Fatty's Tab Page

Fatty's Tab Page

Alright kids...This page is similar to Jussi Heinonen's page...I will take Tab-Requests here and tab the songs from the bands down here... The band-logos are taken from official and inofficial websites... My tabs are partly also available on www.nofx.de and www.e-tabs.org so go and check them out... I will tab the bands in the order they are given down here...one from each band (one bass and one guitar) and then move on to the next band until I'll get up again...noticed?? If no song is requested I will tab one of my own choice... ONE INQUIRER MAY REQUEST 5 SONGS AT A TIME (THAT'S THE MAXIMUM)!!! DON'T FORGET TO TELL ME FOR WHICH INSTRUMENT I SHOULD TAB YOUR SONG!!! If you have any questions (e.g.: concerning techniques, tab symbols etc), requests or comments on tabs e-mail me at


By the way: This symbol is for guitar tabs: Guitar and this one is for bass tabs: NOFX Bass Tabs

Freshly added Tabs:

8/10/2003 "Falling Apart" (Lagwagon) for bass added 8/10/2003 "My Annie" (Craig's Brother) for guitar added 8/14/2003 "Set Free" (Craig's Brother) for bass added 8/14/2003 "Die letzte Sau" (Wizo) for guitar added 8/17/2003 "Kein Gerede" (Wizo) for bass added 1/17/2004 "Anti-Manifesto" (Propagandhi) for guitar added 1/17/2004 "The only good fascist is a very dead fascist" (Propagandhi) for bass added 1/18/2004 "Rockupation" (Mad Caddies) for guitar added 4/10/2004 "Road Rash" (Mad Caddies) for bass added 4/17/2004 "Buzzer" (Millencolin) for guitar added 4/17/2004 "Fazil's Friend" (Millencolin) for bass added 4/27/2004 "Aggropop" (Terrorgruppe) for guitar added 5/03/2004 "Aggropop" (Terrorgruppe) for bass added 5/03/2004 "Gene and Paul..." (NUfaN) for guitar added 10/25/2004 "Secret" (NUfaN) for bass added 10/25/2004 "Eleanor" (MFatGG) for guitar added 12/12/2004 "Stand by your man" (MFatGG) for bass added 11/30/2004 "Whoops, I OD'd" (Nofx) for guitar added 12/12/2004 "Malachi Crunch" (Nofx) for bass added 12/12/2004 "A feedbag of truckstop poetry" (Lagwagon) for guitar added



Craig's Brother