05.07.2087 from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

- -Final I Call the Shots- -
(Comrade Terror walks into Thantos' locker room. He appears to be carrying what appears to be carrying a plunger and toilet brush)

Comrade: "I seem to have gotten rid of your evil stench, Evil Gamemaster."

Thantos: "You think that's all I have for you tonight?"

Comrade: "No Evil Gamemaster. What will I be doing on my last night under your evil thumb?"

Thantos: "First you'll explain why you didn't follow through last time! You are telling me that you can beat both Commander Sam and Omega, which I was planning on your sorry a-- getting stomped at which you surprised me, but you can't beat Star Warrior by himself?!? You know I let the Sam and Omega thing slide because I liked seeing Sam in pain but the Star Warrior thing?!?"

Comrade: "*sigh*...Should I go gather your jock straps again and give them a good scrubbing Evil Gamemaster?"

(Comrade turns looking for Thantos' laundry. Comrade doesn't realize that Thantos grabs a steel chair and waits for Comrade to turn back around.)

WHAMM! (Thantos pastes the unsuspecting Comrade Terror with chair laying Comrade out)

Thantos: "No, I had something else in mind but seeing how you're feeling it now I probably don't have to tell you! Oh and I did sign you up for a match against Wolf, and it's a Cosmic Cage match! You better rest up for your fight."

(Thantos lifts up the chair again)

WHAM!! (He slams the chair across the back of the laid out Comrade Terror adding insult to injury)

Thantos: "And I don't care if you want to kiss my a-- or whatever in the future. You're a sh---y maid, and don't ever touch my laundry again! I have seemed to developed a rash. So this is for that!"

(lifts up the chair again) WHAM!!

Thantos: "Just remember who's in charge around here! And I hoped you enjoyed the work. Heh heh" (throws down the chair and storms out)

(fade to black)

- Tag Team -
Skin Deep vs. Flying Titans
Pulsar defeated Vanity with a Boston crab at 8:04
Match Rating: 2.75
Match Notes: It looked like Skin Deep was going to win this one but Pulsar was able to get a boot up when Vanity jumped off the turnbuckle. Capitalizing on the stunned Vanity, Pulsar locked in a Boston crab getting the victory for the Flying Titans.

- Cosmic Cage -
Wolf vs. Comrade Terror
Wolf defeated Comrade Terror with a SAVAGE FACE CLAW at 24:49
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: This was a great Cosmic Cage match, even with Comrade a little beaten up, as both wrestlers used the cage to their advantage. The match went back and forth but in the end it was a cage ram followed by the SAVAGE FACE CLAW to give Wolf the win.

- Normal -
Invincible Krakan vs. Massif
Massif defeated Invincible Krakan with a head butt at 1:26
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: A rather unexciting match as Massif ended the match quickly by almost headbutting Krakan's head off.

- Non-Title -
Thantos vs. Commander Sam
Thantos defeated Commander Sam with a MASTERLOCK at 5:27
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: Commander Sam started out strong but was still a little weak from his minor injuries. This allowed Thantos to quickly wear down Commander Sam and once the MASTERLOCK was locked in it was over.