H---Earlier Today---

H---Earlier Today---


(The early scene fades in to the back of the UWA Coliseum where some of the ring crew are talking about after setting up the Vortex set for that nights show. An odd hush falls over the group as SLWA member, “The Monster” Magnum Steele walks past the ‘groupies’. He turns back on his own course though after hardly a side look and walks into his locker room, thinking he is the first to arrive. He throws hsi ring bag into his locker room and turns right into the “God of Pain”, Bane! The two stare eachother face to face as the tension from Wrath has seemingly not boiled down. Bane smiles an odd smile and nods his head. Magnum does not return the smile and his look spells something alot more then happiness. Without a word Bane turns and walks down the hall, turning his neck and giving one last smirk towards Magnum as the scene fades to black.)





Three Men....


One Match....






UWA World Heavyweight Champion










Universal Wrestling Alliance


In Association With:


High Voltage Productions


















(“Falling Apart” By Trust Company hits the PA system as the crowd erupts for another high action packed UWA Vortex! Charles Corbet, Arnold Oxford and Shannon Taylor are all at thier regular outpost as the camera searches through the crowd to pick out signs. “I HATE Mooie Milk!!!”, “DAYME!”, and three girls in the front row are each holding up a south park character of Inphino, Seven and Bane.)


Charles: Welcome everyone to what we expect to be... One helluva night!


Arnold: You damn right! Tonight we get to see Bane clobber that nobody Seven and the accused Murderer to become the first ever World Heavyweight Champion!


Shannon: And aside from out main event, look at the rest of this card! We start the night off with the LCW Heavyweight Championship being decided between Wen Law and Kaine!


Arnold: The whispers in the night are highly toting Kaine to become a big time player with his young age!


Charles: But you can’t count Wen Law short, as his experience and willingness to go the distance may prove to much to handle for the rookie, Kaine!


Shannon: Then we have a HUGE No Holds Barred Tag Team Match pitting rivals together!


Charles: Duriel will team with Paul Phoenix and “The Beast” will team with Klown! Both team will have inner issues I promise you that... But what team will be big enough to put them all aside for the win?


Arnold: I hope they all turn on eachother myself...


Charles: You would, but we also have a big Four Way Dance pitting Earl Davison against stablemate Cornell Davis against Blake “Turbo” Dyhart and Zander Frost with the winner getting a shot at Billy “The Brilliant’s” Cruiserweight Championship later in this same night!


Shannon: Imagine if that cute little Zander got the chance to face his stablemate?!


Arnold: Cute Little Zander???


Shannon: Shut up...


Charles: We will also see a Tag Match between the two Cage siblings, Dustin and Mellisa Cage taking on William Grand and the UWA Intercontinental Champion, Damien ArkAngel!


Arnold: Dustin had the audacity to attack Damien at the end of the Global Assault Tour card... Expect that snot nosed little punk to get his tonight!


Shannon: Dustin also battled William Grand at “GAT” and lost when William cheated with that extra taser!


Arnold: Pure genius on William’s part!


Charles: Then as the night will push on we will eventually get to where one of three men will walk out of the UWA Coliseum tonight.... the UWA World Heavyweight Champion!


Arnold: The ‘God of Pain’ is ready tonight, Charlie Brown!


Shannon: Alex DeMonye says there must be a winner!


Charles: We’re ready to get going tonight! So let’s get started!




---LCW Heavyweight Championship Match---

---Kaine versus “The Rouge Dragon” Wen Law---




(“Alive” By P.O.D hits and the fans react with a cheer as the LCW Heavyweight Champion steps out onto the ramp with his title laid over his left shoulder. Wen stops about halfway down and raises his hands in the air as pyros shoot off the rampway much to the crowd delight.)


Charles: Wen Law looking for his first successful defense here tonight!


Arnold: He was never really challenged for that belt... He won it off that dipshit... What was his name again?


Shannon: Jeremy Goodridge!


Arnold: Yea, that loser!


(Wen rolls into the ring and awaits his opponent which isn’t to long as “Feuer Frei”  By Rammstein hits and out walks the challenger, Kaine! The young man walks out with a cocky smirk and points at Wen and then motions to where the title will be after the match... around his waist! Kaine walks halfway down the ramp when the Coliseum lights turn off!!!)


Charles: Woah, we’re in the dark here!!


(The Universal-Tron flickers to life as a darkened hallway is shown finally the crowd watches as the face of Co-President, Alex DeMonye’s attacker comes into view.)


Arnold: “Daemon”???


“I’m So SoRrY tO bE cRaShInG yOuR pArTy..... BuT tOnIgHt Is A sPeCiAl NiGhT.... cAn YoU hEaR mE? CaN yOu EvEn FaThOm ThE wOrDs ThAt ArE cOmInG oUt oF mY mOuTh?!?! RuN rUn As FaSt As YoU cAn.... YoU cAn’T cAtCh Me....”


(“Daemon” rolls his neck.)


“I’m MoRe ThEn AnY mAn!!!”


(A deep laugh is heard before the Universal-Tron cuts out and the fans as well as Wen Law in the ring and Kaine on the ramp don’t seem to know whats going on.)


Charles: “Daemon” interrupting this match here...


Shannon: Who is that guy?


Arnold: That seems the question of the week, blonde...


(Wen turns to the referee and Kaine takes this oppurtunity to strike, dashing into the ring and attacking Law from behind with some hard right hands to the bridge of the neck as the bell rings to officially begin this contest!)


Charles: We’re underway!


(Kaine continues to beat down on Wen’s neck, pounding away with hard rights bringing them down into the top of Law’s spine! Wen falls to one knee and Kaine takes advantage with a hard kick to the left knee toppling Law backwards and then Kaine stuns the crowd with a STANDING MOONSAULT!!!!)


Arnold: Holy Girls Gone Wild!!!


Charles: Kaine hit that moonsault from standing on the mat!


Shannon: The athleticism that must of taken!


(Kaine doesn’t relent though as he bounces off the ropes and catches Wen with a sliding baseball dropkick! The LCW Heavyweight Champ graps his face in pain as Kaine stays on the fast momentum, climbing to the top turnbuckle and perching until Law stands up.)


Charles: Kaine looking for another high flying manuever!


(Kaine launches with a cross-body but Law catches him mid-air and SMASHES the young 19 year old hard into the mat with a power slam!!! The crowd pops as Law quickly turns Kaine over into a Boston Crab!!!)


Shannon: Law looking for a submission victory!


(Kaine tries to get to the ropes but Wen keep the pressure on in the center of the ring as Kaine seems to be close to tapping... Law tries to strengthen the hold but Kaine pushes up with his hands, almost doing a pushup and then rolls his shoulder and twist his leg and rolls into a summersault!!! Breaking the manuever!!!)


Charles: What great reversal wrestling from the young rookie, Kaine!


(Wen can’t believe it as Kaine gets up and smirks and shrugs his shoulder at Wen who charges only to get a boot to the gut and Kaine smashes his face into the mat with a DDT! Kaine hooks the leg...)















Charles: To early!


Arnold: Says you... Come on Kaine!


(Kaine doesn’t relent though as he jumps to his feet and picks Law up, whipping him into the ropes and bending over looking for the flapjack, Law has it well scouted though and rolls over Kaine’s back and then tips him over for a pin!)















Charles: Kaine kicking out...


(Both men scramble to thier feet but it is Law that knocks the young contender down with a hard high clothesline! The crowd cheers as Law rests on the ring ropes as Kaine slowly gets to one knee. Wen walks over to the rookie and lifts him up and measures a right hand but Kaine ducks it, only to have Wen scramble behind him and hook him up for a German Suplex. Wen keeps the hold on Kaine’s waist though and pulls the rookie to his feet and brings him up and over with another German Suplex. The crowd cheers as Law pulls Kaine up yet again and this time pulls him up and releases with a release German Suplex!)


Shannon: That should about do it!


(Law doesn’t pin though and instead pulls Kaine up and snaps him back with a snap suplex. Law on the ball once again though as he this time pulls Kaine up and blocks a tired right hand from the rookie and then pulls Kaine back with a bridging pin of a Fishermans Suplex!)





















(Kaine kicks Law’s leg and breaks the pin.)


Charles: What a smart heads up move by this young rookie!


Arnold: Damn skippy it was!


Shannon: Both men pouring it on in hopes of walking out of here with the LCW Heavyweight Championship!


(Kaine slowly pull himself to his feet about the same time as Law as both men circle eachother and then lock up. Law twists Kaine into a headlock but the rookie elbows his way out of it and locks up and armbar! Law has it scouted though and twists around behind Kaine and drops him down to the mat with a modified takedown!)


Shannon: Great old school wrestling from both men!


(Kaine and Law are both to thier feet quickly though as they exchange right hands, the fatigue of the earlier suplexes setting in on Kaine he loses out on the exchange and Law backs him into the corner, Law backs off only to turn and stun the rookie with a hard spinning heel kick! Wen backs up and Kaine slowly pulls himself up only to get...)


Charles: The Rouge Spear!!! (Gore)


Shannon: It should be done!



















Arnold: HAHA! Not yet!


Charles: Give it to Kaine, he kicked out of the Rouge Spear!


(Law can’t believe it and moves in to finish Kaine off but the rookie gets a boot up and manages an unseen low blow as the crowd boos. Law backs off holding his crotch and Kaine sees this as he runs and looks as if he’s going to clip Law’s left leg, only to switch behind it and roll the LCW Heavyweight Champion up and GRAB ONTO THE NEARBYE ROPES!!!)


















Charles: Kaine did it! But he cheated to do it?!


Arnold: I didn’t see no such thing...


Shannon: Cheated or not... There is the NEW LCW Heavyweight Champion!


(Kaine is handed the LCW Heavyweight Championship as “Feuer Frei” By Rammstein hits and the fans show thier dislike for the way the young rookie won the title. Kaine rolls from the ring and taunts the whole way up the ramp as Law slowly gets up and argues with the ref about the pin but getting no answer points at Kaine.)


Charles: This isn’t over between these two! Both men after this match may have UWA contracts sitting in thier locker rooms though...


Arnold: Law can stay in LCW.. But this young Kaine has interested me!




---Instinct Attacks---


Security Tapes


(In the back near a water cooler, “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder is shown taking a drink from the cooler. The silent camera can not pick up the sound but only sees Ace wave down the hall. A few seconds and Mellisa Cage comes into the camera’s view. She seems to be talking small talk with Ace, and most likely thanking him for the help he gave when Syn and Jason Johnson had her cornered at the “Global Assault Tour” show that took place at the UWA Coliseum last week. The small talk seems to go on until both turn in one direction with a startled look on thier faces. The security camera all of a sudden flashes and then cuts to just a screen full of interfearance. Then to blackness, and then begins to color up again as the water cooler where Ace and Mellisa were standing is knocked over and Mellisa and Ace themselves are sprawled out upon the ground, standing above them wearing clown masks are none other then the LCW Tag Team Champions, Syn and Jason Johnson. Jason continues to look down at the two injured UWA superstars but Syn’s head tilts and the clown mask, which features a deranged look of laughter points directly at the security camera and Syn then shrugs as the scene cuts out.)



---No Holds Barred Tag Team Match---

---“The Berserker” Paul Phoenix and “Prince of Pain” Duriel versus “The Beast” Jazon Hayes and Klown---




(The arena lights all go pitch black and the bass begins to kick in followed by a loud guitar blast as “I Stand Alone” By Godsmack blasts out through the PA System as “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix walks out onto the ramp to a huge chorus of boos from the continegent of UWA fans. Paul reaches halfway down the ramp and and flexes and brings his arms down at the same time as red pyros shoot from the rampway behind him. Paul climbs to the ring and up the ringsteps, he climbs the top turnbuckle on the outside and motions to his stomache where he thinks the UWA World Heavyweight Championship should sit. The crowd only boos louder as Paul flips them all off (ala Stone Cold). Phoenix climbs into the ring and perches himself on the top turnbuckle.)


Arnold: The man who should be the UWA World Heavyweight Champion!


Charles: Wether that be true or not, Paul Phoenix has staked his claim to the title over the last week on UWA TV and frankly it was only a matter of time before he said what we all speculated. He’s here for that title.


Shannon: I think it’s funny why Paul would voice a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship and not the Universal Heavyweight Championship?


Arnold: Both titles are beign considered the ‘high titles’ of UWA, blonde. Meaning what? That the real top man will be disputed over the holder of each Championship.


Charles: UWA Executives still claim that the Universal Heavyweight Championship will be the top strap for this company though...


(“Black Heart” By Slipknot hits and the fans all boo loudly as Klown walks out to the ring. The Sickness member looks around side to side before slowly making his way to ringside. Klown slides under the bottom rope and stands and looks at Paul who hasn’t budged from the top turnbuckle, Paul notices Klown staring at him though and casually flips him off!)


Arnold: The crowd found that pretty amusing!


(Referee’s as there are a few of them at ringside for this match get in between Klown in the ring and Paul on the top turnbuckle as “Ratamahatta” By Sepultura hits and the fans give out a cheer for “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes as he is the next to ringside. “The Beast” poses on the top of the ramp as the crowd cheers for the newcomer as Klown pushes away the refs and walks to the ropes opening them with his leg for his ‘partner’ for the night.)


Shannon: I don’t see how these teams are gonna co-operate at all...


(Jaxon makes his way to the bottom of the ramp and awaits the referees to get Klown back as Jaxon looks up to Paul who is still sat up on the top turnbuckle looking down at his opponent. Jaxon mouths ‘Blow me.’ And Paul just smirks and casually flips Jaxon off as well! Before anything excalates, “Bad Religeon” By Godsmack hits and the crowd cheers once again for “The Prince of Pain” as he makes his way out onto the ramp. Jaxon turns to see his opponent as Paul mockingly claps on the top turnbuckle. Duriel appears at the top to a roar from the capacity crowd and immidiately sprints to the ring and slides in and gets up in the face of his tag partner.)


Charles: The animosity between these two has grown over the last few weeks.


Arnold: Duriel should just accept that he isn’t at Paul’s level! He can’t beat Phoenix!


Shannon: I beg to differ!


(Duriel stand eye to eye with Paul who smiles and gestures with his hand that Duriel can start this match off. On the other side of the ring the team of Klown and Jaxon Hayes is still being seperated by referees. The bell finally rings as Klown and Jaxon now seem to arguing over who will start the match.)


Arnold: These two will not get along in this one...


(Phoenix seems to answer the question as he retrieves a steel chair from ringside and slams it into the back of “The Beast”, dropping the young fan favourite from the ring apron to the floor with a sickening thud! Duriel moves in and spins Klown around and levels the unsuspecting Sickness member back with a hard right hand.)


Charles: Did you see Phoenix? He just clocked Jaxon without a second though?!


Arnold: No Holds Barred, Charlie Brown!


(Duriel whips Klown hard across the ring as he bangs into the turnbuckle on the opposite side Duriel moves in and executes a perfect neck breaker that makes the crowd pop. Duriel stays on the top of his game by bouncing off the ropes and dropping down with a hard elbow drop to the chest of Klown. ‘Prince of Pain’ up again and this time drops the knee into Klown. With the opponent hurting Duriel lifts Klown up and bounces him into the ropes and then burries the knee into the gut of Klown. He keeps ahold of him though and bounces him into the other ropes and follows up again with a knee to the gut. With Klown staggering Duriel scoops the UWA newcomer up and slams him down into the mat hard with a jackknife powerbomb! Duriel drops for the cover....)













Charles: Jaxon Hayes in with the save!


Arnold: I’m surprised the rookie saved his tag partner?!


Shannon: “The Beast” wants the win.


(Jaxon stomps away on the back of Duriel but is caught from behind by Paul Phoenix who slams the steel chair into the back of the newcomer! Jaxon drops with a “oooo!” from the crowd but Paul doesn’t stop thier and raises the chair and slam it down onto Hayes’ back with such force that the chair bends!)


Charles: Paul Phoenix showing no mercy for Jaxon Hayes with that steel chair!


(Paul tosses the chair into the corner and pulls Duriel up, the crowd waits for Phoenix to knock Duriel out but Phoenix just leaves him and turns around and picks up Jaxon. Paul whips “The Beast” into the ropes and much to the crowds delight Duriel damn near takes his head off with a high clothesline that rattles the ring!)


Shannon: What a shot by Duriel!


(Klown slowly gets up though and catches Duriel unaware as he catches the ‘Prince of Pain’ with a spinning heel kick that knocks him from his feet. Klown is up quickly and charges at Phoenix who plays it simply by a dropping and elbow into the back of Klown and then whipping him into the ropes and connecting with...)


Charles: Devils Delux!!! (F5) Phoenix got it!


(Paul doesn’t cover though as he rolls Klown from the ring to the floor. Duriel slowly gets up and just in time as Jaxon and he lock up in an armlock. Duriel twists sideways and gets the better of the hold and wrenches on Jaxon’s arm but Hayes reverses and wrenches on Duriel’s arm. Duriel reverses again however and gets a pop from the crowd with a side russian legsweep that takes Jaxon down hard to the mat. Both men spring up quickly however and lock up again. This time Jaxon takes Duriel down with a smooth suplex that stuns the ‘Prince of Pain’ only for a second. Meanwhile on the outside Paul Phoenix picks the still hurt Klown up and whips him only to have Klown reverse the irish whip and tries to send “The Berserker” into the ring steps but Phoenix is on his guard and jumps overtop the steps, Klown follows the irish whip up with a dive of his own, but Phoenix catches him and spins him around into a hard powerslam into the mat on the outside!!!)


Charles: The action is all over the place here!


Arnold: Did you see that powerslam by Phoenix?!


Shannon: Meanwhile in the ring Duriel is in trouble against Jaxon Hayes!


(Jaxon has Duriel backed up into the corner and chops away on Duriel’s chest as the crowd “Whoos!” loudly with each hard impact. Three hard chops and three loud “Whoos!” and Duriel pulls Jaxon back and begins to go to work on him with some hard chops! Duriel winds up and chops hard on Jaxon’s chest and the crowd responds once again with a “Whoo!” Duriel goes to chop him once again but Phoenix is up on the outside and pulls Jaxon’s legs out from underhim and drops him down face first before pulling him back hard and almost splitting him up the middle on the ringpost!!)


Charles: That’s not going to feel well tomorrow morning!


(Duriel looks down at Paul who flips his tag partner off before turning back to Klown who is stirring. Phoenix whips Klown into the ring and rolls in himself just as Duriel lifts Jaxon up and dumps him over the top rope. In the ring Paul bounces Klown into the ropes and catches him and slams him back with a snap suplex, almost bending Klown in two! He keeps the waist lock on though and this time bounces Klown off the mat with a hard German Suplex! Keeping the wiastlock on Phoenix wears Klown down with yet another hard ring shaking German Suplex!)


Charles: Phoenix is focused tonight, he seems different?


Arnold: He’s out for his UWA World Heavyweight Championship, Charlie Brown!


(Klown looks beaten as Paul pulls him up again and this time he simply boots him hard and sends him through the middle ropes to the floor below. On the other side of the ring though Jaxon and Duriel are still exchanging blows, Jaxon winds up and connects with a hard uppercut just under Duriels jaw that sends the “Prince of Pain” back over the announcers table! Jaxon looks to go after Duriel but turns and sees Klown being beaten down on the other side and retrieves the steel chair Phoenix discarded in the center of the ring earlier and heads to where Paul Phoenix has Klown beaten down in the corner of the ring barrier.)


Charles: Will Jaxon help or hamper?!


(Jaxon raies the chair and swings hard at Phoenix who ducks and the chair connects Klown straight to the face!!!!)


Arnold: HA! He tried to help but ended up smacking the paste out of Klown’s mouth!


(Jaxon looks stunned as Phoenix gives him a hard knee to the back of the head and then rolls him into the ring and quickly follows, Jaxon backpeddles but then lunges forward catching Paul off guard and rolls him up into a cradle!)












(Paul pulls the tights and flips the cradle over!)











(Jaxon manages to power out of the cradle and stands up just in time to get rolled up by Duriel who has crawled back into the ring!)













(Phoenix boots his won partner in the side of the face knocking him back and sending him out of the ring to the hard mat below. Jaxon gets up and tries to fight but a kick straight to the midsection gives Phoenix a far to easy target as he drills “The Beast” into the mat with a hard Devils Delux!!! (F5) This time Paul hooks the leg and covers...)

















Charles: Phoenix did it!


Arnold: Of course he did, only the first step towards his UWA World Heavyweight Championship!


Shannon: He also showed how greedy he is though by not allowing Duriel the pin and taking it for himself!


Arnold: Alls fair in wrestling.


(Phoenix climbs to his feet and raises his arms in the air flipping the crowd off as they boo just in time to get blind sided by Duriel who has climbed back into the ring! The fans erupts as Duriel tackles Phoenix back and then picks him up and drills him into the mat with a beautiful Belly-to-Belly suplex! Phoenix scrambles and gets up quickly as Duriel swings but Phoenix ducks and quickly picks up the still discarded chair and smashes it into Duriel’s face with one swift motion!!! Duriel collapses backwards and Paul rolls him from the ring and to the ground with a thud as he holds the dented and bloody chair in his right hand. Jaxon has slowlu pulled himself up now and begins to walk up the ramp until HE IS BLINDSIDED BY DISTURBED SICKNESS!!!!)


Charles: That’s Klown’s Sickness stablemate!


(Disturbed whips Jaxon into the Universal-tron and then Jaxon stumbles right into a hard chair shot from the original Sickness Member. The crowd boos loudly as Disturbed and Klown take off to the back and EMT’s check on both Jaxon at the top of the ramp and Duriel, who’s face has been busted clear open by the brutal chair shot from Paul Phoenix. But after all this the referee finally raises Phoenix’s hand as “I Stand Alone” By Godsmack kicks into full force and the crowd boos loudly.)


Arnold: That man is a threat to the UWA World Heavyweight Champion, whoever that may be after tonight!


Charles: That man may be a threat to each and every UWA superstar after tonight!


Shannon: Paul Phoenix has shown just how sadistic, just how disturbed he is!


(Paul grabs the microphone from the ring announcer and pushes everyone from the ring.)






(The arena falls silent except for the unescapable boos of the UWA fans.)




“I said I’d lay waste to each and every man that stepped into the ring with me tonight! And I did! I laid waste to that circus freak, Klown! I laid waste to the boxer, Jaxon Hayes! And I laid waste to my own partner, ‘Prince of Pussies’ Duriel!!! (The crowd boos loudly at this.) I’m through!!! I’m through with these lower-card jerkoffs! I’m coming for MY World Heavyweight Championship.... Seven... Inphino... Bane... I’m coming for what’s mine! I’m Paul Phoenix, and there ain’t no one better then me!!!


(“I Stand Alone” kicks in once again as the showering boos of the UWA fans doesn’t stunt Phoenix from one last time climbing the top tunrbuckle and flipping off the fans to an even louder boo. Paul rolls from the ring and walks up the ramp witha purpose as the show goes to commercial.)







Universal Wrestling Alliance


In Association With


High Voltage Productions





Perfect Dark

“Simply..... Perfect”


“Live From The Toronto Skydome”


“Coming in December”




---“The Monster” Magnum Steele versus “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder---




(“Feul” By Metallica hits as the crowd rises to thier feet to greet former Indy superstar, “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder who walks out onto the ramp. The crowd pops loudly as Thunder walks halfway down the ramp and raises his arms in the air. He then runs the rest of the way and rolls into the ring.)


Arnold: Just over a week and I'm sick of this guy already!


Charles: I find him entertaining, Arnold!


(“Regulators” By Warren G and Nate Dogg blasts out of the PA system.  Magnum comes out from the back, the crowds stare in awe at the huge man. Magnum climbs up into the ring and looks out at the crowd, he climbs into the ring and looks focused on his opponent.)


Charles: Now this guy IS impressive!


Arnold: Thats the most sensible thing you've said all night, Charlie Brown!


Shannon: Lets not forget the troubles the SLWA have been having recently. Notice that there are no SLWA members out here to aid Magnum!


Arnold: Oh, shut up! Magnum dont need aid from anyone!


(Magnum and Ace back off into thier respective corners. The fans start up an "SLWA Sucks!" chant. Magnum ignores it though and stares across the ring at his opponent, Ace Thunder. Ace comes running out of his corner but so too does Magnum who almost beheads Thunder with a clothesline as the two collide in the center of the ring. Magnum looks down at the grounded Thunder with a smile on his face. Magnum easily picks Ace Thunder up and lifts him high above his head and keeps him there for at least ten seconds before dropping him to the mat with a Gorilla Press Slam.)


Shannon: Oh my God! He's like, so strong!


Arnold: Ya' think?


(Magnum goes to once again pick up Ace but this time Ace hits him with a low blow which stuns Steele but doesnt bring him down. Ace springs to his feet and uses the oppertunity to gain an advantage. Ace delivers a brutal kick to the head of Magnum. Magnum staggers slightly but he does not fall. Ace then hits Magnum with a dropkick which once again only staggers the big man. Ace hits another dropkick, and another, and another but Magnum will not fall.)


Charles: Hey, the big guys showing great endurance here!


Shannon: He wont go down!


Arnold: Does that really supprise ethier of you? IT'S MAGNUM STEELE!


(Ace Thunder hits yet another dropkick but it only staggers the big guy, once again! Ace then climbs up to the top turnbuckle, the crowd rise to thier feet in anticipation. Ace comes flying off with a beautifal dropkick which connects with the head of Steele. The crowd let out a roar of approval as the big guy drops down to one knee, dazed.)


Charles: Yes!! Ace Thunder is slowly chopping down the big tree that is Magnum Steele!!!


(Somehow though, Magnum manages to spring back up to his feet. He tries to shake off the cobwebs but  Ace hits him with a neckbreaker.)


Shannon: That seemed to take him down easily enough!


Arnold: The guy just took about 100 dropkicks!!!!


Charles: Hold on, Thunders gonna go for a pin!




(Magnum throws Ace off of him. Magnum gets up to his feet but Ace is up too and meets him with a frenzied flurry of kicks and punches. Ace then bounces off the ropes and hits Magnum with a flying shoulder block...which has no effect.)


Shannon: Magnum Steele is a machine!


(Ace tries for another flying shoulder block but this time Magnum catches him in mid-air. Magnum hoists Thuinder up above his head and dumps him over the top rope to the outside.


Charles: Woah!


Arnold: What amazing strength!


(Magnum Steele looks down at his opponent who is grounded on the outside. Magnum then begins to climb the top turnbuckle, the crowd rise in anticipation...)


Charles: Oh sweet Jesus! Magnums gonna go up top!


Shannon: He's 7'6 and 489lbs! Is he really gonna...?


(Just as Magnum is about to come off the top, Thunder springs up onto the apron from nowhere and also starts climbing the top turnbuckle.)


Arnold: Where the hell did he come from?


Charles: We've got two men, one of them 7'6, fighting it out on the top turnbuckle!


(Ace Thunder and Magnum Steele trade punches on the top turnbuckle as the crowd look on in suspense. The referee tries to intervene and also climbs to the top but he is caught by a stray punch from Magnum Steele. The referee is sent flying through the air and lands in the ring in a heap.)


Charles: The referee has just been wiped out!


Arnold: Who the hell cares...LOOK AT MAGNUM STEELE!!!


Shannon: Oh God...


(The crowd look on in awe as Steele holds Thunder in a powerbomb position on the top turnbuckle. Magnum Steele hoists Ace Thunder up on to his shoulders and holds him there for many seconds...)


Chalres: Dont do it, Magnum!


(Magnum powerbombs Ace Thunder from the top turnbuckle to the ring mat with a hard thud as the crowd pops with “Holy Shit!” chants for the pure strength and talent of “The Monster”, Ace’s body is laid limp in the ring.)


Charles: Dammit Magnum, we're beggin' you! Make the pin!


Arnold: There aint no referee!


(Suddenly, as if from nowhere, "The God of Pain" Bane jumps the crowd barricade with steel chair in hand. Magnum Steele spots him however. Bane climbs up onto the ring apron and tosses the chair to Magnum Steele who looks puzzled to say the least...)


Arnold: What the hell is Bane doing? He pretty much handed Steele a chair!)


(Suddenly, we hear the bell ring to signify the end of the match. Magnum looks round comfused to see that the referee is back on his feet and has spotted him holding the chair, thus meaning that Ace Thunder wins by DQ.)


Arnold: No way!!!


("Fuel" by Metallica blares out of the PA system as the winner by DQ, Ace Thunder lies motionless on the ground. Bane leaves the arena laughing manically as he goes. Magnum Steele tries to chase after him but the members of the SLWA rush out to restrain him. The SLWA begin arguing as the EMT's finally get to Ace Thunder. Several replays are shown of the top turnbuckle powerbomb to the outside.)


Charles: That could qualify as one of the most brutal things I've ever seen!


Shannon: It's a miracle Ace Thunder the still alive! Um...He IS alive, right?


Arnold: The thing I cant understand is after all that brutality, why did the match have to end in a DQ simply because Magnum Steele was seen holding a chair?


Charles: The referee didn’t see anything Arnold, He came to as saw Magnum holding the chair and Ace laid out in the ring, he called for the DQ thinking Magnum hit Thunder with the chair!!


Arnold: Bane is smarter then he looks then... What a way to get back at Magnum to show him that Bane is the only ‘monster’ in the Universal Wrestling Alliance!


Shannon: The story of these two continues to unfold thats for sure.. But we’re getting word of action in the back once again!



---UWA “U-View”---





(In the back we get the new “U-View” only found in UWA as an employee is shown inside Alex DeMonye’s exclusive box-office. He cleans about and then ‘accidentaly’ knocks over a folder marked “Nathaniel Davis” straight into a PAPER SHREDDER!!!! The employee makes a shocked expression.)


“Oh boy, clumsy me... There goes Nathaniel Davis’s UWA contracts!”


(The employee laughs to himself over his corny expression and continues on.)


“Just like the boss wanted! Hehehe...”


(Suddenly he stops and pauses and a stricken surprised and worried look comes over his face.)


“Did they instal those “U-View” cameras in here too?!”


(He looks around and then finds the camera we’re viewing from and his face spells ‘Oh shit, I’m dead!’ He jumps up and holds his head.)


“Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Uh... Erh... Did I say just what the boss wanted? Oh, I meant to say boy what a goof I am... I deserve to be fired... *Grumbles to himself* Which I probably am anyways...”


(He shakes his head sadly and leaves the room grumbling as the “U-View” cuts out and back to the announcers table for the next matchup.)



---Winner Gets Cruiserweight Championship Shot Later Tonight---

---Cornell Davis versus Earl Davison verus Blake ‘Turbo’ Dyhart versus “UWA’s Superhero” Zander Frost---



Charles: He just shredded Nathaniel Davis’s UWA contract?!


Arnold: An honest mistake I’m sure.


Shannon: I wonder if this could have anything to do with Alex DeMonye’s talk with Samuel Knight over in Japan and promising Davis a UWA Intercontinental Championship rematch?


Arnold: I can’t believe you’d try to pin this one on Alex! Shame on you!


Shannon: Whatever... It’s time for our next match and that cute Zander Frost!!!


Charles: Developing a sweat spot for the young man are we Shannon?


Shannon: Uh... Erh... I just said he’s cute thats all!


The lights flicker on and off until suddenly a spotlight hits the stage.  “They Ain’t Ready” by Jadakiss and Bubba Sparxxx hits the PA as Earl Davison and Cornell Davis make their way down the ramp to the boos of the crowd.  The two SLWA members ignore the boos as they slide into the ring and look out over the booing crowd and just smirk.


Shannon: They do know this isn’t a tag match don’t they?


Arnold: With the SLWA in the ring it’s ALWAYS a tag match.


Charles: For once you’re right.


Arnold: Ha! Ha!  Told you so.


Shannon: Shut up.


"It's Going Down" by The X-Ecutioners Feat. Linkin Park hits the speakers as Blake storms down the ramp to the cheers of the crowd.  He slides into the ring full steam but is quickly stopped short by the attacking SLWA.


Arnold: Smart move by the SLWA.


Shannon: Cowardly is what it is.


While the SLWA pounds away on Blake “Boom” by POD rips open the speakers as Zander comes flying down the ramp and up to the top turnbuckle.  He looks out to the crowd before leaping off and taking out both members of SLWA with a cross body block.


Shannon: Brilliant move by Zander!


Arnold: Kiss up.


The SLWA roll around the ring before sliding out.  Zander stands with his back to Blake as he watches the SLWA on the outside of the ring.  Suddenly Blake sneaks up behind Zander and rolls him up pinning both legs behind his head.





Zander pushes Blake off and into the ropes.  Zander leaps up to his feet and charges Blake and sends both men over the top rope with a flying closeline.  The ref looks down on the four men outside the ring and starts the 10 count.










Arnold: Come on Earl and Cornell!  Get in the ring.


Charles: Even if they got in the ring they wouldn’t go on.


Arnold: Cram it Charles.






Earl and Cornell slide into the ring and wait on Blake and Zander.  Cornell lines himself up behind Earl and rolls him up into a pinning combination with a bridge.






Earl rolls over and gets himself behind Cornell and rolls him up into a pinning combination.






Zander slides into the ring and pulls Earl off of Cornell to continue the match.  Earl kicks Zander in the nose stalling him long enough for Blake to come flying off the top rope with a huge splash onto the midsection of Earl to the delight of the crowd.  Blake hooks the leg as the ref makes the count.





Cornell kicks Blake in the face to stop the count.  Cornell pulls Blake up to his feet and nails him with an Evenflow DDT.  Zander slides into the ring and spears Cornell into the corner with force.  Earl walks up behind the two men in the corner but Blake comes charging up behind him and nails him with a double axe handle that knocks him into the ref knocking the ref out of the ring.


Charles: This isn’t good for Blake and Zander.


Shannon: Poor guys.


Arnold: Go SLWA!  Show those chumps what’s up.


Cornell kicks backwards and nails Zander with a low blow that drops him to his knees.  Jeff Jones comes sprinting down the ramp wielding a steel chair as Cornell stomps away on Zander.  Blake turns around only to receive a face full of steel.  Cornell lifts Zander up and holds him while Jeff rears back and takes a swing but Zander hits the ground quickly causing the chair to nail Cornell instead.


Arnold: NO!!!  Wrong man!


Zander stands back up in front of Earl but as Jeff swings to hit him again Zander side steps causing the chair to nail Earl.


Shannon: Go Zander!


Arnold: Shut up you Barbie doll.


Charles: This is almost funny.


Jeff places his free hand on his head and screams out a four letter word not allowed on television.  Zander leaps to his feet and delivers a spinning heel kick into the chair knocking it into the face of Jeff which knocks him out of the ring.  Zander scales the top rope and leaps off nailing Earl with a high impact splash.  He holds it for a cover and hooks both legs.


Arnold: Ha! Ha! The ref is out.


Shannon: Oh man here comes Magnum.


Arnold: Brilliant!


Magnum Steele walks down the ramp and looks at the carnage around the ring.  Blake stands up and takes a swing at Magnum but just gets leveled by the big man.  Magnum walks over to the ref and slaps him around a couple of times before rolling him into the ring for him to make a slow count.




Arnold: What the hell?!?!




Charles: I agree Arnold.




Shannon: My boy Zander wins thanks to Magnum Steele?  I never thought I would hear that.


Magnum looks at the carnage once more and just shakes his head in disgust before making his way back up the ramp.  Jeff looks up to see this and screams out something no one can understand but by now the big man has disappeared into the backstage area.


Charles: The tension continues to mount and perhaps has boiled over within SLWA!


Arnold: What was Magnum doing?!


Shannon: The right man won that’s all I know!


Arnold: Of course you’d say that you flaming hussy!!!


Shannon: Watch your mouth Arny, or I’ll slap the spit out of it!


Charles: Calm down you two, one thing we now know though... Zander Frost verus Billy “The Brilliant” later on tonight!


Arnold: Let’s see how the Synergists co-operate when they’re fighting eachother!


Charles: Wait what’s this?




---Satelite Feed From Japan---



(The crowd boos loudly as the Co-President of UWA, Alex DeMonye shows up on the Universal-Tron. Alex has his usual smirk grin on his face as he begins ignoring the boos he can’t hear anyways.)


“Greeting from the land of the rising sun! (The fans boo loudly) I’ve been having a much needed, much DESERVED vacation and business trip rounding up future stars and everything else that will be needed to make UWA survive... And although Vice-President Seth Richards is in charge of my half of the Presidency until I return, I still have booking powers... And as a special request from two up and coming stars in the LCW feeder program next Vortex we are going to see Syn and Jason Johnson, the LCW Tag Team Champions take on Mellisa Cage and “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder for the UWA Tag Team Championships!”


(The crowd pops for the announcement of the match for the next Vortex.)


“Also with the luming of Perfect Dark only mere weeks away...”


(The scene cuts out suddenly as the confusion in the crowd can be heard.)


Charles: What’s going on? We apoligize folks for the technical difficulties...


(Before Charles can continue the screen comes back to life this time with the masked face of DeMonye’s attacker, “Daemon”!)


“GrEeTiNgS.... fRoM tHe StOmAcHe Of ThE uWa CoLiSeUm... I cOuLdN’t HeLp BuT hEaR tHe AnNoUnCeMeNtS fRoM oUr DeAr DeMoNyE.... aNd I’d LiKe To MaKe My OwN AnNoUnCeMeNt... At PeRfEcR dArK... I’vE gOtTeN pErMiSsIoN fRoM tHe UwA iNvEsToRs... WhIcH oNeS yOu DoN’t NeEd To KnOw... ThAt At PeRfEcT dArK... iT wIlL bE cO-pReSiDeNt AlEx DeMoNyE vErSuS DaEmOn!!!”


(The crowd pops at the announcement as the masked man nods his head and his laughter can be heard.)


“SeE yOu SoOn....”


(The scene cuts out.)


Charles: My God! Co-President Alex DeMonye verus his masked attacker “Daemon” at Perfect Dark?!


Arnold: How’d that masked coward get permission to have that match booked?!


Shannon: When enough investors can come together they can book certain matches and effect leadership roles within UWA... The mystery of “Daemon” continues to unravel each day...


Arnold: Alex isn’t a wrestler though?!


Charles: The first match announced for Perfect Dark and it is a huge one!




---News Release---


“Today at a news conference in San Diego, California, High Voltage Produtions announced a power struggle within the productions compny for various indy federations throughout the world and most noteably, the Universal Wrestling Alliance. The company spokesman said that the power struggle was needed to end for the company to growth the amount of money needed to continue investing for the new year. As such former Director of Advertising John Scorpio took the stage with stunning news of his buying of the company!!! Scorpio became the top shareholder of High Voltage Productions when he bought out former Chair President Peter Goodridge’s shares. Scorpio announced that with his new ownership of the company that first things would be a name change as High Voltage Productions will now forever be known as Scorpio Enterprises!”


“Mr. Scorpio noted that all production for the Universal Wrestling Alliance will continue and that a new project for the beginning of the new year has already begun its set up stage. Expect more news on the recent name change and power shift within formerly-High Voltage Productions to be updated on the News section of the UWA site and boards. Scorpio Enterprises has arrived!”




---Tag Team Match---

---Mellisa Cage and Dustin Cage verus William Grand and “Fighting Force” Damien ArkAngel---




(“Elevation” By U2 hits over the PA system as the crowd pops loudly for Mellisa and Dustin Cage who walk out onto the ramp, Mellisa poses and then make sher way down the ramp as Dustin faces the Universal-Tron with his arm’s raised (ala Chris Jericho) before raising them straight into the air and spinning around as pyros shoot off from the rampway behind him creating an even louder cheer from the crowd within the UWA Coliseum.)


Charles: The cheers for the Cage siblings!


Arnold: Who booked this match?


Shannon: That would have to be either one of the Executives or the booking commitee, Arny.


Arnold: Well someone must have it in for Mellisa and Dustin Cage because how can they compete against the athletes the caliber of William Grand and the Intercontinental Champion, Damien ArkAngel?!


(Dustin and Mellisa roll into the ring and each scale a ring post as the crowd pops quickly tunr to boos as “Bow Down” By Westside Connection shatters the cheers as William Grand walks out onto the ramp his cane in hand. William pays no attention to the rude crowd and just stares with a cocky glint at Dustin and Mellisa. Mellisa opens the ropes with her foot taunting William to come get some.)


Charles: The comments William Grand has been making about Dustin and Mellisa is enough to make you nautious!


Arnold: Your damn right... Dustin and Mellisa make me nautious with thier disgusting acts!


Shannon: How can you say that?


Arnold: Well, I trust in the judgement of a gentleman like William Grand of course!


(William shakes his head at Dustin and Mellisa as both taunt the ‘gentleman’. The music cuts out though but only for a moment as “Forest” By System of a Down blares out through the PA system and pyros shoot out of the Universal-Tron sides as out walks the UWA Intercontinental Champion, Damien ArkAngel!)


Arnold: I’ll take this time to remind everyone that Damien is still undefeated in UWA competition!


Charles: Oh please...


(Damien walks out with his IC Title draped over his right shoulder, Damien takes the title and raises it in the air (ala Rock) as the crowd shower him with boos.)


Shannon: Get the feeling he’s not very well liked?


(Damien and William slowly make thier way to the ring as Dustin and Mellisa ready themselves. Both Damien and William rush the ring and the bell quickly rings as the match gets underway with both team battling it out amongst the four of them. Dustin goes straight for Damien and pounds away on his back as Mellisa kicks away at William. Mellisa tries for another kick to Williams side but grand catches her foot and drops her back onto her head!)


Charles: Not a very gentleman like thing to do in my books!


Arnold: Even gentleman are designated the time when a bitch just needs slapped!


Shannon: I can’t believe you just said that?!


Arnold: .......


(Dustin picks Damien up and as the crowd cheers whips him into the ropes and catches him on the way back and lifts him up and drops him hard to the mat with a Samoan Drop! Damien smartly rolls from the ring as the referee gets Dustin back to his corner as the match calms down with William and Mellisa starting things off. William refuses to touch Mellisa though and with each dive the young woman takes, William just pushes her head into the mat blocking each attempt for a takedown. The referee tells William to get into it but Willaim turns and just gives him a stare which much to the crowds delight allowed Mellisa Cage to low blow William!!!)


Shannon: That a girl!


(William buckles over and Mellisa is quick on the offense with a DDT drilling Grands head into the mat! Mellisa covers but only gets a two count as William much to his credit kicks out!)


Charles: It’ll take more then a DDT to deflate the head of William Grand!


Arnold: What’s that supposed to mean?


(Mellisa pulls William up and once again goes for a DDT but William counters and lifts Mellisa up into a Vertical Suplex! Mellisa acctualy bounces off the mat from the impact as William voices himself to the referee once again about competing against a woman. Mellisa slowly pulls herself to her feet and surprises William with a quick cradle!)












Charles: Much to William’s credit he kicked out once again!


(William this time backs off from Mellisa once again as her frustration begins to show partly for not getting the pin but also for Grand refusing to wrestle her. Damien on the other hand reaches his arm out and William sees it and with Mellisa not suspecting it her grabs her arm and whips her hard into the Grand/Damien corner and then tags in Damien with a massive boo from the the UWA contingent of fans!)


Arnold: William Grand is a polite man... Damien ArkAngel on the other hand...


(Damien begins to stomp away on Mellisa enjoying every second of the beating he’s inflicting on her as her brother watches from across the ring helpless. Damien lifts Mellisa up by the hiar and literally drags her into the center of the ring and bends over smiling with his head next to Mellisa’s as he points the hurting Cage sibling straight at her brother.)


Charles: Damien ArkAngel is a sick human being... He’s enjoying this!


Shannon: Dustin Cage isn’t though!


(Dustin tries to get into the ring to stop the embarasment of his sister but the referee blocks his entrance and just allows Damien to whip Mellisa into the ropes where William grabs her hair and slingshots her hard to the mat with a thud!)


Charles: The smart teaming from the team of William Grand and Damien ArkAngel may prove to much for Dustin and Mellisa!


(Damien moves over to Mellisa and pins her with his foot over her chest with his arm pointed to Damien.)














(Mellisa with a cheer from the crowd kicks out as Damien seems a little shocked.)


Charles: ArkAngel attempting a cocky finish and trying to send a message to Dustin.


(Damien lifts Mellisa up and bounces her into the ropes and then lowers himself down for a flapjack but Mellisa scouts it and hits a beautiful sunset flip and a roll up into a pinning attempt!)













Shannon: So close!


(Damien kicks out and gets up quickly looking angry that Mellisa was able to gain a pinning attempt on him. He rushes her with a spear attempt but Mellisa sidesteps and Damien runs right into the corner where Dustin smacks him with a hard right hand from over the ropes!!!)


Arnold: Hey now?!


Charles: The crowd erupted as the cocky and smirk Damien ran straight into Dustin Cage’s awaiting right hand!


(The crowd indeed has erupting as a huge “Cage!” chant has gone up. Damien slowly pulls himself to his feet and turns around just in time to hear the cheer and see the tag as Mellisa finally makes the much needed tag to her brother Dustin!!! Damien turns to try and tag in William but Dustin is quick and grabs Damien’s arm and whips him into the ropes and connects with a spinebuster!!!)


Charles: That may be it right there!














Arnold: Not quite, Charlie Brown!


(Damien kicks out just before the three but Dustin doesn’t show any frustration and basically calls Damien, begs Damien to get up so he can dish out more punishment to the IC Champ. Damien finally pulls himself to his feet and ducks a clothesline attempt from Dustin but turns right into a spinning heel kick which drops the IC Champ to his back much to the crowd delight. Dustin quickly picks Damien up and locks on a waistlock and drops Damien back with a hard German Suplex. Dustin keeps the waistlock on though and pulls Damien up and knocks him back again with another German Suplex. The waistlock continues on as Damien lifts Damien back up and over with another German Suplex as the crowd cheers and yells “3!!!”. Dustin continues the waistlock but Damien lays a elbow into Dustins face which breaks the waist lock and Damien tries for another clothesline but Dustin ducks and locks on the waistlock again and drops Damine back with his fourth German Suplex! The waistlock keeps held on tight and a fifth German Suplex is hit on the IC Champion!)


Charles: Dustin Cage has hit five German Suplexes on the IC Champ and he’s still got that waist lock locked on!


(Bang, a sixth German Suplex bounces the now fading IC Champion into the mat as Dustin still holds the hold and power Damien up and over with a Release German Suplex!!! Damien lands and is out as Dustin collapses from exhaustion himself.)


Arnold: Come on Damien, get that tag!


Shannon: Both men are out and the first man to his feet will definately have the advantage!


(The crowd gets behind Dustin as Mellisa bangs her hand on the turnbuckle and the crowd begins to clap as Dustin manages to get to a knee. Damien slowly pulls himself up as well and Dustin gets to his feet with a cheer from the crowd as Damien slowly begins to the corner where William Grand is awaiting a tag, Dustin locks on another waistlock though but behind the refs back Damien raises his foot and connects with a low blow behind the refs back and then dives and makes the tag to William!)


Arnold: What a great show of athleticism by the UWA IC Champ!


Charles: Oh please...


(William runs it hard and levels Dustin back with a high clothesline knocking the young rookie back to the mat. William sneers over at Mellisa before lifting Dustin up and bounces him into the ropes and launching him the other way, Dustin comes flying back and William ducks a clothesline Dustin comes flying back again and William falls to his stomache as Dustin jumps over him. Dustin stops this time though and drops an elbow into the back of William catching him off guard!)


Charles: All four competitors starting to show the signs of fatigue in this long hard hitting matchup! Perhaps now Dustin Cage can end it!


(Dustin lifts William up but William decks him with a right hand only to have Dustin ducks the second and drop him with a bridging German Suplex! The ref goes to make a pin but Damien from outside the ring drops the referee on his head!)


Arnold: Smart thinking from the IC Champ!


(Dustin notices theres no count and releases the bridge and stands up but can’t find Damien. He looks to Mellisa who is standing in front of the Announcers table but no Damien.)


Shannon: Damien ran off!!!


Arnold: Oh no he didn’t!


(From the other side of the ring Damien crawls out from underneath the ring with a steel chair in hand and rolls in and CRANKS Dustin in the back of the skull with a vicious steel chair shot!!! Mellisa slides into the ring only to get the steel chair to the back of her skull as well, Damien tosses the chair into the center of the ring and lifts up the unconcious Dustin Cage and drills him into the chair with a Trigger Bomb!!! (Test Diving Powerbomb) Damien gets up and with a cocky smirk spits on the face of Dustin before sliding out of the ring and sliding the ref back in.)


Charles: My god! Damien ArkAngel has gone above the line of rule breaking here tonight!


Shannon: He wanted to send a message to Dustin and I think he did it...


Arnold: What brilliant strategy by the IC Champion!


(William crawls over and hooks the leg on Dustin....)
















Charles: No, what a way to lose for Dustin and Mellisa...


Arnold: Hehehe!


Shannon: This isn’t over by a long shot, Dustin Cage will get his hands on Damien ArkAngel, I promise you that!


Charles: We’ll be right back with the Cruiserweight Championship match after these messages!







Scorpio Enterprises


In Association With


Universal Wrestling Alliance





Perfect Dark


Debut Match

Daemon versus Co-President Alex DeMonye




---UWA Cruiserweight Championship Match---

---“UWA’s Resident Superhero” Zander Frost versus Billy “The Brilliant”---





Shannon:  Next match is a nice one and Zander surely earned it!

Arnold:  Please.  This has to be the most boring match EVER!

Charles:  Then go somewhere else so Shannon and I can enjoy this one.

Arnold:  It's not Christmas yet!!  So I think I'll stay here.

"Boom!" by P.O.D. hits over the PA system as Zander comes out to a good ovation from the fans.  Already dressed and a little worn out from his match before, Zander heads down to the ring, running it the whole way down.  He slides under the ropes and jumps on the second turnbuckle where he poses a little for the camera.

Charles:  This kid has a bright future, I tell ya.

Shannon:  Right you are.

Arnold gags in the background.  "WE WILL ROCK YOU" by Queens is the next to play and the fans again give a good ovation for the second combatant.  Billy, wearing his Cruiserweight Championship makes his way down the ramp.  After slapping a few fans' hands the "Brilliant" one gets into the ring.  He also poses for pictures and meets Zander in the ring.  The two shakes hands in deep respect for one another before Billy hands over the title to this matches referee, Reese Florey.  He raises it above his head, signaling what's on the line.

Shannon:  The bell rings and this match can get underway!

Arnold:  Yippy Kiyo Kiyay.

Charles:  The two lock up but Zander takes Billy by surprise with an arm drag sending him across the ring!  Billy gets back to his feet and charges in, but NO!  Zander with a drop toehold topples Billy down face first.

Zander lifts Billy up and whips him into the ropes.  Billy comes back after the rebound and leaps off the ground with a forearm smash to Zander's face, or rather his mask.  Billy and Zander get up around the same time.  They again lock up.  Billy moves behind Zander and sets him up in a side headlock.  Zander is quick to react though and pushes him into the ropes.  Billy bounces back and jumps over Zander, as he lies flat on his stomach.  Off the other end he goes, but this time Zander jumps over him.  Billy puts on the breaks just as Zander turns around.  Billy comes out of no where with a thunderous Crescent Side Kick!

Charles:  He almost took Zander's head off.

Arnold:  Notice how you said ALMOST!  Take his damn head off you idiot!

Shannon:  Ugh.  Get a life.

Arnold:  Don't quit your day job.

The two bicker about while Billy goes for the first pin.  One, two…  No, an expected kickout.  Billy grabs Zander and places his head between his legs.  Zander retaliates with a back body drop though.  Billy gets up but is taken back down with a dropkick.  He's up again but wobbles into the ropes.  Zander whips Billy into the turnbuckle and runs hard after him.  Zander with a clothesline to Billy in the turnbuckle.  The he grabs him by the head, runs and nails a bulldog!  He rolls over Billy for the pin but comes out with a two count.  Zander goes to lifts Billy up, but Billy jabs him with a few punches, sending him into the ropes.  Billy whips Zander across the ring and as he comes back Billy hits a hard powerslam!

Shannon:  Nice move by the Mooie Milk Man!

Arnold:  I prefer strawberry Nesquik myself!

Shannon:  No one asked you.

Charles:  ARG!  Wait, Billy has Zander in a front headlock.  He hits a snap suplex!

Billy gets back up and looks around the ring.  He bounces himself off the ropes and runs towards Zander.  From there he jumps off the ground and hits a summersault plancha!  He takes the pin…



Zander puts his foot on the rope to break the count.  Billy picks Zander back up and sends him into the turnbuckle.  He then sits him up on the top rope and climbs up.  Zander is ware of this and pushes Billy off.  Once Billy gets back to his feet, Zander jumps off with a flipping neckbreaker to gain some momentum!

Charles:  Billy and Zander are equally matched in this one.

Arnold:  Not to mention equally BORING!

Zander struggles to his feet and looks down at Billy holding his neck.  Zander climbs out onto the apron and waits.  Billy gets up but Zander jumps on the ropes, then dives at him with a cross body block.  Billy rolls him up for a pin though in reversal.




Zander manages to kickout.  Billy and Zander stumble up and move at each other at full force.  But they seem to have the same idea in mind and clothesline each other!  Reese begins to count them down.





Zander crawls to the ropes while Billy is up to one knee.  Reese stops the count now that Billy is up.  He goes for Zander, but Zander holds down the top rope and he stumbles out of the ring!

Arnold:  YES!  Mutilate each other out of the ring!

Shannon:  I think they have a little more sense than that!

Zander steps back and looks around at the crown.  He suddenly runs towards the ropes and jumps into the air, almost as if flying over the ropes and landing on Billy, whipping them both out.  Reese begins to count them out.










Zander gets back to his feet and jumps onto the apron and waits.  Bill is up to one knee and looks up to see Zander moonsault right off and come right at him.  But Billy, using the brilliance he has, moves out of the way and Zander lands stomach first with a thud!






Charles:  The counts almost up and neither of them are moving!


Billy is quick to his feet and forces Zander back up to toss him into the ring.




Billy is in there just on time and Reese decides to let that one slide.  Billy wobbles over to the turnbuckle and sits.  He then jumps off and lands a legdrop right across his opponent’s throat!  He takes the pin while he gets the chance.












Arnold:  CRAP!  Just end the match already!


Shannon:  I’m enjoying this one.


Arnold:  You would.


Charles:  Zander is on his game tonight, especially after already having a match.


 With Zander now weakened a little, Billy picks him up and places him between his legs and signals for the finish!  He lifts Zander onto his shoulders, looking for the Brilliant Bomb!  But Zander reverses at the last second with a falling facebuster, which he calls the Zander Bomb!


Charles:  ZANDER BOMB!


Arnold:  I’ve seen better moves from my nephew, who is only five might I add.


Shannon:  Zander and Billy are about ready end this thing.


The two are down and out of it.  Reese begins to count them down again.  He gets to seven before movement happens.  Zander staggers to his feet and taunts Billy to get back up.  He does so and Zander moves in for the kill.  But Billy grabs Zander by the head and nails him with a hard DDT out of nowhere!


Charles:  That could be the ending factor in this one if he can get the pin!


Billy crawls over to Zander and places his hand over his chest.  Reese drops down for the count…
















The crowd lets out a big gasp as Zander has again kicked out!  Billy grabs his hair, not believing he kicked out.  With the fans on their feet, Billy wants to end this one fast.  The Zander fans are cheering for him to get up, and this fuels him even more.  Billy grabs Zander by the hair and goes to get him to his feet but Zander punches him in the stomach a few times before whipping him into the ropes.  Billy comes back and Zander jumps onto his shoulder with a hurricanranna!  Zander looks around at the fans and waits for Billy to get up.  Once he does Zander charges at him with a superkick, but Billy ducks!  Zander turns around and is beat down in the corner with a flurry of punches.


Shannon:  Red Fury!


Charles:  Zander is getting beat down!


Finally Zander just rolls out of the ring and falls to the mat.  He stares up at Billy who is now fully pumped.  Zander walks around ringside for a while, then decides to get back in.  The two meet in the middle of the ring, but Zander knees Billy to the gut.  Quickly, Zander drops Billy down with the superkick he couldn’t hit earlier.  He slowly makes his way towards the turnbuckle, which he begins to climb.  He looks down at Billy who barely has movement.  Zander taunts a little for the cheering fans.  Now ready to do his Snake Eyes (Swanton), he flips off, but to his and everyone else’s surprise, Billy gets to his feet and Catches Zander right on his shoulder.  Then he slams Zander down, shaking the ring in the process!




Arnold:  Have a heart attack why don’tcha.


Shannon:  Billy’s going for the pin!

















Arnold:  THANK GOD!  Next match!


Charles:  That was a well fought match, but Zander came off short.  I’m sure there will be other times!


Billy celebrates in the ring while Reese raises his hand.  Zander is rolling around the ring holding his head.  Billy helps Zander to his feet and shakes his hand in respect and for a good job done.


Shannon:  How cute.


Arnold:  I’m gonna start bringing a bucket with me.


Charles:  I can’t wait to see round two!





Taped Earlier


(Backstage we get the view from inside Zander Frost’s locker room from earlier today. The young star is trying to decide which cape to wear for his big night on Vortex with a possible shot at the UWA Cruiserweight Champion, his briend Billy “The Brilliant”.)


“Ah raspberries... Just so hard to decide, which costume would Superman or Spiderman choose for a night of hard battling against evil?”


(Zander seems to be in deep thought. He finally seems to of decided to go with the one he’s wearing as he walks out of view of the camera which we are now finding in inside his locker room mirror! But as we see Zander leave the camera’s view, we soon see something black stick back into just the corner of the mirror. It moves up and down. But still it’s hard to find out just what it is? But then Zander’s voice clears it up for us.)


“I... Like big butts and I cannot lie! These other brothers can’t deny!”


(That’s right, you’ve been looking at Zander Frost’s ass!!!)


“Oooh... Oooh, Oooh, Oooh!”


(Zander slides across the camers view in a smooth moonwalk! His hands just a jiving.)




(Zander comes back into view with his charismatic smile still on. He places his finger on his chin before getting another idea as he breaks it down with an old school classic.)


“Oh, please take me to the Y!!! M!!! C!!! A!!!”


(The crowd laughs watching this on the zero-tron and sings along with Zander.)


“Oh, the Y-M-C-A!!! Da, Da, Da, Da, Da... Don’t know the words but... Y-M-C-A!!!”


(Zander smiles to himself and points his finger to the mirror like a gun and winks at his reflection and the camera he doesn’t know is there.)


“Looking good sexy. You single? I’d sure like to take you home and give you a super night. No. No. No... Uh... Oh yea, *clears his throat* How you doing? No, No, No... HOW... YOU .... Doing? Huh, Huh? Pretty sexy eh?”


(A knock on his door and Zander turns. He begins to walk towards the door but he bends backwards into the mirror one more time and gives himself a big thumbs up!!!! The “U-View” cuts out shortly after that.)



---Main Event: UWA World Heavyweight Championship Match---

---Triple Threat---

---“Dark Angel” Seven versus Inphino verus “God of Pain” Bane---




Charles: Oh you gotta love that new “U-View”! Zander Frost is hilarious when he thinks he’s off camera as well!


Shannon: That was SOOO cute!


Arnold: You thought that was cute? What’s wrong with girls these days?!


Charles: But Zander Frost aside... It’s time to crown the first UWA World Heavyweight Champion!


Arnold: You mean it’s time for Bane to be crowned the UWA World Heavyweight Champion!


Shannon: That’s your oppinion...


(“Stupify” By Disturbed hits and the crowd boos loudly as the first of the three men involved in this Triple Threat for the UWA World Heavyweight Championship match step out through the curtains! “The Dark Angel” Seven walks with a purpose straight down the ramp and straight into the ring looking very focused. Seven steps over the top rope and into the ring as the fans show no respect to the man who could be the first UWA World Heavyweight Champion.)


Charles: Seven looks focused but can he get the job done against Bane and Inphino?


Arnold: My humble oppinion... NOPE!!!


(“Jesus Christ Pose” By Soundgarden hits next as the crowd all stand awaiting the “Black Dragon Master” and accused Murderer within the Universal Wrestling Alliance as Inphino is the next through the curtains to a mixed reaction of boos and cheers from the UWA fans.)


Charles: These fans just like me don’t really know what to make of Inphino?


Arnold: Well he’s obviously a religious pawn who’s going to become a supersoldier and rule the world....


Shannon: Alrighty, Mr. Sci-Fi!


(Inphino slides into the rings and immidiately scales up to the top turnbuckle and crouches overlooking the crowd and Seven as the arena lights up with flashes as the staredown between Inphino and Seven is very present. Seven smirks and points to the mat while he mouths off Inphino but before anything can happen pyros hit the ramp with a huge explosion before “Bottled Up Inside” By Korn hits and the fans jump to thier feet to boo “The God of Pain” as he walks out onto the ramp carrying with him ...THE UWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!)


Charles: Why’s he have that?


Arnold: He might as well carry it... It’ll be his soon enough.


(Seven and Inphino both look to Bane who is soaking up the boos from the crowd as he holds the UWA World Heavyweight Championship above his head. He then throws it into the ring and shakes his head as if to say “Go to it...”)


Charles: That’s some way to treat the World Heavyweight Championship of this company...


(Bane slowly makes his way to ringside and steps up into the ring looking over at Inphino and then looking over at Seven giving both a short smirk before stepping back into one of the corners as the bell goes to begin the main event!)


Arnold: Here we go!


(Seven immidiately goes after Bane as the two of them exchange rights hands only for Bane to get the upper hand and battle Seven back to the other corner knocking him for a loop and moving out of the way just in time as Inphino comes flying from the other side of the ring and connects with a huge dropkick right to the chest of Seven! Inphino gets up but is quickly knocked back from a clothesline from Bane. Bane then walks back to Seven and raises the knee to the gut and then grabbing Seven by the hair and pulling the big man out of the corner only to knock his head back into the mat with a hard high clothesline!)


Charles: Bane looks to be the early agressor in this matchup!


(Inphino is up quickly though and connects with a spinning heel kick to the face of Bane, but only manages to push the “God of Pain” back into the ropes. Inphino tries again for another spinning heel kick but Bane drops to his back and pulls the top rope down and catches Inphino in the ring ropes!!! Bane stands and stares down at Inphino but doesn’t see Seven get up behind him, Seven spins the “God of Pain” around and decks him with a hard right hand and beats him into the ropes, Seven grabs onto Bane and whips him hard across the ring and looks for a big boot but Bane just barely ducks it, Bane propels himself back and looks for a clothesline but Seven ducks it, Seven waits for Bane to come off the ropes again but Bane grabs ahold of the ropes with his right hand and stops the momentum and simply boots Seven in the midsection and drills his head into the mat with a hard DDT!)


Shannon: The referee and Inphino have finally managed to get Inphino’s leg out of those ring ropes!


(Bane stands up over Seven and begins to pick him up but Inphino calls out and just as Bane is turning around launches himself with a huge corkscrew cross body off the top rope that catches Bane by surprise and takes the big man down!)


Charles: What a move by Inphino!!!


(Inphino scrambles and hooks the leg.)






Charles: No! Broken up by Seven!


(Seven boots Inphino in the side of the face! “The Dark Angel” stays on the attack as he measures Inphino up and scoops the “Black Dragon Master” up and drills him into the mat with a hard scoop slam! Seven doesn’t get a chance to make a pin though as Bane is up and measures seven and connects with a major big boot!!!)


Charles: Bane almost beheaded Seven with that shot!!!


(Bane still doesn’t make a pin though as instead he catches a right hand from Inphino and drops him back with a hard uppercut that catches Inphino just underneath the chin! Inphino fights back though with hard body shots that seem to slow down the mammoth beast, but Bane keeps coming as just when Inphino thinks the shots have weakened him, Bane gets a shot fo steam and knocks the wind out of Inphino with a hard spinebuster! Seven is up though and takes Bane out with a hard kick to the middle of his back which sends Bane into the corner. Seven doesn’t relent though as he chokes Bane out with his boot, Referee Flash Jefferey gives the three warning count and Seven releases the choke. Seven backs up and gets a run in and delivers a sliding dropkick to Bane’s chest which throws the big man from the ring to the floor below.)


Shannon: Seven can now concentrate on Inphino and try and win this match!


(Inphino has other plans though as he catches Seven with a straight kick to the face which drops Seven backwards into the ropes, as the big man bounces back Inphino connects with a big time spear!!! Inphino hooks the leg!)
















(Bane pulls Referee Flash Jeffery’s leg and pulls the ref out of the ring. Flash tells Bane to back off but the monster pays no attention to the ref and rolls into the ring and drops the elbow on Inphino. Bane pulls the much smaller Inphino up and with vicious authority picks the smaller man up and SLAMS him into the mat with a high angled jackknife powerbomb!!! Bane doesn’t stop though as he picks Inphino up again and this time raises him up awaiting the chance to hit...)


Charles: The Number 13!!! (Gorrila Press Slam) Right into Seven!!!


(Seven catches Inphino as both men fall backwards but it’s right into a pin for Inphino!)












(Seven kicks out and pulls himself up slowly as Bane backs up to a nuetral corner and leans against it as both Inphino and seven get up and take a run at eachother, Inphino tries for a cross body but Seven catches him and spins him up into a hard sidewalk slam!! Seven hooks the leg....)













Charles: Kick out by Inphino!


Arnold: I thought that dip shit Seven was about to win...


(Seven can’t believe the kickout and pounds the mat with frustration. He turns around right into another big boot from Bane though as “The God of Pain” seems to have a solid hold on this matchup. Bane steps over Seven and reaches down and pulls him up by the hair once again and hooks and arm as he manages to lift the big man up and slams him down with a suplex, Bane gets up to slow though as Inphino catches both him and Seven with a Shadow Moon!!! (Standing Moonsault) Inphino makes the pin on both men!!!)


















Charles: Bane lifting Inphino off him with such power!


Arnold: That was impressive none the less for Inphino!


(Inphino stays on the ball though as he scales to the second rope and flies backwards through the air with another corkscrew cross body!! But this time Bane catches him and makes a run for the ropes and THROWS INPHINO FROM THE RING STRAIGHT THROUGH THE ANNOUNCERS TABLE!!!)




Shannon: Inphino has been destroyed right through out table!!!


Charles: We won’t have monitors for the rest of this match.... I geuss we’ll have to watch it unfold in the ring and on the Universal-Tron!


(Huge “HOLY SHIT!” chants spark up as Bane looks down a sneer as Inphino still remains motionless in the rubble of the announcers table. The crowd pops though as Seven catches Bane off guard and rolls him up with a pin... AND GRABS THE TIGHTS!!!)


























Arnold: Bane kicked out!


(Bane has indeed kicked out even though Seven had the tights!!! Seven can’t believe it and angrily kicks Bane through the middle rope to the floor on the outside, Bane slowly peels himself up but Seven catches the big man with A SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE ROPES!!!)


Charles: MY GOD!!! A man the size of Seven, I’ve NEVER in all my days seen a man that big attempt let alone connect with a suicide dive through the ropes to the outside!!!


(“HOLY SHIT!” and “UWA! UWA!” chants erupts throughout the Coliseum as Referee Flash Jefferey doesn’t dare start a ten count in a match like this as a winner has been promised.)


Charles: Flash knows that these fans want a winner and he’s making sure they get one!


Shannon: All three men habe put thier bodies through hell here in this one!


(Seven and Bane slowly begin to peel themsleves up but Inphino beats them to it as the crowd cheers the young rookie for his efforts.)


Charles: Inphino is up! I can’t believe he’s still moving!


(Inphino rolls into the ring and before anything makes a run and JUMPS OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TAKES OUT BOTH SEVEN AND BANE WITH A HUGE CROSS BODY!!! The fans have snapped with cheers as the arena fills with “UWA! UWA!” chants as all three men are down once again on the outside!)


Arnold: What was Inphino thinking?!


Charles: I don’t think he was thinking, all three men have gone beyond thinking and are now into instinct just pure killer instinct from all three men!


(Much to the surprise of the crowd it is the man who took the suicide dive and the cross body both, in Bane who is the first to start to stir. The boos amount as Bane slowly pulls himself to a knee and finally up to standing. The fans boo the “God of Pain” but he doesn’t pay any attention to them as he picks Inphino up like a rag doll and LITERALLY THROWS HIM SIX ROWS BACK INTO THE CROWD!!!!!)


Shannon: Holy Shit!


(Screams come out of the crowd as Inphino comes crashing into the sixth row and takes out four or five fans while he’s at it!!! The “HOLY SHIT!” chants have reached thier peak now as the arena is so loud with noise that the camera can hardly pick up anything else. Seven is up though and he and Bane begins to slug it out on the outside with hard right hands to eachothers faces. Seven low blows Bane and gets enough advantage to shove the “God of Pain” straight into the ring barrier with full steam as a great CRASH rumbles up from where Bane has dented the security barrier.)


Charles: This one has gone on for along time... Surely... SURELY it must be over here soon!


(Seven looks down at Bane and pounds his chest mouthing off to his opponent and does not see Inphino, who amazingly still gets up and climbs ontop of the security barrier behind him, Inphino doesn’t wait for Seven to turn around this time though and launches himself and connects with a HUGE Missile Dropkick!!! Seven jolts forward with his head bouncing straight off the steel rampway as Inphino bounces backwards from his impact with Seven and leans with his back against the barrier breathing deeply as all three men are down once again in this hard hitting matchup! Much to the dislike of the crowd it is once again Bane who pulls himself up again, Inphino quickly follows though as both roll back into the ring and begin to nail eachother all over with left, rights and uppercuts, just trying to inflict as much damage as possible.)


Arnold: All Bane has to do is hit on Implosion on Inphino and this one will be over!


(Seven slowly pulls himself up on the outside and slides into the ring and stands just in time to deflect Inphino’s flying body from a huge irish whips from Bane that almost pulls Inphino’s arm out of it’s socket!!! Seven lifts Inphino up and sends him nose first into the top turnbuckle!!! Inphino doesn’t stop though as his adrenaline is pumping at full and climbs to the top but seven sees this and climbs to the second turnbuckle as both men begins to beat on eachother with right hands on the top turnbuckle but Bane turns the other way and quickly rolls from the ring and pulls a steel chair out from underneath the ring bell holder and rolls back into the ring.)


Charles: What is Bane planning?!


Arnold: To take out Inphino and Seven with that steel chair would be my best guess!


(Flash tries to stop Bane and Bane finally turns back but just as Flash turns back to see Inphino and Seven, BANE DRILLS HIM IN THE HEAD WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!!!!)


Shannon: Oh no!


Charles: Bane just struck an official UWA referee!!!


Arnold: Correction just planted him with a steel chair Charlie Brown!!!


(Bane then swings the chair full force and SMASHES BOTH Seven and Inphino with one shot, Both men fall backwards and on the way down Bane smashes Inphino again with the steel chair putting a major dent in it and cutting Inphino straight open!!! Bane drops the steel chair ontop of Inphino and runs his hand across his throat as the crowd boos loudly, Bane lifts Seven up and THEN PLANTS HIM ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR, ONTO INPHINO WITH AN Implosion!!! (Straight Powerbomb/Top Rope Powerbomb) Seven and Inphino are both out as Bane walks over to Flash and picks him up with on hand and then drops him and then rolls from the ring and begins to walk up the ramp as Flash make shis way to Seven and Inphino and counts the pin!!!!)
























Charles: It’s over and thanks to Bane, Seven is the first UWA World Heavyweight Champion!!!


Arnold: What a smart move by Bane, now Seven is the UWA World Heavyweight Champion, and Inphino automatically becomes the #1 Contender with a rematch clause... Leaving Bane all along in the hunt for the UWA Universal Heavyweight Championship!!!!


Shannon: Bane played them all!! I can’t believe it!!


(“Stupify” By Disturbed hits as Flash brings the UWA World Heavyweight Championship into the ring and lays it on the still outcold Seven. While on the top of the ramp Bane raises both arms in the air and shouts “I DO WHATEVER I WANT!!! WHENEVER I WANT!!!” But the boos soon turn to cheers as Bane turns around straight into Magnum Steele who looks Bane eye to eye.)


Arnold: Perhaps Bane isn’t all along in that hunt for the UWA Universal Heavyweight Championship...


Charles: Seven is the first UWA World Heavyweight Championship, but Bane may not of counted Magnum Steele into his equation for the top strap in this company!


Shannon: We’ll see everyone next time, right here on Vortex!


(Bane and Magnum stand nose to nose, eye to eye as the crowd cheers loudly as the show finally fades to black.)





Voltage Writings 2002

(Matches 1,2,4,6)


Big Dawg Pudlishings 2002

(Match 3)


Desert Storm Inc. 2002

(Match 5)


Scorpio Enterprises 2002


Universal Wrestling Alliance 2002