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(“Boom” by P.O.D hits and the fans erupt in cheers and massive Zander chants and the Cruiserweight Champion, Shannon Taylor and President Sharp each walk out onto the ramp as the show feed comes in. Shannon waves to the fans and makes her way down to the ring closely followed by the Cruiserweight Champion, who soaks up the “B-T-B!” chants that have built up and almost match those for Zander. Finally behind the both of them walks the CEO and President of Universal Wrestling Alliance, Chris Sharp.)


Charles: Welcome to Vortex everyone, after a lengthy delay we are finally back on the air and what a great way to start the show then with a tribute to the late teenaged superstar, Zander Frost, to my knowledge Billy, Shannon and Mr. Sharp will each take a few moments to speak about the late superstar who committed suicide on the last Vortex.


Arnold: In my opinion, and I consider mine the most important, already to much of a deal has been made over this. The kid made one hell of a sacrifice and did one of the most stupidest things you can do to yourself. I don’t really have pity for people who are messed up enough to commit suicide, but I DO feel for people who get left behind and have to deal with the fallout like Shannon.


Charles: This should be a memorable night, so without any more delay let’s go to the ring where President Sharp has the microphone.


(In the ring stands the three speakers as the fans have finally started to calm down and President sharp steps forward with the microphone in hand.)




“Welcome everyone to another night of UWA action! We are vastly growing in popularity and talent with each passin’ hour, literally! But tonight we don’t gather here to talk about UWA as whole, no tonight is about a young teenager who had a dream.”


(The fans applaud in respect as a still of Zander is shown on the Universal-Tron.)




“Zander Frost was like most children, he had dreams, hopes ambitions, but sadly this sport that we all live and breath and in this case, die for takes it’s tolls and each person as an individual has to deal with it themselves and the rest of us try to lend a helping hand where we can. I myself, pride in my ability to help the next generation of the wrestling world, it’s why I took my position I hold today in UWA! But I messed up…. I didn’t see the warning signs. Maybe no one did? But I go to sleep each night and wonder how I messed up, how I dropped the ball on a young man who seemed so full of energy, so full of passion that I myself felt for this business this life that we all live. Yet, the life of Zander Frost as of late was not picture perfect… As it seems obvious that problems, bad problems, stalked this young man in the night.”


(The fans seems silent and listen intently as Chris brings his closed fist to his mouth and then quickly wipes one eye before continuing.)




“We will miss you, Zander Frost! Or as Alexander deMonye… his real name. Named after his Uncle that you all know of course as his time as Co-President here in UWA. We’re going to push harder, faster, and with more determination and strength then ever before. We’re going to make UWA… Legendary and show the world that “Zander Time” as defined as the point of climax, will live on through each and everyone of UWA’s superstars!


(The fans pop loudly and the Coliseum fills up with the sound of cheering as Chris smiles and turns to hand the microphone to either Shannon or Billy, who are also both clapping from the speech by the UWA CEO and President. It is Shannon who takes up the mic though and steps forward.)


Charles: I have a lot of respect for that young lady…


Arnold: Shan is a big part of this team, CB, even if I hate to ruin my Man of Steel reputation, I gotta say I’m impressed with her here too and don’t want to see anything happen to her.




“The right place to start would be to thank Mr. Sharp for that speech on Zander. You’ve been nothing but supportive of both Billy and I since the tragedy, Chris, we can’t thank you enough.”


Arnold: Although I’m not a fan of her ass kissing…


Charles: Well President and CEO Sharp has taken good care of Shannon and Billy during this delicate time.




“Zander was a good kid, really, he loved being here and just living his dream. I remember… I remember…”


(Shannon pauses as her emotions get the best of her and Billy rubs her shoulders before she continues on.)




“I remember the first time we met and how he just stared at me, when most girls would of found it odd or even creepy… I just laughed and right away thought, I can really like this guy. He looked at me like I was someone special, he treated me like I was someone special, he always made me feel just that way… Special. The shock and pain of his sudden death will never truly go away, but like President Sharp said… I need to move on to the best of my abilities and focus on having fun and living a full and joyous life like Zander would want me to. I’ll miss ya, kid. More then anyone will ever know.”


(The fans all applaud in recognition and Shannon wipes the last tears from her eyes as Billy gives her a hug and takes the microphone.)


“Raise Up… Everybody RAISE UP!!!!”


Charles: What’s this now?!


(The loud screaming voice of the Saliva lead singer rips through the UWA Coliseum as “Raise Up” By Saliva blares out over the PA system and out walks the same hooded man that appeared on the last GAT to a loud boo for interrupting the ceremony for the young Zander Frost. President Sharp glares up at the hooded man who sorta dances across the top of the ramp and then stops and turns towards the ring as Shannon stands with her arm wrapped around Billy’s, holding him back from attacking the mystery man who has been targeting BTB over the last few weeks. Finally the hooded man speaks into his own microphone.)


Mystery Man:


“Wow, Wow, Wow!! Everybody raise up and clap for the cripple, the little tramp and her oh so NON-Brilliant boyfriend!!”


(This sends the crowd over as they all stand and boo loudly as the hooded man talks right through the boos.)


Mystery Man:


“That’s right… Go on, boo true “remarkability”, and cheer this hypocrite who dances around with his frigging thumb sticking up like some common hobo!!! Yeah, go right the fuck ahead and boo me, a man who by all right is too good for this little shat on the wall federation, and cheer this little boyscout and his penny whore girlfriend!!! YOU people…. I’ll never understand your ways, nor wish to. For the fact of the matter is that “The Remarkable One” is not out here tonigh tot exchange petty words with you common rednecks who haven’t been able to join the rest of the mainland yet… No… I’m out here for you Billy.”


(The crowd’s non-stop booing is stunned to a silence as the hooded man throws back his hood to reveal he is none other then…… AN UNKNOWN MAN?!?!)


Mystery Man:


WHO DID YA EXPECT… ZANDER FROST?!?! I think not!! I thank the heavens that I’ve been graced with more talent, looks and charisma then some huckleberry finn wannabe!!”


(The crowd really doesn’t like this and they let this unknown man know by trashing the ramp with garbage as the man just smiles.)


Mystery Man:


“No, I’m not Zander Frost… I’m Dustin Daniels!! Dustin “Simply Remarkable” Daniels!!! LEARN THAT NAME!!! Because it’s going to be all over UWA from here on in! My little games of pretending to be that little masked terd have ended- thank god –and now I can concentrate on you, Billy. You and the Cruiserweight Championship you beat your DEAD friend for!! The short lived era of Brilliance has passed nearly as fast, yet not fast enough, then it came. Welcome, UWA, to the era of “The Remarkable One”!! Welcome, one and all, to the beginning of the end for the hypocrite that holds MY UWA Cruiserweight Championship!!!”


(The crowd boos Daniels and a “B-T-B!!” chant picks up as Dustin scowls on the top of the ramp.)




“Be seeing ya, Billy. A lot sooner then you may think.”


(“Raise Up” By Saliva rips over the PA system again as Dustin drops the mic and both Chris and Shannon try to restrain Billy in the ring as the show cuts to it’s first commercial.)






Scorpio Productions




Universal Wrestling Alliances




“What Happens When All Hell Is Unleashed On Atlanta, Georgia?!”


“Live From Turner Field!”





---A Sneak Peak X2---



(Entering the arena is “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix to a loud mixture of boos and cheers as the ex LCW and current UWA superstar rounds a corner and opens the door to his locker room but as the door closes we hear a loud BANG and then a CRASH through something as the door opens and out walks Syn and Jason Johnson with their UWA World Tag Team Championships over their shoulder as they turns and the camera shows Paul holding his ribs on the floor and moaning in pain as Syn sneers.)




“Take our belts?! You gotta be on crack, buddy!”


Charles: Syn and JJ just made a pretty convincing impact on their mentor!!


(Syn and Jason walk down the hall as the camera follows them until they bump into the young LCW Heavyweight Champion, “The Untouchable” Kaine! Kaine gives both men a cocky glance but Syn and JJ just smiles and walk off as the camera now follows Kaine down the hall towards a coffee table where am unseen as of yet young man is standing sipping his coffee and watching Kaine with a keen eye as Kaine turns and scowls at the stranger and then sets his coffee down as the man still stares at the young LCW Heavyweight Champion.)




“You got a problem or something, buddy?!”


(The man goes to speak but Kaine doesn’t let him, getting his hand up in front of his mouth.)




“I don’t got time for you, I got a monster to show just how Untouchable I really am!!”


(Kaine turns to leave but the man quickly spins him back around and lands a hard right, straight to the brim of Kaine’s nose!!! The LCW Heavyweight Champ stumbles backwards when the strange man tackles him down and uses “The Untouchable’s” hair to whip him into the cement wall!! Kaine holds his throat in pain as the stranger quickly moves in and hits an “Eye of the Hurricane” (Hurricane Helms Finisher)!!! Kaine falls down to the ground in pain as the stranger just smiles and slowly walks away.)


Charles: That looked like the Frostbyte maneuver that only one man uses around these parts and that is…


Arnold: Clyde Neptune!!! It’s about time he showed up… He’s what, 4 months late?!


Charles: If Clyde Neptune is here… Kaine may want to watch out for his LCW Heavyweight Championship!!




---Announcers Table---


Charles: We’ve gotten word that because of the attack on the LCW Heavyweight Champion that the match between Magnum Steele and Kaine has been postponed until next week!


Arnold: Yay! One less boring ass match to sleep through!!!


(“Falling Apart” By Trust Company hits and the fans rise up with cheers as Shannon Taylor walks out onto the ramp after her earlier experience tonight and makes her way down to join her announcing partners.)


Charles: Nice to see you out here, Shannon.


Arnold: Yeah, we expected you were gonna take the night off.


Shannon: ….


Charles: Umm… Are you ok? Daniels really got to you huh?


Arnold: Man that guy sounded impressive…


(Charles smacks Arnold’s shoulder.)


Arnold: Erh.. I mean… (Sarcastically) What a jerk.


Charles: Ah…


Shannon: I’ll be fine you two, quit worrying about me, and as for Daniels… Billy will take care of him.


Arnold: (Under His breath, Yet Ignorantly Loud Enough So Everyone Cane Hear) ;) “Yeah… Right!”




---Long Missed Face---


Strutting backstage, the classy gentleman known as William Grand is shown.  The Intercontinental Championship is strapped around his waist as he approaches the camera.  He arrogantly grins and comes to a stop.  With his eyes focused on his viewers he begins to speak his mind.


William Grand:


“Ah, how you all miss me I can only wonder.  My absence on the television must have soiled your lives and restricted you from doing anything but await my presence back on to UWA’s airwaves!  There isn’t any more need to worry, because William Grand is back and 100% once again!  No chair wielding Neanderthal, Damien ArkAngel if you want to be technical, will damage the purest and most talented wrestler of all time.  My health is grand and my spirits are high now that I am back with the adrenaline to wipe out you imbecilic nobodies with no future goals except to reach the unreachable greatness that I am at.  And to save UWA from suffering the lack of entertainment and class.  To produce only the furthermost perfection the world has seen today, and with UWA’s lack of talent I am here to stand above everyone else.”


“Tonight on Vortex, there is a match in which one side has the complete advantage and the other showing the wasted pieces of pony manure I have ever seen.  William Blessing and myself not only share identical first names, but our styles are faultless and our limits have yet to been seen.  Ace Thunder and his comrade El Drago are completely the opposite.  Pathetic little twerps with little accomplished and nowhere to go.  Stuck in the midpoint of our battered and beaten ‘trainees’ only used to punish for their mockery on this business.  Ace, I guarantee you that this time the grand King beats Ace in our card game brought into reality.  You have placed your bet on winning, but the dealer has placed the cards down and the grand King has been put over the Ace’s power.  But this metaphor is just a slight example as to why I’m better than you.  It’s all self explanatory, that William Grand, the UWA Intercontinental Champion, is to be put in better ranks than that of a useless and undeniably talentless wrestler.  I beg of you, just lie down, listen to the referee pound the mat three times and walk away from the match unharmed while Blessing and I have our arms raised in victory.  This way we don’t look desperate, having to fight the jokes of you two, and you don’t leave the arena in a stretcher.  The choice is yours and I’m afraid you’ll make the idiotic decision, much like everyone else does.”


William unstraps his championship and slings it over his shoulder.  He taps his cane on the golden center where his name is engraved in the honorable plate. 


“Do you see this?  A prestigious golden belt that I have earned in UWA, and a belt that soon be replaced with either the World or Universal Heavyweight Championships.  What’s to stop me from reaching the peak of this business, hmm?  Nothing and no one.  William Grand is the epitome of UWA; the soul that keeps its wheels turning.  Useless champions like Turbo, Klown/Beast, Billy ‘The Brilliant But Not So Brilliant As William Grand’, Perfection, Seven, and William Grand.  All a disgrace to what a champion is and what a champion should be.  I have played my part as leader of LCW with the Heavyweight Championship, and I played that role unlike anyone else and I did it with class and excellence.  No one to this date can live up to my reign!  But in the Universal Wrestling Alliance, everything is turned into a three-ringed circus.  A carnival for children to tune into to watch the evil supervillain Bane, and the monstrous Magnum, and the mentally challenged Seven.  It’s become another make believe children’s show, with a bit of violence and language mixed in.  And all the UWA high authorities play along with it, never giving the man with a true character a chance.  A character that is a perfect role model for kids and a realistic BLIEVABLE one.  However, it is the powers of Chris Sharp that wish to stir up the mix with his miracles and decomposition of the rest of the staff.  He doesn’t care about REAL wrestling, because if he did I would be headlining events with the Universal Heavyweight Championship around my waist and all other titles being in the possession of TRUE men.  If he really cared for UWA’s wrestlers, Chris Sharp would put his foot down and not allow these jokes, Bane and Seven, carry this business with their weak minds.”


“As much as I enjoy complaining about the many flaws UWA has, I have a match against Ace and Drago.  And to say for a change, I’m proud of who my tag team partner is.  William Blessing is simply put outstanding.  A man with almost as much greatness as me, with the ability to dominate UWA.  He and I have many things in common and I’m overjoyed with reliefe that I can have one decent wrestler who agrees with me.  Tonight, it will be William and I giving Ace and Drago their Grand Finale on the UWA mainstream television show and putting them to their slumber, making them only dream of beating us.  Vortex will be the night the two Williams show the world the ring chemistry we’ll have and the dominance that no other tag team has ever produced in this business.  Now Ace, I have stepped on dirt more talented than you two combined, so lets make this short and sweet.  If you retaliate, I will only regret having to cut your career short.  And to show you my condolences, I apologize in advanced for the beating you will receive.”


William Cracks a smile before walking away from the camera.  Into the distance of the hallways he goes as the scene fades to black.






---Tag Match---

---“Hot Shot” Ace Thunder and El Drago versus William Blessing and William Grand---





The lights slowly dim down to black as an eerie silence falls over the crowd. The sounds of far-off footsteps are heard for a moment -- all of a sudden an image of three blood soaked claws tear through the Megatron as the lights rush back on. "I Can't Dance" by Gensis hits and immediately rocks the crowd with the untempo music as twin white pyros shoot up on either side of the stage. In the midst of the fireworks and music, "Hot Shot" Ace Thunder steps out onto the stage. The self-proclaimed sex symbol walks to the ramp and looks out to the ring before solemnly down the ramp as red fireworks race up either side of the ramp, and back down again. Thunder stops at the end of the ramp, allowing the fireworks to die down while looking both ways to the crowd before raising his arms in the air and letting out a deafening roar. He beats himself in the head to psyche himself up, before sprinting into the ring. He rolls in, and uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet, waiting for his partner.

Arnold: Showboat!

Shannon: He just wants to make an entrance!

"Look Away" by Sepultura plays as the crowd begin to cheer the arrival of El Drago, UWA's most famous jobber. El Drago stumbles through the entrance curtain and makes his way to the ring, smiling at the fans as Ace laughs at him. El Drago scowels at Thunder before sliding into the ring as some red pyro explodes.

Arnold: It's UWA's permier jobber! El Jobbo!

Charles: Drago!

Arnold: Right.

"Bow Down" by Westside Connection blares out of the loudspeakers as the crowd give a mixed reaction to William Grand who appears from behind the curtains and gives a small wave to the fans before walking down to the ring. He climbs in and looks at Ace Thunder and El Drago in turn before shaking his head sadly. The three men then turn and wait for the final participant to make his entrance...

Charles: One of the most promising UWA superstarts there is, William Grand. The InterContinental Champion!

"Natural Born Killers" by Dr.Dre and Ice Cube hits the PA as the crowd give out another mixed reaction, this time towards William Blessing. Blessing makes his way out on to the stage and raises his srms in the air before walking down to the ring with a calm, yet focused look on his face. He slides into the ring and eye's Drago and Thunder before going over to his corner...

Charles: We look set to kick things off here!

The match starts off with Ace Thunder and William Grand in a tie-up. Grand backs his opponent into the corner where he proceeds to hit him with a series of knife edge chops. The crowd "whoo" with each one before Grand whips Ace into the opposite turnbuckle. William Grand runs at Ace but Ace gets his boot up into the face of Grand who staggers back slightly holding his head as Ace Jumps to the top rope. Ace comes flying off the turnbuckle and hits William Grand with a 360 splash. The crowd cheer as the two men fall to the mat, Grand worse off.

Arnold: Ace Thunder just flew... Without wings!!!

Charles: I do believe that's why he calls that move "Flying Without Wings".

Arnold: Oh!

Ace picks Grand up and whips him into the ropes, upon his return, Ace hits him with the fade to static (high leg clothesline). The move again floors Grand who is again picked up by Ace and whipped into the ropes. This time though, Grand bounces off the ropes and knocks Thunder down with a hard clothesline. Grand then drops his knee across the throat of Ace before whipping him in towards William Blessing who knocks him down with a hard right. El Drago looks on nervously as Blessing keeps a hold of Ace whilst Grand punches away at his ribs. The referee finally manages to stop the double team and Ace falls to the ground holding his ribs as Grand tags in Blessing.

Charles: Blessing and Grand seem to be working quite well here as a team, keeping Ace Thunder isloated.

Arnold: Like El Drago would be any use anyway.

Blessing goes right to work, hitting the grounded Ace Thunder with stomps to the head and back areas. Blessing picks Ace up and sends him back to the mat with an atomic drop. Blessing then picks Thunder up and throws him to the turnbuckle where he hits Thunder with a series of brutal lefts and rights before dragging him out of the corner and drilling him with a DDT. He then picks Thunder up and drops him with a suplex.

Shannon: I think Ace really needs to make the tag soon.

Arnold: Well done blondie, you're learning!

Blessing tags in Grand who picks Thunder up and sends him to the ropes. On return, Grand hits Thunder with a spinning spinebuster. Ace hits the mat hard and Grand goes for the pin...



No!!! Ace gets his shoulder up just in time.

Arnold: I'm bored.

Charles: Sometimes I wonder if you even like wrestling.

Grand picks Ace up and again sends him into the ropes. This time though, Ace holds on to the ropes. William Grand runs at him but Ace takes him by surprise and hits him with a spear. The badly hurting Ace crawls over to his corner and tags in El Drago who looks none to pleased. The crowd cheer Drago who slowly makes his way into the ring, giving William Grand enough time to get back to his feet. Grand stares down on his fearful opponent who backs off.

Shannon: Aw, this is nothing but a shame!

Arnold: He wanted to be a wresler. If you do the crime, do the time.

Grand runs at Drago and grabs him by the head, just holding him there for a few momets as Drago attempts to break free by punching away at the stomach of Grand; the punches having no effect. Grand throws Drago down to the mat and stalks him and Drago tries to get away, eventually rolling out of the ring and heading up the ramp.

Arnold: Coward!

Grand rolls out of the ring and goes after Drago, but Ace comes from behind and knocks him down with a clothesline. Blessing gets involved too by running past Ace and towards Drago who runs backstage. Ace watches Drago and Blessing go behind the curtain. He shakes his head and rolls William Grand back into the ring.

Charles: Things have kinda got outta control here!

Arnold: El Drago has lured William Blessing to the back. I dont like this.

Ace climbs to the top turnbuckle and waits for Grand to get back to his feet. When he does, Ace hits him with a swantom which sends him back to the mat. Ace goes for the cover but the referee wont count as Ace is not the legal man. Ace gets up and questions the referee as William Grand meanwhile gets to his feet and bounces off the ropes. Ace turns and dives out of the way at the last second, sending William Grand colliding into the referee with a shoulder block which knocks the referee flying.

Shannon: Oh no!

Ace grabs Grand and hits him with a DDT. Ace then climbs to the top rope and comes flying off with a 450 corkscrew splash.

Arnold: Oh, that's the...the...the Whatchamacallit!

Ace goes for the pin but remembers that the referee is down. Ace goes to check on the referee but the fans begin to boo as Damien ArkAngel makes his way down to the ring. A pissed off looking Ace Thunder turns to ArkAngel who slides into the ring but does not approach Ace as he just stands there with his hands behind his back smiling. Ace points angrily at ArkAngel before approaching him, but Damien takes his hands from behind his back and before Ace knows whats going on, Damien uses a pepper spray on him and sprays the pepper right into Thunder's eyes.

Arnold: Yes!!!! That's pure genius!

Charles: No! That's damn cheating!

Arnold: Oh, cram it goody two shoes!

Ace Thunder staggers around trying to clear the pepper from his eye's before Damien hits him with >insert finisher n'yah!<. The crowd jeer as Damien sneers at the fallen Ace Thunder. William finally gets to his feet and sees the downed Thunder and quickly hooks the leg.






Charles: William Grand and William Blessing win it with some unknown help from Damien ArkAngel!!!


Shannon: Ace was all alone in this match… The fans seem to really be getting behind him as of late.


Arnold: Who cares?! The better men won!!


Ace looks up as Damien smiles on the top of the ramp as the scene cuts to the back.




---Night Off---



(Backstage we see the current UWA World Heavyweight Champion, Seven, stepping out of his limousine with a ring bag in hand.)


Charles: Seven isn’t scheduled to be here tonight?


Shannon: I’m sure that he’s got some business though, Charlie, he always seems to.


(Seven pulls his ring bag out of the limousine and turns around only to get a cattle prod, almost reminiscent of the one HE used on Magnum last week straight into the stomach!! The World Heavyweight Champ falls back against his limousine and tries to fight through the excruciating pain but the attacker pushes the prod straight into Seven’s mid-section and finally the big man falls to the ground holding his gut in pain as the camera moves up and shows none other than…..)


Charles: BANE?!?!


Arnold: None other!


(Bane twirls the cattle prod in one hand and then blows on the tip as if it were a smoking gun before smiling and walking off leaving Seven down and out.)


Charles: These two have some long term issues to settle and it needs to be done soon!




---Beefing Up---


(The scene skips over to where the current UWA World Tag Team and LCW Tag Team Champions, Perfection, are seated around a ring crews coffee table. Syn is leaning again the table, which has coffee cups all over it, and Jason looms not to far away as usual as the well spoken duo look focused for their defense later tonight.)




“I turn on my TV and what do my eyes see but the lackluster “tag teaming” Ground Zero Wrestling put up on their last Crimson! All to try and discourage us? To think we’re gonna shut our big mouths just because you guys throw together pairings like nothing? Nah Nah Nah! I don’t think that shits gonna flush boys! All that your little demonstration did was show us that now more then ever, WE ARE the dominate tag team within CCW!! While you can say all these men are great singles artists, and god knows I’m not a shabby one myself, it takes two men who are so on the same level, so into each others heads to become a truly perfect tag team duo.”




“You try so hard to keep us down? Like you do to every up and coming organization, or up and coming talent… Not this time. We’re coming for every piece of tag team gold we can get our hands on in CCW!! We’re coming for the likes of Stormriders! We’re coming for your so called “Prototypical Tag Team Of Future”! We’re coming for your off again, on again, Tag Team Champions!!”




“Roll out that red carpet, GZW!! Because after we ex off Grandpa Anonymous here tonight… The target shifts to you and you should all know by now that it’s just sooooooo easy to take a federation by storm…”




“When Your Just This Perfect!!”


(The duo hit their trademark pose with Syn flexing in front of Jason (OOC: You guys should know it’s like HBK/Kevin Nash or HHH here.) before the scene finally flips back to Charles, Shannon and Arnold.)



---Host Table---


Charles: More strong words towards GZW from our Tag Champs… But the question is already being brought up here and in our friends to the south on weather or not Syn and Jason are just all talk and no action?


Shannon: All talk!!


Arnold: My sources say otherwise…


Charles: Your sources?


Shannon: Yeah, the dirt balls down at Madame Slutsalots!!!


Arnold: I’ll have you know…. Erh… Well look at the time, our next match is up!!


Charles: How convenient.



---UWA Outlaw Championship Match: First Blood Match---

---Disturbed Sickness versus “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes---




“Down With The Sickness” by Disturbed hits the PA system as the fans quickly react with boos as Disturbed Sickness steps out onto the entranceway.  The lights dim while he walks down the ramp.  He glances at the fans poking fun at him but he ignores them and steps into the ring.


Arnold:  Someone call my momma, ‘cause this man needs a makeova!


Shannon:  Hey, the arena rules clearly state no “cats” allowed!


Arnold:  Same goes for bitc…


Charles:  HEY NOW!  I’m ready to call this match, let’s act like adults now.


"Ratamahatta" by Sepultura is the next to play.  The fans give a good ovation for the half owner of the Outlaw Championship.  Jaxon Hayes charges down the ramp with his signature bat in hand!  He slides into the ring and quickly nails Disturbed!  He picks him up and whips him into the ropes.  As he comes back Beast nails him in the stomach with the bat.  Disturbed crouches forward and gets struck on the back, again by the bat.  Jaxon drops the bat and quickly gets out of the ring, unstrapping the Outlaw Championship as he does.  He searches under the ring and pulls out a trashcan pull of common objects such as street signs and kendo sticks.  After tossing that into the ring he pulls out a rubber mallet! 


Charles:  Jaxon Hayes has locked on his target and plans to destroy him!


Arnold:  Right, who really cares though?  As long as they beat each other into retirement.


Shannon:  Lets not forget that this is a first blood match as well.  The first man to shed even a drop of blood losses!


Jaxon gets back into the ring with the mallet but Disturbed is plenty ready as he cracks a kendo stick right at his knees.  Beast falls on his face while Disturbed begins to beat down on his legs, mostly working on the middle section.  Finally he lays off and lifts him to his feet.  Disturbed whips him into the ropes and hits him with a clothesline.  Beast struggles to his feet while Disturbed searches through the assortment of weapons Jaxon has placed in the ring.  He grabs one of the speed limit signs and goes to hit Jaxon but he kicks his leg up.  Disturbed doesn’t drop the sign as he’s sent into the ropes.  He comes off the rebound and looks to hit Beast on his return but Beast comes out with a dropkick, sending the sign right back into his face.  Disturbed rolls out of the ring and walks around, checking his hand for blood once touching his face.  Jaxon grabs a trashcan lip and suddenly charges at Disturbed, diving through the middle rope and colliding with him, also slamming the lid into his face!




Arnold:  Thank you Captain Obvious.


Charles:  That was beautiful!  And with that trashcan lid I’m sure it could cause some effects.


The fans are cheering while Beast stirs around and gets to his feet.  With the advantage he climbs onto the ring apron and looks down at Disturbed with a grin.  Disturbed is slow to his feet.  Once up, Beast dives off the top turnbuckle with an ax handle but Disturbed pops out of nowhere with a hard spinebuster on the ringside floor!  Disturbed walks over to the steel steps and takes off the top sectional and holds it, waiting for Jaxon to get up.  He does and the steel steps go crashing into his face, knocking him down again!!


Arnold:  Disturbed almost took his head off!


Referee Reese Florey rushes over and checks to see if Hayes is bleeding but to no avail.  Disturbed walks over to Hayes and goes to pick him up but Jaxon trips him, sending him face first right onto the steel steps!  Disturbed’s head bounces as he falls to the mat in pain.  Beast crawls over him and begins to punch him a few times at the forehead.  The hard shots don’t seem to be working good enough for Jaxon.  He walks over to the timekeeper and takes the ring bell.  He sets that down on the mat and walks over to Disturbed where he drags him next to the bell.  Beast places Disturbed’s head between his legs and signals for the Piledriver!


Charles:  NO WAY!  Beast is looking for the piledriver on that ring bell!


Shannon:  This isn’t a paralyze match!  Don’t do it!


Beast lifts Disturbed up but he fights back, kicking his legs into the air.  He then drops to his knees and forces his arm up between Beast’s legs with a lob blow!  Disturbed grabs Beast AND DRIVES HIM ONTO THE RING BELL WITH THE SICK DDT!!  The bell rings with a sickening thud, leaving Jaxon Hayes holding his head in pain. 


Arnold:  I LOVE IT!  Thank God neither of them have blood circulating in their heads or this would have been over fast!


Charles:  The Sick DDT did cause any external bleeding, but it could have caused some internal.


Disturbed finds enough strength to grabs Hayes and roll him into the ring.  He rolls inside himself and reaches for the kendo stick he had earlier.  He uses it to help himself up and then looks down at Hayes, on all fours.  With one quick snap he cracks the stick over Hayes’ back!  Hayes rolls around the ring, favoring his back.  Disturbed again with another crackling shot, this time ribs.  Disturbed picks Hayes up and begins to use the kendo stick to choke his opponent.  Beast looks as if he’s about to pass out.  He drops to one knee and rolls his eyes into the back of his head, slumping forward as well.  But he grabs baseball bat and swings behind him, slamming the bat right at Disturbed’s head!  Disturbed releases his grip on the stick and falls to his side.  Given a few moments to recollect their thoughts, Jaxon Hayes and Disturbed begin to reach their feet.  They charge in and lock up.  Beast comes from behind with a few clubbing blows.  He looks for a running bulldog but Disturbed pushes him into the ropes.  Hayes bounces back to duck the attempted clothesline.  Disturbed turns around and is met with a boot to the gut before Beast slams him face first with an X-factor onto the street sign! 


Shannon:  I don’t see how people like this stuff.


Beast grabs Disturbed, who can barely stand on his own, and places him on the middle rope with his head hanging out.  He runs over to the opposite side of the ring and charges back at Disturbed.  HE JUMPS OVER THE TOP ROPE AND GOES TO GUILLATINE DISTURBED BUT DISTURBED MOVES!  BEAST LANDS BUTT FIRST ON THE RING APRON!  Beast falls to the ringside mat in agony. 


Charles:  That could have busted his spine!


Shannon:  Looks like it busted more than that.


Disturbed slowly rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair.  He walks around ringside and meets with Beast.  He swings the chair but Beast ducks!  Disturbed swings again but Jaxon dodges.  Beast backs up into the steel post just as Disturbed swings one more time!  Beast ducks as the chair hits the steel post!  Disturbed drops the chair, shaking his hands.  Beast comes from behind Disturbed and pushes him straight into the steel post.  Disturbed drops to his knees, giving Beast the chance to grab the steel chair.  He walks around to face Disturbed and he SWINGS THE CHAIR LIKE A BASEBALL BAT RIGHT AT DISTURBED’S FACE!


Arnold:  HOLY GIRLS GONE WILD WHAT A SHOT TO THE FACE!  Disturbed has to be done!


Charles:  Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s bleeding after that.


Reese Florey checks and sees that...  Disturbed is NOT bleeding!  Jaxon lets out a sigh of frustration and picks Disturbed up, grabbing the steel chair as well.  He leads him up the ramp and onto the entranceway where Disturbed stumbles around and trips over his own feet.  Beast kicks him a few times before placing the steel chair on his face.  Beast looks around and walks towards the Vortex set.  He climbs up on one of the platforms about 10 feet in the air.  He looks down at Disturbed but he’s not there!  Hayes is caught by surprise as Disturbed is up on the platform with him!  The two battle is out with punches, teetering at the top.  Disturbed puts a stop to it with a low blow!  Beast crouches forward as Disturbed grabs him in a front headlock.




He lifts Hayes into the air, stalling him but Hayes wiggles out and lands behind Disturbed.  Disturbed turns back around but Beast hooks his head in a Diamond Cutter!  Disturbed reverses with a punch to the temple.  He then grabs Beast by the throat and lifts him into the air!  Beast kicks his legs and nails Disturbed in the stomach.  Hayes drops down and staggers about.  Disturbed turns around ONLY TO GET SPEAR TO THE FACE BY BEAST!  BOTH MEN FALL OFF THE PLATFORM 10 FEET THROUGH THE EQUIPMENT TABLE BELOW!




Arnold:  This is great!  One of them has to be bleeding by now!


The fans chant “U-W-A” while a couple of EMTs rush out to check on the two.  THERE IS STILL NO BLEEDING!  After a few minutes the EMTs reluctantly leave while the two begin to move a bit.  Beast is the first to grabs Disturbed and moves him out of the carnage.  He drags him down the ramp and rolls him into the ring.  The goes to pick Disturbed up but Disturbed with a shot to the stomach stops that.  He whips Beast into the ropes and attempts a big boot but Beast ducks.  Disturbed turns around and aims for a clothesline but Beast ducks again but the clothesline knocks down Ref Florey!


Arnold:  CHEATER!  DQ HIM!


Charles:  It’s no disqualification, so Florey couldn’t DQ him if he wanted to!


Shannon:  Hey, Jaxon Hayes has that mallet he brought in earlier!


Beast grabs the mallet and goes to nail Disturbed.  Disturbed kicks him in the gut though and grabs the mallet from his hands.  Disturbed lifts it into the air and crashes it down right on Beast’s back!  Hayes drops forward, arching his back.  Disturbed grabs Beast and places his head between his legs.


Charles:  I think he’s looking for the Sickness (Reverse Tombstone followed by a modified Texas Cloverleaf)!


Just before Disturbed lifts him up Hayes reaches into one of his pockets and pulls out a small tube.  He untwists the cap just as Disturbed lifts him up in a powerbomb position.  Beast squirts the substance from the bottle all over Disturbed’s face.  It doesn’t faze him much as he drops Beast back down AND DRIVES HIM HEAD FIRST ONTO A STEEL CHAIR!  He locks in the modified Texas Cloverleaf and a closeup is shown on Hayes face as he is now bleeding!


Shannon:  Disturbed wins?!


Arnold:  Referee Florey still has to get up and check!


Reese Florey regains his senses and gets to his feet.  Beast buries his face into the mat and wraps his arms around his face while screaming in pain as well.  Florey looks at Disturbed’s face to see “blood”!  He calls for the bell!


Shannon:  BEAST WINS!




Disturbed’s eyes glow with fury.  He releases the hold and brings his hand to his face.  He looks at his hand to see it covered in the red substance Beast shot at his face with that tube.  Beast is handed the Outlaw title as he quickly rolls out of the ring and stumbles up the ramp.  His bloody face breaks a grin while Disturbed is standing in the ring staring at him. 


Charles:  What a match!  But Jaxon Hayes gets the win! 


Arnold:  Disturbed doesn’t look happy!  He had that match won.  But you know what?  SHIT HAPPENS!  NEXT MATCH!


Shannon:  Ugh, what a prick.



---A Bone To Pick---



~“Between Angels and Insects” By Papa Roach plays and before the Uwa Fighting Force can even walk out the fans are booing loudly, Damien eventually walks out and shouts some stuff at the fans, Damien slides underneath the ropes and hops up, grabs the microphone off the mat. The fans continue to boo.~

“Shut up! Hey Charles get your ass up here..”

“Look’s like Damien wants a word with you Charlie Brown”

“Hopefully it’s a good one.”

“Don’t count on it.”

~Charles stands up, without saying anything and walks to the ring, Damien holds the ropes for him, in a good manor and the fans seem confused~

“How you doin pal? I just have to see what you meant last week, role the footage from Vortex

(Ark Angel makes straight for the timekeeper and grabs the steel chair right out from underneath him!! Damien rolls into the ring and pushes past Jefferey’s and SMASHES THE STEEL CHAIR OVER WILLIAMS LEFT SHOULDER!!!)

Charles: Why is ArkAngel doing this?! He just lost himself the match?!

Arnold: He doesn’t need the win I guess…

Charles: I think Damien realized that he can’t beat William Grand and this is just him being a poor loser!!!

Arnold: You think a lot of things, Charlie Brown. Not many of them are right!!!

---End of Footage---

~Damien wipes his nose with his right hand and look’s at Charles Corbet in an ignorant way~

“So really Charles what did you mean? I can’t beat William Grand? Charles what did you mean”

“I was just speaking for the moment you know, I didn’t mean it, of course YOU can beat William Grand, I mean who couldn’t?”

~Damien sees that Charles meant what he said on vortex, Damien smirks and turns around showing his back to Charles~

“Whatever you say, I’ll take your word for it..”

“Thank y—

~Before Charles can finish his sentence Damien turns around and plows down Charles Corbet with a devastating right hand. ~


~”Between Angels And Insects” by Papa Roach plays again over the PA system as The First UWA Intercontinental Champion, Damien ArkAngel slides out of the ring and walks back up the rampway. But before he can get to far the crowd pops loudly as “Hot Shot” Ace Thunder comes running out from the back with a steel chair in hand and SMASHES it over Damien’s back!!!~


Arnold: What’s this goody goody doing out here!!!


Shannon: Sticking up for himself and the rest of UWA from this bully!! And would someone go check on Charlie for gods sake!!


~Damien falls forward and Ace, with the crowd fully behind him, swings the steel chair once again with another crack on ArkAngel’s back!!! Ace raises the chair in one hand above his head as the crowd cheers but then from the side of the ramp jumps up Jeremy Taylor as he runs and Spears Ace hard into the Universal-Tron’s metal setup!!! Ace falls to the ground as the fans boo loudly as Chris walks out to join his brother in the beat down as the duo lifts Ace up and BOTH men lift him up over their heads in a Military Press before dropping Ace down hard off the ramp and onto a couple tables below as the fans all boo loudly as Ace is laid out in the shattered remnants of the tables.~


Arnold: Boy, buh bye Ace!!


~Chris and Jeremy help Damien up who slaps them both on the shoulders before the three “heels” raise their hands in the air to a very capacity dislike from the UWA fans in attendance as a “Hot Shot” Chant has picked up as EMT’s rush to check on Ace who is just barely moving.~



---One Last Time---



(Backstage after his cheated win over Disturbed Sickness, “The Beast” Jaxon Hayes enters his locker room and then stops dead in his tracks as Aaron “The Damned”, formerly “Klown”, is sat with his feet up and claps his hands as Jaxon sneers at his Co-Outlaw Champion. Aaron stands and walks over to Jaxon who has the Outlaw Championship over his shoulder. Aaron rubs his hand over the Championship and then hands Jaxon a slip of paper before smiling and walking out of the room as Hayes finally stops his glare and looks at the piece of paper he was given which reads…)


“One last time… At Hellstorm.”



---UWA Television Championship Match---

---Special Referee: James Tanner---

---Trash Taylor versus Blake “Turbo” Dyhart---




Charles: What a show we have had so far.  And this match should prove to be interesting to say the least.


Shannon: Man, Charlie, nice to see your still up and going after that cheap shot from Damien!!


Arnold: Yeah, geuss no one ever told ya it’s best to duck eh?


Shannon: Shut up, Arnold!


Charles: I’m fine you two, let it be known around the world that Damien ArkAngel punches like a WOMAN!!


Shannon: Which is saying a lot since I punch pretty damn hard!!


Charles: …. True.


Shannon: Anyways lets get to this next matchup.


Arnold: We’ve the newest jobber of the UWA in the form of Trash Taylor taking on one of the greatest wrestlers in the UWA in the form of Blake Dyhart.  I’m putting my money on Blake.


Shannon: You have no money Arnie.  Besides you gotta remember that James Tanner is the special guest ref for this match.


Arnold: Cram it Barbie.  I got lots of money.  I just gotta find where I hid it.


Strobe lights shoot all over the arena as “City Slicker” by CirKuz begins to play.  The crowd jump to their feet as Trash Taylor makes his way from the backstage area and makes a beeline for the ring.  He dives in face first under the bottom rope then jumps to his feet.  He paces the ring as he waits for his opponent.


Arnold: JOBBER!  Go back to the gym ya wimp!


Shannon: Such disrespect for young up and coming talent.


Arnold: Young yea.  Up and coming?  Yea right.


The lights cut off as “Superstar II” by Saliva begins to pump through the arena.  The crowd begins to boo loudly as Blake Dyhart makes his way down the ramp with the TV Title around his waist and a confident smile across his face.  He walks up the stairs and points at Taylor to back up.  Blake jumps into the ring and takes the title off before dropping it in the corner.


Charles: Where’s James at?  He should have been the first one out here.


Shannon: Hold on a minute I’m getting something on my headset.  Something has happened backstage.


The camera switches to the backstage area to show James Tanner laid out in the backstage area.  Several EMT’s are tending to him as the former president lies motionless on the concrete floor.


Shannon: Oh my god how horrible.


Arnold: Ref or not this match has just started.


Blake sneaks up behind Trash and spins him around before booting him in the midsection.  He lifts him up on his shoulder and drives him down in a sit out piledriver.  He makes the cover and simulates the count himself.


Arnold: 1, 2, 3 that’s it.


Shannon: But James isn’t out here to make the count.


Charles: We need to get another ref out here.


Blake continues to pound the mat before getting back to his feet and pulling Trash up and dropping him down to the mat sharp DDT.


Shannon: I’m getting word something is going on backstage again.


The camera switches backstage to show James on his feet pushing the EMT’s away.  A bandaged up James staggers his way through the backstage area and down the ramp.  “Prayer” by Disturbed kicks in as James stumbles down the ramp to the cheers of the crowd.  He slides into the ring and calls for the bell starting the match.


Shannon: Now the match has started.


Blake goes for the cover but James pulls him off and throws him in the corner.  He begins to yell at him and shove him around in the corner.  Blake sticks his hands up and shakes his head from side to side trying to act innocent.  James starts to walk away but turns back around quickly and nails Blake squarely in the jaw with a right hand that drops him to the ground in a heap.


Charles: What a punch!


Shannon: He just knocked Blake out with that right hand.


Arnold: DQ him!


Trash gets to his feet and walks over to Blake.  He pulls him out of the corner and drops him with a tornado DDT before making the cover and hooking both legs.  Tanner slides into position for the count.





Arnold: He just fast counted Blake.


Shannon: Very good Arnie.


Arnold: Shut up Barbie.


Trash pulls Blake up and applies a standing headscissor.  He lifts him up and drops him swiftly with a sit out powerbomb that he holds for the pin.





Blake rolls the shoulder at the last second to the dismay of Trash Taylor and the crowd.  Trash pulls Blake up to his feet but halfway up Blake stops and rolls Taylor up into a small package.






















Taylor rolls the shoulder as Blake releases the hold and gets into the face of Tanner to ask him what his problem is.


Arnold: This isn’t fair.  Blake is fighting a damn handicap match.


Charles: This is kind of funny if you ask me.


Trash sneaks up behind Blake and rolls him up into a pinning combination as Tanner makes the count.





Blake rolls backwards out of the pin and gets to his feet first just in time to spear Trash out of his boots and slam him to the ground with force.  He makes the cover again hooking both legs.




Tanner checks Taylor to make sure his shoulders are still down on the mat.




He checks once again this time even longer before standing up and saying he kicked out.


Arnold: What the hell is this?  Is Tanner some kind of comedian tonight?


Shannon: I think this is exactly what Blake deserves.


Blake pulls Taylor to his feet and lifts him up onto his shoulder in a dominator position before spinning him around and driving him to the mat with a powerbomb.  He makes the cover and hooks the leg.






















Tanner walks over to Taylor’s leg and drapes it over the bottom rope and calls for the pin to be broken up.


Arnold: What a crock of shit.


Charles: Arnold watch your mouth.  This is a family show.


Blake starts to pull Taylor to his feet but he is quick to get on the offense as he delivers several rights and lefts to the face of Blake knocking him up against the ropes.  Taylor shoots him across the ring and goes for a closeline but misses as Blake ducks it and spears Tanner after words.


Arnold: Thank you!


Shannon: He needs to be DQed for that.


Blake grabs the TV title and slides into the ring.  Taylor throws a wild right hand but Blake ducks it and nails Trash square in the face as he turns to face him.  He throws the belt out of the ring and makes the cover hooking both legs as Tanner looks up.


Arnold: Make the count Tanner!


Charles: He needs to be DQed.


Tanner crawls across the ring and starts the count.












He looks up at a smiling Blake before slamming his fist down to the mat for the third time and calling for the bell.


Arnold: Blake retains it.


Shannon: Thanks to cheating.


Arnold: Oh and Trash wasn’t?


Charles: Here we go!


Inside the ring Tanner and Dyhart are going at it with rights and lefts.  Several officials flood the ring to try and break up the two young superstars.  Tanner pushes his way out of the crowd and runs toward Blake before spearing him to the ground.  Tanner mounts him and begins to swing rights and lefts as Blake tries to block some and throw some of his own.  The refs finally separate the two men as Blake makes his way up the ramp yelling at Tanner.


Shannon: What an ending to that match.


Arnold: Tanner deserves what’s coming to him.


Charles: I guess we’ll have to wait and see.



---Threes A Crowd---



(Backstage we see “The Dark Angel” Seven, still holding his stomach from the attack by Bane earlier walking through a hallway until we see him come face to face with none other then Magnum Steel as the crowd pops seeing his face. Magnum smiles as he sees Seven holding his stomach.)


Magnum: Hurts don’t it? Hehehe….


(Seven smiles and immediately starts swinging as the two rivals for Hellstorm open up on each other!! Seven slams Magnum into the wall and pulls him back with a had clothesline that levels Steele down to the floor, but as soon as Seven moves in again, Magnum gets a boot up into the chest of Seven as “The Dark Angel” falls back slightly when a loud CRACK is heard and Seven falls forward with a blood staining the back of his head as the camera shifts to show the Universal Heavyweight Champion, Bane, holding a bloody steel chair as Magnum gets up and tries to make a run at Bane but “The God of Pain” uses the chair on his opponent from Perfect Dark and lays Magnum out cold next to Seven as Bane smiles and sets up the chair in between the two fallen men and takes a seat as he rubs his head as if from pain.)


Bane: When will you two learn? Why do you make me hurt you?


(Bane sarcastically shakes his head as the scene fades back to the UWA trio at ringside.)



---Main Event: UWA World Tag Team Championship Match---

---“The Rouge Dragon” Wen Law and “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix versus Perfection (Syn and Jason Johnson)---



“Alive” By POD blares over the PA system as the fans rise to their feet to greet “The Rouge Dragon” Wen Law who walks out onto the ramp and makes is way to the ring, slapping the fans hands as he goes before sliding under the bottom rope and awaiting his partner and opponents.


The lights dim and a loud guitar blast strikes up “I Stand Alone” By Godsmack hits as “The Berserker” Paul Phoenix walks out to a loud greeting of boos, but a small attachment of his hardcore fans cheer near ringside as Phoenix walks up into the ring and climbs one turnbuckle and raises a hand in the air before looking over the seas of people as the lights come back to their normal view and Paul steps down and exchanges a short stare down with Law before heading to a separate corner.


Charles: How are these two men going to interact is a question worth asking.


Arnold: They don’t need to... Paul will win by himself if he has to!


Shannon: Do your lips ever get soar… I’m surprised you don’t have friggin’ hemorrhoids popping up!!


Arnold: ….. Ew.


“Make Me Bad” By Korn hits over the loud system as the crowd boos out the coming of Syn and Jason Johnson as the cocky Tag Champs make their way out and give a flex in front of the capacity crowd as flashbulbs light up the darkened Coliseum. Syn and JJ finally make their way to the ring as they circle like cats of prey as Wen turns and doesn’t let his eyes off the duo, but Paul still leans against the ring ropes without a care in the world as Syn and JJ slide in and a group of referees have to hold back the duo as Wen stare at both men and Phoenix moves to the outside of the ring where he volunteers Wen to start first.


Charles: How nice of Phoenix to let his partner have the first crack, right Arnold?


Arnold: Right… Uh… Yeah!


Wen stares cross the ring where it is Syn who steps out first as JJ takes his place on the ring apron. Wen and Syn circle each other as both men seem tentative to make the first move but finally after a shout from his partner, Syn moves in and successfully tackles Law down to the mat and unloads some stiff shots to the skull with a closed fist. Wen is pulled up and whipped across the ring where he manages to hold onto the ropes and avoids a dropkick from Syn but JJ moves in and hangs Wen up in the ropes by the neck!! Paul shakes his head at his partner and reaches out his hand in pity as Syn moves in and lifts Wen up and purposely throws him into his own corner to tag out but Law pulls back from the attempted tag by Phoenix and turns and delivers a huge clothesline to face of one half of Perfection!!


Shannon: Wowzers!


Paul smiles and gives a sarcastically enthusiastic clap as Wen pulls Syn up and bounces him into the ropes and connects with a Belly-To-Belly Throw that gets the fans on their feet as Syn will not stay down for long and snap up and charges back at Wen only to get caught up in….


Charles: The Rouge Effect!!! (Scoop Slam Into Inverted Rock Bottom)


Arnold: Wow…
























The fans can’t believe it as Syn kicks out at two and Wen holds his hair in disbelief as the Phoenix fans who are at ringside laugh at seeing their hero fake an orgasm as Syn kicks out on the apron!!


Arnold: Hehehe… You see Paul?


Shannon: What an ass!!


Wen gets up and looks at Paul with a mixture of needed approval and anger as Phoenix just keeps his cool, calm smirk on and then points behind Wen as Syn is just getting up and Law charges in and pummels Syn down to the mat with hard kicks to the ribs that pushes Syn into the ring ropes as one half of the Tag Team Champions ducks under the bottom rope and Referee Davison steps in between Law and Syn and makes sure Wen lets his man up.


Charles: Syn and JJ have to watch out with what they speak these next few weeks.. Making sure the tag target around CCW is focused on them and they are still scheduled to face that mystery team James Tanner lined up before he was axed!!


Arnold: Do you think Perfection is sweating two losers who won’t even show their faces?! No…


As Referee Davison is pushing Law back, Syn charges trough and snaps Law down to the mat with a lightning fast single leg takedown and quickly locks on…)


Arnold: Anguish!!! (Indian Deathlock)


Charles: This isn’t good for Wen!!


The crowd is a buzz as Wen tries as hard as he can to get to the side ropes but Syn uses his own foot and stretches out to pull him backwards as the crowd gets on Wen’s side with a “Law!” chant that rises up in support of the superstar. Syn reaches back and applies more pressure as Wen once again tries for the ropes.


Charles: Can he get it?


Arnold: Nope.


Wen reaches out but misses the bottom rope by only an inch and gives Syn the chance to once again pull him back into the center of the ring and applies more pressure as Law looks like he’s about to submit when finally Phoenix rushes in and stomps Syn on the small of the back to break up the hold but Referee Davison is quick to try and restrain Paul who pushes the smaller ref out of the way and lifts Syn up and literally throws him into the rings ropes but before he can do anything once again Referee Davison gets in his face and warns about the DQ rule and finally Phoenix strts to head back to his corner, just giving enough time for Syn to reach to JJ who tosses him a small packet which Syn throws into Wen’s eyes!!


Charles: Devil’s Dust!!


Shannon: Oh no…


Syn jumps and makes the tag to JJ who rushes in and scoops up Law while he is blinded and drills him down hard with a Sidewalk Slam that rattles the ring as Phoenix seems to be growing annoyed on the ring apron, still not able to get into this match-up. JJ waits for Law to finally pull himself up, which he does by using the ring ropes and the fans and everyone watching can see just how badly he needs to make a tag, but as Wen turns JJ moves in and flips him back to the mat once again with a shoulder drag and falls down and locks on his Silence (Crippler Crossface) submission finisher as the fans are once again solely behind Wen to try and get him to make a tag.


Arnold: I feel sorry for Phoenix.


Shannon: You feel sorry for PHOENIX?!?!


Arnold: Yeah, I mean he’s gonna lose his chance at Tag Team Gold thanks to Law…


Charles: You never disappoint, Arnold.


Arnold: (confused) I try my best?


Law pulls himself to the ropes but Johnson does an impressive job and pulls Law back to the center once again and really begins to pull back on the devastating submission move as blood can be seen flowing from Wen’s nose down over JJ’s arms and to the mat as the “Law!” chant has not let up as Phoenix even now has bent over the ropes and calls for his ex friend and partner to make the tag, to let him into the match.


Shannon: Wen desperately needs that tag!!!


Charles: He’s so close… If he can get one hand free and move a foot towards his corner, Phoenix could reach out and get into this match!!


Wen is indeed just “that” close as he reaches out and begs for the tag as the pain must be over the top as the blood has left a trail from the center of the ring to the Phoenix/Law corner where Paul reaches out and with a HUGE cheer from the fans manages to just touch fingertips with his partner and Referee Davison stands back as the full force of Paul Phoenix rushes into the ring and stomps away almost as is possessed as Wen pulls himself to the ring apron and just lays there. Referee Davison continues to check on Wen as in the ring Phoenix lifts JJ up and POWERS him up into the air and back hard on his upper back with a beautiful German Suplex that the fans all toally mark out for!!


Arnold: Amazing!!


Phoenix keeps the waist lock on tight and pulls JJ up again and once again powers him up and over with a HUGE Release German Suplex that leaves JJ twisted on the mat!! Paul moves in for another attempt but Syn quickly scales to the top turnbuckle and flies through the air with a Missile Dropkick… That just misses!! Paul sidesteps at the last moment and does a quick 180 to boot Syn in the gut and delivers another crowd popping maneuver…


Charles: Devils Delux!!! (F5)


Shannon: Paul Phoenix is dominating!!


Phoenix flexes and the crowd pops again but Jason has gotten to his feet and spins Phoenix up and delivers a HUGE Northern Lights Powerbomb and quickly hooks both legs as Referee Davison crawls over to make the cover…








Charles: This could be it!!








Arnold: Come on Paul!!!





Charles: NO! Wen Law just saved his partner by pulling Jason off at the last possible second!!!


Arnold: YAY!!! Way to go Wen… you proved your worth more then.. well… CRAP!!


Shannon: How kind…


Wen makes a quick tag on Phoenix’s back as he regroups himself and Referee Davison counts the tag as Wen is back into the match and an enraged Phoenix is sent back to his corner as Wen lifts JJ up and sets him in the corner and begins to lay in some hard boots and then lifts JJ up and pulls him to the top turnbuckle as the fans are on their feet for a big time Superplex that shakes the ring and leaves both men down and out as both their partners bang the turnbuckles for their respective man to get to his feet first.


Charles: Who’s it going to be?!


Wen slowly pulls himself to a knee much to the delight of the crowd and rolls over on top of JJ but instead of going for a pin he locks up JJ’s legs and locks on…


Shannon: He’s got the Fateful Ending locked in!!


JJ scream out and tries to get to the bottom ropes in his own corner but Law holds tight and JJ raises his arm to tap but Syn slides into and lands a baseball slide dropkick to the face of Law and breaks up the potential match costing move!! Before Syn can go far though in storm Phoenix again and smashes Syn into the turnbuckle with a hard…


Arnold: Rouge Spear?!?! Phoenix used Law’s move right there!!


Shannon: And may of won his team the match-up!!


Wen climbs to the top rope and sizes up JJ who is still laying on the mat and the crowd gives a loud pop as Law flies through the air and connects with a Moonsault!!! But at the last second JJ got he’s knees up and drove them straight into Wen’s kidneys!!!


Arnold: That’ll hurt ya!


JJ turns over and goes for the pin but Phoenix is right there and easily lifts JJ up off of Law and looks to set him up for…


Charles: Phoenix is looking for The Berserker (Torture Rack)!!!


Phoenix gets JJ up but Referee Davison gets in the way again and threatens to DQ Phoenix is he does anything more, the crowd is cheering loudly, wanting to see Paul put JJ into the painful submission move but Phoenix lets him down, to a boo, and jumps from the ring where Syn SMASHES PAUL WITH A STEEL CHAIR!!! Paul drops to the ground as the fans are on Syn’s case as the Perfection member kicks the steel chair under the ring just in time to avoid the DQ call at the same time offering his partner the perfect distraction as JJ gets up and quickly pulls Law up and drills him into the mat with a move he calls Hellious (Falling DDT) Syn points Davison back to where JJ has Law covered and to a overbearing amount of boos Referee Davison counts the quick…




Arnold: Ha!! Perfection did it! They retained!!


“Make Me Bad” By Korn hits as Syn and JJ grab their titles and high tail it to the back as Paul Phoenix ha gotten up from the chair shot blast and rolls in the ring with a more then pissed off look on his face.


Charles: Phoenix looks like he’s going to have a seizure!!


Syn and JJ hit their trademark pose one last time on the top of the ramp before heading to the back as the fan return their attention to the ring where Paul rests his elbows on the top turnbuckle of one corner as Law is just now pulling himself up to one knee.


Shannon: These two have nothing to be ashamed of, they were literally screwed over here tonight!!


Arnold: I knew it would be the weak link in the chain, Law, who costs them this match..


Charles: That’s hardly fair, Arnold, Law wrestled way more of this match then Paul did!!


Arnold: Exactly the problem, Charlie Brown!!


In the ring Law pulls himself to his feet and sees Phoenix with his back turned in the corner Wen looks like he’s going to go talk to his partner but thinks twise and turns to leave. As soon as his back is turned though Paul reacts with lightning speed and with one good hard right hand square to Law’s exposed and already hurt kidney’s, Paul lifts his partner up right into…


Arnold: The Berserker!!! (Torture Rack)


Charles: Paul Phoenix is nothing but a cheap loser, a cheap winner, he’s just plain cheap!!


Tons of referees swarm the ring and try to pull Paul away and release the hold but Phoenix holds tight to the move that almost ended Law’s career three years ago in London at an LCW event. Finally Phoenix himself let’s the move go and looks down at Law with a look of pure enjoyment as the show fades on referees checking on Wen Law.





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