04.19.2087 from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

- I call the shots -
(Shot of Thantos in the back with one knee raised. The camera pans back to see Thantos' boot on Comrade Terror's knee, and Comrade buffing his boot.)

Thantos: "You almost done down there? I'm tired of waiting."

Comrade: "*grumble...grumble...grumble...*..."

Thantos: "What was that? I think you need to remember that contract you signed and finish buffing my boots with NO GRUMBLING! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!"

Comrade: "Grrr...yes."

Thantos: "No, I don't think that will do...lets go with, 'Yes Evil Gamemaster.' That sounds better."

Comrade: "*sigh* Yes Evil Gamemaster."

Thantos: "Good. Now you know buffing my boots tonight is not the only thing I have planned. I have you signed up for match tonight."

Comrade: (starting the finishing touches to the boot) "Who is the unlucky guy I'm facing?"

Thantos: "Oh you mean unlucky guys. I signed you up in a handicap match, tonight against. Commander Same and Omega, and before you object or try to find a way out of it I want to remind you that if you break your contract. You will be banned from the GWF for the rest of your life. And besides, Sam isn't quite fully recovered from his small injury so you shouldn't have that hard of time. In fact, I'm hoping you make it a little worse for him. Understand?"

Comrade: "Yes."

(Thantos looks at the still kneeling Comrade and at his boot that is now shinning, he then takes his foot and boots Comrade in the face)

Thantos: "You forgot the Evil Gamemaster at the end of that, 'Yes'. Shit looks like my boot needs a little touch up now."

Comrade: (staggering back to his knee to get ready to clean the boot again) "Oooh, yes Evil Gamemaster."

(fade to black)

- Tag Team Match -
Comrade Terror vs. and Commander Sam, Omega
Comrade Terror defeated Commander Sam with an ATOMIC WARHEAD at 14:52
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: Comrade Terror took the fight to Omega early. He quickly overpowered Omega and hit two consecutive ATOMIC WARHEADS. Omega still was strong and found a way to kick out of them. Comrade then decided to take the fight to the outside to soften his opponent up some more. He then repeatedly rammed Omega into the guardrails. The ref may not have allowed it but he was preoccupied with Sam wanting to go out and help his partner Omega. After beating up on him some more Comrade Terror hit a huge piledriver on the concrete floor and rolled Omega back into the ring. Omega showed no signs of movement. Comrade went for the cover…One…Two…BAM! Sam came in and elbow dropped Comrade making the pin save. Sam then drug Omega to his corner and got back out of the ring. Omega had enough sense in him to lift up his hand to make the tag. Sam came in strong but was stopped short by the angered Comrade. Comrade then did much of the same to Sam on the out side and threw him back in where he hit two consecutive ATOMIC WARHEADS and with Omega not being well enough to stop the count, Comrade Terror Secured the victory.

--While Commander Sam suffered no furthur injuries. Omega suffered a concusion from the beating he took out of the ring and will be injured for 2 fight cards.--

- Normal -
Wolf vs. Invincible Krakan
Invincible Krakan defeated Wolf with a FALLING FACE SLAM at 18:24
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: This was a good back and forth match. However, it was Invincible Kraken who came out with the win in the end.

- Tag Match -
Greek Gods vs. Neptunian Space-Croppers
Actagon defeated Renegade with a GRECIAN SLEEPER GRIP at 2:56
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: This was a clean quick win for the Greek Gods.

- Titan Deathmatch -
Executioner vs. Star Warrior
Star Warrior defeated Executioner with a NOVA LAUNCH at 28:59
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: This hard fought match had a lot of out of the ring action. With no DQ's both wrestlers let it fly more. However it was Star Warrior's skill that brought him through in the end.

- Normal -
Killer Queen vs. Lord Nexus
Lord Nexus defeated Killer Queen with a TITAN DROP at 2:42
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: Once again Lord Nexas is able to get an easy win over Killer Queen.

- Main Event -
Exo-King vs. Massif
Massif defeated Exo-King with a VOLCANIC DROP at 11:42
Match Rating: 2.75
Match Notes: Another great back and forth match between Exo-king and Massif.