Oil Reduced Agriculture


Uwe Christian Plachetka

This site is an abridgement of the German project website on the project hosted by the Dorfwiki of the Global Integrated Village Environment research laboratory.
Field trip to Peru to investigate Andean and Inca agriculture
Presentation of the results together with representants of the Peruvian government by Uwe Christian Plachetka

Field trip members 2007

  1. Prof. Helga Kromp-Kolb,
  2. Richard Kromp
  3. Jasmin Al-Katip,
  4. Prof. Richard Trappl (Sinology),
  5. Roman Lahodynsky
  6. Official Mr. Li Sung (Cn) and his Chinese experts
  7. Pablo Rischbeck,
  8. Prof Munoz
  9. Uwe Christian Plachetka
  10. not in the same order as on the picture

Project History


  1. 2004-05: Participation at the competition "Global Ecologic Change And Food Systems" based on Nicolaj Ivanovich Vavilov's idea of co-evolution between crop evolution and social evolution, Project accepted by the Austrian Academy of Science. First field trips
  2. 2006: Second field trips tracing the inpact of the Medieval Warm Period (confirmed now by Chepstow-Lusty) on the social development in the Andes. Endorsing the GIVE - conception of "Global Integrated Village Environment"
  3. 2007 Expert trip (picture above) with Chinese officials to Peru


2005 Participation at the international conference IRICS "Innovation and Reproduction in Cultures And Societies"
presenting the findings of the field trip #1
Report on the event
2006: Speech and Colloquium before the Peruvian governmental council on science and technology Presentation text online
2007: Presentation of the Results with the members of the Peruvian embassy in Vienna Honorable mention by the Peruvian government 2007

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