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We meet every Saturday at 10am at our office in Manzese, Sisi kwa Sisi
There is no fee for attending or joining
All cyclists welcome. Please spread the word to other cyclists you know.
We have 152 members so far.

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On 1st June 2009, UWABA members met with officials of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Subjects discussed included the JICA funded Kilwa Road as well as the Dar es Salaam Transport Master Plan, and how cyclists and non-motorized transport can be better catered for.

UWABA takes part in conferences and workshops

On 28th May, two UWABA members took part in a workshop in Tanga on Urban Development and Environmental Management, which included councillors in Tanga Municipal Council. At this workshop UWABA outlined our vision for how promotion of cycling as a means of transport can make towns and cities more attractive, pleasant and people-friendly. UWABA also presented a helmet and reflective jacket to the Mayor of Tanga, Hon. Kisauji.

UWABA present helmet and reflective jacket to the Mayor of Tanga, Hon. Kisauji

On 7-8 May 2009, the UWABA chairman took part in a conference of NGOs working on road safety, in Brussels, Belgium. The conference was organised by the World Health Organisation. He made a presentation on UWABA's experience lobbying for road safety for cyclists in Dar es Salaam. This conference produced recommendations for the Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Moscow later this year. UWABA helped to ensure that these recommendations include protection of vulnerable road users and infrastucture designed for this protection. UWABA's presentation is available on the WHO website.

On 21-23 October 2008, the UWABA chairman took part in a United Nations Environmental Program workshop on urban air quality in Nairobi, Kenya. At the workshop he highlighted how promoting cycling can improve urban air quality.

UWABA teach cycle safety at Msongola and Kigamboni Schools

Cycle safety training in Kigamboni School

UWABA is well underway in its cycle safety project, funded by Wamba Memorial Fund.

On 6th and 13th June 2009, UWABA members who have already graduated the training of trainers taught 24 of their fellow cyclists about cycle safety, using classrooms and open spaces of Nyerere School, Magomeni. Councillors of Makurumla Ward (Ndugu Rajabu) and Manzese Ward (Ndugu Manumbu) were special guests.

On 21st and 28th February 2009, four UWABA members trained 37 school students at Kigamboni Secondary School, Dar es Salaam in cycle safety. Mama Wamba was guest of honour.

From 18th to 21st November 2008, six UWABA members trained 60 secondary school students and 55 primary school students at Msongola in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam in cycle safety. The students, who regularly cycle to school, took part in theory and practical sessions and participatory discussions.

Cycle safety training in Msongola classroom

Video on cycle safety

UWABA member Amar Shanghavi together with other members have produced a video about UWABA and cycle safety. You can download it here:

Cycle Caravan 2008

Councillor Lupilya Photo on first page of Sunday Citizen newspaper

The 2008 Dar es Salaam Cycle Caravan went very well on 25th October 2008. 150 cyclists took part. The guest of honour Azzan Zungu MP of Ilala gave a speach about the importance of cycling as a mode of city transport and Councillor Lupilya of Ilala Municipality cycled in the caravan and was interviewed on TV - Channel 10 and DTV. The ambassador of Ireland and her husband also cycled in the caravan. We were on the front page of the Sunday Citizen newspaper. Prizes of three bicycles, a three wheeled passenger cycle, a cycle for disabled person, 20 helmets and 20 reflective jackets were won by participants in the raffle. We would like to thank sponsors the Irish embassy and those who contributed in-kind Guta company, Business Times, Ilala Municipality and Ultimate Security. We hope the event shows the importance of cycling and safety for Dar es Salaam's cyclists.

Transport Governance workshop, Yaonde, Cameroon

Mejah giving a presentation at the workshop

On 23-25 September 2008 the chairman of UWABA, Mejah Mbuya, representated UWABA at a workshop on transport sector governance in Africa in Yaonde, Cameroon. The workshop was organised by Global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP). Mejah gave a presentation on UWABA's experience in interacting with Government.

Research on cycle transport in Dar es Salaam

In September 2008 UWABA members helped researchers Eyasu Markus Woldesmyas from Ethiopia and Alphonse Nkurunziza from Rwanda who are doing research under ITC, Netherlands. This research is about cycle transport in Dar es Salaam and UWABA helped to collect survey data.

We have moved

On the 1st August 2008 UWABA moved our office to Manzese Sisi kwa Sisi, after our rent contract for our previous office in Mabibo finished. Welcome to visit our office where there is lots of information available on cycling issues in Dar es Salaam.

Training of Trainers in Cycle Safety

On 21-23 July 2008 UWABA organised a training of trainers in cycle safety at the National Institute of Transport in Mabibo. Our facilitator was Andrew Wheeldon from Bicycling Empowerment Network, South Africa. We received a grant from Wamba Memorial Fund to run this course as well as to run a project in cycle safety which we are starting now. There were 24 participants in the training - a representative of TANROADS, a representative of the Traffic Police, three teachers from Msongole and Kigamboni schools, two representatives of HUWATA and 14 UWABA members. These participants are now preparing to train school students at various schools in Dar es Salaam region.

An UWABA member showing the stop hand signal

Opening ceremony for UWABA office

On 19th April 2008 UWABA celebrated an opening ceremony for our office. Representatives of SUMATRA and local Government were special guests. We also had a presentation of prizes of helmets, t-shirts and reflective jackets to 27 most active UWABA members. We would like to thank IBike / International Bicycle Fund in the USA and La Stazione delle Biciclette in Milan, Italy for their generous donations which assisted us to set up our office and provide these cycle safety prizes.

UWABA office opening ceremony

Meeting with Representative of Dar es Salaam City Council

On 10th March 2008 five representatives of UWABA met with Mrs Mlamba of the transport unit of the Dar es Salaam City Council. Below you can read about this meeting:

Seminar on Road Safety for Cyclists at the National Institute of Transportation

On 19th January 2008 the National Institute of Transportion (NIT) gave a seminar on road safety for cyclists to 21 UWABA members.

Seminar participants and teachers

Participants were taught about the rules or the road and fundamentals of road safety for cyclists, road signs and markings and defensive cycling. Important topics covered included ensuring the cycle is road-worthy, how to cycle safely on the road, the importance of road users respecting each other, rights and responsibilities in the case of accidents occurring, the Road Traffic Act, road junctions, signals and the meaning of road signs.

At the end of the seminar, the UWABA members thanked the National Institute of Transportation for this important community service to increase road safety for cyclists. The Head of the Road Safety Department of the National Institute of Transportation, Mr Chard Wemba expressed his intention that this would be the first step and that through further cooperation with UWABA many more cyclists can benefit from learning more about road safety.

Meeting with Road Safety Department of Ministry of Infrastructure

On 14th January 2008 four representatives of UWABA met with the Road Safety Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure. Unfortunately this was not a successful meeting as we were given only 15 minutes despite our appointment being for one hour.

Communication with TANROADS

In January 2008 we received a second reply from TANROADS answering our further questions about the roads under construction - Sam Nujoma Road, Nelson Mandela Road and Kilwa Road. This was a helpful letter and answered our questions. In addition, we met with TANROADS headquarters on 27 September to give a presentation. We are continuing to follow up to see that the committments made in the letters are implemented.

Here you can read the letters:

UWABA take part in Global Day of Action on Climate Change

Outside the Vice President's Office Climate change is a crucial issue for Tanzania as the majority of Tanzanians depend on stable rainfall patterns for their livelihood. As cyclists, UWABA help contribute to reducing this problem by not emitting carbon dioxide while travelling. On 8th December 2007 UWABA joined forces with Centre for Energy Environment Science & Technology (CEEST), Envirocare, Joint Environment and Development Management Action (JEMA), Journalists Environmental Association of Tanzania (JET), Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC), Tanzania Association of NGOs (TANGO), Tanzania Coalition for Sustainable Development (TCSD), Tanzania Traditional Energy Development and Environmental Organization (TaTEDO) and Tanzania Youth Environment Network (TAYEN) to organise a cycle for climate change. We cycled from our office in Mabibo to the Vice President's Office where we made a speech and were welcomed by the Deputy Director of the Environment Department Mr Stephen Nkondokaya. The next stage in our plan was to cycle to the embassy of the United States of America to deliver letters from the 10 NGOs. However we were stopped and told to disburse by police and told we could not proceed as a group near the US embassy without a letter of invitation from the US embassy. We had previously notified the police of our event and had requested the US embassy several times to receive us and our letters on the day, but it appears the embassy was not interested in receiving our views and even went to the extent of stopping our group cycle. We received coverage on Channel 10 news and in the Majira newspaper so we hope our event helped to send a strong message on climate change to world leaders holding talks in Bali, Indonesia.

Click on the following links to find out more:

Dar es Salaam cycle caravan 2007

UWABA partnering with CHABADA had a successful and enjoyable cycle caravan event on 20th October 2007. More than 200 people took part in the relaxed cycle from Mnazi Mmoja around Dar es Salaam, including men, women and children, disabled and able-bodied cyclists. Our guest of honour was Mr Leonard Lupilya, a Councillor in Ilala Municipal Council. Speeches highlighted issues of safety and better infrastructure for cyclists and promoting cycling as a sustainable form of city transport. Raffle prizes of a guta (three wheeled goods-transport cycle), three bicycles, 20 helmets and 20 reflective jackets were given out as raffle prizes to participants. Thanks to our sponsors the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Guta Company, Bakhresa Company, the Chinese embassy, Clouds FM and Ilala Municipal Council.

Cycle Caravan

UWABA sets up an office

UWABA received a donation of Tsh 400,000 from IBike / International Bicycle Fund on 9th August 2007 and this together with donations from UWABA members has allowed us to set up a small office / information centre. At the moment we are preparing the office so that we can make into a place where people can find information on cycle issues in Dar es Salaam and elsewhere. We have also bought a three-wheeled cycle (guta) which will enable us to generate an ongoing income to pay office rent in the future.

UWABA has a postal address

On 13th August 2007 UWABA opened its own PO Box - it is PO Box 90361, Dar es Salaam. We welcome communication by post.

Meeting with Carl Bro Associates, consultants for Nelson Mandela Road

UWABA met with Carl Bro Associates who are the consultants for the design of Nelson Mandela Road on 12th July 2007. You can read notes of our meeting here:

UWABA open a bank account

We have opened an UWABA bank account at the National Microfinance Bank, Magomeni Branch, Dar es Salaam. Our account number is 2052300909.

New meeting place

We have found a new meeting place - Mahakama ya Ndizi, Mabibo, at the cycle fundi near Maktaba Baa. This is a very appropriate meeting place for us as there are many two-wheel and three-wheel cyclists in the area.

Meeting with Ilala Municipal Council on traffic congestion issue

On 15th May 2007 UWABA participated in a meeting at Ilala Municipal Council on the traffic congestion issue. We contributed our ideas on how cycling could help ease congestion and on problems such as too many parked cars on streets.

New committee members

Congratulations to Rashid Karanji and Sosthenes Amlima who were elected to the UWABA committee on 5th May 2007.

Three wheeled goods-transport cycles and Ilala Municipality

UWABA members with guta operators in Tandale market gathering signatures for our petition

On 4th April 2007 Ilala Municipality announced that three-wheeled goods-transport cycles (maguta) would no longer be allowed in the city centre or Kariakoo areas. This would put guta-operators out of business, increase poverty, create problems in transporting goods in these areas and cause more polluting and congesting vans and trucks to use these roads.

UWABA campaigned against this policy. We collected 835 signatures for our petition against the policy. On 12th April 2007 we met the the Mayor of Ilala. On 28 April 2007 the Mayor of Ilala announced that maguta and mikokoteni would continue to be allowed in the city and Kariakoo. We congratulate the mayor on his example of good governance in listening to the people's ideas and making a good decision. We will continue to work with Ilala Municipality to help tackle the traffic congestion problem.

Bicycle parking in Mlimani City

Mlimani City Shopping Centre were refusing to allow bicycles into their car park or security guards to travel to work by bicycle. UWABA communicated with their management to complain about this policy and they have agreed to change their policy and to put in place parking facilities for bicycles. We will continue to follow this up to ensure they carry out their promises.

Communication with the Ministry for Infrastructure

We have received a letter from the Minister of Infrastructure to say that he supports our efforts in setting up this important organisation for cyclists.

Cycle Caravan

UWABA worked with AALOCOM and CHABADA to organise a cycle caravan on 14th October 2006. There was an excellent turn-out and everyone enjoyed the event. We started at Mnazi Mmoja, cycled through the city and returned to Mnazi Mmoja. The police closed part of the road for us. Five California bikes were given out as raffle prizes. The Deputy Mayor of Dar es Salaam city, Dr Mwilima was the special guest. We hope this cycling caravan contributed to encouraging cycling in Dar es Salaam, encouraging safe cycling and demonstrating to the Government the importance of cycle lanes and cycle-friendly roads.

Cycle Caravan

Meeting with TANROADS

A group of UWABA members met with the management and staff of TANROADS Dar es Salaam region to make a presentation on 24th May 2006. Our presentation consisted of a presentation and slide shows of our photos from the photo library. Download our presentation here:

Tanzania Social Forum

UWABA took part in the Tanzania Social Forum from 22nd to 25th March 2006 at Mnazi Moja. We met other organisations and raised awareness about UWABA. Here is a photo of our stand:

UWABA at Tanzania Social Forum

Registration as NGO

UWABA has been registered by the Ministry for Community Gender and Children under the Non-Governmental Organisations Act, 2002. Our registration number is 02NGO/0683. We were registered on 23rd February 2006 and we received our certificate 2nd March 2006. We have also introduced ourselves to the Regional Commissioner's Office of Dar es Salaam.

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Minutes of meetings

Our meetings are usually conducted in Kiswahili but minutes are available here in both English and Kiswahili:

UWABA meeting

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Press release, flyer, poster

The Sunday Citizen newspaper published an article about UWABA on 12 March 2006. You can read it here:

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Use of Cycles in Dar es Salaam

UWABA has worked with Robert Bartlett of Schorrell Analysis to produce a chapter of an e-book "The global book of transport - Chapter 2 - Tanzania, bicycles in Dar es Salaam". You can download this document here:

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Our ideas

We have brainstormed and come up with the following:

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Photo library

We are gathering photos related to cycling issues in Dar es Salaam

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Government laws and policies on roads and transport

Here you can download road traffic laws of Tanzania

The source of these laws is the Tanzania Parliament website

Here you can download the National Transport Policy of Tanzania

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Here are statistics on accidents involving cyclists in Dar es Salaam region:
YearNumber of accidentsNumber of deathsInjuriesNumber of bicycles

The source of this data is the the office of Inspector General of Police, Road Safety, Dar es Salaam.

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Dar es Salaam Roads

Here is a map of Dar es Salaam roads:

Map of Dar es Salaam

The source of this map is the TANROADS website

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