04.11.2087 from Stasllar Theatre, Poccior, Mensa

- Cosmic Cage -
Lord Nexus vs. Vanity
Lord Nexus defeated Vanity with a TITAN DROP at 5:38
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: Vanity was outpowered in this match. After hitting two Titan Drops in a row, Lord Nexus escaped the cage getting an easy win over Vanity.

- Normal -
Star Warrior vs. Killer Queen
Star Warrior defeated Killer Queen with a Running Star Blast at 15:16
Match Rating: 2.75
Match Notes: This was an excellent back and forth match. Towards the end Killer Queen wasn't able to lock CHECKMATE in properly letting Star Warrior escape and hit Killer Queen with a surprising Running Star Blast for the win. Killer Queen was frustrated by the surprise move/win, and was not happy by the looks of things.

- Tag Team -
Flying Titans vs. SOD Henchmen
Pulsar defeated Ghengis Khan with a reverse piledriver at 4:28
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: The Flying Titans took the fight to the Henchment of the Society of Death, using their excellent tag team skills to out wrestle them.

- Normal -
Exo-King vs. Massif
Exo-King defeated Massif with a figure four leglock at 14:58
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: This match had spectators on their feet. Exo-King and Massif gave it their all in this fight. However, it was Exo-king who locked in a perfect figure-four with no chance of Massif reaching the ropes. Having been worn down from the match, Massif had no choice but to submit giving Exo-King the win.

- Normal -
Omega vs. Death Knight
Death Knight defeated Omega with a COSMIC LANCE at 2:05
Match Rating: 1.75
Match Notes: Death Knight used dirty tactics to win this match. He hit Omega with a loaded glove and followed up with the COSMIC LANCE. After the match Death Knigh continued his assault on Omega until the hurt Commander Sam came to his aid. Death Knight turning to Commander Sam hit him with the loaded glove as well laying Sam out. Afterwards Death Knight went to the back laughing the whole way.

- "I Call the Shots" GWF Championship -
Thantos vs. Comrade Terror
for the Galaxian Championship
Thantos defeated Comrade Terror with a Satanic Skull Smasher at 12:47
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: Thantos came to the match with a mission. Thantos hammered Comrade Terror with some huge moves, stunning the Champion and almost getting a quick fall. However, Comrade started to make a comeback, and the fight went back and forth with Thantos hitting a huge flying cross body. Comrade was able to gather himself and dodge out of the way of a charging Thantos. Comrade then quickly went for the rollup grabing the tights and got a 2 1/2 count. Angered Thantos then nearly took Comrade's head off with a huge clothesline and followed it up with a Satanic Skull Smasher to get the win, making Thantos the new Galaxian Champion and the right to order Comrade Terror around as he pleases for a month. Thantos grabbed a mic.

Thantos: "Comrade I hope you know your place now, but just to make SuperNova you will learn your place and remember that I am the Evil Gamemaster!" (throws down the mic and leaves with his belt)

Thantos won the Galaxian Championship