(Pyro’s hits and the fans all stand up and look to see as “Private” Dawson walks out onto the ramp to a pretty good pop for a

James Tanner is shown walking through the backstage area of the UWA Coliseum as the scene opens.  He has his hands in his coat pockets and his head slightly down as he makes his way towards the ringside area.  A hand grabs Tanner by the arm stopping him in his tracks.  Tanner looks up to see that the man is none other than CEO Fredrick Malstrom.


Fredrick: James I have something I need to tell you.


James and Fredrick begin to converse as the scene fades.



Scorpio Productions

Along with CCW





UWA Vortex


Pyros ignite on the ramp way as “Falling Apart” by Trust Company begins to play.  The camera pans the sold out UWA Coliseum showing the screaming fans shaking there banners and signs like crazy trying to get on TV.  “We Want Tanner!” and “Bring Back Tanner!” are some of the more prominent posters.  The camera continues to pan the arena until it finally focuses in on the announcers table where Charles and Arnold sit.


Charles: Welcome everyone to another episode of UWA Vortex!  Along side me as usual is Arnold Oxford.


Arnold: And no blonde!!!


Charles: Well Shannon isn’t here tonight because of President Tanner asking her to go see a doctor after that chair shot from Zander at Perfect Dark.


Arnold: That’s EX President Tanner Charles.


Charles: I know.


Before another word can be spoke “Prayer” by Disturbed begins to play across the arena.  The crowd looks to the stage as former president Tanner makes his way down the ramp.  The sold out crowd cheers loudly as James Tanner makes his way down the ramp with a confident looking smile on his face.  He gives a few high fives to the fans before rolling into the ring and calling for a mic.


Charles: James Tanner is out here tonight.

Arnold: Thank you captain obvious.  What does he want?  He was fired.


James: Ladies and gentlemen tonight is my last night as co-president of the UWA.


The crowd boos loudly at the announcement.


James: However until Vortex goes off the air I am STILL acting co-president.


Arnold: What!?!


The crowd erupts with cheers knowing that tonight could be one hell of a night.


James: Before I came out here Fredrick informed me that until Vortex ends I still have full power and I plan on using it.  First thing will be the tag titles around the waist of Perfection.  Boys, at Hellstorm you will defend those titles against a mystery team.  The team that has been on the airwaves as of recent came to me personally and asked for that match.  So it has been granted.


Charles: Wow.


Arnold: Oh boo hoo hoo.


He throws the mic down as “Prayer” kicks back in.  He rolls out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp hitting high fives with the crowd until he vanishes into the backstage area.


Charles: What an announcement.


Arnold: Where is Chris at?  This can’t be going on.


Charles: Well it is.  Let’s get into the first match of the night.


“Private” Dawson vs. Piece O’Jack

Debut Match


(Pyros hits and the fans all stand up and look to see as “Private” Dawson walks out onto the ramp to a pretty good pop for a debuting superstar thanks to his comedic promos as of late. Dawson slaps high fives with the fans before sliding into the ring and getting checked over by Referee Flash Jefferey’s before awaiting his opponent.)


Arnold: Why does UWA get all the weirdo’s?


Charles: The fans have taken to Dawson though.


(“Mr. Jack” By System of a Down hits and the fans look to the entrance way as out walks Piece O’Jack! The pirate stalks down to the ring and even spits on a fans hand that reaches out to cheer him on!! That earns him some loud boos as he looks at Dawson and laughs while his parrot caws.)


Arnold: Parrots are funny!


Charles: Right….


(Jack tells Flash to check Dawson again but as soon as Flash turns around Jack rushes the ring and takes the unexpecting Dawson down with a hard inseguri!!!)


Charles: I didn’t think a pirate could fly like that?!


(Flash tells Jack to watch it but the pirate pays little attention as he drops his coat and sets his parrot down on the turnbuckle, but it immediately flies down and perches itself on the announce table next to Arnold who laughs and tries to poke at it but the bird just bites his finger!!! Dawson slowly pulls himself up as Jack whips him into the ropes and both men duck a double clothesline attempt and come back across the ring again as Dawson attempts for a dropkick but Jack pulls the ropes and Dawson catches nothing but air! Jack takes quick advantage of the mistake and hooks Dawson’s left leg up and pulls him up with a modified knee drop! Jack steps back and waits as Dawson pulls himself up and hobbles on the hurt knee as Jack mocks him and calls out to his parrot at ringside.)


Jack: Arr… We got’s ourselves a land lubber!!


Parate: Squawk! Land Lubber! Land Lubber! Squawk!!!


Arnold: Man, what an annoying bird. How can you guys stand this thing?


Charles: We’re used to having to deal with loud obnoxious thing every night!


(Jack doesn’t see Dawson get up behind him though and connects with a spinning heel kick that knocks Jack to his back as the fans pop for the US Marine. Jack gets up quickly but Dawson meets him with a hook up and then powers him down with a Sidewalk Slam! Dawson hooks the leg…)












Arnold: Dang, so close!


Charles: You actually paid attention?!


Arnold: Only because I though this crap was over and I could kill that squawking parrot!


Charles: Shut up, Arnold!


Parrot: SQUACK!!! Shut Up Arnold! Shut Up Arnold!


Charles: I like the parrot.


(Dawson taunts Jack to get up but he doesn’t budge and Referee Flash Jeffery goes to check on him but Dawson storms past and pushes Flash out of the way and Jack boots Dawson square in the gonads!!! Dawson stumbles backwards as Flash slowly gets up and tries to talk to Jack but Piece O’Jack pushes him out of the way and rolls the still bent over Dawson up with a cradle and gets MORE then a handful of tights!!!)









Charles: Come on Flash; see that he’s using the tights!







Arnold: This one’s over!









Parrot: SQUACK! Jack wins! Jack wins!


Charles Unfairly!


Parrot: SQUACK! Shut your mouth! Shut your mouth! SQUACK!


(Dawson can’t believe it as Jack celebrates his debut win in the ring as the fans boo loudly. Jack smiles and turns to mouth at Dawson but only gets a boot to the stomach and a…..)


Charles: The Side Swiper!!! (Arm bar Then Kick to Chest)


Arnold: Get this damn squawking disease box away from me!!!


Parrot: SQUACK!! Commercial Break! Commercial Break! Squawk!


Charles: He’s smarter then he looks….

Klown(c) vs. “Lance Corporal” Black

UWA Outlaw Title Match


Arnold:  The only reason I’m sticking around for this match is to see these two idiots hurt each other into retirement.  Then again, I’d get fired so I might as well stay.


Charles:  Well, after the firings of our two original presidents I don’t know what’s going to happen so let’s keep that subject off the TV.


Arnold:  Anyways, the next match is for the UWA Outlaw Championship, the most extreme title in CCW history!  Unfortunately, there are dual title holders for it and to top it off it’s the most boring wrestlers on the face of this Earth.


Charles:  And lets not forget the short-lived legacy it held in Maximum Xtreme Wrestling when it was claimed to be the most hunted title in the business.  Then the title was passed along to Mid-South Wrestling Alliance, but never was put to use and former Vice President of MSWA worked it out to have the title come to UWA and here we stand.


Arnold:  Chaaarles, I’m impressed, too bad I almost failed history.  But who cares huh?  LET’S GET THIS PUPPY STARTED!


“Black Heart” by Slipknot hits as the fans quickly begin to boo.  The strange character known as Klown steps out onto the top of the ramp with his and Beast’s Outlaw Championship around his waist.  He slowly makes his way down to ringside, sucking in the negative energy from the fans.  Once at ringside he makes a full trip around and climbs up the steel steps and into the ring.  He unstraps his title and raises it into the air.


Charles:  I’m sure Klown is still a little bit messed up after that grueling match he had with his co-holder, Jaxon Hayes.


Welcome To Atlanta (Remix)” by Jermaine Dupri, P. Diddy, Murphy Lee, and Snoop Dogg is the next to hit as Lance Corporal Black comes out to a decent ovation from the fans who are not yet familiar with him.  He charges down the ramp with no resistance and slides in to hammer Klown right off the bat.  Referee Reese Florey calls for the bell and the match is underway.  Lance wastes no time tossing Klown out to ringside.  He follows and lays in a few kicks to Klown’s ribs.  Afterwards he searches under the ring and pulls out a large black bag with LCpl written on it.  He opens it and looks through and pulls out wooden Kendo stick!  Klown realizes this and comes from behind with a low blow to stop Lance’s plans.


Arnold:  I take it Lance isn’t wearing a cup. 


Klown launches Lance into the steel post and grabs the Kendo stick for his own use.  Lance gets on all fours and Klown whacks him with the stick.  Each crack sending a sickening echo through the arena.  Corporal Black rolls around in pain while Klown drops the weapon and searches under ringside.  He pulls out a LONG wooden table and sets it up close to the ramp as Black is slowly starting to get up…


Charles: Look at the size of that table!


Klown rolls back into the ring but Black meets him with a quick boot to the stomach and hooks both of Klown’s arms between his legs as the crowd gets to it’s feet in anticipation as Black slowly edges Klown close to the ropes and lifts him into the air but the Outlaw Champ, or at least one of them, scrapes the “Lance Corporal’s” eyes and Black falls back with Klown sitting right on top for the pin…














Charles: No! Kick out by Black as both men return to their feet, a lockup but Black whips Klown into the ropes and buries the knee into the abdomen!


Klown holds his stomach in pain as Black slowly walks over to the Outlaw Champ and pulls Klown up by the hair before once again raising him up into the air and looks to Powerbomb one half of the Outlaw Champions through the table on the outside but a loud boo is heard from the fans in the arena as Disturbed Sickness runs out through the crowd and into the ring with a low blow on Black!!! Black falls forward and Klown lands on his feet as he exchanges a quick nod with his fellow Sickness member.


Charles: Disturbed Sickness has not been seen or heard from since his loss to the Vindictive Seraph at Perfect Dark!!!


Arnold: But he’s here tonight and may have just saved the Outlaw Championship!


Klown pulls Black up and hooks an arm over his head and then drops him back with a Piggies (Suplex over the Top Rope) but Black somehow manages to grab a hold of the top rope and saves himself from going through the table!!! But before Black can do anything, Klown and Disturbed are both back on him with hard kicks to the side of the US Marine’s chest and legs which promotes a huge boo from the UWA fans as Referee Florey tries and fails to pull the two men off the challenger.


Charles: There may not be much left of Black after this one…


Disturbed backs off as Klown lifts Black up and looks to be looking for the Klown Drop but a cheer from the fans stops him as out runs “Private” Dawson with a steel chair in hand as he slides into the ring and PASTES one half of the Outlaw Champions with the cold hard steel automatically busting Klown wide open as he falls to the ground with his hands covering the open wound on his forehead! Dawson turns to check on his “Lance Corporal” but doesn’t react in time as Disturbed Sickness rushes in and tackles the US Marine down with a hard spear!!! Disturbed grabs the steel and backs up as he rests on the ropes and surveys that he is the only man left standing out of the four as the fans boo him loudly and chant “Beast! Beast! Beast!”


Arnold: Listen to these idiots? We’ve got 4 losers out here already… Don’t call a 5th out!!!


Disturbed raises the chair above his head with one hand but another loud cheer comes out from the crowd as none other then the second half of the UWA Outlaw Champions slides out from underneath the ring!!! Beast jumps up and steels the chair right out from Disturbed hands as the fans go nuts!!!


Charles: Jaxon Hayes has built up somewhat of a fan base since he arrived…


Arnold: Why anyone would cheer this abomination I’ll never know!!!


The crowd screams loudly as they chant for Beast to smash Disturbed with the steel chair but just as Beast swings Disturbed moves and Jaxon smashes Klown instead!!!! The fans cheer as Jaxon looks at his half-Outlaw Champion as Klown looks out in the middle of the ring. Jaxon almost looks sorry for a second then has to turn around as Disturbed grabs the steel chair out of Jaxon’s hand and swings at him but this time Jaxon sidesteps and Disturbed hits Klown as well!!!!


Arnold: Klown isn’t having a good night…


Charles: He was already out when that last shot caught him!


Disturbed swears out loud and throws the chair into the corner of the ring as he  turns to look for Beast but only finds a rejuvenated “Private” Dawson who hits a spear on Disturbed and takes him right out of the ring and THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE OUTSIDE!!!


Charles: Disturbed and Dawson are out!!! What a move by the young Marine!!!


Arnold: Yay! Two losers down… Three to go!


In the ring Beast wanders to the ropes and looks down at the carnage on the outside as finally “Lance Corporal” Black has gotten to his feet and charges Beast from behind as both men begin to brawl it out in the corner! Black tosses Beast back into the center of the ring by his neck and then runs and drops the knee straight into Jaxon’s neck!!!


Charles: Black wants to exterminate Hayes! But look at Klown he’s managed to get to a knee on the side of the ring…


Jaxon gets up and charges at Black again but this time Black sidesteps and hits a Drop Toe Hold that sends Jaxon’s face straight into the steel chair that Disturbed threw in the corner!!!!


Fans: “UWA! UWA! UWA!”


Charles: Whoa!


Black smiles as the fans are on his side as he turns back for Klown but only finds a hard boot into the stomach and Klown quickly hooks Black up and powers him into the mat with a Klown Drop (Brainbuster)!!!






Charles: Klown wins it and Jaxon and Klown are STILL Dual-Outlaw Champs!!


Arnold: Oh, I can hardly hide my excitement, Charlie Brown?!


Referee Florey hands Klown the Outlaw Championship as The Sickness member rolls from the ring with “Black Heart” By Slipknot playing over the PA system and pauses to look down at Disturbed who still lays out in the crumpled table that both Disturbed and Dawson went through earlier. Klown spits in disgust and then makes his way up the ramp as the show goes to commercial.


Scorpio Productions

Along with CCW






Live From Turner Field in Atlanta, Ga.


What happens when all hell is released on Atlanta?

Coming to PPV in February


Jeff Jones vs. Billy “The Brilliant”(c)

Light Heavyweight Title


(“Worlds Most Dangerous” By Ja Rule featuring Nemesis hits and the fans rise up in boos as one of the remaining SLWA members, Jeff Jones walks out onto the ramp by himself for the first time in UWA. The fans still treat him the same though as they boo the former SLWA member at the top of their lungs as Jones sneers at the legions of UWA and BTB fans before finally sliding into the ring and climbing to the second turnbuckle and looking out into the sea of fans again with a sneer.)


Arnold: Jeff had a big time win at Perfect Dark to send the REAL weak link in SLWA, Cornell Davis packing!


Charles: Those were the way the rules were laid out I’m afraid and Jeff Jones won to retain his UWA contract!


(“We Will Rock You” By Queen hits and the fans begin to clap along with the beat as a massive cheer goes up for the UWA Cruiserweight Champion, Billy “The Brilliant” as he walks out onto the top of the ramp with his UWA Cruiserweight Championship slung over his shoulder. BTB stops halfway down the ramp and gives the thumbs up as pyros shoot off behind him and the fans give a cheer as BTB rushes the ring and immediately begins to exchange swings with Jeff Jones as the bell rings to begin the match!)


Arnold: Has Shannon picked one of the two Synergist loses yet? Or still making up her mind?


Charles: You’d have to ask her.


Arnold: I would but she got the night off thanks to EX-President Tanner! Thank God this is his last night!


(BTB and Jeff begin to fight back and forth before both men break the shoulder lock and stare at each other as the fans give a cheer. Billy circles Jeff who stands still and keeps his eyes on the Cruiserweight Champ but gives a quick sidestep and the two lock up once again as Jeff pushes Billy back into the corner before pulling back and landing a hard Chop right across the chest of the Cruiserweight champion as the fans “whoo!” along with it! Jeff hauls back and chops the already flaming chest of BTB again to another “Whoo!” but the third attempt isn’t so pretty as BTB reverses the chop and pulls Jeff back into the corner and lands a thunderous chop of his own to a loud “WHOO!” from the sold out UWA coliseum fans!)


Charles: BTB getting the fans on his side early tonight! Although they always seem to be behind the Mooie Milk spokesman!


Arnold: I hope Jeff shoves some Mooie Milk straight up BTB’s…


Charles: Alrighty, then!


(Billy pulls Jeff from the corner and whips him across the ring but Jones reverses and whips BTB across the ring and follows up with a hard clothesline in the other corner. Billy stumbles forward and Jeff takes advantage to whip the Cruiserweight Champ back across the ring and once again follows up with a clothesline but BTB pulls himself up on the second turnbuckles and hits a SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!!!)


Crowd: HOLY SHIT!!!


Charles: What a move by BTB!


(Billy hooks the leg as the BTB chant starts up…)














Charles: Close! So Close!


(The fans are still on their feet cheering as Jeff pulls himself to the ropes and finally falls down to the floor as BTB slowly gets to his knee and scans the area looking for his opponent. Jeff gets up and sneers at BTB as Billy taunts him to get back in the ring. Jeff does just that though and Billy lets him get to his feet before the two lock up again and this time Jeff falls backwards and uses his feet to spring BTB up and right into the turnbuckles as “The Brilliant One” gets his feet caught up in the top rope!!!)


Arnold: Hehehe!


Charles: Ah, now this isn’t right!


(Jeff moves in and begins to stomp away on the stuck BTB as Referee Flash Jefferey tries to get Billy’s feet out of the ropes! Jeff runs back and gets some steam before flying in and landing a spinning heel kick right to the chest of BTB as the fans boo wildly. Jones taunts Billy to “come get some” and then laughs before once again going back to stomping on the now hurting and still stuck “Brilliant One”. Jeff finally decides he’s kicked enough and pulls Billy from the ropes as the fans are still booing the cheap antics of Jones. Jeff pulls Billy up and then quickly dumps the Cruiserweight Champion with a Side Russian Leg Sweep!!!)


Arnold: He’s setting him up!!!


(Billy struggles to a knee and slowly gets up as Jones launches forward with a Ruff Ride!!! (Super kick) But BTB for the second time in his career manages to bend backwards Matrix style and avoids the sure fatal shot!!! Jones quickly regroups and tries for a second Ruff Ride but BTB catches his leg this time and spins him around and then hits a nice Bulldog as the fans pop. BTB looks around and then crouches down and readies himself as the fans cheer!!!!)


Charles: Billy has him set up!!!


(Jeff pulls himself up and Billy gets the boot to the gut but Jeff counters the Brilliant Bomb attempt and slingshots BTB into the turnbuckle again as BTB stumbles forward and both men connect with a clothesline on each other as the fans pop!!!)


Charles: Both men seemed down and out, both men countered the others finisher, now both men are down!!!


(The fans begin to chant “BTB! BTB!” again but the lights in the UWA Coliseum go out and the crowd erupts once again as “It’s Zander Time!!!” flashes across the Universal Tron and “Boom” By P.O.D rocks over the PA system and out comes “UWA’s Resident Superhero” Zander Frost with a steel chair in hand!!! Referee Flash Jefferey jumps from the ring and tries to stop Zander but Frost hauls back and SMASHES THE STEEL CHAIR OVER FLASH’S SKULL!!!!)


Charles: My god?!?!


Arnold: Woo Hoo!!!


(Zander slides into the ring just as Jones pulls himself up and charges Frost, but Zander is ready and SMASHES THE CHAIR OVER JEFF’S HEAD THIS TIME!!!! The crowd pops loudly and chants “Zander! Zander!” as Frost rolls Jeff from the ring and crouches down with the steel chair in hand as Billy slowly gets up to his knees….)


Charles: Don’t do it Zander!!!


Arnold: Do it Zander!!!


(Billy gets up and turns but just as Zander is about to swing he stops the chair in mid air and drops to his knees in the ring and holds his head in his hands as the steel chair lays beside him. BTB looks at his partner with a look of great worry but when he tries to go near Zander, the young rookie rolls from the ring and heads up the ramp as Referee Flash Jefferey finally gets up and calls for the bell calling this match a NO CONETEST!!! “We Will Rock You” By Queen hits again and the fans cheer as Billy is handed his UWA Cruiserweight Championship but Billy isn’t paying any attention as he looks at his partner at the top of the ramp before Zander disappears behind the curtain and is gone.)


Charles: What’s wrong with Zander Frost?!




Charles: We’ll be back in a few folks, we gotta go backstage!


(Inside his private box office sits the new President, the LONE President of UWA, Christopher Sharp as he sits and watches the fans in his UWA Coliseum he stops and speaks without turning to the camera.)




“After tonight my reign officially begins… Enjoy the night James. I really do wish this could have been done another way, but you’ll see soon enough that your time to “rule” is not now. You’re still young and strong, I’ll find the place for you, James. You’ll thank me in time. As for the rest of my staff, I will be in touch with each and every one of you over the next few weeks with news on your new postings. Oh… I almost forgot.”


(Chris smiles as is shown in his reflection in the glass.)




“I’ve got another surprise yet this week. Absolute power will be mine. And I will make a strong, a proud, a powerful UWA. I’ll make UWA…. Legendary!!”


(The scene fades as the President of UWA sits and contemplates to himself.)


William Blessing vs. Earl Davison vs. Blake “Turbo” Dyhart vs. Trash Taylor

TV Title Four way


Charles: Welcome fans to Vortex, and our first Vortex without Shannon.


Arnold: Who gives a damn, announcing is no place for Women.


Charles: *mumbling* Sexist punk.


Arnold: What was that?


Charles: Urr….We have something going on in the back, our cameras are headed back there.


The camera rush to the back where Turbo is standing there yelling at the ground holding a dented metal chair with blood all over it. The refs try to get him to back off, the camera’s pan around to see Blessing, Traylor Trash, and Earl Davidson all laying flat on the floor, with blood on their faces. Turbo turns and heads to the entrance area.


Charles: What the hell was that?


Arnold: He wants the TV title by any means necessary.


“Superstar II” By Saliva hits on the sound system as Turbo steps out on the entrance way, metal chair in hand; he storms down to the ring, and immediately tells the ref to begin the 10 count, seeing as the other guys are not going to make it down to the ring.










Charles: What is this?




The fans jump to their feet, the cameras pan around to see Earl Davison stumbling down the ramp, he heads right into the ring and the ref rings the bell.


Arnold: It can’t be, he was beat up badly.


Charles: But he has determination.


Davison waist no time in trying to take Turbo down, but to no avail as Turbo doesn’t allow Davison to get to his feet, he begins to stomp on the injured Davison. The Ref tries to pull Turbo off of Davison, but Turbo turns to the ref and he backs off. Earl tries to get up slowly, and runs at Turbo, but Turbo moves and Earl takes out the ref.


Arnold: Bad move….very bad Move…


Charles: I have to agree, Earl just made a huge mistake, especially when he is ABOUT TO BE HIT WITH A METAL CHAIR….


The chair shot is heard throughout the arena, Davison falls to the mat, Davison begins to bleed badly as Turbo looks down at the work he has done.


Arnold: Now that’s how you deliver a fatal blow.


Turbo lifts up Earls head and begins to slap him around, he picks him up after thinking that he has done a good job and sets him up for the….


Charles: Turbulence (Test Drive/Roll of the Dice)


Arnold: Its over, I can smell it.


Turbo drops him down with the move and goes for the pin as the ref slowly wakes up.






3…..ding ding ding


Charles: We finally have crowned a Television Champion, although I don’t approve of the way he did it, he is still our TV champ.


Turbo grabs his belt and holds it high in the air, before exiting the ring. The ref attends to Davison.


Arnold: Who cares about the way he did it, as long as he got it done.


Charles: Oh shut up.


As Turbo makes his way up the ramp “Prayer” by Disturbed kicks in brining the crowd to there feet with cheers.  Blake stops to look at the ramp as James Tanner steps out onto the stage.  As the music fades Tanner pulls a mic out of his back pocket and raises it up to his mouth.


James: Congratulations on another tainted victory Blake.  However I’m not here to strip you of that title like I did at Perfect Dark.  No instead I’m here to tell you that you WILL defend that title at Hellstorm.


Blake nods his head and yells out bring it on.


James: Your opponent will be the youngest GZW TV champion. 


Charles: He couldn’t be talking about…


James: Me!


Arnold: Bull shit!


Charles: Arnold language!


The crowd pops loudly as James turns to head to the backstage area.  Blake begins to yell up the ramp at James but he has already gone.  Blake makes his way up the ramp shaking his head from side to side.


Charles: What an announcement.


Arnold: This is crap.


Charles: We’ll be back after this short commercial break.


What does the year 2003 hold for GroundZero Wrestling 2K1? Where does Combined Championship Wrestling’s model federation go for its unprecedented third year of existence? Can the road to Aftermath 2K3 be that dark?

Arkadian Enterprises™ presents:

Fallout: Destination Unknown

The first pay-per-view of the New Year
Coming in February 2003
Only on closed circuit television



“The Monster” Magnum Steele versus “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix


Charles:  This next match folks is going to be a complete power contest.  Two big men with the same goals and that is to get to the top.


Arnold:  This match is nothing!  What about Grand versus Damien?!  It’s bad enough I had to choose between them at Perfect Dark, now I have to do it again!  The horror!


Charles:  Arnold, we’re getting word backstage.  Let’s check out what’s up.


The camera fades backstage where a cameraman is jogging around with the camera shaking.  He reaches his destination and there, laid out on the cold cement floor, is “The Monster” Magnum Steele. 


Arnold:  What in the world...  HOW DID I RIP MY SHIRT?!


Charles:  Magnum is out of it!  Who would do this?


Arnold:  It doesn’t matter.  Anyways, next match!


Billy is shown making his way throughout the backstage area of the arena looking for his partner Zander but can’t seem to find him as the scene fades.


William Grand(c) vs. Damien ArkAngel

Intercontinental Title Match


(“Between Angels and Insects” rips over the Pa system as the fans all stand in boos as out walks the ex-Intercontinental Champion, Damien ArkAngel walks out onto the steel ramp way as fireworks shoot off the top of the Universal-Tron and “The Fighting Force” flexes to a massive amount of boos from the so “Anti-Damien” UWA fans. ArkAngel seems to love it though as he smiles and slides into the ring and sniffs the air before pointing at the fans and then making a “You Stink.” Gesture with his hands which gets him even MORE heat!!!)


Arnold: You tell ‘em Damien… I’ve been dealing with the stench all night!


Charles: Arnold, have you no shame?


Arnold: Not last time I checked! Hehehe…


(“Bow Down” By Westside Connection hits and a rather mixed reaction comes up from the capacity UWA crowd as the Intercontinental Champion, William Grand steps out with his cane in hand and his IC Title strapped securely around his waist as Damien wastes no time and rushes from the ring quickly grabs a steel and rushes up the ramp way but William gets his boot up and jams the steel straight into the face of ArkAngel as the fans scream their approval!)


Charles: We never expected these two would waste anytime and they definitely haven’t!


(William drops his overcoat off and then smashes his cane down over Damien’s back to another approving cheer from the fans before William finally throws ArkAngel back down into the ring as both men get to their feet and the bell rings to officially start off this match with both men locking up in a shoulder lock. Damien gets the upper hand though and pulls Grand down into a headlock, William twists out of it though and slides in behind Damien and tries to lift the “Fighting Force” up and over with a German Suplex but Damien locks his leg around William’s and elbows his way out of the hold as once again both men are facing each other again as the fans cheer loudly.)


Charles: Both of these men are such amazing athletes, it’s just amazing to see them in the ring again!


Arnold: Ya gotta respect the skills!


(Damien slides down and hints at a knee takedown but Grand slides back and shoves Damien’s head away and then drops down for a knee shoulder tackle himself but ArkAngel hops away from the attack and hooks Grand up and lifts him into the air but before he can hit any power bomb, Grand slides off of Damien’s back and pushes him into the ropes and then catches him with a rollup off the ropes but Damien keeps momentum going and rolls right back over on Grand but doesn’t go for a pin and instead hooks up a catapult and tries to launch Grand but William gets his hands on the ropes and pulls his knees in to once again break any move as both men scramble to their feet as once again they are eye to eye and the fans salute both men with a cheer.)


Charles: These men know each other so well that any slight mistake could spell a loss here tonight!


Arnold: BAH! I am still confident that my pick will win!


Charles: (Sarcastically) Like you were at Perfect Dark huh?


Arnold: Shut up.


(Damien and William circle each other again and this time William gets Damien into a headlock and lays into the ropes and shoots ArkAngel across the ring and finally catches a break as he connects with a Belly-to-Belly Throw that gets the fans up! Damien is up quickly though and rushes William who counters with some momentum into a shoulder toss that ArkAngel once again is up too quick from and Grand is waiting for the second shoulder toss. Damien pulls himself up a little slower this time and rushes in and Grand catches him with…)


Charles: Crowning!!! (Piledriver) That’s the first time I’ve seen Grand use that move here in UWA!!


Arnold: William is pulling out all the stops here tonight!!!

















Charles: He needs a few more stops yet as Damien just kicked out of the Crowning!!!


(William pulls Damien back up to a standing position and this time kicks the ex Intercontinental Champion in the midsection but sensing what’s coming, Damien lunges forward and catches William with a hard spear takedown! ArkAngel pummels the Intercontinental Champion with hard rights before getting some speed up and jumping to the second turnbuckle (Spiderman Style) and then falling backwards to drive the elbow straight into Grand’s chest!!! Damien steps back and lifts William up straight onto his shoulders and then hits…)


Charles: Investment!!! (Jackknife Powerbomb into Turnbuckle) Damien used one of William’s own moves!!!


Arnold: All that’s left is the count…

















(The fans pop as William somehow manages to get his shoulder up off the mat and Damien seems less then happy about it as he gets up right in Referee Flash Jefferey’s face and pushes one of the senior referees back into the ropes to some good heat but turns around and…. Picks William up without any low blow at all and whips the Intercontinental Champion into the ropes and quickly goes to the ground and connects on William with a Samoan Drop!! Damien hooks the leg for the sideways pin!!!)












Charles: NO! William just pulled Damien up and now the pins on ArkAngel!!!











Arnold: Nope!


Charles: ArkAngel manages to use his won weight to roll out of that pin!!!


(Both men quickly get to their feet and William goes to boot ArkAngel in the stomach and set up for either the Courtesy Call or the Grand Finale but ArkAngel has it well scouted and spins Grand around and scoops him up and out of nowhere gets…)


Charles: Trigger Bomb!!! (Test Diving Powerbomb)












































Charles: Somehow, someway, William Grand is still alive in this one!!


(Damien can’t believe it and shouts at the fans to shut the **** up but the fans only scream louder as Grand pulls himself up but as William moves in for a move, Damien spins around and catches him again with another….)


Charles: Trigger Bomb!!!! Trigger Bomb!!! That’s two it has to be over now!!!





































(William shoots his left shoulder off the mat in defiance as ArkAngel stumbles back and shakes his head before absolutely snapping and laying in some vicious boots to the chest and abdomen on the Intercontinental Champion! William rolls to his stomach and is obviously in great pain as Damien rolls from the ring and even though Flash calls him back in, Ark Angel makes straight for the time keeper and grabs the steel chair right out from underneath him!! Damien rolls into the ring and pushes past Jefferey’s and SMASHES THE STEEL CHAIR OVER WILLIAMS LEFT SHOULDER!!!)


Charles: Why is ArkAngel doing this?! He just lost himself the match?!


Arnold: He doesn’t need the win I guess…


Charles: I think Damien realized that he can’t beat William Grand and this is just him being a poor loser!!!


Arnold: You think a lot of things, Charlie Brown. Not many of them are right!!!


(The bell continues to ring as a swarm of Referees flock to ringside to try and pry Damien off of William but ArkAngel continues his assault this time on the referees of UWA as he swings the steel chair like a mad man before a loud pop goes up from the crowd and a man is shown jumping the security rail as he scales to the top turnbuckle and scales to the top turnbuckle just as Damien turns and tries to hit the unknown man with a steel chair the man flies through the air with a Missile Dropkick and connects with the steel chair which connects with Damien’s face!!!!)


Arnold: AH! Who is this punk?! Security! Security!!!


Charles: That’s no punk at all, Arnold… That’s Ace Thunder!!!


Arnold: Who?


Charles: Ace Thunder was supposedly “released” from UWA, could his return be the first move of many by the new President Chris Sharp?!


Arnold: I hope not!!! He just took out Damien!!!


(Damien lays out in the ring as Ace pulls his shirt off and throws it into the crowd as he jumps to the ring ropes and bounces up and down as the fan pop loudly as the show fades to its last commercial break before the big Non-Title Match up between “The God of Pain” and “The Dark Angel”.)


“God of Pain” Bane vs. “The Dark Angel” Seven



Charles: What a main event we have for you tonight.  The Universal Heavyweight Champion Bane taking on the World Heavyweight Champion Seven.


Arnold: I hope Bane shuts the mouth of Seven permanently.


The lights cut out around the arena except for a lone spotlight resting on the top of the ramp.  “Stupify” by Disturbed begins to play around the arena as Seven makes his way down the ramp with the World Title around his waist.  The crowd boos loudly as the big man makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.  He paces the ring as the music fades out.


Charles: Seven is a scary man.


Arnold: He’s a bitch.  Bane is a scary man.


The lights stay off as the same spotlight hits the stage.  Pyros ignite as “Bottled Up Inside” by Korn rips throughout the arena.  The crowd boos loudly as Bane makes his way down the ramp with the Universal Title draped over his shoulder.  He slaps the title then points at Seven before sliding into the ring.  He drops the title and gets nose to nose with Seven as the ref tries to get in between them but just gets pushed down on his rear.


Arnold: Ha Ha Ha!  Stupid ref.


Bane and Seven begin to exchange rights and lefts as the bell sounds.  Bane gets the quick advantage with several right hands in a row that rocks the jaw of the bigger Seven.  Seven backs up against the ropes as Bane steps back, charges in and knocks Seven over the top with a diving closeline.


Arnold: Knock him out Bane!


Bane climbs out of the ring and grabs Seven.  He pulls him to his feet and slams his face down on the announcers table several times before turning and rolling him into the ring.  Bane climbs up onto the apron and gets into the ring.  He pulls Seven up and throws him into the corner where he delivers several stiff rights and lefts to the midsection of Seven as the ref gets in between them and forces Bane to let him out of the corner.

Charles: Nice referring there.


Seven shoots out of the corner and levels Bane with a closeline that turns him inside out.  Seven stomps on the downed Bane as the ref gets in the middle and tries to get Seven to back off but instead Seven rears back and decks the ref knocking him out.


Charles: DQ him.


Arnold: Hit him again Seven!


Seven pulls Bane to his feet and the two begin to exchange right hands again.  Bane delivers a knee lift to the midsection of Seven doubling him over.  He hooks him around the waist, lifts him up and slams him down with a diving gut wrench powerbomb.  Magnum Steele comes running down the ramp with a bandage over his right eye and a steel char in his hand.  He slides into the ring and levels Bane with a shot to the head.


Arnold: Get him out of here!


Charles: Magnum just leveled Bane.


Magnum climbs to the top rope and places the chair on his chest.  He looks to the crowd before launching himself off the top rope and land squarely on the chest of Seven to a huge pop from the crowd.


Charles: He could have just killed Seven with that move.


Arnold: I don’t believe what I just saw.


Magnum grabs Bane and lifts him into the air in a powerbomb position.  He spins around several times before dropping him down with a seated powerbomb better known as “213.”


Charles: Magnum has just come in and wiped out both champions. 


Magnum grabs the arm of Bane and drapes it over the chest of Seven before waking the ref up and climbing out of the ring.


Arnold: What the hell?


The ref comes to and begins the slow count.








The bell sounds as Magnum stands on the ramp with a twisted smile on his face.  “Bottled Up Inside” by Korn begins to play as the ref raises the hand of Bane who is still laid out in the middle of the ring along with Seven.  Magnum calls for a mic as he paces back and forth on the ramp.


Magnum: You ever attack me from behind again Seven and I’ll make damn sure you never walk again.


Magnum starts to head up the ramp as “Prayer” by Disturbed kicks in.  Magnum looks to the ramp as James Tanner steps out onto the stage with a mic in his hand.


Arnold: What’s he want now?


James: Let’s make things interesting tonight.  Magnum you want Seven right?


Magnum Steele yells out “your damn right” as he shakes his head up and down.


James: Well at UWA Hellstorm it will be Magnum Steele going 1 on 1 with Seven for the UWA World Heavyweight Title.  In a Last Man Standing match.


Charles: Oh man what an announcement.


Arnold: I might like Tanner after all.  Probably not though.


James turns and makes his way into the backstage area along with Magnum as the ref checks on Bane and Seven.


(After the Bane/Seven match up we go backstage to see the Cruiserweight Champion, Billy “The Brilliant”, who is still looking for his partner Zander Frost as he barges into the duos locker room to find the room almost pitch black except a small tape recorder set up on the bench. Billy looks around and picks up the tape recorder to play the cracked and obviously crying voice of his partner, Zander Frost.)




“I’m sorry Billy…. I’m so sorry for the way I’ve acted, for the way I’ve been. You were right when you said I’d never be better then you! I know it; I guess I knew it all along…. I’m sorry that Shannon had to get mixed up between us but I know she made the smart choice in you, Billy. Please… Take…. Take good care of her, Billy.”


(A long pause is heard and only the sounds of Zander crying can be heard as Billy’s face has gone totally white.)




“I’ve…. I’ve got to go now, Billy. I’m sorry.”


(The tape ends and Billy gets frantic as he looks around the deserted room.)




“Zander?! Zander?!”


(Billy runs from the room and the camera follows him down the hall as the Cruiserweight Champion rushes out into the parking lot behind the UWA Coliseum just in time to see his partner, and friends orange car go up in flames with a huge explosion!!! Tons of superstars rush out of the Coliseum and looks on as the young teenagers car is totally engulfed by flames and the camera focuses on Billy who is standing alone in front of the crowd as the tape recorded falls from his hands and smashes on the ground as the show cuts out.)







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