(“The Monster” Magnum Steel is shown entering the UWA Coliseum to a good pop from the fans who have gathered


(“The Monster” Magnum Steel is shown entering the UWA Coliseum to a good pop from the fans who have gathered. He rounds a corner but finds Cornell Davis waiting for him. Magnum gets into fight stance ac Davis rushes him and tries to spear Magnum, but Steele lifts Davis up and DRIVES HIM THROUGH A PILE OF CRATES!!! He turns around though right into a steel chair shot from Earl Davison that he blocks with his left arm, the steel connects and the sickening sound can be heard of steel on bone. Magnum grabs the chair from Davison and Earl quickly tries to leave the scene but Magnum will have none of it and clocks Earl in the back with the steel chair with such force that Davison slams into the cement wall and collapses on the floor. Magnum turns and sees Jeff Jones clapping his hands sarcastically as Magnum is still enraged and tackles Jeff down before lifting him up like nothing and driving him HARD DOWN ONTO CORNELL WITH A MAXIMUM PAIN!!! (Farooq Style Power bomb) Magnum stands and looks down on his ex stable-mates but a loud SMACK is heard and “The Monster” bends forward in pain as “The God of Pain” Bane is shown holding the already dented steel chair Magnum used on Earl earlier. Bane raises the chair and bring sit down on Magnum’s back again this time dropping Magnum to the floor.)



“Who’s the REAL Monster?!”


(Bane brings the chair down one more time, this time right over the head of “The Monster” Magnum Steele. He drops the chair and leans down next to Magnum and wipes the blood from his brow and with all five fingers traces the blood down his face before getting up and walking off as the scene fades.)


Charles: MY GOD!! What else will happen tonight?!



---Perfect Dark Commercial---




“It’s Happening Again…”


(Zander and Billy are shown side by side in the ring talking.)


“I feel boxed in.”


(Zander is shown watching Shannon hold Billy in the ring and walking up the ramp.)


“It’s Happening Again…”


(Damien ArkAngel and William Grand are shown defeating Dustin Cage and Mellisa Cage in a Tag Match.)


“I’m Trapped Inside.”


(The shot to the head from William to Damien is shown from the last Vortex.)


“It’s Happening Again…”


(Seven is shown lying on top of Inphino as the referee counts the three in the Triple Threat Match where Seven won the World Heavyweight Championship.)


“It Feels Like The Worlds Closing In.”


(Paul Phoenix is shown starring down “The Dark Angel” from the top of the ramp with his hand pointing towards Seven.)


“It’s Happening Again…”


(Magnum Steele is shown tagging in Bane against Zander and Billy on a Wrath weeks ago.)


“And There’s No Where To Hide!”


(Magnum and Bane being restrained by referees on the last Vortex as James Tanner announces their match at Perfect Dark for the Universal Heavyweight Championship.)




“Live From The Toronto Skydome!”



Perfect Dark

“Simply… Perfect!”




“Coming Next Week!!!”













Scorpio Enterprises




Universal Wrestling Alliances












(“Falling Apart” By Trust Company resounds through the packed Toronto Skydome in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Vortex comes live on the air with thousands of screaming fans out to watch this new product which is slowly expanding and gaining viewers over the world. The camera picks up some sign in the crowd like “Brilliancy versus Supremacy”, “I’m The REAL Monster Of UWA!!”, and a large banner across almost a whole row reads, “We Thought This Was Aftermath 2k2?!?!”. Finally the cameras move down to show Charles Corbet, Arnold Oxford and Shannon Taylor all set to start off this night of UWA action.)



Charles: Welcome once again to UWA’s flagship show!!


Arnold: I’m the ever wity, Arnold Oxford!


Shannon: The BEAUTIFUL, Shannon Taylot!


Charles: And unlike these two… I’m just your Play-by-Play man, Charles Corbet!


Arnold: Well we’d love to sit and idly chat but we’ve got a match ready to go right away!





---Da Future---


Warming up backstage, jogging in place and jabbing the air is Blake “Turbo” Dyhart.  He stops for a second and looks at the camera to speak his mind.


“Yo UWA freaks out there.  Looks like tonight I take on da LCW Heavyweight title contenda, Wen Law.  Damn man, a month ago peeps was lookin’ at me like I was nothin’ but da second dis tourney hit da ground, I busted it out and now I’m on a roll baby!  Who can blame the though?  Afta goin’ through months of plannin’ out my future career, I had my plate ovaflowin’ wit shit.  But wrestlin’ is my new hobby and now I think I’m about to surprise all ya’ll once I hit da ring from here on out.  No more Mr. Niceguy.  I don’t mind da fans cheerin’ and all, but dat comes natural for me.  Hell, I got so many high risk, death defyin’ moves dat I can knock my opponent down so f’n quick he won’t know what hit ‘em!”


“So Wen Law, you’re in my way for da TV title, which will be mine by da end of Perfect Dark.  I know you’s a bad ass wrestler, got some majoy skills and I give ya respect for dat.  Only thing is dat when there’s a threat in my way to getting’ somewhere, I always come out wit da big W.  Look at it dis way though, if I beat Wen tonight, I beat da man who could be da next LCW Heavyweight Champ.  Now dat’s gotta do somethin’ to my record.  Might prove to da world da Turbo ain’t no pushova like you thought he way.  Anyways, I said it last week and I’ll say it again.  I’m gonna break da Law’s of gravity tonight and when da tough gets goin’, I only tougha!  I hope you’re ready for a fight tonight Wen, ‘cause it’s gonna be bumpin’ and grindin’ in dat ring wit da Turbulence and once I nail da Ragin’ Suicide, consider dis match da past and me, da future!  Peace out!”


Turbo pounds his chest twice before walking off the scene towards the ring for his upcoming match.







(The crowd boos loudly as “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix is shown walking into the UWA Coliseum as the scene fades in. Phoenix is about to round a corner, when Caramel Sanders stops him.)



“Excuse me, Paul?”



“What is it?”



“I was just wondering if I could possibly find out if you are gonna honor Mr. Sharp’s wishes and keep your hands off of Seven tonight, or are you going to risk your UWA World Heavyweight Championship shot?”









“Seven will get his!”


(Paul storms off leaving Caramel by herself as the scene fades out.)




---Television Championship Tournament Match: Quarter Finals---

---Blake “Turbo” Dyhart versus “The Rouge Dragon” Wen Law---





Arnold: Why do we always get stuck doing the crappy matches?


Shannon: Because we’re the only people who commentate matches you dolt.  We do all the matches or have you forgotten already?


Arnold: Don’t call me a dolt Barbie!


Shannon: Look here old man.


Charles: Calm down you two.  It’s almost Christmas.


Shannon: He started it.


Arnold: Did not.


Shannon: Did to.


Charles: Enough!


“Alive” by P.O.D hits the speakers interrupting the arguing announcers.  Wen Law comes running down the ramp hitting low fives with the crowd before sliding into the ring and standing on the turnbuckle to soak up the cheers. 


Charles: Wen Law looks set for this match.


Arnold: Thank you captain obvious.  Want to make another comment about him?  How about the fact that he is on time for his match.


Shannon: Why me?


Arnold: Why not you?


“It’s Goin’ Down” by the X-Ecutioners hits the speakers as Turbo makes his way down the ramp hitting the odd hand with his before climbing into the ring and awaiting the start of the match.


Shannon: Here we go!


The bell is sounded as the two men circle each other before shaking hands and locking up in a collar and elbow tie up.  Law locks on a side headlock but Turbo shoots him into the ropes and the nails him with a shoulder block on his return.  Turbo back tracks to the corner before charging out, leaping into the air, and driving both knees into the throat of Law.  He looks to the crowd before making the cover.



Charles: He needs to hook the leg.




Shannon: Kick out by Law.  I don’t think a knee to the face is gonna win a match here tonight.


Turbo pulls Law up by his hair and whips him into the corner.  He hits with so much force he bounces out of the corner and slowly walks back towards the middle of the ring.  Turbo hits the ropes and on his return drives Wen Law face first into the mat with a bulldog (ala Dustin Rhodes).  He makes the cover again but this time hooks the far leg.






Charles: Wen Law rolled the shoulder again.  Arnold feel free to comment on the match anytime now.


Arnold: Ok.  The match is crap, happy?


Shannon: Here we go.


Turbo straddles Law and pounds away on his face with several rights and lefts.  He stands up and begins to yell something before making the cover once again.






Law rolls the shoulder to the dismay of Turbo.  Blake grabs Wen and pulls him up to his feet.  He lifts him up on his shoulders and walks around the ring before spinning him around his head and dropping him face first to the mat with force.


Shannon: “Whirlwind!”  That could do it.


Arnold: Lord I hope so.


Turbo quickly makes the cover and hooks a leg AND WEN’S TIGHTS!!!!








Arnold: Thank god!


Charles: Turbo cheated?!  Looks like he has guaranteed himself a match at Perfect Dark though…


Shannon: Wen Law didn’t even put up a fight tonight, he didn’t have a chance to with that cheap move from Blake!


Arnold: Blake’s breathe probably took it out of him.  I can smell that all the way over here.  Damn man!


“It’s Goin’ Down” kicks back in as Turbo rolls out of the ring and makes his way back up the ramp hitting high fives until he disappears into the back.


Arnold: Bring on the next chumps, err I mean bring on the next great match.


Shannon: Why do we put up with this guy Charles?


Arnold: Because ya’ll love me Barbie that’s why.


Shannon: Call me Barbie again and I’ll make you look like Ken.


Charles: Damn Shannon.  Let’s pause for a commercial break.





---Avenging Angel---




{Backstage Inphino is shown packing up his things as he has just been released from UWA.  He zips up his bag, takes a long look around and gets ready to leave.  Suddenly the lights in his locker room cut off and a loud BAM is heard.  The sounds of agony and screams of pain are heard in the background while everyone is left in the dark.  Then a small light cuts on and everything is seen from the view of a static, fuzzy camera.  All that can be made out is Inphino’s squirming body, his head leaking with blood.  A boot can be seen going towards Inphino’s throat as the person behind the camera begins to choke him.  He begins to speak, but his voice electronically altered.}


“How does it feel Akira Akiyama?  To know your life can soon be taken from you by a man you do not know?  Is this pain enough for you?  Have you learned a valuable lesson?  As you once said.”


{The voice suddenly changes to sound exactly like Inphino’s.}


“You’ve suffered too much, you must go now.  We all must do things we don’t want to.  It just so happens, that you must do something before anyone else.  I am not to blame, I am just a faithful follower of Lucifer.”


{The voice goes back to the altered one.}


“Yet, I am nothing like your devilish ways.  You are worthless to this world.  So dark and demented; Your presence here is no longer wanted.  As my duty calls, I could not let you part from Universal Wrestling Alliance without a farewell present straight from God.  I am no murder, for I am only a healer of immorality.”


{Inphino grabs the man’s boot but he only applies more pressure.  Inphino’s yes begin to glaze and blood oozes from the side of his mouth.}


“That’s it, let the demons out.  Inphino, do not step into the light so soon, for you have a newfound life a head of you.  In due time my friend, you shall wake up from your dreams and find reality to be your nightmare.  Welcome... To reality.”


{The man releases his foot off of the former UWA employee’s throat.  He quickly gasps for air and rolls around coughing up blood.  The camera keeps focus on Inphino, but begins to lose reception quickly.  The scene fills with a static fuzz, ending another promo from this mysterious man.}


---Television Championship Tournament Match: Quarter Finals---
---Trash Taylor Vs. Syn---




“City Slicker” by CirKuz is the first to hit for the next matchup.  Trash Taylor comes out onto the ramp to a good ovation from the crowd.  Just as he is about halfway down the ramp Syn comes down with his Tag Team title and slams it right into the back of Trash’s head.




Arnold:  Hey, it’s okay if you do it on your boyfriends, but Syn can’t do it on Trash?


Charles:  Nonetheless, Syn is taking early advantage!


Syn grabs Trash and drags him down to ringside where he sends him into the steel steps.  One half of the UWA and LCW Tag Champs lifts up the ring curtain and looks under the ring to find himself a steel chair.  He looks down at Trash and goes to swing but Trash dodges, causing the chair to slam into the steps with an echoing BANG!  Trash gets to his feet and dropkicks Syn, sending the chair back in his face!  The fans burst out in a cheer.  With that, Trash grabs Syn and lazily rolls him in the ring, still feeling the effects of the cheap shots.  Once Syn is in the ring Trash begins to climb the turnbuckle!  Syn gets to his feet but is knocked back down with a cross body off the top!


Charles:  Marvelous move early on!


Trash takes the automatic pin.






Syn with a kickout.  Trash gets back to his feet and sends Syn into the ropes but Syn reverses.  Trash comes off the rebound and is taken off his feet by a clothesline.  Syn wastes no time picking him up and sending him stumbling into the corner.  With a few punches to the head, Syn sends Trash across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle.  He charges at his opponent but just as he is about to hit him, Trash sticks his feet in the air, crashing into Syn’s face.  Trash comes from, behind him and drives him down with a bulldog!


Shannon:  Blast from the Past! 




Shannon:  Didn’t you say that last time?


Arnold:  Sue me if I did.


Trash runs at the ropes and jumps off them with a springboard moonsault right on Syn!  Referee Reese Florey goes down for the count.






Three?  No, Syn with a late kickout.


Trash goes to pick Syn back up but Syn with a thumb to the eyes.  Taylor walks around a bit to shake it off but Syn nails him in the back of the head with a spinning heel kick!  Syn drops a few elbows to the back of Trash’s head before picking him up and tossing him out of the ring.  Trash uses the barrier to get up to his feet but just as he does Syn jumps from the apron with a double ax handle.  Unfortunately, Trash pushes him right into the steal railing!  The fans are all over Syn, patting his back.  Trash grabs him and rolls him into the ring.  He walks around ringside and pulls out the steel chair Syn had earlier.


Charles:  Trash is going to use the chair on Syn!


Arnold:  Hey, he’ll only be ruining his chances to win a title for a change!


Shannon:  WAIT!  Jason Johnson is coming down to the ring!  What’s his business here?


Arnold:  Hmmm, we should bring in a detective for that one Captain Obvious!


Jason slides into the ring and grabs the chair from Trash.  Reese Florey quickly rushes over and yells at Jason to get out of the ring.  Trash turns back to get Syn but the second he does a load of red dust flies in his face!  The Devil’s Dust sends Trash staggering around trying to gain his sights back.  Johnson continues to distract the ref and as he does he slides the chair into the ring.  Syn picks it up and looks around with a vicious grin. 


Shannon:  Oh come on!


Arnold:  *mocking voice* Oh come on. *normal voice* Shannon, just watch and enjoy!  PUT HIM OUT OF HIS MISERY!


Charles:  You are a very pathetic man, you know that right?


Syn goes to strike him with the chair but Trash moves out of the way in the nick of time.  Trash, taking advantage of the distracted ref, low blows Syn!  Syn drops the chair in pain and crouches forward.  Trash pulls him his way and puts his head between his legs, lifts him up, and goes to hit the Trash Dispenser (Hangman DDT)!!  Jason Johnson gets into the ring and tackles Trash from behind though! 




Arnold:  Damn you DQ rules!!!


Shannon:  Trash wins!!  But Jason Johnson is still beating on Trash!


JJ lifts Trash up and places him in a powerbomb position.  Once he lifts him on his shoulders and goes to powerbomb him Syn grabs Trashes head in a neckbreaker and nails a sitdown reverse neckbreaker as Trash falls down in the powerbomb!!




Shannon:  That hurt me just watching it.


The fans boo as Syn and JJ continues to kick and beat on Trash, but cheers suddenly burst out from the crown.  The Cruiserweight Champion Billy charges down to the ring.  He slides inside and takes Syn out.  JJ tries to come up from behind him but Billy knocks him down with a hard superkick!  Syn runs at Billy but Billy is well aware that he is coming.  Just as he reaches Billy, Billy grabs the steel chair and smashes it over his head! 


Arnold:  What a party pooper!


Shannon:  Billy comes to Trash’s save again! 


Billy checks on Trash as a commercial hits the air.




CCW Presents:


Scene: Locker room full of hockey players suiting up, lacing up their boots. They go down the ramp to the playing surface. One player steps onto the ice…


Suddenly, he gets run over by a zamboni machine. Blood flies and splatters onto the other players. They all nonchalantly laugh.


Player: He should have looked both ways before crossing like his mommy told him!


Announcer: Tired of boring "regular ice hockey?" Check out the only XTREME Hockey League in town, the XHL!


Scene cuts to a player running away from a rabid man-eating polar bear.






(The show comes back to show the acting Co-President of UWA, Chris Sharp sitting behind his desk in his sky box. He shuffles through some papers and comes to one that reads, “Zander Frost versus Billy “The Brilliant”: Cruiserweight Championship Match”. He eyes it and rubs his chin thoughtfully.)



“These two I have too watch… They are not only fighting over Billy’s Cruiserweight Championship, but the young announcer has also gotten involved wether she likes it or not. I still do not know whether this is worth it or not…But we need to please the fans, at whatever the costs.”


(Chris presses a button on his desk and Shannon Moore walks into the room.)



“Yes, Mr. Sharp?”



“Shannon, get me Zander Frost and Billy “The Brilliant”. Tell them they are wanted in my office as soon as possible.”



“Yes sir.”


(Shannon walks from the room and Chris leans back slightly and begins to turn towards the window but the sudden ringing of his phone startles him and he turns and picks it up.)









“Listen, Alex…”






“You don’t want to come back here! Please, don’t make me…”






“You speak so much of war. You are dangerous Alex, not only to UWA, but to yourself and those who actually care about you. If you return, measures WILL be taken to neutralize your power. I promise you that!”


(Chris hangs up and rubs his brow as the scene flips back to Shannon, Charles and Arnold.)





(The arena lights begin to flicker on and off as "Bottled Up Inside" by KoRn blares out of the loud speakers. The crowd are united with a chorus of jeers as "The God of Pain" Bane makes his way down to the ring, not phased in the slightest by the heckling fans. Bane climbs in to the ring. There is a feeling he gives out that we have not felt from him in a very long time, perhaps since his days in UWF. Bane looks pissed off, and he looks ready to talk. A mic is thrown to him which he catches, his music cuts off and he absorbs some more jeers before speaking. When he finally does speak, his face remains somewhere inbetween calm and twisted. Nothing like the cool laidback Bane we've seen recently.)

Bane: This is a messege to anyone who had any doubts about how evil I can really be, to anyone who doubted how much of a bastard I really can be. This messege is to anyone who thought I'd "lost my edge" without the guidance of my father. This is a messege for anyone who seems to think Bane just can't cut it anymore.

(Bane strides over to the turnbuckle and perches himsef upon it.)

Bane: And this messege is really very simple.

(Suddenly, all the arena lights go out, all except for one single spotlight which focuses on Bane.)

Bane: Anyone who thinks I've lost my way in the darkness and found the light is very much mistaken. I know I've been all smiles recently. I know I've been laughing and joking with my dear sister Banie. I know I've put on big comedy acts recently during UWA television and I know that because of this, most of you idiotic fans and UWA wrestlers have fallen into a very false sense of security.

(Bane cracks an evil grin. The crowd seem puzzled, not having a clue what he talks about.)

Bane: This is exactly what I planned.

(The grin widens.)

Bane: You were all probably starting to think that Bane was just turning into a big lovable teddy bear, a bit like that fool Magnum Steele. I bet you all thought I'd abanndoned by evil ways and seen the light. Yes, when I got in contact with Banie again I seemed to be happy and care free, didnt I? Well, it was an act. Trips to the beach and walks in the park, a happy Bane? No! I was putting on an act. I was luring you all into a false sense of security. I was setting you all up for the dark era. No not the era of the sickness. No, not the era of Inphino. No, not the era of "The Dark Angel". But the era of true darkness. I've been setting you all up for the era of Bane. And when you see the vile and horrible things I do to any UWA superstar, or anyone else who gets in my way for that matter, you'll all fall to your fucking knees and be forced to accept...MY ERA!!!

(Thats enough to get the fans booing again. Bane raises his hand for silence.)

Bane: I lured my sister into a false sense of security and look where she is. Banging her head off the walls of some asylum somewhere out in Texas. I've lured you all into a false sense of security. I'll snap that security away and you'll all be forced to accept that insanity may be the only answer as I rule over all! Your all really, REALLY fucked! My era begins. The dark empire comes. Be ready! Once I become Universal Champion, you'll all see just how dark I am, and all the other dark pretenders here in UWA shall pale in comparison.

(The single spotlight goes out and the arena is plunged into total darkness. When the lights go back on, all that is left in the ring is a baseball bat with a red ribbon attached.)


---Television Championship Match: Quarter Finals---

---El Drago versus Earl Davison---


Charles: So Mr. DeMonye is returning!!


Arnold: That’s a good thing!


Shannon: Is it?


Charles: ……


Arnold: Listen let’s just get to the match… ok?


Shannon: Umm.. Yeah, good idea.


Arnold:  All I have to say about this match is…  BORING!  If these are the kind of men that are going to represent us as a


TV Champion, I think I might as well enter for this contest.  I am the best TV oriented guy in the business you know that right?


Shannon:  Oh please, the only reason you’re on TV is because your fat, lazy, and an asshole!  Every commentating team needs one!


Charles:  *Sigh*  So, El Drago versus Earl Davison is coming…  NOW!


“Look Away” by Sepultura begins as the fans rise to their feet.  At the top of the stage smoke begins to fill the area and El Drago appears with his arms in the air.  He makes his way down the ring and rolls into the ring.  After taking a few seconds to pose, he stands in the middle of the ring and waits for his opponent.


“Ruff Ryder’s Anthem” by DMX begins to play, but oddly it begins to scratch and make weird noises.  Earl Davison comes out onto the stage and looks around, yelling “Where’s my f*ckin’ music?!”.  Suddenly it switches to “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gay!  The fans begin to crack up as Earl is furious.  He runs down to the ring and beats down on El Drago right off the bat.  The music still continues to play though, driving Davison up the wall.


Shannon:  What is it with this music?!


Arnold:  This has music has gotten me through many nights with the ladies, if you know what I mean.


Earl sends Drago into the ropes.  Off the rebound Drago reverses with a forearm smash to Earl’s head, taking him down instantly.  Earl gets to his feet again but taken back down by a dropkick from Drago.  Drago kicks Earl a few times before he can get up.  Drago lifts Earl up and whips him into a turnbuckles but Earl baseball slides (think Al Snow), gets back up, and nails Drago with a clothesline.  Earl grabs Drago by the hair and nails a snap suplex.  He bounces himself off the ropes and comes back to hit a legdrop over Drago’s throat.


Charles:  These two underrated superstars should put on a good show!


Shannon:  Not is Jeff Jones and Cornell Davis ruin it.


Earl goes for the pin but gets a two count out of it.  He grabs Drago again and goes to send him into the ropes but El Drago reverses and connects with an over the head belly-to-belly suplex.  Earl arches his back in pain while Drago gets to his feet.  He approaches Earl and picks him up only to scoop slam him back to the mat.  El Drago begins to climb the turnbuckle!  Once Earl gets up Drago goes for an Asian moonsault but Earl catches him and slams him back down with a modified powerslam!  Earl looks around and runs to the opposite side of the ring and comes back at Drago with the Alleyway Tussle (Rolling Thunder)!  The former WWA Cruiserweight Champion goes for the pin.






Thr…  No, El Drago gets a foot on the ropes.  Earl argues a bit but gives up and goes to grab Drago, who is already waiting.  El Drago hooks Davison’s arm and nails a release Northern Lights suplex!  Trying to make a big comeback, Drago taunts Earl to get back up and as he does he goes in an nails a shinning wizard to Earl’s head!  The fans pop are the loud crack heard from the kick off of Earl’s head.  Drago pulls him in the middle of the ring for a pin.








Arnold:  Hmmm, if you actually wanted to win you’d hit your finisher you idiot!


Shannon:  El Drago’s trying.  And it looks like he wants to end it here!


Drago picks Earl up and sets him in a reverse DDT, signaling for the Mythical Sensation (Roll of the Dice)!  Just as he is about to nail it, Earl reverses with a few shots to Drago’s head.  Drago releases the hold and staggers a bit but as he turns around Earl snaps his leg out of nowhere and hits the Street Smarts (Superkick)!  Earl begins to climb the ropes and stands at the top taunting a bit. 


Charles:  WATCH OUT!


Cornell Davis, while Jeff Jones distracts the ref, nails Earl with a steal chair, knocking him off the turnbuckle!!  Referee Flash Jeffery looks back in the ring to see Earl laid out and Drago going for the pin.  Cornell is ducked down by ringside to hide from the ref’s sight.  Flash goes for the count!








Shannon:  NOT LIKE THIS!








Arnold:  Get these jobbers off the air already!












Jeff Jones stomps at ringside while Cornell peaks over the apron, shocked.  Drago grabs Earl, who is now busted open, and goes to send him into the ropes but Earl reverses.  Cornell, thinking it’s Earl, goes to smack him in the back but nails Drago instead!  Flash never saw the shot as Jeff Jones was arguing with him again.  Drago stumbles forward, giving Earl a chance to lift him on his shoulders!


Arnold:  DAMNIT!  Just hit the stupid unoriginal move will ya?!


Earl twists El Drago around and connects with Angel’s Death (F5)!!!  The fans oddly pop as Earl slowly goes for the pin...























Shannon:  Earl Davison wins this one, despite his former teammate’s interference!


Charles:  It doesn’t look like Jeff and Cornell are taking it too well!


Jeff Jones walks over to Cornell and pushes him, asking him what he was thinking.  Cornell pushes him back as they two begin a hated argument.  That’s quickly broken up though as Earl is seen running in the ring and LEAPING OVER THE TOP ROPE, NAILING NO PAIN (Swanton Bomb) ON CORNELL AND JEFF!!




Arnold:  Oh God, you act like it’s something that’s never happened!


With Earl busted open and all three laid out at ringside the scene cuts to the back once again.



---Trouble In Paradise?---


(UWA’s “U-View” is what we open to as Zander Frost is shown in his locker room with Billy “The Brilliant” and Shannon Taylor. Zander is sitting in the corner of the locker room taping up his hands and Billy is drinking a bottle of Mooie Milk, while Shannon seems to be looking back and forth between the duo, with a nervous look on her face.)


Shannon: Guy’s I just ran back here because Mr. Sharp wants to see you both in his office…


Billy: Alright, you coming Zander?


Zander: ……


Shannon: Zander?


Zander: Yeah, I’m coming…


(Zander and Billy get up and the three walk out from the locker room and towards acting Co-President Sharp’s skybox as the scene fades.)



---No Need To Waste Your Time---


Spotted backstage, walking up to a UWA stage setup man, taking a break after a long afternoon, is William Grand.  As usual he’s dressed in his tailed tux, his hair tied behind his head, and his cane in his hand.  William looks down at the man with a dirty look.


William Grand:


“Excuse me, but have you any idea where Damien’s locker room is?”


The man shakes his head no.  Grand reaches into his pocket and pulls out a couple dollar bills.  He flicks them at the man’s face as they fall to the ground.  Grand realizes something though.


“Oh dear, I left a 20 in there!!”


Grand hurries and grabs the $20 bill from the man and sticks it back in his pocket.


“Sir, with that rather large tip, do you mind sending a message to Damien for me?”




“I guess so.  What do you want me to say?”


William clears his throat and looks down at the worker with intensity.


“Tell that little vomit pale wrestler that tonight he will witness William Grand take control of our match while he sits back and watches perfection annihilate two other teams.  And if he is to turn on me, that it proves my point that he has no desire for the sport, that instead he only wishes for revenge.  Impatient one’s always end up knocked on their behinds.  Warn him that his Intercontinental Championship will be mine for the easy taking.  Like taking candy from an older baby.  My wrestling ability compared to his, well, I’d rather not disgrace my talent comparing his to mine.  Actually, his isn’t even talent.  It’s just another day at the McDonald’s drive-thru he worked at two years ago.  Not to mention he’s useless, has no respect for himself or anyone else for that matter.  He rambles on in constant lies and when Perfect Dark witnesses the biggest UWA event hit the airwaves, everything will come together.  My planning has paid off and now I’m about to become the newest IC Champion.  Not because it’s my opinion or I’m that confident.  It’s just that I follow what Damien’s theme music says.  ‘You know you’re right’.  Well, I KNOW I’m right, but the question is, when will Damien ever be right about his own career?  He claims himself as if he were better than I, yet he has no proof to back himself up.  A title, of course, but once it is taken from him, what will he do then?  Perfect Dark isn’t too long away.  I suggest he doesn’t wet his pants before time.  I hear depends keeps it all packed in there, nice and warm too.  Tonight is my main priority though.  So Damien must go to that match, stand in the corner, and witness me dominate as usual.  It’s time to end our show with a Grand Finale for the ages!”


“Did you get all that?”


The worker looks at him with a dazed look and he suddenly just darts off.  William Grand shakes his head with a disappointed expression.


“I’m sure Damien gets the point by this time.”


William Grand walks down the hallway, bringing the scene to a close.






---Television Championship Match: Quarter Finals---

---William Blessing versus “Fading No More” Eric Clampton---



Arnold: We’re back.


Shannon: Arnold we’ve been back.


Arnold: Speak for yourself Barbie.


Charles: Shannon sit still.


The lights cut off as “It’s Been Awhile” by Staind kicks in.  Eric Clampton makes his way down the ramp to mixed reaction from the crowd.  He pays them no attention as he climbs into the ring and sits in the corner awaiting his opponent to arrive.


Shannon: I don’t know what to say about this guy.


Charles: Join the club.


The lights flicker on and off several times as the crowd looks to the ramp.  “Natural Born Killers” by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube rips open the coliseum speakers.  The crowd delivers a mixed reaction to the man as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.  He stands back and waits in the corner for the bell to sound as the music fades and the lights come back on.


Arnold: I like this guy.


Shannon: Surprisingly enough I do to.


Charles: Yall just agreed on something?


Shannon: Shoot me now.  I’d rather die.


Arnold: Oh please, let me pull the trigger.


The bell sounds as the two men approach each other but William kicks Eric in the midsection before dropping him to the mat with a DDT.  William gets back to his feet and stomps away on Eric before making the cover but he only gets a one count.


Arnold: I wonder if this guy knows his name is awfully close to being that of Eric Clapton.


Charles: I’m sure he does.


William pulls Eric up by his hair before dropping him back down to the mat with a right hand.  He pulls Eric back up to his feet and whips him into the corner.  William charges in and levels him with a closeline.  He pulls Eric out of the corner and goes to whip him into the corner but he reverses it and whips William into the corner.  He charges in and levels him with a back elbow.  He pulls William out of the corner before climbing to the top and leaping off with a diving elbow drop to his chest.  He makes the cover and hooks the leg.






Shannon: William Blessing got the shoulder up.


Arnold: Like that’s a shock.


Eric stands up and goes over to one of the corners and removes the cover but the ref doesn’t see this as he checks on Blessing.


Arnold: Oh this should be interesting.


Shannon: Hey ref!  Look at what Eric just did.


Arnold: Quiet.  I wanna see what he has planned.


Eric pulls William up to his feet and goes to whip him into the corner but Blessing reverses it and throws Clampton into the corner with all his might causes the ring to shake upon impact.


Arnold: OH MAN!


Eric stays in the corner in obvious pain.  William walks over to the corner and pulls Eric off the metal and throws him to the mat.  He rolls Eric on his back and hooks both his legs.  He leans backwards and lifts Eric up causing him to slam his face into the steel.  William holds on to his legs however and pulls him backwards causing him to land his lower back on the bent knees of William.


Shannon: I don’t think Eric will need a chiropractor after this match.


William pulls Eric to the middle of the ring and locks on a dragon sleeper.


Charles: “Blessed Slumber.”  That should do it.


Eric fights to get free or reach the ropes but fails to do either.  Finally having enough of the hold Eric slaps his hand down on the mat bringing the match to an end.


Shannon: Eric tried to win but just didn’t have it in him.


Charles: Better luck next time kid.


Arnold: Maybe he should go to the LCW.  I hear the jobbers down there need someone to beat up.


Shannon: You’re horrible.


Arnold: Yea but ya love me.


Shannon: Hardly.


Arnold: Or is it Zander you love?


Shannon: That’s personal info buddy.


Arnold: Not from what I’ve heard.


Shannon: What have you heard?


Charles: I heard we had to take another commercial break so hang on and we’ll be right back.










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Seven (With UWA World Heavyweight Title)


Paul Phoenix

Zander Frost

Billy “The Brilliant”

William Grand

Damien ArkAngel

William Blessing


And more!!!


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“A Look Backstage Inside The UWA!”



---Dropping The Bomb---


(The show returns from commercial to show the acting Co-President Chris Sharp sitting behind his desk with a contract laying out in front of him. The camera does a 180 and the crowd pops as “UWA’s Resident Superhero” Zander Frost and Billy “The Brilliant” are shown sitting on the other side.)



“Listen, you two are two of the top UWA superstars we got. And I don’t want to lose either of you to injury that’s why before I tell you why I brought you here, I just think that if I was in your shoes, I would turn this down.”



“What is it?”



“It’s been brought to my attention that we need at least one more stipulation match for Perfect Dark. In a recent poll, fans have said they want to see Zander Frost versus BTB II, in none other then a ladder match!”


(Billy and Zander both look at each other before looking back at Chris.)



“Now remember, no ones really expecting you to accept this, and-“



“I accept.”






“I want this match.”



“Umm… Billy?”


(Billy is too busy looking at Zander to answer but nods his head “Yes” and Chris seems happy.)



“Uh, alrighty then! It’s a go.. Zander Frost versus Billy “The Brilliant” with the Cruiserweight Championship tied above the ring!”


(Zander and Billy both get up and leave, the camera follows the duo though and in the corridor outside Billy grabs a hold of Zander’s shoulder and “UWA’s Resident Superhero” turns around to see his partner who looks a little concerned.)



“What was that about?”



“What was what about?”



“You, accepting this match?”



“Hey, you heard him…. The fans want to see it, so I wanna give it to them. Come on Billy, quit your worrying…”


(Zander walks off and the scene fades on a very worried Billy “The Brilliant”.)


---UWA World Heavyweight Championship Contract Signing---


---“The Berserker” Paul Phoenix and “Dark Angel” Seven---


(The show comes back to the ring where the mat has been covered in a red carpet and Jaxx Sander, head of UWA security and his team of guards have surrounded the ring. The fans rise to their feet as “Stupify” By Disturbed hits and out walks the UWA World Heavyweight Champion, Seven to a chorus of boos!)


Chris: What’s going on between Zander and Billy?


Arnold: It’s all YOUR fault blondie!


Shannon: …… Let’s just concentrate on the task at hand, the UWA World Heavyweight Championship Contract Signing!


(Seven steps up and into the ring as President James Tanner steps up through the security guards on the other side, and gets a nice reception from the crowd which he waves to and walks up to shake Seven’s hand but “The Dark Angel” blows him off and leans up against the ropes.)


Charles: If Paul Phoenix so much as touches Seven here tonight, Co-President Sharp has promised to strip him of his UWA World Heavyweight Championship spot! Something Paul definitely does not want to happen!


Arnold: Seven should be thanking Chris for this, but instead the big goof still wants to bad mouth whoever he gets a chance to!


(“I Stand Alone” By Godsmack rips through the PA system and “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix walks out onto the ramp to a LOUD chorus of boos from the UWA fans. Phoenix pays them no attention though and heads straight for the ring but is surrounded by security guards before anything can happen. Jaxx and his team flood the ring and stand in between Seven and Phoenix who shout at eachother across the ring.)


Charles: I don’t know how this is gonna work?


(President Tanner holds up the contract in the air and warns both Seven and Paul not to do anything stupid. He walks over to Jaxx and whispers in his ear and the security team soon leaves the ring as both Paul and Seven take a seat at each end of the long table set up in the ring. Tanner slides the contract down to Seven who quickly signs it he throws it down the table and Paul grabs it and quickly signs his name as James calls for a microphone.)



“Ladies and gentleman, we have our match!!!”


(The crowd cheers but before James can give the mic back, Phoenix grabs it from him and stands up and gets face to face with Seven as Jaxx and his team are ready to pounce at any second. Phoenix lifts the microphone to his lips and begins.)



“What? Expect me to smash you in the face or something? Expect me to leave you in a pool of your own blood? Expect me to THROW AWAY MY CHANCE AT TAKING MY UWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP?! Well your not gonna see it, Seven! I’m not gonna give it to you that easily. No, I’m going to wait my time and then at Perfect Dark…. I’m going to show you why I am considered one of the greatest LCW Heavyweight Champions there ever was! I’m going to show you why I’ve been called “The Unforgiving”! I’m going to show you why I’m “The Berserker”! I’m going to show why…. I STAND ALONE, ABOVE ALL THE REST!!!


(Phoenix drops the microphone and turns but Seven spins him around and level him back with a right hand!!!! The crowd explodes as before Jaxx and his team can react, “The Dark Angel” lifts Phoenix up and SLAMS HIM THROUGH THE TABLE WITH A CHOKESLAM!!!)




Charles: What is Seven doing?!


Shannon: I don’t even know if he knows what he’s doing?


(Jaxx and his team rush the ring and pull Seven away from the crimpled body of Paul Phoenix, as it lies broken in the splinters of the table. “Stupify” By Disturbed hits again and “The Dark Angel” Seven, grabs his UWA World Heavyweight Championship and heads up the ramp as James, Jaxx and the rest of security check on Paul Phoenix, who isn’t moving in the ring.)


Charles: Things are going to explode between these two at Perfect Dark!


Arnold: Can Phoenix do it against Seven though… I thought so myself, but after tonight?


Shannon: We’ll have to wait and see I geuss?


Charles: We’ll be back with the main event right after this!



---Perfect Dark Commercial---



“It’s Happening Again…”


(Zander and Billy are shown side by side in the ring talking.)


“I feel boxed in.”


(Zander is shown watching Shannon hold Billy in the ring and walking up the ramp.)


“It’s Happening Again…”


(Damien ArkAngel and William Grand are shown defeating Dustin Cage and Mellisa Cage in a Tag Match.)


“I’m Trapped Inside.”


(The shot to the head from William to Damien is shown from the last Vortex.)


“It’s Happening Again…”


(Seven is shown laying on top of Inphino as the referee counts the three in the Triple Threat Match where Seven won the World Heavyweight Championship.)


“It Feels Like The Worlds Closing In.”


(Paul Phoenix is shown starring down “The Dark Angel” from the top of the ramp with his hand pointing towards Seven.)


“It’s Happening Again…”


(Magnum Steele is shown tagging in Bane against Zander and Billy on a Wrath weeks ago.)


“And There’s No Where To Hide!”


(Magnum and Bane being restrained by referees on the last Vortex as James Tanner announces their match at Perfect Dark for the Universal Heavyweight Championship.)




“Live From The Toronto Skydome!”



Perfect Dark

“Simply… Perfect!”




“Coming December 27th!!!”



---Main Event: Three Corners Tag Match---

---“The God of Pain” Bane and “The Monster” Magnum Steele versus “Fighting Force” Damien ArkAngel and William Grand versus “UWA’s Resident Superhero” Zander Frost and Billy “The Brilliant”---


Charles: This should be a barn burner!


Arnold: Yee Haw!!


Shannon: Quit it you two.


(“Boom” By POD hits and the fans rise to their feet in a loud uprising of cheers as “UWA’s Resident Superhero” Zander Frost walks out onto the ramp and makes his way to the ring, slapping fans hands on the way down.)


Arnold: There’s your boyfriend!


Shannon: …….


(“We Will Rock You!” By Queen hits and the fans begin to clap along with the beat as Billy “The Brilliant” walks out onto the ramp. He waves his arms in the air and the fans begin to sing along with his entrance music as he too makes his way to the ring, slapping the fans hands on his way.)


Arnold: Or is HE your boyfriend?!


Shannon: Shove it Arnold!


Arnold: So vicious for being such a pretty little thing…


Charles: It’ll be interesting to see if Zander and Billy can co-exist with their big one on one match so close….


(Shannon goes to reply but is silences as “Forest” By System of a Down hits and the fans react with harsh boos towards “UWA’s Fighting Force” and Intercontinental Champion, Damien ArkAngel who walks out onto the ramp with his IC title strapped securely around his waist. He stops halfway down and raises both hands in the air as pyros shoot off behind him before he makes his way down and into the ring, exchanging quick glances with Zander and BTB.)


Arnold: Such an amazing Champion is Damien ArkAngel!


Charles: But his partner and opponent for Perfect Dark may disagree…


(“Bow Down” By Westside Connection hits and the fans again react with boos, although there are some cheers heard as William Grand, the challenger to Damien’s Intercontinental championship walks out onto the ramp, cane in hand. William gives all the fans a dirty looks before walking to the ring casually and staring down not only Billy and Zander, but his partner as well as referees have to swarm the ring and get in between those two already!)


Charles: It is still to be seen whether Zander and Billy can co-exist… But Damien and William… Well that’s a no brainer!


(As referee’s separate Damien and William, the fans rise up as “Regulators” By Warren G and Nate Dogg hits and “The Monster” Magnum Steele walks out onto the ramp with a purpose and looks from side to side, seemingly relishing in the unexpected cheers before heading down to the ring and joining Zander and Billy in their corner and exchanging words.)


Arnold: What happened to Magnum Steele… He was so promising in SLWA!


Charles: I disagree…


(The short silence is shattered as “Bottled Up Inside” By Korn hits and the fans react with loud boos as “The God of Pain” Bane walks out onto the ramp and immediately stops and looks down upon all the other men in the ring.)


Charles: What kind of man puts his own sister in a mental institution?!


Arnold: A smart one!


Shannon: Bane’s new attitude has definitely helped him here tonight… He’s still undefeated in UWA action…


Charles: As is Magnum Steele! As is Damien ArkAngel! As is William Grand!


Arnold: Looks like your two boys are left out in the cold in that department! HA!


Shannon: Just wait and see…


(Bane makes his way to the ring and steps up in the apron as the referee, Flash Jefferey, clears out all the unnecessary men. Magnum, Billy, Damien, and Bane all step out onto the apron as Zander and William Grand will start this match off. The bell rings and both men begin to circle each other, trying to find a space to gain an early advantage but getting nothing. Finally both men lock up in a shoulder lock and try to out-power each other, and it is William who does get the upper hand as he backs Zander into the ropes and then shoots him across the ring but Zander uses the ropes to his advantage and launches himself in the air and connects with a big time Missile Clothesline! Zander is up quickly and lifts William up and whips him into the ropes and catches him in a beautiful Belly-To-Belly Suplex which stuns the crowd!)


Charles: What a move by Zander Frost!


(Zander pulls himself up and blocks a right hand from William, who refuses to stay down, and then counters and connects with a right hand of his own. Zander tires to another but William kicks him in the stomach and grabs a hold of his head and twists him around into a Neckbreaker! Zander holds his neck in the ring and William takes the advantage as he pulls Zander up and then smashes his back and lower neck into the mat with a beautiful Fisherman’s Suplex! Zander is close to the ropes though and “The Monster” Magnum Steel reaches in and slaps Zander on the back counting as a tag!)


Arnold: Cheater… He’s not allowed to do that!


Charles: Yes he is?


Arnold: Oh… Umm… Well…. BOOO!


Shannon: Very mature Arnold!


(Magnum moves in and catches a charging Grand and lifts him high up in the air, as the fans cheer, with a huge Military Press! Magnum turns and drops William down onto his shoulder and then slams him into the mat with a Powerslam! Grand holds his lower back in pain and he tries to make it to his corner to tag Damien, but ArkAngel jumps from the apron!!!)


Charles: Damien ArkAngel refusing a tag their!


(Magnum moves in and pummels William from behind before tossing him into the corner and laying in with some hard boots to the chest and stomach. With the crowd fully behind him, Steele lifts Grand up and crotches him HARD on the top turnbuckle! “The Monster” himself the climbs up to the second turnbuckle and hooks William up looking for the Superplex… Which he gets! Magnum quickly goes down to cover William…)
















Charles: Great effort by William Grand to kick out of that Superplex!


Arnold: Of course, Charlie Brown, he’s William Grand, of course he’d kick out of a little Superplex!


(Magnum is the first to his feet as he moves in and picks William up slowly. He gets him in a powerbomb position but Grand is quick and pulls both of Magnum’s legs up and hits a big time Spinebuster! The crowd is on it’s feet as William makes his way to his corner, but again Damien ducks out but this time before Magnum can grab him, William dives and tags in Billy “The Brilliant” to a huge pop!)


Charles: Smart move by William!


(Billy comes in fast and leaps up to clothesline Magnum hard across the neck! The big man drops and the crowd pops as Billy runs and springboards off the ropes and smashes Magnum’s chest with a knee drop!)


Charles: What a move by BTB!!


Shannon: Go Billy!


(Magnum holds his chest and rolls to his stomach as Billy bounces off the ropes himself and baseball slides right into Magnum’s face to another pop from the crowd! Magnum holds his head and Billy slowly pulls him from the mat and sets him up the Brilliant Bomb!!! But BTB can’t get Magnum up and over no matter how hard he tries, finally Magnum just elevates Billy with a big Backdrop! “Brilliant” bounces off the mat and Magnumcatches him and hooks him up before drilling him into the mat with..)


Charles: 213!!!


Shannon: Magnum’s got the cover!

















Arnold: The Intercontinental Champion in for the save!


(Damien has indeed made the save and as the ref pushes him back to his corner Bane enters the ring and picks Magnum up and THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!)


Charles: Bane just tossed the 489 lbs 7’6” Magnum Steele like a rag doll?!?!


(Referee Flash Jefferey turns around and tries to push Bane back but “The God of Pain” pays no attention and lifts BTB up in the air before drilling him into the mat with a HUGE power bomb that looks to have left BTB out cold!!!)


Arnold: Amazing!


(The crowd pops though as on the outside Damien and William Grand have fully started to slug it out!! Damien nails William with a right hand, William hits Damien with a left! William gets the upperhand with some fast body shots, backing Damien up against the ring post. William backs up and charges but ArkAngel has it scouted and moves just in time to send Grand into the ringpost shoulder first! The crowd is on it’s feet though as “UWA’s Fighting Force” grabs a steel chair from ringside and SMASHES IT INTO THE SHOULDER OF WILLIAM GRAND!!!)


Charles: This team didn’t last long!


Arnold: I don’t know who to cheer for?!


(In the ring Bane has slid out and picks Magnum up before trying to whip him into the ring steps but Steele reverses and Bane goes flying head first into the steel steps!!! The crowd bursts into cheers for “The Monster” as he pulls Bane up again and tries to lift him up for a 213 but Bane low blows Magnum and drops him to the padded ground with a DDT! Bane turns though just in time to receive a huge cross body off the ring apron from Zander Frost!!!)


Shannon: Flash Jefferey has lost total control over this match!


(On the other side of the ring, Damien sets up the steel chair and lifts William up. Grand tries to fight back but his right shoulder is still hurting from the ring post and the steel chair and to make matters worse… Damien drops William shoulder first onto the set up chair with an arm drag shoulder breaker!!!)




(On the other side of the ring Zander rolls Bane into the ring and hooks the leg for a pin…)
















Charles: Bane still to strong, he just military pressed Zander off of him!


(Zander gets up and quickly scales to the top turnbuckle as Bane gets to one knee. Bane gets up to turn around but BTB has also gotten up and smashes Bane with a right hand! Billy twirls Bane around and shouts for Zander to fly! Frost launches himself into the air and MISSES Bane… BUT ACCIDENTLY HITS BILLY WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK!!!!)


Arnold: HAHAHA!!!


Charles: Oh my…


Shannon: Oh no!


(Zander can’t seem to believe what he’s done as he checks on his fallen partner. Bane takes advantage though and lifts Zander up and SLAMS him into the mat with….)


Charles: The Number 13!!! (Gorilla Press Slam)




















Arnold: Bane wins it!!!


Charles: Even though Bane has had a rough time in WWA and GZW… He has seemingly come into his own here in UWA!


(The crowd boos loudly as Referee Flash Jefferey raises Bane’s hand, but they soon let out a loud pop as Magnum Steele rolls into the ring with a steel chair in hand and rushes Bane and SMASHES him over the head!!! Bane moves backwards but just as Magnum is about to finish the job the lights in the Skydome go out!)


Arnold: Seraph! Vindictive Seraph!


Shannon: Where is he?


Charles: I can’t see a thing?!


(The lights come back on in a flash and the camera shows in the ring that Magnum has been laid out and his forehead split wide open as blood trails down the side of his face. The camera zooms out and standing over Magnum is no Vindictive Seraph, but “The God of Pain” Bane with a bloody steel chair raised high!!!)


Charles: It’s growing nearer folks…


Arnold: Prepare for Perfect Darkness!!!





Desert Storm Productions 2002

(Matches 2,3)


Big Dawg Writings 2002

(Matches 1,4)


Voltage Writings 2002

(Match 5)


Scorpio Productions 2002


Universal Wrestling Alliance 2002