(Charles Corbet is shown sitting at a desk wearing his usual Vortex “UWA” attire


(Charles Corbet is shown sitting at a desk wearing his usual Vortex “UWA” attire. He casually looks up into the camera with a smile.)




“Due to technical difficulties UWA’s weekly show of Wrath was not viewed last week. We here apoligize for the missed show, as we all strive to iron out the difficulties in our system. But we will not disappoint and this Vortex shall be a double dose, as before we get to our main show... Wrath will be played right here LIVE! Enjoy the shows.”







Scorpio Productions





Thursday Wrath


(The Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI bursts into life as Wrath kicks off. The rookie announce team of Dany Miller and Andy Miller are shown at thier table.)


Andy: Hello! Hello! My name is Andy!


Dany: And I’m Dany!


Andy: As you can probobly see... We’re twin brothers!


Dany: And we were lucky enough to land this tryout for UWA...


Andy: What a night of action it’s going to be though!


Dany: Let’s just get to the matches already!



---Non-Title Singles Match---

---“The Untouchable” Kaine versus Syn---



(“Feuer Frei” By Rammstein hits as the fans jump up and boo as the LCW Heavyweight Champion, Kaine walks out onto the ramp. Kaine quickly takes a side glance to each side of the ramp before heading down and getting ready for his match.)


Andy: If Syn can win here, he may be in line for a LCW Heavyweight Championship match!


Dany: I just dunno who to cheer for?!


(“Make Me Bad” By  Korn hits and the fans rise up to see the recently, “new and improved” Syn walk out onto the ramp accompanied by his big buddy, Jason Johnson. Both Syn and Jason circle the outside of the ring as Kaine starts to get the sense he may be in for trouble. Syn finally slides under the bottom rope and stands up face to face with the young LCW Champion.)


Andy: This should be a fast paced matchup!


(The bell rings and both men circle eachother trying to feel eachother out. Syn finally makes the first move with an armbar, Kaine reverses though into his own armbar and then uses the referee as a spring almost and flips up over Syn and then drops him backwards with a modified neck breaker! The crowd pops for the imagination of Kaine to use such a move but Syn doesn’t stay down for long as he sweeps the legs out from underneath the rookie and quickly gets up and grabs one leg and turns Kaine over into a half boston crab!!!)


Andy: What a smart move by Syn!


Dany: Both of these men are extremely smart talents!


(Kaine tries for the ropes but Syn has his feet planted firmly and is lookign for the submissin win early on. Kaine uses his other foot though and kicks the leg of Syn, which breaks the manuever just in time. Syn stays on his prey though and stomps viciously on the left leg of the LCW Heavyweight Champion. Syn pulls Kaine up finally and whips him into the ropes with an irish whip only to have Kaine hold onto the ropes and catch Syn looking down for a flapjack. Kaine uses it and flips over Syn and then hits a sunset flip into a pin!)

















Andy: Close!


Dany: But No Cigar!!!


Andy: I think you might of found a catchphrase brother?!


Dany: You think so?! Wow... I never though it would be so easy???


(Syn clamps his legs over Kaine’s head to break the pin and the neatly uses his own hands to almost get up in a half-crab positione and twist and pulls Kaine over with a hurracarana from the a sitting position!!!)


Andy: Ow!


Dany: Close.. But No Cigar! Hehehe...


Andy: ........


(Syn pulls himself up and then runs and boots Kaine in the side once, then again before pulling Kaine up and ducking a clothesline attempt and then locking his arm up in an abdominal stretch!! Syn beats on Kaine’s side while the painful move is hooked in. The referee warns Syn of the illegal shots to the kidney, but everytime he goes to check on Kaine, Syn hits some more. Finally Syn just lets the manuever go and Kaine drops to the mat, Syn gets up some steam off the ropes though and connects with an inverted snapmare!!! Kaine’s head snaps back viciously and Syn scramble and tries for a pin...)













Dany: Close... But No Cigar!


Andy: Alright now Dany....


(Syn doesn’t seem phased though and pulls Kaine up and snaps him back with a snap suplex, Syn pulls him right up again though and hits a snap suplex the other way! Kaine is looking hurt as Syn sadistically smiles before pulling Kaine up and this time hitting a vicious bridging Dragon Suplex!!!)
















(Kaine once again kicks the back of Syn’s leg to stop the count. Syn pulls himself off and wastes no time as he climbs up to the top turnbuckle. He looks down and JJ gives him a thumbs up to finish Kaine off, Syn jumps but only recieves a vicious looking boot under the chin!!! Syn falls backwards and both men are down as the referee begins the 10 count.)

















(Syn begins to move.)




(Kaine pulls himself to a knee.)




(Both men pull themselves up and Syn attempts a clothesline but the LCW Heavyweight Champion ducks and cradles Syn up into a pinning combination!!!)
















(Syn grabs Kaine’s tights and pulls him over into a cradle!!!)















(Kaine again grabs Syn’s tights and rolls him up...)














(Jason Johnson pulls the refs leg and breaks up the pin!!! The referee hollers at Jason and bans him from ringside!!! Jason flips the ref off but heads up the ramp none the less.)


Andy: Bye Bye JJ!


Dany: He was close...


Andy: Don’t say it!!


Dany: But No Cigar!!! YEAH, BABY, YEAH!!!


Andy: Oh god...


(Syn and Kaine are both up and both try to take down the other but Kaine pulls Syn up and hits a hard spinebuster!!! But instead of going for a pin Kaine pulls Syn up and hits a catapult right into the top turnbuckle!!! Syn stumbles backwards and Kaine hooks up for a move.. but Syn hits a low blow and turns and pulls Kaine up and hits....)


Andy: Deadly Syns!!! (Powerbomb into X-Factor)


Dany: What a move!


(Syn hooks the leg and the ref counts the pin...)















Andy: Where’d he come from?!


(Ace Thunder has run out of the crowd and pulls the referee out of the ring, dumping him right on his head! Ace slides into the ring and Syn gets up and the two begin to exchange blows!!!)


Dany: Get him Syn!


Andy: Syn and Jason Johnson will face Ace and Mellisa Cage on the upcoming Vortex to decide the first UWA World Tag Team Champions!


(Ace backs Syn up and then launches him across the ring only to have Syn hit an AMAZING flapjack which elevates Ace up over the top rope and crashing to the floor below... Kaine moves in though and rolls Syn up just as the referee is starting to stir!!! The ref rolls into the ring and Kaine waits for him to begin to count the pin before GRABBING THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!)













Andy: That’s the same way Kaine beat Wen Law!


Dany: He came close... But, well I geuss he go the cigar didnt he?!


Andy: Oh my...


Dany: What?


Andy: I can’t believe your my brother...


(“Feuer Frei” By Rammstein  hits as Kaine grabs his LCW Heavyweight Championship and slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp before Syn can get up. Syn beats the mat with his hand as Ace quickly exits through the crowd leaving only Syn in the center of the ring.)


Andy: We’ll be right back after these messages!



---Commercial Replay---



“Today at a news conference in San Diego, California, High Voltage Produtions announced a power struggle within the productions compny for various indy federations throughout the world and most noteably, the Universal Wrestling Alliance. The company spokesman said that the power struggle was needed to end for the company to growth the amount of money needed to continue investing for the new year. As such former Director of Advertising John Scorpio took the stage with stunning news of his buying of the company!!! Scorpio became the top shareholder of High Voltage Productions when he bought out former Chair President Peter Goodridge’s shares. Scorpio announced that with his new ownership of the company that first things would be a name change as High Voltage Productions will now forever be known as Scorpio Enterprises!”


“Mr. Scorpio noted that all production for the Universal Wrestling Alliance will continue and that a new project for the beginning of the new year has already begun its set up stage. Expect more news on the recent name change and power shift within formerly-High Voltage Productions to be updated on the News section of the UWA site and boards. Scorpio Productions has arrived!”






(Kaine is shown walking backstage after his win over Syn when he rounds a corner and walks straight into the chest of “The Rouge Dragon” Wen Law! Kaine doubles back, turns and runs as Wen simply cocks his head sideways.)




“Run for now, coward. But I’ll soon have my rematch.”


(Wen turns and walks off as the scene fades out.)



---Further Backstage---



(“The Beast” Jaxon Hayes is shown walking to the ring ready for his match against SLWA member, Earl Davison, but from behind he is attacked by Klown and Disturbed Sickness!!! Klown plows Beast into a pile of crates and Disturbed grabs a steel chair, Klown picks Beast up and Disturbed absolutely PLOWS the steel chair into the skull of “The Beast”!!!)


Andy: This is sick!!


Dany: That’s why they’re called The Sickness, Andy?


(Disturbed walks off and Klown bends down and runs his finger through the blood coming from Jaxon’s head. He wipes it straight down the bridge of his nose gives a demented smirks and then he too walks off after his Sickness brother.)


Andy: Looks like Jaxon won’t be wrestling tonight...


Dany: (sarcastically) What a shame...



---Winner Gets UWA Cruiserweight Championship Match At Perfect Dark---

---“UWA’s Resident Superhero” Zander Frost versus Jeff Jones---




(“Boom” By P.O.D hits and the fan stand on thier feet as “UWA’s Resident Superhero” Zander Frost appears in the spotlight at the top of the ramp. The charismatic young superstar dances back and forth across the ramp really getting the crowd going before sprinting down into the ring and sliding under the bottom rope and quickly scaling to the top turnbuckle and giving the thumbs up to the crowd which promotes a HUGE pop!!!)


Andy: One of the most popular UWA superstars and only 18 years old!


Dany: Boo... SLWA may be down brother, but Jeff Jones is about to show they’re not out!


Andy: Well we’ll see...


("World's Most Dangerous" by Ja Rule f/Nemisis hits as the fans boo as Earl Davison, Cornell Davis and finally Jeff Jones walk out onto the rampway.)


Andy: Well bad odds for Zander here tonigh...


Dany: I told ya SLWA wasn’t out!


(Jeff leads the pack as the three men make their way to the ring. Jeff rolls in and immidiately gets up in Zander’s face. Zander tries to back off but Jeff slaps him across the face!! The referee pushes Jeff back and finally the bell goes to start the match! Zander is the first to strike though as he takes Jeff down with a standing dropkick!!! Jeff bounces up quickly and attempts a clothesline but Zander drops to the ground and hits a drop toe hold, which sends Jeff nose first into the mat!)


Andy: This is not the first time these two have met...


Dany: But everytime their in the ring, Jeff has come out on top, time and time again!


(Zander waits for Jeff to get up but he is too close to the ropes and Earl Davison grabs his leg and rops Zander on his head behind the refs back, the fans boo the cheating SLWA as Jeff takes control and stomps on Zander with vicious short stomps before lifting the “Synergist” up and literally throwing him into the corner before running in and driving the knee into Zander’s stomache. The fans “ooo” as Jeff taunts and then drives the knee into Zander’s gut again. The young fan favourite doubles over and Jeff stays on the ball and hits a scissors kick (ala Booker T) and then quickly drops for a cover..)











Andy: Kick out from Zander!


Dany: Jeff has been dominating this matchup from the start-


Andy: Thanks to his SLWA buddies at ringside, I’d like to note that Magnum Steel is not out here. Take that whatever way you wish.


Dany: Magnums got some attitude problems as of late...


(Jeff pulls Zander up and bounces him across the ring but the partner of the Cruiserweight Champion holds the ropes and then quickly drops Jeff down with a DDT. Zander stays on the ball and to a great pop from the MI crowd, Frost leaps the the middle rope and pulls off a Springboard Moonsault!!!)


Andy: Zander going airborn to try and stop the offense of Jeff Jones!


Dany: Zander just wants another chance at BTB after losing last week on Vortex!


Andy: I’m sure he does... That “IS” the point of this match, Dany?!


Dany: Oh... Right.


(Zander pulls Jeff up and then drives him into the ropes backs up and capitalizes with a super kick that sends Jones right out of the ring. The ref checks on Jeff as Earl slides into the ring but only gets a spinning heel kick from Zander to a high pop from the crowd. Cornell tries to roll in but Zander is on top of it, and jumps onto the second rope and then hits a springboard legdrop!! The crowd is on it’s feet as Jeff finally rolls back into the ring. Zander tries to hit a dropkick, but Jeff catches his feet and drops him backwards on his side.)


Andy: Smart move by Jeff Jones.


(Jeff pulls Zander up and snaps him back with a snap suplex, Jeff quickly pulls Zander up again and drills him into the mat with another snap suplex. With Zander hurting, Jeff slowly pulls Zander up and runs his hand across his neck in a ‘cut throat’ fashion. The fans boo as Jeff successfully hits the russian leg sweep!)


Andy: Jeff is setting Zander up for the “Ruff Ryde” (Superkick)!!


(Zander pulls himself up and Jeff goes for the Ruff Ryde (Superkick) but Zander pulls a “Matix” style move and bends backwards avoiding the blow!!!)


Andy: Amazing flexability by the young Zander!


Dany: Meh.. It was.... Ok.


(Zander bounces into the ropes himself and he and Jeff both catch eachothers heads in a double bulldog!!! The fans pop as the referee begins the manditory 10 count.)
















(Zander and Jeff both manage to pull themselves up by 8 as both men give eachother a knowing stare and then Jeff charges Zander but Frost leapfrogs Jeff, Jones into the ropes and comes steaming out to another leapfrog from Frost. Jeff goes into the ropes again and thsi tiem Zander falls to his stomache under Jeff. Jones stops though and as soon as Zander is up Jeff comes out of no where and plants the young superstar with a Bust'em Up (Flowing DDT), Jeff scrambles and Earl and Cornell slap their hands on the mat along with the referee...)














2 9/10ths!!!


Dany: I can’t believe it!!!


Andy: Zander Frost kicked out!!!


(Jeff can’t believe it either, but tries to keep his composure, he lifts Zander up and as Earl jumps up onto the ring apron, boots Frost square in the...)


Dany: Gonads! Family Jewls! Ping Pong Balls!


Andy: Ping Pong Balls???


(With a loud boo from the crowd Jeff lifts Zander up and drives the young superstars high back and lower neck into the mat with a Gonna Die (High Impact Powerbomb)!! Jeff holds Zander’s lower body for the pin...)




























Andy: NO! NO!


(The crowd erupts as Zander raises his left shoulder off the mat at just the last possible second and this time Jeff can’t hide his unhappiness as he gets up in Referee Flash Jefferey’s face about the two count. Zander pulls himself to the corner though and manages to get up to his feet in a crouching position... Jeff turns and Zander flies across and takes Jeff out with a corkscrew crossbody!!)













(Earl pulls Zander off of Jeff breaking the pin to a loud boo from the capacity crowd which soon turns to cheers though as Billy “The Brilliant” comes running down the ramp with his UWA Cruiserweight Championship in hand, Billy ducks a clothesline attempt from Cornell and drops him with a hard title shot to the head!!! Jeff gets up and points at Billy and motions to his stomache making a ‘title’ motion... Billy smiles and gives a thumbs up as Jeff turns to boot to the stomache and a HUGE Zander Bomb!!! (X-Factor) Zander drops onto Jeff for the pin..)






















Andy: Zander wins it! Zander wins it!


Dany: Booo!!!!! Booo!!!!!


Andy: Oh shush up, Dany, you big baby.


Dany: Hmph!!


Andy: Zander Frost has earned the right to face Billy “The Brilliant” once again at Perfect Dark, with the Cruiserweight championship on the line!!!


Dany: Who wants to see Zander versus Billy II?!


Andy: Well... me!


Dany: ........


Andy: We’ll be right back soon with Disturbed and Klown versus Ace and Mellisa!





---Fading No More---



"I try to breathe

Memories overtaking me

I try to face them but

The thought is too much to conceive


I only know that I can change

Everything else just stays the same

So now I step out of the darkness

that my life became 'cause


I just needed someone to talk to

You were just to busy with yourself

You were never there for me

To express how I felt

I just stuffed it down

Now I'm older and I feel like

I could let some of this anger fade

But it seems the surface I am scratching

Is the bed that I have made


So where were you?

When all this I was going through

You never took the time

To ask me just what you could do


I only know that I can change

Everything else just stays the same

So now I step out of the darkness

that my life became 'cause


I just needed someone to talk to

You were just to busy with yourself

You were never there for me

To express how I felt

I just stuffed it down

Now I'm older and I feel like

I could let some of this anger fade

But it seems the surface I am scratching

Is the bed that I have made


I never meant to fade...





I just needed someone to talk to

You were just to busy with yourself

You were never there for me

To express how I felt

I just stuffed it down

Now I'm older and I feel like

I could let some of this anger fade

But it seems the surface I am scratching

Is the bed that I have made


I try to breathe...I' am Fading No longer..And thy anger is coming out.."




---Pre-Match Beatdown---



(Ace Thunder and Mellisa Cage are shown walking to the ring for thier ‘warm up’ tag match for their shot at the UWA World Tag Team Championships on the upcoming Vortex. A loud sound almost like a roar is heard and Ace jumps in front of Mellisa just in time to catch a steel chair shot from Jason Johnson who assault Ace numerous times with the steel weapon! Syn jumps out behind Mellisa and grabs her by the hair and holds her down and forces her to watch as Jason beats relentlessly on Ace with the solid steel chair.)




“See that you little bitch! Do you really want THAT to happen to you? To hurt that pretty... Uh... PRETTY UGLY face of yours?! Because that’s what we’ll do on Vortex to win the UWA World Tag Team Championships.... We’ll hit you. We’ll kick you. We’ll talk hard smack to you the whole time we’re doing it to! Because we’re not any ‘sickness’ no longer... We’re past a sickness and into perfection! We won’t be beat by two little poster children like you!!”


(Jason stops his attack on Ace and Syn drops Mellisa down and the two walk off as Mellisa scrambles to help Ace and screams for help as the scene fades back to ringside.)



---Main Event: Tables Match---

---Trash Taylor versus William Grand---



Andy: Syn and Jason Johnson we’re scray as sick freaks... as over confident, do anything to win, freaks.. They’re down right dangerous!


Dany: What a perfect message sent out by Syn and JJ!


Andy: Syn and JJ may get theres come Vortex though! When the UWA World Tag Titles will be on the line to best team.


Dany: But enough about all these simpletons... It’s time for William Grand!


Andy: And Trash Taylor!


(“Bow Down” By Westside Connection hits and the fans rise in a mixture of cheers, with a more loud boos as William Grand steps out onto the ramp. He looks to each side of the ramp before slowly making his way to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope and playfully zapping his cane/taser in the air.)


Andy: That taser will be perfectly legal in this matchup!


Dany: Such a classy weapon, don’t you think?


(“_______” By ______ hits and the fans rise with cheers as out onto the ramp moonwalks, Trash Taylor! The fans pump to the music as Trash busts a move at the top of the ramp as William sneers disgustingly at the act before him and questions the referee on ‘what this has to do with wrestling’. But Referee Flash Jefferey is to caught up in the antics of Trash to really pay attention to William.)


Andy: Break It Down!! Oww!!!


Dany: I’m ashamed of you brother... we’re here to announce WRESTLING, not a disco contest like this goof ball wants it to be! William Grand is a man of class and does not deserve to be wrestling a nobody like Trash Taylor!


(Trash slides into the ring and goes to raise his hands in the air but William is fast on the attack and takes Trash down as the bell goes to start this Table Match. William with a fury of kicks and punches to begin the match but slowly works Trash back into a corner and then chokes the ‘funky’ superstar out with his boot for a 4 count before breaking the illiegal hold. William doesn’t relent though as he drives his shoulder home into the gut of Trash Taylor, again, and again, and again, and again! Finally Trash collapses in pain and a mix of boos and cheers goes up again as William stands and awaits his opponent to finally get up.)


Andy: Great wrestling from Grand here early on.


Dany: PERFECT wrestling...


(Trash pulls himself up and William is quick on the attack as he locks on an armbar and wrenches away on the shoulder and elbow of Trash Taylor!)


Andy: William Grand using great torque on that shoulder and elbow of Trash!


(Trash pumps his fist before turning into the move and essentially reversing it into an armbar of his own on William who doesn’t stay in the hold for long as he wraps his own arm around Trash’s neck and drops him down with a modified neckbreaker to a slight pop.)


Dany: Smart moves by William Grand!


(Grand up again and steps through Trash’s legs and locks on a figure four leg lock!!! Trash screams in pain but tapping won’t do him any good as William digs in and puts full pressure on the legs of Trash Taylor! Trash gets to the ropes but with the No DQ clause in a Table Match, William doesn’t have to let go, and doesn’t. Trash pulls on the middle rope though and manages to turn himself onto his stomache and reaches up to the top rope as he puts all the pressure back on William who tries to pull Trash from the ropes. William twists and turns and eventually pulls Trash down and pulls his legs from Trashs as both men crawl to a neutral corner as the crowd gives a respectful pop.)


Andy: Both men showing thier technical sides here tonight.


Dany: Little good technical will do... You have to drive your opponent through a table to win...


(William and Trash both pull eachother up and Trash charges for William who quickly drops Trash face first with a drop toe hold! Trash is up quickly though and this time sidesteps a clothesline from Grand and then drops him down with a neckbreaker to a pop from the UWA fans!! Trash takes this chance and slides out of the ring and grabs the table that is placed at ringside. Trash folds the legs up and slides it into the ring halfway, he goes to push it the rest of the way in but William bounces from the ropes and baseball slides into the table and sends the table back into Trash’s chest!!!)


Andy: What a smart move by William Grand!


Dany: Of course.


(The ref jumps from the ring to check on Trash as Grand pulls the table the rest of the way into the ring and sets it up fully near the ropes. William then rolls from the ring and grabs Trash by the ‘fro’ and whips him hard into the ring steps with a CRASH!! The crowd ‘oooos’ as William grabs Trash yet again and this time whips him into the announcers table with a loud BANG. William smirks and pulls Trash to his feet before slowly rolling him into the ring, William rolls in behind him and sets up for a suplex on Trash....)


Andy: This could be it... If William suplexes Trash through that table...


(William tries to pull Trash up but Taylor keeps hooking his leg around Grand’s and blocking the move which would send him through the table. Trash then capitalizes and hits a suplex of his own but as he tries to spin William up in the air towards the table, Grand slides out of the suplex and boots Trash in the butt straight into the turnbuckle. Trash stumbles backwards and William lifts him up and looks to backdrop Trash through the table but Taylor falls to his stomache to block the move and trips William up this time with his own drop toe hold! Trash springs to life and picks William up and lifts him up and looks to drop him onto the table again but Grand elbows his way out of another one and this time falls down lifts Trash up... But bounces him off the top rope and then SLAMS HIM THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!)




Andy: William did it! What a fine matchup!


Dany: Trash came close...


Andy: Dont-say-it!


Dany: But...


Andy: I’m not joking!


Dany: NO CIGAR!!!


Andy: .....


Dany: Good night folks, hopefully we get full time contracts!!! Or at least I do.


Andy: .......





Voltage Writings 2002

(All Matches)


Scorpio Productions


Universal Wrestling Alliance 2K2























Scorpio Productions










( The crowd pops loudly as fireworks blast off the stage and the UWA cameras turn on once again for the first UWA show in quite awhile! Charles Corbet, Arnold Oxford, and Shannon Taylor are all at thier post as the camera’s settle on the threesome. A few signs behind the three read: “Going... Going... Gone= UWA Ratings”, “Yes, this show is finally up!” and “Nightwhisper Says: Seven is Maxx Pains brother!” Finally the camera settles on Charlie, Arnold, and Shannon.)


Charles: Boy it’s been awhile!


Arnold: I’ll say... Too much time without me!


Shannon: But we’re back finally... Things definately went bad for UWA when Co-President Alex DeMonye was assaulted by Enon on GZW’s Fallout:Zero Defects. No one seemed to be there to pick up the ball and run with it? Although to Chris Sharp’s credit he has been trying.


Arnols: One question.. Where is James Tanner? Have any of you even seen this guy in like a month? Seth Richards gets screwed out of his new power, and James sits on his ass and gets praise?


Charles: The power struggle within UWA continues as the men involved adapt and move to the shifting and sometimes unforseeable circumstances... But enough about that, let’s get to what matters... The Wrestling!


Shannon: We have a bang up show tonight... As the UWA Television Championship Tournament begins with “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes facing off against “Turbo” who has actually started to appear on UWA TV?!


Arnold: Shocked me to blondie...


Charles: And in the other TV Tourney Match, Trash Taylor will battle Jeff Jones as the once very highly anticipated SLWA has sputtered into nothingness in my view...


Arnold: All because of Magnum being to greedy and not looking out for the people who’ve had his back his whole career!!!


Shannon: Or perhaps Magnum got tired of doing the work for the other three? As without Magnum no one in the SLWA has aquired a win yet here in UWA!


Charles: I’m with Shannon... Magnum has a big oppurtunity ahead of him as he’s being highly toted as one of the men to challenge for the UWA Universal Heavyweight Championship.


Arnold: Not like that’ll matter... Bane’s got it in the bag.


Charles: Ahem....


Shannon: But it doesn’t stop theri as the UWA World Tag Team Titles will be awarded to either Syn and Jason Johnson or Ace Thunder and Mellisa Cage!


Arnold: Syn and JJ have impressed me with thier new attitudes, and the recent footage of them talking with two of my personal UWA favs in Phoenix and Damien only make them that much more appealing!


Charles: You may be impressed but I think they’ve gone from bad to worse to terrible in the way they act and treat people... Paul Phoenix has managed to spread his attitude into two other men now, but I’ll admit they have the god given talent to be the first UWA World Tag Champs...


Shannon: But after that we keep it going as the UWA Intercontinental Championship will go on the line as the UNDEFEATED Damien ArkAngel lays it out against Dustin Cage!


Arnold: You know, where the f*ck is Dustin Cage?! He has this HUGE chance and he doesn’t even show up on UWA TV to talk about it? Push the match? Nothing!


Charles: Well the kid has got what it takes to make it BIG here... But it seems the work ethic is not there... your right.


Arnold: I am?


Shannon: He is?


Charles: .......


Arnold: YAY!!!


Shannon: But as the night rolls on we will see the first of our double main event: “UWA’s Resident Superhero” and resident HOTTY, Zander Frost...


Arnold: That’s disgusting...


Shannon: ....and “The Monster” Magnum Steele will take on “The God of Pain” Bane and “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix!


Charles: What a matchup that will be... The personal issues between Magnum and Bane will finally have a chance to explode, would you even call it personal issues though?


Arnold: I’d say it was more about proving who is the REAL monster in UWA!


Shannon: I agree.


Arnold: I’m right twice tonight and we haven’t even got going!!!


Charles: But in our second Main Event, Inphino will take on the newly crowned UWA World Heavyweight Champion, Seven!


Arnold: And you know that that freak has not been seen in weeks... Seven has got this one.


Shannon: But the big guy has also got to be thinking about Paul Phoenix, a win tonigh tit rumoured to set him up for a #1 Contenders Match on Wrath?


Charles: Indeed, Phoenix has broken loose lately... A win in his big match tonight and he would indeed deserve a #1 Contenders match.


Shannon: About time... We’re ready to go from the UWA Coliseum!!!!





---Debut Match---

---William Blessing versus Disturbed Sickness---






Shannon:  Isn’t this a cute little match-up right here?


Arnold:  Bah!  These people give me a headache.  And you know what?  For this match, I think I’m going to sit back, relax, take a nap.  You know, give you guys your Christmas present early.


Charles:  You’re so…  Kind Arnold.  Thank you.


Arnold:  I’m here to please.


Shannon:  Anyways…  Lets get this puppy started!


Charles:  Hold on just a second.  I don’t think this match is going to be taking place in the ring!  They’ve started early in the back!


The camera switches to show William Blessing and Disturbed Sickness battling it out.  Disturbed is pushed into a wall, giving Blessing a chance to grab a large steel pole.  He then goes to whack Disturbed, but he dodges and the pole cracks against the wall.  Disturbed grabs William’s hair and drives his face into the wall.  Then he places William’s head under his arm and looks to go for the Sick DDT but William reverses it with a release Northern Lights suplex!  The two slowly get to their feet and stare down each other.  William dives at Sickness with a clothesline, but he sidesteps it.  He then sneaks up from behind William and locks him in a waist lock!  But suddenly from behind The Beast nails Sickness in the back with a steel chair.  Sickness turns around with an angered look on his face.  Klown then from out of nowhere knocks William Blessing down.  Disturbed grabs Beast from around the throat but the lights suddenly cut off! 


Charles:  Uh, what in the hell is going on?


Arnold:  Someone didn’t pay the electric bill.


BAM, BANG, POW!  Loud crashes and sickening thuds can be heard along with the painful yells.  After a few seconds of this, the lights cut back on and there lies Disturbed Sickness, Klown, and Beast in agony on the ground.  But William Blessing is still standing, hiding in a corner.  He looks at the wreckage with a stumped look on his face.  After searching around for a possibly culprit, he darts off, avoiding any trouble to himself.


Charles:  That was strange!


Shannon:  Who the heck would do this?!  And William Blessing was the only one standing! 


Arnold:  I don’t know, but this might keep superstars on their guard!  At least it wasn’t me!


Shannon:  Okay… you’re done.


Arnold:  THAT’S MY LINE!  Major nut job there!  HA!


Charles:  Only…  In UWA!


The two commentators bicker about as the scene cuts to a commercial.








New In Stores Just In Time For Christmas: UWA Action Figures!!!


Seven (With UWA World Heavyweight Title)


Paul Phoenix

Zander Frost

Billy “The Brilliant”


And more!!!


Also Just In Time For Christmas(Due Out December 20th):




“A Look Backstage Inside The UWA!”






---Good At What He Does---



Arnold: No Arnold Oxford action figure... how rude!


Charles: Nobodies gonna wanna play with you.


Arnold: That’s not what your wife said last-


Shannon: Alright, Alright, enough.


~“You know Your Right” By Nirvana hits the pa system as Uwa’s Fighting Force comes down to the ring holding his Intercontinental title over his shoulder he cockily makes his way down as the fans boo and he mocks them and gives one the finger and laughs.. Damien slides underneath the ropes and leaves his Ic title on the mat, Damien gets tossed a microphone and holds it up to his mouth~



“Shut up! All of you!! “


~The fans continue to boo as some people throw pop bottles but are removed from the crowd from security, Damien points at one that threw one and starts laughing as the man is being removed from his seat~



“That’s right take the hillbilly outta here he doesn’t deserve to be in my presence!, Now as I was saying, before I was cut off by you –“


~Before Damien can use the foul language he is cut off again by the crowd and more boos and a small chant of “Damien Sucks”, Damien looks mad as he waits for the crowd to calm down a little~



“Shut up!! I’m gonna brake Dustin Cage’s damn neck tonight!! Just because all of you morons won’t shut up! So now what are you going to do? Worsen the job by booing even more? DO YOU WANT HIM IN A BODY CAST? HUH? I SUGGEST YOU SHUT UP IF YOU DON’T!!!”


~Surprised by Damien’s rage the crowd silences~



“More like it. Tonight me and Dustin Cage go one on one.. for the title laying on the surface of this ring..Dustin has been quite quiet lately? Why? We all know why. Don’t we!? I think we do..We all know that Dustin is afraid of me! Dustin Cage is a wussy! He can’t show his face on television anymore because I will break it inside out! He is to afraid to step up to The Uwa Fighting Force! Tonight I will break Dustin Down..that’s all I’ve got to say for you idiots..”


~ “You Know your Right” plays again and Damien heads back upstage as the crowd boo’s once again~


Charles: What a rude little bastard...


Arnold: Ah, but he’s good at what he does.


Shannon: They’re gonna be calling for his blood later tonight.




---Television Championship Tournament: Match #1---

---Blake “Turbo” Dyhart versus “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes---




("It's Goin' Down" by the X-ecutioners hits and the crowd rises to it’s feet as “Turbo” walks out onto the ramp with s slight strut. The crowd cheers the young superstar but there is a mix of boos as well from some anti-Turbo fans that have gathered near the ramp. Blake pays them little attention though and slides into the ring and raises his arms to a cheap pop.)


Charles: This kid has tons of untapped potential!


Shannon: You can indeed feel the intensity he can bring to the ring, and it’s nice to see he’s woken up and is getting more involved on UWA TV as well!


Arnold: Meh...


(Blake stretches on the ropes but a loud pop from the crowd breaks his stance as “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes has run down the ramp with no music at all and slides into the ring and tackles Turbo down with a clothesline as the bell rings!)


Charles: Smart strategy by Jaxon Hayes... He caught Turbo off guard!


(Blake lifts Turbo up and bounces him into the ropes and then meets him with some hard European Uppercuts that stun Dyhart. Jaxon pushes Blake back and then bounces off the ropes with him before hitting a russian legsweep that rattles the mat! Hayes up qucikly again and this time pulls Turbo up and drops him down with a vertical suplex! The crowd has rallied behind “Beast” as he pulls Turbo up again and whips him hard across the ring, but Blake slides out of the ring and gets a much needed regrouping.)


Charles: Beast all over Turbo here!!


Shannon: I’m impressed.


Arnold: I’m going to take a dump....


Shannon: GROSS!!!


(Turbo paces outside the ring and seems visibly frustrated and turns around right into a baseball slide dropkick under the bottom rope by Jaxon! Turbo bounces off the security barrier hard and Beast stays on the job as he picks Turbo up and quickly lifts him up with a suplex on the padded mat on the outside! Beast gets up and some fans pat him on the back as he wits for Turbo to climb up to his feet. As Turbo gets to his knees, Jaxon lifts him the rest of the way up and rolls him in the ring. He rolls in after him and makes a pin...)


















Charles: Turbo JUST kicked out... That was close!


Shannon: Beast has really come out here to win!


(Beast doesn’t let the kick out phase him and picks Turbo up again and dominates him with pure raw power as he lifts the cruiserweight up and pummles him into the mat with a jackknife powerbomb!!! Jaxon holds the waist lock on and raises Turbo up again but Blake digs his fingers into Jaxon’s eyes and Beast falls backwards with Turbo on his chest right into a pin!)










Charles: Beast pushing Turbo off easily there!


(Beast gets up the same time as Turbo but Blake turns it up with a spinning heel kick that connects and sends Beast back to the mat. Beast won’t stay down though but this time walks into a hard superkick to a pop from the crowd as Turbo’s lightning fast feet can’t be ducked. Beast rolls onto his stomache and Blake climbs to the top turnbuckle..)


Charles: Turbo looking to go big here!


Shannon: Beast is gonna walk right into it to!


(Beast gets up and turns right into...)


Charles: Turbolocity!!!! (Corkscrew off top rope into a Cross Body)


(Turbo scrambles and hooks the leg as the fans count along for the pin!!!)




















(Beast shoots his shoulder off the mat much to the surprise of every fan and Turbo himself in the Coliseum. Turbo backs up and just looks at Beast and then side glances the crowd who are cheering the rookie on.)


Charles: Give Jaxon Hayes credit... He shocked us all with that kick out!


Shannon: Indeed, but Turbo looks a little too rattled here... He’s got to get on his ass!!!


(Turbo runs an kicks Beast hard in the side to a “ooo” from the crowd, a sneer and another kick to the side of the rookie Jaxon Hayes. Turbo pulls Jaxon up and drops him hard with a double underhook DDT!!! But instead of pinning him he pulls Beast up again and this time irish whips him across the ring and ducks a clothesline attempt, ducks a big boot attempt and finally catches Beast with a Tornado DDT!!!)


Charles: That may do it!





















Charles: My God... That must of been like 2 and 9/10ths!!!


Shannon: Jaxon won’t stay down!


(Turbo pounds the mat with hsi right hand once and cusses before getting up and waiting for Beast to pull himself up on the ropes, Beast turns and Turbo runs in and picks Beast up and tries for the Whirlwind (F5) but Beast slides out of it and pushes Turbo into the turnbuckle and as he stumbles backwards, Beast drops him with a neckbreaker!! Beast pulls Turbo up and looks with a crazylook to each side of the crowd and gets some cheers before booting Turbo in the gut and then nailing a...)


Charles: Hate Breeds Love!!! (Elevated Diamond Cutter)

















(Out of the crowd runs Klown and he pulls Referee Flash Jefferey out of the ring and decks him hard with a baseball bat he’s carrying!!! Beast sees Klown and dives through the ropes with a SUICIDE DIVE!!! The crowd chants “Holy Shit!” as both Klown and Beast battle it out on the outside. Klown tries to whip Jaxon into the ringsteps but Beast counters and instead it is Klown that crashes into the cold hard steel!!!)


Charles: Jaxon Hayes is going pyscho out here and the crowd loving it!


(Jaxon rolls back into the ring but gets a boot to the side of the head by Turbo and then with a short signal to the crowd Turbo hits....)


Shannon: Turbulence!!!! (Roll of the Dice) It’s over!


Charles: But there’s no referee!!!


(Referee Reese Florey runs out to a cheap pop from some fans and rolls in and make the count...)

























Charles: Beast kicks out! Beast kicks out!


Shannon: What a showing out here tonight by Jaxon Hayes!


(Turbo is beside himself as he gets up in Reese Florey’s faceaccusing him of a slow count, Turbo backs him up into the ropes and Reese trips and falls through the middle rope, Turbo jumps down to help him up at the same time Klown is back up and rolls into the ring with the steel chair and just as Beast gets to a knee, Klown tattooes the chair over his head!!!)


Charles: Dear god!


(Turbo slides in and prints over as Klown rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp, Turbo looks at Klown, the steel chair still laying in the ring and then to the unconcious Beast. Referee Reese Florey is slowly getting back into the ring... and Turbo kicks the chair out of the ring and makes a pin on Beast!)














Charles: No! Beast was screwed again by that sick bastard Klown!


Shannon: But what about Turbo? Not really an honourable win...


Arnold: Hey guys I’m back from taking my shi-


Charles: Ok, to much info! You missed one hell of a match!


Arnold: Meh...








(Inside the locker room of Zander Frost we see the masked superhero of UWA talking to newcomer, El Drago! Zander seems to be showing him something but it can't quite be made out...)



"Your new here so you might need this more then me...."


El Drago:

"...well, what the hell is it, dude?"



"It's my lucky charm. The one thing that got me to where I am today, here in the UWA and real life superhero! If I hadn't found this all those years ago at that superman convention....”


(Zander holds it up as it seems to be small and wrinkly but still can't be made out by the camera.)


El Drago:

"Ah, dude! Get that thing the hell away from me!"


(El Drago takes the object from Zander's hand, and flings it across the room.)





(Zander runs across the room and picks up the object, whatever it is.)


El Drago:

"Serves you right you little sicko freak."



"Never... I mean... NEVER... Throw my lucky charm! I waited in line ten hours at a Superman Convention when I was ten, then by fate and fate alone it was I who picked up Supermans GUM!!!"


(Zander holds up the gum, way too proud over it.)


El Drago:

"Heh...wow...Superman's gum...isn't that dude, like...I don't know...in the Hall of Super Crippled Losers, by now?"


(Zander jaw drops.)



"I suggest you leave... good day."


El Drago:

"Whatever, Superfreak."


El Drago walks off giving Zander a disgusted look, as we hear the door closing Zander looks at the gum in his hand shrugs and pops the gum into his mouth as the scene fades!!!






---Television Championship Tournament Match #2---

---Trash Taylor Vs. Jeff Jones---





Arnold:  Too many boring matches lately!


Shannon:  I think Trash is a great athlete.


Charles:  And don’t leave out Jeff Jones.  As “thuggish” as he is, he knows how to handle business.


Arnold:  By putting everyone to sleep!  I think I’m going to bring out my artillery…  A PILLOW!


Charles:  BEFORE Shannon and Arnold start arguing AGAIN, lets just get on with this puppy!


“City Slicker" by CirKuz hits as Trash Taylor comes out from behind the curtains.  He makes his way down the ramp, slapping a few hands as he approaches the ring.  After sliding inside he poses for pictures and waits for Jeff Jones.


"World's Most Dangerous" by Ja Rule f/Nemisis is next to hit, bringing the fan’s cheers to an immediate boo.  Jeff Jones doesn’t waste any time as he flies out of the curtains, down the ramp, and slides into the ring.  Referee Reese Florey calls for the bell and the match begins.  Jeff Jones takes Trash off guard and punches him into the ropes.  Jeff backs up a clotheslines Trash over the ropes and the match is already at ringside. 


Shannon:  Can people just not keep it in the ring?


Arnold:  As long as they injure each other, I’LL ALLOW IT!


Jones opens things off with a fast beginning. He grabs Taylor by the arm and sends him crashing hard into the ringside barrier with an Irish whip. He cries out in pain and staggers forward, arching his back and Jones grabs him and goes to Irish whip him into the far side barrier but he manages to reverse the attempt and Jeff is the one who strikes the steel instead! He staggers forward and Trash lands a heavy right to his jaw! Jones staggers back a few feet but steps right back and unloads his own fist right to Trash's face, prompting the start of a fist fight between the two on the floor, sparking the cheers of the fans!

Charles:  They better watch it!  Reese is counting them down!

The brawl temporarily breaks up as Jones slides into the ring but with Trash right in after him. The two jump to their feet and the fight continues as they trade blows back and forth to each others' faces. Taylor blocks a swing from Jones and grabs him by the arm, Irish whipping him into the ropes but the smaller man rebounds and leaps, knocking Trash to his back with him on top in a cross body! Taylor sits up, clutching a hand to his sternum and Jones grounds the larger man, wrapping his arm around his neck in a rear chinlock.

Arnold:  What a boring move!

Charles:  Effective though!

Trash wrings his body left and right, trying to find an out, then spins around, affectively breaking the hold but ends up right back into another as Jones has his legs wrapped tightly around his waist in a bodyscissors, squeezing the breath out of him. Trash clenches his teeth as the referee asks him if he wants to give it up but he shakes his head no. Trash fights his way to his feet, remaining in the scissors hold. He then reaches down and grabs two handfuls of Jeff's hair and drags him up with Jones still clutching to him with the scissors-and Trash starts spinning around in a circle, letting go of Jeff and sending the SLWA member crashing back-first to the mat!

Shannon:  Nice escape there from Trash.

Arnold:  Yeah, by cheating!  Little punk can't even fight fairly.

Charles:  Oh yeah!  Like the SLWA always do!

Trash grabs Jeff and hauls him up to his feet and delivers a forearm shot to the side of the head twice, then snapmares him over and sits on his back, trapping him in a camel clutch. Taylor drapes Jeff's arms over his knees, keeping him from putting up a struggle, as he pulls back with all of his strength. The referee is asking if Jones wants to submit but he shakes his head no.  Jeff suddenly backs up right into a turnbuckle, squashing Trash behind him. Jeff moves out of the way while Trash stumbles out and falls face first.  Jeff hops onto the turnbuckle, then jumps right on Trash’s back!


Charles:  That’ll take your breath away.


Jeff taunts around, talking smack to the fans while Trash gets to his feet.  Jeff turns around and finds his mistake as Trash clotheslines him down.  Jeff hops back up but is sent across the ring with an Irish whip.  Jeff comes off the rebound and is sent high into the air with a back body drop.  He rolls around the ring arching his back as Trash approaches him.  Trash grabs Jeff by the head and pushes him into a nearby turnbuckle then pummels him with loads of punches.  Jeff gets irritated and turns the tables.  After a few punches he sends Trash into the opposite turnbuckle.  He charges at Trash but Trash lifts his legs up and smacking Jeff’s jaw.  Jeff staggers a bit and is taken down to the mat by a running bulldog.


Shannon:  BLAST FROM THE PAST!  Trash Taylor nailed it!


Arnold:  *In a mocking voice* OH MY GOD, HE’S GOING TO BECOME WORLD CHAMP!


Charles:  Why is it that I feel like a babysitter? 


Arnold:  Probably because Shannon can’t be in public without adult supervision!


Shannon:  Hey, at least I’m aloud in public!


Charles:  HEY LOOK!  There’s a match going on in the ring!  Trash is climbing the turnbuckles too!  It looks like he might be going for his moonsault!


Trash points his finger in the air, then goes to flip off but Jeff grabs him and places him on his shoulders!  He then drops back with an Electric Chair Suplex!  Both men are down and out as Referee Reese Florey counts them down.  One…  Two…  Three…  Four…  Five…  Six…  Jeff crawls towards the ropes and gets to his feet.  He taps his leg and taunts for Trash to get up.  Slowly, Trash gets to one knee, then stands completely up but a bit dazed.  He turns around just as Jeff moves in extending his leg and foot towards his face with the Ruff Side (Superkick) but Trash ducks!  Jeff turns around only to get booted in the stomach and driven down with a falling DDT!  He goes for the pin.






Shannon:  Jeff Jones kicks out before the count of three.


Trash picks up and slams Jeff back down with a scoop slam.  Trash bounces himself off the ropes and lands on top of Jeff with a leg drop and a cover.  One…  Two…  No, kickout by Jones.  Jeff rolls out of the ring and looks around for a bit before blowing the match off and walking up the ramp.


Arnold:  What the… 


Charles:  Trash might win by countout.


Jeff stops on the ramp and looks at the ring to see Trash hyping up the crowd with some poses and he begins to do the Disco Dance.  Jeff charges back down the ramp and slides into the ring where he tacks Trash from behind.  He then begins to club Taylor hard shots to the head.  Ref Florey finally grabs Jeff from around the waist and pulls him off of Trash.  Jones pushes Reese aside and runs in with a hard kick to the ribs.  Trash rolls around the ring in agony as Jeff continues to kick him in all places.  Jeff puts his arms up in the air and backs up as if to say he’ll stop.  Reese goes to check on Trash.


Arnold:  Maybe I should sing to put this place back on their feet.


Shannon:  And out the doors!  HEY!  Look who’s watching the match!


Charles:  That’s Magnum Steel!  What’s he doing out here?


The camera switches views to show Magnum Steel watching the match at the top of the ramp with his arms folded.  Jeff walks around the ring yelling at Trash.  He finally gets to his feet but just as Jeff is running at him.  Trash notices and drives him down to the mat with a spinebuster.  The fans burst in cheers for Trash.  After getting to his feet Trash drops a few elbows before taking the pin.






Kickout.  Jeff stumbles to his feet and bounces himself off the ropes and clotheslines Trash down sloppily.  Then Jones rolls out of the ring and grabs himself a steel chair.


Charles:  Oh come on!  There’s no need for a chair!


Arnold:  Maybe he just wants to gives the referee a chair to sit on.


Charles:  Yeah Oxford, I’m sure!


Jeff gets back into the ring and waves the chair in the air.  Referee Reese Florey instead swipes the chair from him.  While the ref hands the chair back to the ring announcer, Trash comes from behind Jeff and low blows him!  The fans pop again.  Trash rolls Jeff up in a small package.












Shannon:  NO!  Jeff with a last possibly second kickout!


Taylor picks Jeff up and sends him into the ropes.  Jeff ducks the attempted clothesline and as he comes back towards Trash, he nails a spinning heel kick!  Taylor gets back up but not before Jeff sends him staggering with a few punches.  Jeff then gets behind him with a rear waist lock.  One German suplex connects!  Jeff forces Taylor back up, rear waist lock still hooked.  The second German suplex connects!  Then a third, then a four!  Jeff sets him up for one more, this time he connects with a release German!


Arnold:  If he would pin him this one would be over!


Jeff taunts a bit and begins to climb the turnbuckle!  He looks to be going for East Coast Drop (Moonsault) but Trash pushes the referee into the ropes!  Jeff falls right on his crotch.


Shannon:  Major nut job there!


Arnold:  Yeah, you’d know how it feels like.


Shannon:  And you would?


Trash stumbles to his feet and climbs on the other side of the turnbuckle.  He places Jeff’s head between his legs, getting major approval of the fans.  Suddenly Cornell Davis comes running down, pushing Magnum out of his way.  Cornell hops onto the ring apron and distracts the ref.  This gives Earl Davison a chance to come from the crowd and grabs a chair!  The fans shower the two with boos but they quickly turn to cheers as Zander Frost and the Cruiserweight Champ Billy “The Brilliant” come running down to the ring.  Zander sweeps Cornell off the apron as Billy attacks Earl before he could use the chair. 


Charles:  And here are the reinforcements! 


As the four men are battling it out at ringside Trash continues on with his move, picks Jeff up in a piledriver position, then leads off the top rope driving his head into the mat.


Shannon:  TRASH DISPENSER (Hangman DDT) OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!!!!!!


Arnold:  Thank you Captain Obvious!!


Charles:  It’s over!


Trash drapes his arm over Jeff’s chest as the fans count along with cheers.


















Charles:  Trash Taylor wins it!  Trash Taylor is moving on in the tournament for the TV title!!


Arnold:  Whoopee!  I think I might just cry!


Zander, Billy, Cornell, and Earl are separated by referees as Trash’s arm is raised in the air.  The scene cuts to commercial showing Magnum, arms folded and shaking his head.








(Syn and Jason Johnson are shown walking to the ring as thier tag match is up next!!!)








Scorpio Productions




Universal Wrestling Alliance’s



Perfect Dark

“Live From The Toronto Skydome, Coming In December!”






---UWA World Tag Team Championships Match---

---Ace Thunder and Mellisa Cage versus Syn and Jason Johnson---




(“Make Me Bad” By Korn hits and the fans erupt in a series of boos as Syn and Jason Johnson walk out onto the ramp carrying thier LCW Tag Team Championships. Syn stands in front of Jason as both strike a pose to the boos of the fans. (Think HBK and Kevin Nash) Syn and JJ both sprint to the ring and both climb a turnbuckle and raise theier LCW Tag Team Title into the air as the fans boo the young tag team.)


Charles: Both very young and both very capable!


Arnold: Of course, Charlie Brown! They were trained down in LCW by none other then???


Shannon: Paul Phoenix?


Arnold: Bingo... You get the golden star blonde!


(“Feul” By Metallica blares of the PA and the fans rise to thier feet once again as Ace Thunder and Mellisa Cage both walk out onto the ramp! Syn and JJ sneer in the ring and cockily motion for Ace and Mellisa to just bring it. Ace takes up that challenge and rushes the ring but gets a doubel team beatdown from Team Mean, Syn kicks Ace badly in the ribs and Jason then lifts him up in a big time military press that even makes the crowd ‘ooo’ before dropping him on his face!!! Mellisa rushes into the ring and the bell goes as Mellisa and Syn will start this one out.)


Arnold: Team Mean all the way baby!


Charles: Where’d you get Team Mean from???


Arnold: From the official Syn and Jason Johnson, “Team Mean!” T-shirt on sale now on the UWA website!!!


(Mellisa circles Syn, but the more experienced Team Mean member flukes her out with a fake tackle before sliding on his knees and just slapping her knee. Syn smiles cockily as Mellisa lunges but Syn jumps back and drops Mellisa’s face into the mat and then spits on her back as Referee Flash Jeffery (who has been pretty busy tonight) jumps up in Syn’s face and warns about the tactics, Syn shrugs his shoulder and puts on a “what are you talking about?” face before pushing Flash out of the way and jumping on Mellisa with some quick punches to the back before pulling her up and bouncing her into the ropes and catching her in a backdrop!!)


Arnold: To easy for Syn!


(Syn puts one foot on Mellisa and makes the cockey pin...)








(Ace jumps in the ring but Flash is quick and tries to push him back out, as he pushes Ace back, Jason jumps in and Syn whips Mellisa into the ropes again and this time lifts her up with a flapjack and Jason then drops her in a stunner!!!!)


Charles: Its Over!!! (Flapjack into Stunner)


(Jason stalks around Mellisa as Syn runs around and quickly pulls Ace down from the apron. Ace bounces off the apron and Jason hooks the leg on Mellisa...)













Charles: It’s over! Just like that it’s over!!!


Arnold: Nice fight Ace and Mellisa... What crap... But at least Syn and JJ won it and are now not only the LCW Tag Team Champions but also the UWA World Tag Team Champions!!!


(Jason raises his hand as “Make Me Bad” By Korn hits again but it’s cut short as Syn whips Ace into the stairs on the outside dislodging them with a crash. Jason bends over and with the fans booing the duo he lifts Mellisa up in a Military Press and walks to the side of the ring!!)


Charles: Don’t do it! My god!


Arnold: Bombs away!!!


(Jason throws Mellisa over the top rope and she crashes ontop of Ace as the fans boo loudly. Syn rolls into the ring and Flash hands Syn and Jason thier UWA World Tag Championships as “Make Me Bad” By Korn hits again and Syn and Jason lift thier titles in the air as the show cuts to commercial.)




---Fading No More---




"I try to breathe

Memories overtaking me

I try to face them but

The thought is too much to conceive


I only know that I can change

Everything else just stays the same

So now I step out of the darkness

that my life became 'cause


I just needed someone to talk to

You were just to busy with yourself

You were never there for me

To express how I felt

I just stuffed it down

Now I'm older and I feel like

I could let some of this anger fade

But it seems the surface I am scratching

Is the bed that I have made


So where were you?

When all this I was going through

You never took the time

To ask me just what you could do


I only know that I can change

Everything else just stays the same

So now I step out of the darkness

that my life became 'cause


I just needed someone to talk to

You were just to busy with yourself

You were never there for me

To express how I felt

I just stuffed it down

Now I'm older and I feel like

I could let some of this anger fade

But it seems the surface I am scratching

Is the bed that I have made


I never meant to fade...





I just needed someone to talk to

You were just to busy with yourself

You were never there for me

To express how I felt

I just stuffed it down

Now I'm older and I feel like

I could let some of this anger fade

But it seems the surface I am scratching

Is the bed that I have made


I try to breathe...I' am Fading No longer..And thy anger is coming out.."




---Exclamation Point---



(Backstage Ace is shown walking through the hall with his head hung low, he opens his locker room door and a steel chair comes slashing out!!! The chair smashes Ace hard and knocks him flat, out of the locker room steps “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix to a loud chorus of boos. Paul raises the chair and brings it down over Ace’s head repeaditly, over and over again until blood is coming out of Ace’s mouth. Referee’s and security swarm Paul but he blasts at least three of them with the steel chair before walking off with a psychotic look on his face and Ace’s blood on the steel chair he still holds.)





---UWA Intercontinental Championship Match---

---Dustin Cage versus “Fighting Force” Damien ArkAngel---





Charles: What a vicious assault from Paul Phoenix!!!


Arnold: That was... amazing!!


Shannon: Why did Paul attack Ace?


Arnold: Well obviously to rid his friends and young trainees Syn and Jason Johnson of any threat to their newly won Tag Team Championships! And hell... He’s Paul Phoenix, he can do as he wants!!!


Charles: I don’t agree with that!


Arnold: You don’t have to... Ha!


(“Elevation” By U2 hits as the fans rise to their feet to cheer the challenger to the UWA Intercontinental Championship, Dustin Cage as he walks out onto the ramp. He looks a little troubled as he walks down and into the ring and leans on the ropes a look of frustration on his face.)


Arnold: Heh, I think the beating his sister got has got this little sprite a little ticked off...


Charles: Dustin should try and stay cool here, he’s got a BIG chance ahead of him.


Shannon: I think Damien is a little to cocky-


(The guitar blare erupts over the PA as,“I Stand Alone” By Godsmack hits and the fans all rise in boos as Paul Phoenix walks out onto the ramp with a microphone in hand. He looks out over the sea of booing and jeering fans with a down right happy smile on his face. He looks as Dustin who has a confused look on his face but walks up to the ropes closest to the ramp and points at Phoenix, doesn’t say anything but points. Paul smirks at the kid and raises the mic to his mouth....)



“Ladies and gentleman...


(The crowd boos loudly at the man who just injured Ace Thunder. At the man who has laid claim to UWA World Heavyweight Championship. Paul keeps his cool calm and collected smile though and continues.)



“Ladies and gentleman, weighing in at 256 pounds, YOUR Universal Wrestling Alliance, INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!!!!”


(The crowd boos knowing whats coming.)



“”Fighting Force” Damien ArkAngel!!!”


(“You know Your Right” By Nirvana hits as the fans erupt in boos for the UWA IC Champion who walks out onto the ramp struting and Paul gives him a high five and points at Dustin and then mouths, “win!”, Damien nods and Phoenix walks behind the curtain. Damien struts down the rampway and stops halfway as Dustin glares at the Intercontinental Champion. Damien glares right back and the fans cheers sensing the tension between the two.)


Charles: This should be hot!


(Damien slides into the ring and Dustin backs off, Damien raises his Intercontinental Championship above his head and smashes his chest. The bell goes and Dustin doesn’t wait for Damien to come at HIM, HE goes at Damien!!! Dustin decks the IC Champ with a hard closed fist right hand and then grabs his left arm and whips him across the ring. Damien comes back and attempts a spear but Dustin leapfrogs over the IC Champ! Damien comes back but Dustin catches him and drops him to the mat with a Tornado DDT!!!)


Charles: Great move from the rookie!


Arnold: Pft!


(Damien is slow getting up and Dustin capitalizes with a run off the ropes and a neckbreaker from a hellacious angle!!!)


Shannon: Damien’s neck looked like it was bent full over there!


Arnold: (sarcastically) Great observation...


(Damien holds the back of his neck in pain as Dustin gets up and gives Damien a playful ‘boot’ to the side of his chest. Dustin winds up for a stronger one but ArkAngel stops that by catching Cage’s foot and dropping him back on his head with a thud before snapping up!)


Arnold: ArkAngel ain’t near done yet!


(Damien is up and Dustin pulls himself up, Damien ducks a clothesline and then levels Dustin back with a clothesline of his own! Dustin snaps up but Damien meets his neck with another high clothesline that almost beheads the rookie. Damien slowly pulls Dustin up this time as Cage checks his nose for blood but doesn’t find any. Damien hooks Cage’s shoulder and tries to snap him back with a suplex but Dustin grabs Damien’s tights and holds on. Damien tries not once, not twice, but thrice to get Dustin up and over but he won’t budge so instead Damien pushes him back into the ring ropes and launches him across the ring and connects with a dropkick that drops Dustin down hard!)


Charles: ArkAngel showing his skills.


Arnold: Damn right.


(ArkAngel pulls Dustin up this time and hooks him up for a suplex but stalls and then hangs Dustin up on the top rope! The crowd does the usual ‘ooo’ spot as Dustin holds his chest and stomache in pain but Damien stays on the gas pedal and lifts Dustin up and then slams him back with a Gutwrench Powerbomb!!! The crowd can literally feel the shaking of the ring from the huge impact!!!)


Shannon: What a move from the IC Champ?!?!


(Damine gets up and methodically stalks Dustin as the rookie pulls himself up on the ropes and tries to kick at Damien, the “Fighting Force” stays on the offensive though as he decks Dustin down with a hard right hand! Damien lifts Dustin up and signals for the Trigger Bomb (Test Diving Powerbomb) Damien lifts Dustin up and then slams him down hitting the Trigger Bomb!!!!)


Charles: He got it!


Arnold: Bye Bye Rookie!!!



























Charles: NO, Not yet! He hasn’t won yet!


Arnold: What a slow count, someone boot this hillbilly the hell outta here!


(Damien is stunned and the crowd is on it’s feet for Dustin as Damien gets up and stares around and turns and glares at Referee Flash Jefferey, whos taken alot of flack tonight. Damien then turns and stomps with hard short kicks straight into the back of Dustin Cage. Damien finally pulls him up and throws him, not whips him, THROWS him into the ropes goes to catch him for an over the head belly-to-belly suplex but Dustin explodes with a clothesline instead!!!)


Shannon: What a flying clothesline!


(Dustin pulls himself up and pushes Flash out of the way and climbs up to the top turnbuckle, the fans cheer loudly as Damien gets up and turns around right into a Missile Dropkick from Dustin Cage!!! Cage crawls over and makes the pin on ArkAngel...)














Charles: Not enough.


(Dustin pulls Damien up and bounces him off the ropes himself this time and then catches Damien this time with a huge dropkick again!!! Dustin snaps up again though and this time grabs Damien’s left leg and turns him over with the Single Leg Crab!!!)


Charles: Dustin’s favourtie submission move!!!


Arnold: Come on Damien!


Shannon: ArkAngel is far from those ropes...


(Damien tries to pull himself to the ropes but each time he gets close, Dustin pulls him into the center again! Damien finally manages to crawl into a corner and actually climbs up to the second turnbuckle and pulls Dustin down facefirst and then locks in a Single Leg Crab of his own!!! Damien pulls Dustin across the ring and sets him up in the middle but Cage refuses to tap out.)


Arnold: Tap already!


Charles: He won’t quit like that!


(Dustin rolls to one side and just manages to grab the bottom rope as Damien is forced to release the manuever. Damien stalks over Dustin but Cage snaps up and surprises ArkAngel with a quick kick to the somtache and then an....)


Charles: Entrapment!!! (Super Northern Lights Suplex)




























Arnold: YAY!!!


Charles: I can’t believe it, Damien ArkAngel will not stay down!!


(Cage can’t believe it either as he pulls Damien up and once again tries for an Entrapment but Damien counters and rolls Dustin up....)



















Arnold: YES!!!


Charles: NO, Look at the replay!!


(The replay shows Damien grabbing the tights and Flash keeps the match going much to the anger of the IC Champion. Damien shoves a high knee up into the chest of Cage and then drops him down face first a single leg takedown followed up by a amatuer style gutwrench that bashes Dustin hard against the mat!!  Damien keeps the gutwrench on and pulls Dustin up to a standing position before switching it around in mid air and going for a Trigger Bomb!!! But Dustin spots it and instead manages to squirm into a falling neckbreaker on Damien!!!)


Charles: Great match from both men!


(Dustin gets up and waits for Damien to get up before moving in and lifting the Ic Champ up in a stalling vertical suplex that impresses the fans into cheering. Damien bounces off the mat and Dustin goes for a quick cover..)












(Damien keeps shooting his shoulder off the mat but Dustin keeps the pressure on as he hooks the leg again...)








Arnold: Not gonna beat the UWA IC Champ that way...


(Dustin pulls Damien up and hooks him up and signals for another Entrapment but Damien stops the momentum with a quick jab to the side of the ribs and then a quick boot to the stomache, Dustin bends forward and Damien takes advantage with...)


Charles: Trigger Bomb!!! (Test Diving Powerbomb)




























Charles: Damien ArkAngel did it!!!


Arnold: And you can’t say he didn’t deserve that win.


Shannon: That was quite a match...


(As “You know Your Right” By Nirvana hits the fans rise to thier feet as William Grand walks out onto the rampway clapping as Damien is handed his IC Title. Damien gives a confident smirk Williams way and jumps from the ring and heads up the ramp towards William who is the only one clapping for Damien’s win in the Coliseum...)


Charles: Buddies united again...


Arnold: Hey leave Damien and William alone!


(Damien hands William the IC Title and then turns and raises both hands in the air to a loud boo from the Coliseum but he turns around RIGHT INTO A TITLE TO THE FACE FROM WILLIAM GRAND!!!!!! The fans go bezerk with cheers as William claps some more and then drops the IC Title down on Damien before heading to the back!!!)


Charles: WHAT WAS THAT?!


Arnold: I... Dont... Know?






---Taped Earlier Today---



(The scene fades in to a fancy restaurant in Maine as we see Zander Frost, STILL in his ring gear or ‘costume’ but sitting with him is none other then Shannon Taylor!!! The two seem to be enjoying a meal together and laughing as Zander is being his usual goofy self. But Shannon stops and stands up with an excited look on her face as the UWA Cruiserweight Champion and Zander’s opponent/friend for Perfect Dark, Billy “The Brilliant” walks up to the couple. Shannon hugs Billy and Billy smiles and hugs her back. All the while Zander sits and sorta just tries to continue eating and not notice whats going on beside him. Billy sits down with the two as the scene fades with all three talking.)




---Main Event: Bedlam Rules---

---“UWA’s Resident Superhero” Zander Frost and “The Monster” Magnum Steele versus “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix and “The God of Pain” Bane---




Arnold: So what was all that about between you and that dorky duo of Zander and Billy?!


Shannon: What do you mean? I was just having dinner with them.. They’re both real fun.


Arnold: I’m sure they are... *cough* slut *cough*


Shannon: Shut up...


Charles: Arnold leave the girl alone!


Shannon: Thank you Charlie.


(“Boom” By P.O.D blares over the PA system as all the fans rise in a big cheer as Zander Frost sprints out into the spotlight at the top of the ramp and strikes his thumbs up pose. Zander walks down to the ring and climbs the turnbuckle on the outside and once again strikes the thumbs up pose as the Coliseum lights up with flashes from cameras.)


Charles: This young man popularity has skyrocketed since his debut!


(“Regulators” By Warren G and Nate Dogg hits next and the fans once again stand and cheer as “The Monster” Magnum Steele walks out onto the ramp. Magnum seems bewildered as the fans cheer and chant “Magnum! Magnum!” throughout the arena as the big man seems a little taken back from the reaction.)


Shannon: Magnum has become such a better guy since ‘turning over a new leaf’.


Arnold: Where’d ya get that saying?? Gramma’s cookbook?!


(Magnum walks down to the ring and up into the ring and stands next to his partner for the night, Zander Frost. Zander and Magnum touch knuckles just as the guitar blast brings the fans to life as “I Stand Alone” By Godsmack as accompanied with loud boos, “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix walks out onto the ramp he disses off a few fans next to the ramp and stops haflway as both Zander and Magnum stare down “The Berserker”.)


Charles: Paul Phoenix can be such a dominating competitor... his body alone is a machine!


Arnold: No need to tell me that, the mans the REAL UWA World Heavyweight Champion!


Shannon: In your oppinion...


(“Bottled Up Inside” By Korn hits and the fans are on thier feets again with a round off boos as “The God of Pain” makes his entrance. Bane walks out onto the ramp wearing a “Perfect Dark” T-shirt which he rips off (ala hulk hogan), Bane makes his way halfway down the ramp but never takes his eyes off of Magnum. But Steele returns the staredown.)


Charles: Lot’s of professional hatred between these two men...


(Phoenix looks over at Bane and hollars something at him that gets his attention. Bane just nods off as almost saying ‘get lost’ to his partner. Phoenix flips Bane off and then rushes the ring just as Magnum jumps out of the ring!!!)


Shannon: Here we go.. Get ‘em Zander!


Arnold: Cheering for lover boy... HA!


(Phoenix and Zander swap blows back and forth in the ring and Magnum and Bane have battled up to the top of the ramp now. Magnum smashes Bane’s face into the steel structure that holds the Universal Tron busting the “God of Pain” open for the first time in UWA history!!! But Bane returns the favor as he turns ans smashes Magnum’s face off the cold steel as well, and then drags it downward cutting Magnum open like a battered piece of meat!!! Magnum blocks a right and hand as both men exchange hard blows right out of the crowd view as they disappear into the back.)


Charles: Looks like this has come down to Zander versus Phoenix rather early....


Arnold: And I dont like dorky squirts chances!


Shannon: Don’t count Zander out!


Arnold: (sarcatically) Oh... Sorry!


(Phoenix backs Zander up into the corner and pummels him with hard body shots all over his body, Zander tries to fight back but Paul catches him and flings him over hsi head with a belly-to-belly suplex!!! Phoenix turns and drops Zander with a clothesline and takes control of the match as he literally lifts Zander up by the pants and throws him into the corner, jamming the young superstars shoulder into the cold steel! Zander backs up and Paul takes advantage of the open weakness with a swinging neckbreaker!!!)


Charles: It’s been all Phoenix early on....


Arnold: He’s fighting for a shot at that #1 Contenders match!


(Zander tries to mount some offense but Phoenix is just to fast and too smart for the rookie as with every attempt by Zander to get a flurry of punches off, Phoenix responds with harder body shots.)


Charles: Phoenix has cut off Zander’s high flying offense by keeping him close!


Arnold: Great strategy, I may add!


Shannon: Come on Zander!!!


(Phoenix bounces Frost off the ropes and across the ring, Paul tries for a high clothesline but Zander slides between his legs manages to suplex the bigger Phoenix as the crowd gets behind the smaller and younger Zander Frost!! Zander stays on top with a leg drop straight to the chest of Phoenix, but Paul just gets right back up and catches Zander’s feet to stop a dropkick attempt and then drops him back hard on his head! Zander gets up quickly much to his credit but Phoenix will just no stop as he catches Zander this time and hoists him up onto his shoulder and locks on....)


Charles: The Berserker!!! (Torture Rack)


Shannon: Oh no...


(Zander tries his hardest to battle out of the move but his waves his hands and verbally quits as the referee calls for the bell to end the matchup. Phoenix won’t let go of the hold though as the bell rings again in a futile attempt to break the dangerous submission hold on Zander! Phoenix soon drops the young superstar though as Billy “The Brilliant” comes running down the ramp with his Cruiserweight Title in hand and slides into the rings as Phoenix slides out.)


Arnold: I’d watch out Seven... Phoenix is coming for ya!


Shannon: I’m gonna go check on Zander!!!


(Shannon jumps up and along with Billy help Zander up to his feet as the crowd cheers for the young rookie for his valiant effort. As Shannon and Billy are helping Zander up the ramp the feed goes to the back where Magnum Steele and Bane are STILL brawling throughout the UWA Coliseum!!!)


Arnold: Oh cheese and rice, I almost forgot about them!!!


(Magnum’s face is busted wide open and blood is dripping down his neck. Bane is no better off as his face paint is stained with blood from hsi nose, forehead and lip. Bane pushes Magnum back and both men are about to clash again but a swarm of refferes and security rush the scene and get between the two men... But they have a hard time keeping them down until the crowd pops as Co-President James Tanner walks onto the screen between the two men!!!)



“I’m sick of this.... You two want to fight? Well you can fight, at Perfect Dark and yes it’s official, the Universal Heavyweight Championship WILL BE ON THE LINE!!!”


(James walks off as the fans pop extremely loud as the the scene fades with Magnum and Bane still having to be held apart from eachother.)


Charles: It’s official!!!


Arnold: What a match... Finally we will see who is the TRUE monster of UWA!!!


Charles: But the night’s not over yet.... As this next match should be hot as well!


Arnold: The not seen in awhile ‘murderer’ will challenge Maxx Pain, err, Seven for the UWA World Heavyweight Championship!!!


Shannon: Hey guys, I’m back, man poor Zander...


Arnold: Enough about the runt...





---Main Event: UWA World Heavyweight Championship Match---

---Inphino verus “Dark Angel” Seven---




Shannon: Welcome everyone to the main event.


Arnold: One of the main events blonde.


Charles:  Shut up you two.


Arnold: Oh sure take her side.


The lights flicker on and off as “Jesus Christ Pose” by Soundgarden begins to play.  Inphino makes his way down the ramp to the boos of the crowd.  He rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and pulls on the top rope trying to loosen up for his match.


Shannon: Murderer!


Arnold: Let it go Shannon.  That’s old news.


Shannon: Much like you huh?


“Stupify” by Disturbed kicks in around the arena as Seven walks down the ramp with the World Title wrapped around his waist.  He walks up the stairs and steps into the ring where Inphino quickly jumps him with clubbing forearm shots to the lower back.


Shannon: Inphino with the early advantage.


Inphino pulls Seven up into a standing head scissors before dropping him down with a powerbomb then flips over into a bridge.






Seven rolls over and makes a pinning combination on Inphino.






Inphino rolls backwards and hooks Sevens legs, turns him over on his stomach and applies a boston crab.


Charles: Nice series of moves by Seven and Inphino.


Seven screams in pain as he reaches for the ropes but they are to far away.  The ref checks in him to make sure he wants to continue to match which he does.  Inphino pulls further back on the move trying to make him submit but is unsuccessful.  Seven pulls himself across the ring and finally reaches the ropes forcing the hold to be broken.


Arnold: Seven got lucky there.  I wish someone would shut this guy up period.


Inphino pulls Seven back to the middle of the ring and applies a rear chin lock on the downed champion.  Seven fights to get free but is unsuccessful.  Inphino stands up with the rear chin lock still locked in.  Seven pushes Inphino up against the rope and shoots him across the ring and drops him with a stiff shoulder on his return.  Seven hits the far side ropes and drives both his knees into the chest of Inphino before making the cover.





Shannon: Inphino got the shoulder up.


Charles: Inphino wants that title.


Seven pulls Inphino up and whips him into the corner.  Seven charges in and levels him in the corner.  Inphino stumbles out as Seven kicks him in the midsection.  He twists his body into a reverse DDT position before spinning him around and hitting him with a Roll Of The Dice.


Shannon: “Retribution!”


Arnold: This is crap man.


Seven rolls him over and makes the cover hooking both legs.








Arnold: This is total crap.  Seven is making the UWA look bad by holding that title.


Shannon: That may be but he is still the champion.


“Stupify” by Disturbed kicks in as Seven takes his title and climbs out of the ring to the boos of the crowd.


Shannon: Well looks like another successful defense.


Arnold: Total and utter crap!


Charles: Let it go Arnold.  It’s over.


(Seven gets halfway up the ramp before “I Stand Alone” By Godsmack rips through the Uwa Coliseum once again.... The fans erupt in boos as “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix walks out onto the ramp with a look of pure malice on his face as Seven returns the glare.)


Charles: We’re out of time folks!


Shannon: Damn...


Arnold: No not now....


Charles: Good night!






Voltage Writings 2002

(Matches 2,4,5,6)


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(Matches 1,3)


Big Dawg Writings 2002

(Match 7)


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