Welcome to my website for prospective investors. Firstly, let me introduce myself and tell you where I'm coming from. I'm Jay Ramsay and I’ve just finished a law degree at Cambridge University – three years of hard work, three years of involvement and three years of discovering a lot about myself.

So at the time of writing, I have come to the end of my student career and now stand literally at the beginning of my adult life. That obviously involves a lot of choices about what purpose I ultimately want to put myself to, something which I have spent a lot of time thinking about.

Armed with a sense that I can bloody well do what I want in life, that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, that we only have one chance to make something of our time, I have decided against pursuing a career chained to the desk of a law office in the City. I am a driven and entrepreneurial person, and in my view there is no better time in life for me to go out and involve myself with a commercial project.

I have always been a very intuitive person, a very observant person. I may not yet understand the fine details of the world of commerce, but I understand fundamentally how it works – I am a consumer and I operate within the marketplace; I have decided that I want to play a part in this marketplace from the other side of the counter and take up a new project in life.

Over the past months I have identified an exciting leisure/retail opportunity focused around sugar confectionery that is perfect for the city of Cambridge, with its 4.1 million tourist visitors, buzzing weekend retail trade and high-density student population. Further, a fundamental gap in this product market has recently opened up because of a large retail closure in the centre of the city, providing a huge number of potential customers for this new retail/leisure idea.

My retail/leisure idea stems from one that operates very successfully in New York, and indeed is just beginning to be expanded in the US. The idea is relatively simple and straightforward, but the difference is that it involves the amalgamation of several normally separate but related product-types in one space. There is ample scope for added-value and the exploitation of the market in the centre of Cambridge with its distinct temporal consumer markets, including the tourist and shopper-oriented daytime market versus the student-focused evening market, and the seasonal markets whic operate along the lines of student term times and holidays. Looking to the long-term, my idea would work in cities with similar demographics to Cambridge, i.e. tightly concentrated, tourist heavy, affluent  city centres.

I am passionate about making retail more interesting, and learning from various models in the US. Retail should be a fun, enjoyable experience for all: the customer, the staff, and the owners of the company. I am currently in talks with several TV production companies who are interested in filming my venture for a factual programme/ reality TV series.
I understand that the biggest hurdle I have to face in this venture is scepticism. Scepticism about my age, my experience, and the idea. I intend to approach such scepticism with a combative commitment to the idea and my ability to achieve it. I am not ambitious to achieve great wealth; as a student I have been able to live a lifestyle that has been perfectly well satisfied me, and I count happiness and fulfilment far above money. That is not to say I am not ambitious to achieve success; to get to Cambridge in the first place I needed to be a driven person, and when I undertake a project I am tenacious and ruthless in ensuring its success.

Of course, I am looking for investors to help me realise my ambitions, and investors only invest if they think they will make money. The point of this web-site is to remove the first veneer of initial, (and of course highly sensible) scepticism about me and my experience. Of course scepticism about my idea is welcomed. I want to be challenged and tested on my idea, it will not be a success without healthy scepticism.
For more information about my idea and to request a business plan, please contact me by any of the methods below. The business plan envisages a £50,000 investor requirement - this is not a large project  - and I currently conservatively forecast around a £70,000 net profit before dividends by year 2.
Thank-you for reading!
About Jay
Age: 20
Hometown: Newcastle
Education: Trinity College, Cambridge. BA(Hons) Law
Achievements: Highest A-level results in school year, highest GCSE results in school year, most successful agent for San Francisco-based luxury car agency (2001), helped relaunch Ian Schrager-branded hotel in California.
Interests: Legal and political philosophy, fitness training, 20th century American literature, politics, languages.

Contact; telephone 01223 304 882 or 07801 565426