damien hammers way on him, Duriel falls backwards but uses the ropes as momentum and connects with a spear on ‘The Fighting Force’!!! Duriel pounds away on the top of Damien’s head as the crowd counts along with it!!)














(Referee Flash Jefferey pulls Duriel off of Damien, Duriel waists little time though as he bounces off the ropes and connects with a high knee (ala HHH) straight to Damiens face!!! Duriel keeps on the ball yet again and this time rolls Damien over into a Boston Crab!!!)


Charlie: Another time tested submission move!


Arnold: That can’t stop the Fighting Force!


(Duriel reals back hard on Damien’s leg as the IC Champ cries out in pain but will not submit. Duriel tries to break him down by apparently jumping while holding onto the manuever!!!)


Arnold: That’ll break Damien back!!! Ref, he cant do that!!!


(Damien cries out as the crowd pops loudly.)


Shannon: Damien’s IC Title reign may be over right here!!!


(Damien raises his hand and looks like he’s about to submit but instead reaches back and grabs Duriel’s left leg and pulls it out from underneath him, dropping the ‘Prince of Pain’ hard nose first into the mat!!!)


Arnold: What heads up thinking from the IC Champ!


(Damien pulls himself up on the ropes and limps across the ring to where Duriel is just pulling himself up, Damien boots Duriel right in the side of the head and then pulls him up and flips him over hard with a snap suplex! Damien slowly gets up again and pulls Duriel to his feet and once again snaps him backwards with a snap suplex! Damien pulls himself up a third time and this time await for Duriel to pull himself up, he finally does and turns around to a boot the left leg and then a big impact, Gutwrench Powerbomb!!!)


Charlie: That could be it!!!
















Arnold: What a slow count?! This hill billy ref should go back to the boonies!


(Damien snaps up and stares down Flash Jefferey, but the referee stands his ground and tells Damien it is indeed a two count! Duriel takes this oppurtunity and sneaks up behind Damien and rolls himup!!!)


















(Damien reverses the hold  and looks to go for a cradle but stands up and catapults Duriel across the ring right into the ring ropes!!! Duriel’s neck snaps back as Damien crouches and looks for the Trigger Bomb once again!)


Arnold: It’s soon to be over but the crying!!


(Duriel pulls himself up but as Damien goes in for the kill, Duriel pulls the bottom rope down and sends the IC Champ over the top and to the floor on the outside! Duriel rolls out after him and kicks Damien in the ribs, sending the “Fighting Force” into the ringside barrier with a loud thud! The fans all pat Duriel on the back as he reaches down and pulls Damien to his feet, Duriel takes a quick look around and then whips Damien straight into the ring steps, sending the steps and Damien crashing!!!)


Arnold: DQ!!! DQ’ed right there I tell ya!!!


Charlie: You wouldn’t be spouting that if it was Damien doing now would you?


Arnold: Don’t tell me what I’d be spouting and when!


Shannon: Boys, don’t make me get a stick...


(Duriel picks Damien up and rolls him into the ring as Flash’s count was at 7... Duriel stalks the reeling “Fighting Force” around the ring as Damien trips and falls to his back, he puts his hands up as if to say ‘have mercy’, and Duriel stops and thinks for a second.. JUST LONG  ENOUGH FOR DAMIEN TO KICK HIM IN THE NUTS!!!!)


Charlie: Now theres your DQ!


Arnold: Old Hill-Billy didn’t see anything!


(Duriel bends forward and Damien gets to his feet and hooks Duriel up and gives the crowd the finger to a chorus of boos before nailing...)


Charlie: Trigger Bomb (Test Diving Powerbomb), Damien got it!























Arnold: Woo Hooo! A succesful defense for UWA’s Fighting Force!


Charlie: Damien had to cheat to win, Arnold, you know that?


Arnold: I didn’t see any cheating?


Shannon: Damien kicked Duriel square in the family jewels!!!


Arnold: I saw Duriel strictly RUN into Damien’s foot... Not Damien’s fault in the least!


Shannon+Charlie: Oh my god....


(“Forest” By System of a Down hits again as the crowd boos loudly as Damien taunts his IC Championship on the top turnbuckle, the “Fighting Force” makes his way up the ramp backwards looking with a cocky smirk at Duriel as he is just pulling himself to his feet. Damien motions to the IC Title still strapped around his waist and smiles cockily at Duriel as the fans boo.)


Charlie: Damien ArkAngel WILL get his someday!


(Damien disappears into the back and the camera focuses on Duriel in the ring, the “Prince of Pain” bends to leave the ring but a loud boo from the crowd signals the cameras and out of the crowd runs “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix!!! Phoenix drills Duriel in the back of the head with a steel chair he is carying as Duriel falls from the ring to the floor below, Phoenix drills him with the chair once again as the crowd boos loudly.... Paul lifts Duriel’s face from the mat and smirks and you can see him mouth the words... ‘Theres Lesson Two!’ before dropping Duriel’s face back down and raising the steel chair in the air to a loud amount of boos before the show goes to the back!)




---Chase is On---



(UWA Security is shown running through the back in chase of a masked man!!!)


Charlie: They’re after “Daemon”, DeMonye’s attacker!


(Security chases ‘Daemon’ into the underground parking lot as the masked man quickly runs and jumps into a limousine and slams the door! Secuurity tries to stop the vehicle but the limousine squeels out of the underground parking lot as security just stares at it drive off.)


Arnold: Looks like he got away afterall?


Shannon: I still have no clue who that is?!


(Security all seem to back off making a little space as the crowd half pops half boos loudly as for the first time on Vortex, Vice-President SETH RICHARDS walks out into the security.)




“DeMonye wants that man... You cheap little pigs didn’t get the job done... So... YOUR ALL FIRED!!! Get the fuck out of this building... now!”


(Seth walks off as the security team looks stunned at this announcement.)







(Darkness is shown as the scene fades in to what seesm to be an empty locker room, a TV plays in the corner of Vortex which irnonically is showing the room where the TV sits!! A flash of orange lightens another corner as the ‘God of Pain’, Bane is shown sitting in the corner flicking a lighter on and off staring intently at the flame as the scene fades back to the announcers table.)





---Main Event: Cage Match (Winner Must Escape From Cage)---

---“The Dark Angel” Seven versus Inphino---





Charlie: What was that all about?!


Arnold: Bane is obviously watching the competition, Charlie Brown!


Shannon: You see him staring at that Zippo lighter?! Wierd...


(The fans cheers loudly as the lights in the Coliseum go out and then spotlights hit the cage above the ring. The fans cheer as the cage begins to lower and ring crew walks down the rampway. The cage gets about halfway down when “Stupify” By Disturbed hits as the fans cheer slightly as “The Dark Angel” Seven walks down the rampway. Seven slides into the ring and flexes as the crowd pops.)


Arnold: How can people cheer for this bumb?!


Charlie: People are starting to respect what Seven can do! He went through hell last Vortex with that greuling 2/3 Falls Match and now he’s being sent into a Steel Cage!


Shannon: It’s two Main Events in a row for Seven, wether that be good for him or not?!


(The cage stops just above Seven’s head as the “Dark Angel” stares up around him at the solid steel cage which he’s about to be imprisoned in. The fans fall silent but a loud crash of fireworks and pyro awakens them yet again as “Jesus Christ Pose” By Soundgarden hits and Inphino walks out onto the rampway!)


Arnold: Inphino impresses me...


Shannon: I still refuse to cheer for a murderer!


Charlie: Rumours have been flying rampant about how ‘Bob’ may not even be dead... But no proff has been brought forward by the UWA executives as of yet?


Arnold: I’ll pick Inphino over Seven in this one...


(Inphino makes his way to the ring and looks up on the outside at the steel cage hanging over the ring. He then looks at Seven in the ring, who taunts him to ‘come get some’. Inphino shakes his head mockingly before sliding into the ring and the two men stand face to face as the cage lowers the rest of the way and the ring crew chains it down and chains the door shut.)


Charlie: Let’s see how this one unfolds!


(The fans cheer as Inphino and Seven face off.... Inphino and Seven both raise thier hands to swing, but “______” By _____ hits and both men stop short! The fans boo loudly as Bane walks out onto the ramp still flicking the lighter he holds.)


Shannon: What is he doing out here?


Arnold: I told you scouting...


(Bane stops halfway down the rampway and stares at both Seven and then to Inphino. Seven walks to the ropes and tells Bane to bring it on, flipping the big man off. Bane just smiles back as Inphino looks about sensing something is wrong.)


Charlie: What’s going on?


(Inphino makes a dash for the cage as the fans cheer and Seven turns and charges at Inphino trying to get out of the cage and win this one early! Bane smiles on the rampway at the scene before him. Seven catches Inphino halfway up the cage and drills him hard into the mat with a powerbomb that shakes the ring and cage! Inphino gets up quickly though and as Seven tries for a big boot, Inphino slides underneath and twists Seven’s leg hard, wrenching the 7 footer up and over Inphino the mat with a unique Single Leg Takedown!)


Charlie: What a manuever by Inphino!


(The crowd pops loudly as Inphino scales the top turnbuckle he tries to grab the top of the cage but his hands slip?! He runs his hands over the cage and then wipes them off on his wrestling gear.)


Shannon: Inphino’s hands are to slippery!


(Inphino turns and shakes his head not quite knowing why the bars of the cage are so slippery and turns just in time to see Seven stand up, he launches himself in the air and connects with a Missile Dropkick!!!! The fans cheer though as it doesn’t send Seven over, in fact, Seven CATCHES INPHINO’S FEET AND THROWS HIM INTO THE SIDE OF THE CAGE!!!)


Charlie: Seven just LAUNCHED Inphino! He threw him like a toy?!


Arnold: Well... I geuss that was... OK.


(Seven stalks Inphino but turns and tries to climb the cage himself, he gets halfway up but his hands slip off and he falls back down to his feet. Seven looks confused and turns and immidiately looks at Bane who smiles back.)


Charlie: What’s going on?!


(Inphino sweeps Seven’s feet out from underhim as Seven looks at Bane, Inphino quickly runs and flys backwards off the top rope of the ring and lands a legdrop right onto the neck of “The Dark Angel”! Inphino quickly bounces off the ropes himself and slides connecting with a baseball slide dropkick to the side of Seven’s face! Inphino looks up and tries to climb the cage once again but stops and looks as Bane is standing right in front of the cage now...)


Charlie: What’s this about?!


(“Points of Authority” By Linkin Park hits as the crowd boos loudly and Seven pulls himself up as he and Inphino look from the ramp back to Bane back to the ramp where the UWA Co-President Alex DeMonye walks out alone this time. He has a microphone in hand and a smile on his face.)


Charlie: Now what?!


Arnold: Let the man speak, Charlie Brown!


Shannon: Shhh!




“Inphino... Seven... I told you both last week that I’d take out two ‘cats with one lemon’ as you so oddly put it, Murderer. And I’m here to go good on my promise... Light em up, Bane!”




Arnold: Genius!!! DeMonye told them it was coming! All the little comments about how things would ‘heat up’, and Bane with the lighter... Genius!


Charlie: MY GOD! Seven and Inphino are trapped inside that burning Steel cage!!!


Shannon: Niether can climb out... So this match will end in a No Contest!!!!


Charlie: Somebody help these two men!


(Bane sneers wickedly as Seven and Inphino are seen inside the burning cage, Inphino tries kicking at the locked door but it won’t budge! Seven points at Bane and yells ‘I’m gonna LIGHT YOU UP!!!’ as Bane just smiles back and shakes his head. On the ramp Alex DeMonye smiles happily at this plan gone literally ‘up in flames’. DeMonye raises the microphone to his lips once again but is cut short as he is brought down by a steel chair to the back of the head!!!!)


Arnold: That attacker!! ‘Daemon’ is still here!!!


(‘Daemon’ looks down at DeMonye who is holding the back of his head, the masked attacker raises the chair once again and swings it down hard on the Co-President’s back! Dropping DeMonye out cold!!! Bane runs up the ramp as the attack takes off into the darkness!)


Charlie: I cant believe this?! Inphino and Seven trapped inside a burning cage! Bane obviously getting a one up on both men! And DeMonye’s attacker strikes again, right when Alex was on top of the world?! We’re out of time folks! What a night!


(The show closes with Bane checking on his boss as the cage still burns around the ring!)





Voltage Writings 2002

(Matches #1,#4,#5,#7,#8)


Big Dawg Publishings 2002

(Matches #3,#6)


Desert Storm Inc. 2002

(Match #2)


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