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Bob Klemow

Photographs For Sale

      Since 1992, I have been taking many hours of video each year as I enjoyed my wonderful hours under the sea with only my wife and camera. After each dive trip, I would return and place many pictures from my trips on the internet. Nearly every week, I would get a call from someone who had come across my pictures asking, "How much for an 8X10 of this or that photograph. Though my pictures have been used on Fish CD's, on the Discovery Channel, in online magazines, in online oceanographic museums and illustrating an AP article in newspapers across the country. I could not sell anyone an 8X10.

      I did send some of these people original files to print their own, but I warned them that an 8X10 was out of the question; a 4X6 ok, a 5X7 maybe, but not an 8X10. You see, all my original files were less than 100K, 720X480 jpegs, digitized from video from 92-98 and taken directly from digital video 99-2003. One man did print up an 8X10 for his grandson's bedroom, telling me that it was great, (as long as you didn't get too close.)

      Those days are now over. In December of 2003, I purchased a case and strobe for my favorite digital camera, and though my photographs don't seem to have changed much when presented on the internet, most are now suitable for printing at 18"X24". I am now willing to disseminate my work in print format.

      Since all photographs are not exactly the same resolution, I will inform you beforehand if the photographs you choose cannot be faithfully reproduced at the chosen size.

  • All sizes are approximate
  • 8" X 10 1/2" unmounted photograph - $10
  • 9" X 12" --- unmounted photograph - $30
  • 12" X 16" -- unmounted photograph - $45
  • 15" X 20" -- unmounted photograph - $60
  • 18" X 24" -- unmounted photograph - $80

      Shipping and handling is $7 for each total order.

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