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Monday November 19th, 2007.
Honolulu, Aloha Stadium
7:00pm Eastern

Opening Match
  "The Lone Wolf" Ronin V.S Brock
The show flickers on to televisions world wide as images of Johnny Mara taking down Toya Winters replays from last weeks Eternal Sin... then Yukino Williams defending her championship to a Ms. Lilly Rose Baker. Weaver shoving his hands in to his pants and playing with himself holding his title over his shoulder. Showing of all the attacks made by this Mysterious woman! The scene then fades in too the commentators table.

Goodman: Looks like we have only the Madness Title on the line tonight.

Owens: I think Weaver will finally lose his title..

Pickard: I think Mysery Man will get his mouth shut by Weaver.. showing him exactly why he is still the Madness Champion.

Goodman: I wonder.. how the happenings are going to go down with the main event.. sounds like there is a lot of history there.

Pickard: No matter what happens this is going to be one hell of a night.

The building goes dark as Victim begins playing over the pa, as the intro kicks into the verse, pyros flash and the arena lights up as Brock makes his way to the ramp, striking a pose before descending. He slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, posing one more time before a final flash of pyros erupt from the empty turnbuckles.

Misty James: And introducing first he is from Jamestown, New York... he weighs 233lbs.. he is BROCKKK!

The lights go out as the music starts. As the music picks up teh lights come up revealing Ronin standing on the top of the entrance ramp. He is where a gray sleavless hoodie with the hood up, black pants and a Black t-shirt under the hoody. He walks tot he ring and rolls under the ropes. As the course hits he flicks teh hood off of his head and thrust his fist in the air. Which is holding a kendo Stick.

Misty James: And his opponent.. weighing in at 310lbs.. he is from Chicago, Illinois... "THE LONE WOLF"... RONIN..

The two fight for quite some time.. Brock gets the most upperhand.. and goes for the pin but Ronin gets his foot on the ropes and they battle it out again.. pretty evenly till a move goes wrong and it ends up with a double count out.

Misty James: And this match is rendered a draw due to a double count out.

The scene fades.

The screen cuts in and we see the Masked Mystery Man walking down the corridor with a hose in his hand, stopping in front of a locker room. The camera zooms in on the name tag on the door and it reads “Michael Weaver”.

MYSTERY MAN: Michael Weaver ... I know very well that you are not inside the locker room at this time and being your good friend, I'm here to help you clean up a little of your mess. It'll kill a few of your good ol' buddies but don't blame me. This is what you get for stepping on my tail!

The Mystery Man turns on the hose and water starts gushing out from it! The Mystery man laughs hysterically and starts spraying water all over the room of Michael Weaver, cleaning it up and destroying the pests living in his room. He sprays a huge “8” on the wall of Michael Weaver before taking his leave. The locker room of Michael Weaver can be seen dripping wet with dead cockroaches and mice all over the ground.

MYSTERY MAN: Do not cry when you see this, Crybaby Weaver. See you in the ring ... CHUMP!

Scene fades....

Match #2
Barebuckles Match
  "Shooting Straight" Jason Taylor V.S "The Professional" Anthony Sicario
Lights flicker as red and white pyro shoots across the arena. "Line In The Sand" by MotorHead begins to blare as "Straight Shooting" Jason Taylor appears at the top of the stage in white trunks that says JT in red in the crotch and butt, black boots, white knee pads and black wrist tape. He walks to one side of the ramp and raises his arms up and flex's as the crowd roars. He walks to the other side and raises his arms up and flex's as the crowd roars.

Misty James: Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada…”Straight Shooting” JASON TAYLOR!!!

He makes his way down the ramp and reaches up and grabs the top rope and pulls himself up as he climbs the outside of the turnbuckle and raises his arms up in the shape of a cross as the crowd roars. He enters the ring. “Adrenaline” by Gavin Rossdale hits the arena as “The Professional” Anthony Sicario appears on stage peering out at the fans with a cocky smirk. He struts to the ring and climbs up the steel steps before wiping his feet on the ring apron.

Misty James: And now entering the ring, weighing in at 220lbs…”The Professional” ANTHONY SICARIO!!!

He steps through the ropes and takes his jacket off then folds it and sets it in the corner before adjusting his gloves. The ref signals for the bell and Jason comes out swinging, immediately backing Anthony into a corner. Jason hits him with a couple rights to the ribs before spinning him around and bashing his head into the bare turnbuckle. Anthony falls to his knees in the corner and Jason nails him in the temple with a hard knee. Jason rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair then slides back in. He positions Anthony in the corner with the chair laying across his chest before he charges in and dropkicks the chair, but Anthony managed to roll out of the ring. Jason crashes into the corner and Anthony catches his breath on the outside before grabbing Jason’s head and elbowing it a few times.

David Owens: Come on, Taylor!

Kevin Pickard: It looks like Sicario is getting back into this match finally.

Mark Goodman: If he keeps this up he’ll have this match in the bag!

Anthony gets into the ring as Jason pulls himself up with the ropes and kicks Anthony in the gut. Jason then follows up with a Swinging Neckbreaker! Jason gets to his feet and grabs the chair in the corner before placing it over Anthony’s face and upper abdomen…he backs up and then lands a thunderous Leg Drop onto the chair! He pushes the chair off Anthony and hooks the leg for the pin, 1……2……..KICKOUT! Jason gets frustrated and argues with the ref allowing Anthony to use the ropes behind him and get to his feet. Jason turns around and Anthony catches him with a quick kick to the gut followed by a DDT. Anthony slowly gets back to his feet and nails Jason in the forehead with a hard knee drop. Anthony rolls out of the knee drop and gets back to his feet before walking over to Jason.

Kevin Pickard: Looks like the new guy is showing Jason Taylor a thing or two!

David Owens: Oh shut up!

Mark Goodman: Anthony’s got a head of steam going now, if Jason doesn’t do something to swing the tide he’s looking at a loss for sure!

Sicario Wins:

Anthony gets Jason to his feet and Jason nails him with a left to the ribs followed by a European Uppercut. Anthony stumbles back then gets hit by a Clothesline from Jason. Jason gets Anthony to his feet, but Anthony answers with a knee to the abdomen and a Snap Suplex! Anthony gets to his feet and stomps on Jason’s ribs before backing up and stalking Jason. Jason begins using the ropes to get back to his feet and turns around and barely manages to catch Anthony’s foot in mid-air as he went for the Assassination(Superkick)! Jason drops Anthony’s leg and kicks him in the stomach before pulling him in and going for the Taylor Made 580(Sitout Powerbomb)…Anthony punches his way out of it when he gets onto Jason’s shoulders and jumps off behind Jason. Jason turns around and get hit right in the jaw with the Assassination(Superkick)!!! Anthony goes for the pin, 1……2……..3!!!

Misty James: And your winner is by via pinfall ANTHONNYYY SICARIOOO!

With a smirk on his face, he rolls off of his opponent and the audience is going wild..


An even bigger grin comes across his face as he then heads out of the ring as Jason Taylor is nearing to standing.. scene fades.

Match #3
Lion's Den Match
  Michael Weaver Jr. V.S Mystery Man
The scene comes back in from the UWF Commercial Break to the arena in Honolulu.

MISTY JAMES: The following is a Lion's Den Match and it is for the UWF Madness Championship! Introducing first, weighing in at 200 pounds ..... THE EXTREME IMMORTAL ...... MYSTERY MAN!!!

The arena goes dark and after a high pitch screeching sound is heard, the light comes back on. The Mystery Masked Man is already in the ring. He taunts the fans and points abusive signs at the fans as jeers fill in arena.

DAVID OWEN: There you go! I just love his attitude there! I'm hoping he can overthrow that disgusting Michael Weaver tonight!

KEVIN PICKARD: He is too cocky for his own good man.

“Goodbye My Lover” hits and Michael Weaver appears fro the entrance. He has the UWF Madness Championship draped across his shoulder. The crowd gives him a mixed reaction as the Madness Champion continue rolling his Wal-Mart cart to the ring.

MISTY JAMES: And making his way to the ring ... He is the UWF Madness Champion ... Coming from Indianapolis, Indiana by way of Wal-Mart ... MICHAHEL WEAVER JR.!!!

MARK GOODSMAN: Oh ... Michael Weaver does seem more sick than he actually was before.

DAVID OWEN: No I think he looks cleaner after what happened last week on Eternal Sin! Ha!

The referee holds up the UWF Madness Championship high up in the air an signals for the bell. Both men lock eyes and starts circling in the ring. They begin approaching each other in caution and locks up. Michael Weaver overpowers Mystery Man with the Test of Strength. He gives a kick to the mid-section of Mystery Man. The Masked Man crouches down in pain. Michael Weaver gains momentum using the ropes and gives another boot into the head of Mystery Man! The Mystery Man collapses holding his head in pain. Michael Weaver downs an Elbow Drop and locks him in the Sleeper Hold. Mystery Opponent struggles for a bit before grabbing Michael Weaver's face and forces him to break the hold with an eye rake. Mystery Opponent quickly gets up on his feet and hits the Springboard Elbow Smash into the face of Michael Weaver. Weaver stumbles backwards and the Mystery Opponent runs forward and downs his opponent with a Cross Body Block. Mystery Opponent jumps up to his feet, takes a look at his fallen opponent before hitting the Rolling Thunder on him!

KEVIN PICKARD: Oh ... That is a beautifully executed maneuver from the Mystery Opponent.

DAVID OWEN: Did I hear something wrong or did you really praise that guy?

KEVIN PICKARD: I'm trying my best to call things down the middle man. But I personally do not think he has the power to overcome Michael Weaver there at all.

Mystery Opponent picks Weaver up but in the process, receives punches from Weaver as he is getting up. Mystery Opponent releases his grip on Weaver. Michael Weaver takes the chance and delivers an European Uppercut to Mystery Opponent. Mystery Opponent staggers backwards. Michael Weaver grabs hold of his hands and swings him over to the corner turnbuckle. The self proclaimed Extreme Immortal crashes into the corner turnbuckle with impact. Weaver charges forward and splashes into his opponent. He grabs him by the head in the process of him going down and hits Mystery Man with a Facebuster! Michael Weaver isn't done with the beating. He drags the Masked Man towards the side of the Lion's Den and pushes his opponent's head into the steel cage with his legs! Mystery Man can be heard screaming in pain but Michael Weaver refuses to let go. He grinds Mystery Opponent's face against the steel and the mask of the Mystery Opponent has several cuts from it because of the grinding against the walls of the Lion's Den. Michael Weaver finally lets go and drags the tired Mystery Man towards the center of the ring. He smiles at the fallen opponent, points at him and with the crowd giving him a mixed reaction, Michael Weaver sits on the face of his opponent!!!! Mystery Man screams and struggles frantically for his life. Several seconds passed but Michael Weaver is still sitting on top of the Mystery man, smiling happily. The referee slides down to check on the Mystery Man and ......... NO!!! The Mystery Opponent doesn't give up! He gives a loud roar before forcing a Back Rake to Michael Weaver. Weaver grimaces in pain as he springs onto his feet, holding his back in discomfort. A cockroach can be seen climbing over the face of the Mystery Opponent. Michael Weaver sees this and gives a loud laugh.

MARK GOODSMAN: Oh my goodness! Is that o cockroach we see on Mystery's opponent face?

KEVIN PICKARD: I'm gonna throw up! Help me!

DAVID OWEN: Good thing the Mystery Opponent is wearing a mask! Heh!

Michael Weaver grabs the cockroach up by its feet and throws it into his pants as the crowd shrieks in disgust! H holds his opponent up and Irish Whips him. But just as he is going to hit the Clothesline, The Mystery Opponent slides under his legs and gives a quick Dropkick to the back of Weaver. Michael Weaver falls forward and crashes into the steel cage., making him bounce backwards again. The Mystery Opponent grabs his head and hits Weaver with the Backstabber! He does not get up, obviously suffering form the pain earlier in the match. Both men remains on the ground and the referee checks on them. It is the Mystery Man who starts moving first. He goes towards the ropes and helps himself up with it. Same thing goes for Michael Weaver but he is doing so at a slower pace. Masked Man climbs up the turnbuckle, waiting for the groggy Michael Weaver turn around. The UWF Madness Champion finally turns and Mystery Man leaps off the turnbuckle, hitting a Hurracanrana on Michael Weaver! He grabs Michael Weaver by the neck and starts choking him like a mad man! The referee checks on Weaver, who is coughing in discomfort form the aggressive choking of the Mystery Man. But he manages to signal to the referee his decision ..... NOOOOO!!! Michael Weaver refuses to quit! The Mystery Opponent lets go of the hold in rage, frustrated at Weaver's refusal to quit the match. He waits for Michael Weaver to come to his feet slowly before attempting the Springboard Dropkick but Michael Weaver manages to duck away from it despite being not in the best state of his mind! Mystery Opponent gets up from his feet but Michael Weaver stomps him in the stomach. Mystery Man bends down in pain. Michael Weaver grabs him by the head, places it in between the head and hits an enormous Jack-knife Powerbomb into the corner turnbuckle!!! The Mystery Man screams in pain upon impact. Michael Weaver climbs up the turnbuckle and hits the Banzai Drop but Mystery Man rolls away just in the nick of time! Michael Weaver crashes his butt straight to the ring. He rubs it in pain. Both of them starts getting back up in their feet at the same time. The Madness Champion charges towards his opponent but Mystery Man evades his clothesline again and when Michael Weaver turns around, he is met by a Low Blow!!! The Mystery Man collapses in fatigue too.

KEVIN PICKARD: Oh my goodness! What intensity we're having in the ring right now! Both these men shows great desire to win this match!

DAVID OWEN: What are you talking about, Kevin? It is for the Madness Championship! Everyone wants some gold!

MARK GOODSMAN: Yes including me!

KEVIN PICKARD: But you're not a bloody wrestler dammit! Stop dreaming, my friend.

MARK GOODSMAN: I'm talking about gold in terms of cold hard cash! Whee!

The Mystery Man crawls towards the ropes and checks every side of the Lion's Den, hoping to find some loose end for him to escape for good. Behind him, Michael Weaver is already getting back up on his feet. He crouches down in position, waiting for the Mystery Man to turn over. Mystery Man is disappointed that the Lion's Den remains strong and when he turns around, Michael Weaver hits him with an Bionic Elbow! Mystery Man goes to the ground holding his head in pain. Weaver grabs hold of his knees and smashes it down with a Knee Smash! Mystery Man screams in pain and Weaver hits him with a second Knee Smash! Mystery Opponent rolls around, holding his knee in agony now. Michael Weaver smiles and locks him up in a Figure 4 Leglock!!! Mystery Man screams in pain and waves around frantically, trying his best to stay in this match. Michael Weaver applies pressure and Mystery Man begins to die down. He lies on the ring flat, breathing heavily. The referee checks on him but there is no movement at all. The referee turns to the bell and raises his hands when suddenly ... NOOOOO!!!! The Mystery Opponent refuses to give up! Michael Weaver tries to apply more pressure and The Mystery Opponent screams in pain. He struggles and manages all the strength that he can and finally flips it over! It is Michael Weaver's turn to feel the pain right now! Mystery Man nods his head, hoping that this will win the match. Michael Weaver begins crawling towards the ropes and holds on to it for dear life! The referee forces the Mystery Man to break the hold. Mystery Man lets go of the hold reluctantly and gets up on his feet but as he tries to walk, he falls again, holding his knee in pain.

DAVID OWEN: Oh dear ... It seems like the knee is giving him some problem here.

KEVIN PICKARD: Great job by Michael Weaver to keep working on the same part. It is a good strategy to win matches.

MARK GOODSMAN: Yeah and it seems to be working right here right now.

Michael Weaver gets up to his feet slowly. He staggers towards his opponent and reaches out for him but out of nowhere, he is tripped over by a Drop Told Hold and crashes his face into the ground. The Extreme Immortal gets up slowly, limps his way towards Weaver and delivers the Shining Wizard into the face of Michael Weaver! The Mystery Opponent climbs to the apron of the ring to hit the GRAND FINALE (Springboard Shooting Star Press) but has he jumps, he collapses as his knees gives way! The man grabs his knees in pain and blood can be seen spilling out from his back upon scratching it on the wall of the Lion's Den as he falls. Michael Weaver struggles his way towards his opponent and tries to hit the CROTCH ROT but just as the face is about to touch the crotch, the Mystery Man quickly spits into the face of his opponent and gives a kick to him to back Michael Weaver away. He gets up to his feet slowly and just as Michael Weaver charges forward, the Mystery Opponent goes underneath his arms, wait for him to turn over and hits the EXTREME MAKEOVER (RKO) on Michael Weaver!!! The Mystery Opponent reaches for his pockets and whips out a shiny object and it appears to be a Brass Knuckles! He raises his hands and drills a punch into the crotch of Michael Weaver! Michael Weaver screams in agony but the Mystery Man refuses to let go! He begins twisting and turning the brass knuckles upon the crotch of Michael Weaver. Weaver screams and tries to roll away but he is being backed into the corner of the Lion's Den! Weaver screams loudly as the brass knuckles continues twisting upon his crotch. A few seconds passes, The referee checks on Michael Weaver and ............ DING DING DING!!!!!

MISTY JAMES: Your winner of this match and the new UWF Madness Champion ....... THE EXTREME IMMORTAL MYSTERY MAN!!!!!

DAVID OWEN: He has done it! Whoever it is, the man has done it!!!

MARK GOODSMAN: Michael Weaver has finally got his winning streak coming to an end!

KEVIN PICKARD: And it comes with a heavy price as well. We've got a new Madness Champion tonight!

DAVID OWEN: But it isn't over! Look what the Mystery Man is doing now!

The Mystery Man goes under the ring and takes up two full pails to water with him into the ring. He limps his way towards Michael Weaver and pours the clean water over Michael Weaver!!! Michael Weaver screams in rolls around like a mad man as the water washes away the dirt on his body. The man whips out a can of paint and sprays another “8” on the back of Michael Weaver as he leaves the ring with the Madness Championship in his hands.

Andromeda enters her room and finds a very muscular American Blue Pit Bull Terrier, with a DVD in it's mouth. It sits in front of her like a statue, not a single muscle twitching. The dog jumps off her couch and approaches her before dropping the DVD at her feet and then trotting past her and out of sight...

Andromeda: What the hell?

Then a light bulb goes off in hear head ash her eyes then widen.

Andromeda; Can't be...

She stares blankly at the video as the scene then fades to ringside.

Match #4
  "The Death Dealer" Samantha Grimm- McCallister V.S Jon Blazevic
**"Smooth Criminal" by Alien Ant Farm cues up as the fans go into IMMEDIATE BOOS! Blue and green pyros go off as JON BLAZEVIC comes to the ring. He smirks at the fans and some try to punch him only to be fended off by UWF security. Blazevic poses for a minute or two before getting into the ring.**

Misty James: He hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota and weighs in at 254 pounds. He is JON BLAZEVIC!

**“Anything for you” By Evanescence blasts the speakers with a low key to begin, Gun shots sound, a ray of explosions sound as well, while the arena goes from a pitch white to a pitch green colour. With the song picking up the volume exceeds. Coming out onto the ramp is a woman with black hair attired in baggy camouflage cargo pants, a green tank top fitting snuggly. The woman’s hair is quipped with a medium set pony tail and the outfit is complete with a pair of combat boots. With her hands she wears camouflage fighters gloves holding two silver plated pistols in each hand, that have an encryption of letters.**

Misty James: Now making her way to the ring, from Las Vegas, Nevada…”The Death Dealer” SAMANTHA GRIMM!!!

**Spinning the pistols on her index fingers quickly she flips them back into the holster on her belt when an array of smoke comes out of the stage from another sound of an explosion. When the name in camouflage shows up sparkling with a glow on the titatron reading “The Death Dealer”… and then fades out and fades back in to read “SAMANTHA GRIMM!” Walking down the ramp with a trot, her manager Theresa Gibbons following closely behind, she climbs up the steel steps pulling the scrunchie out of her hair and swinging her head back and forth. Placing the band around her wrist she is prepared for “combat”. Jon charges at Sam, but she ducks a Clothesline and nails Jon with a Springboard DDT! Sam rolls to her feet and walks over to Jon before hitting him with a standing Moonsault then hooks the leg for the pin, 1…… 2…….. Kickout!**

Mark Goodman: What a match!

David Owens: Blazevic needs to step it up a notch and takes McCallister off her feet!

Kevin Pickard: McCallister looks to have Blazevic’s number in this bout!

**Sam gets Jon to his feet and nails him with a forearm followed by a knee to the gut. Sam pushes Jon into the corner and rushes in with a Splash, but Jon falls out of the way at the last moment! Jon uses the ropes to get to his feet and kicks Sam in the ribs before executing a perfect Belly to Belly Suplex! He gets to his feet and begins to stalk Sam as she slowly manages to scramble to her feet. Jon nearly decapitates Sam with a Clothesline then goes for the pin, 1……2……..Kickout! Jon gets to his feet and stomps on Sam a few times before dropping a hard elbow on her chest. Jon gets Sam to her feet and scoops her up then plants her with a Scoop Slam! Jon backs up and begins to stalk Sam, then just as she gets to her feet he takes her back down with a huge Bulldog!**

David Owens: Blazevic is getting back into this match!

Mark Goodman: It’s a pretty even match now.

Kevin Pickard: I’m sure The Death Dealer will find a way to pull out a victory here!

**Jon gets Sam to her feet then Irish whips her into the ropes, he bends down to send her flying but she rolls over his back and just as he turns around she nails him in the face with a standing Dropkick! The two lay motionless in the ring as the ref begins to count, 1…..2…..3…..Sam gets to the ropes…..4…..5…..Jon uses the ropes and gets to his feet but seems to be on spaghetti legs…..6…..7…..Sam gets to her feet and flies at Jon with a Flying Forearm. The two lay on the mat once more, but Sam kips up! Sam rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair before rolling back in and setting it on one side of Blazevic. She runs, jumps over Blazevic onto the chair, off the chair onto the ropes, and then nails Jon with the Triple Jump Moonsault! Jon rolls out of the ring and lands on all fours outside where he catches his breath and tries to get his head on straight.**

Kevin Pickard: I told you she’d find a way!

David Owens: Jon Blazevic can never be counted out!

Mark Goodman: Space shuttle…

**Sam roll out of the ring and grabs Blazevic by the back of his head before slamming it off the ring apron and tossing Jon back into the ring. Sam slides in behind him and kicks him while he’s down. She then goes to hit the ropes but collides with the ref, knocking him to the mat. She grins as she looks at the downed ref then over at the downed Jon Blazevic. She grabs the chair and tosses it into the center of the ring before hooking Jon and delivering The Kill Zone(Vertebreaker)!!! She goes over and rouses the ref a bit trying to get him back to his feet, but she gets an idea as a smile flits across her face. As the ref tries to come back to his senses in the corner, Sam grabs the chair and hits the mat hard with it once then tosses it to Jon who groggily catches it. Sam drops to the mat as if unconscious. The ref comes to his senses and sees Jon standing with the chair in his hand and Sam laying on the mat then calls for the bell!!!**

Misty James: Your winner via disqualification…”The Death Dealer” SAMANTHA GRIMM!!!

**The refs helps Sam to her feet and she acts as if she had really gotten hit over the head with the chair, then as the ref is looking the other way she smiles at Jon and flips him off with a wink. But as she does do... the Mystery Women comes running down the ramp.. she tramples down Samantha Grimm and Jon heads over to the Mysert Womam with a score to settle with her but she turns around hesitantly with the chair in her hands and she nails Jon with it and he falls hard to the matt.... Samantha gets to her feet and goes up behind her byt the woman turns around with a spinning heel kick and she falls to the matt... she turns around to Jon who knocks her down with a clothesline.. picks her up and DDT's her to the matt and then rips off the mask as the crowd awe's**


Jon hurridely steps back with a shocked look on his face as he drops the mask to the floor.. he looks at her with a mixed expression.. Toya looks up at him worridly and gets an automatic guilty face.. Jon shakes his head as he backs up out of the ring and slides out of the ring and heads up the ramp wi th a quick pace.. Toya rolling out of the ring.. runs after him.. the scene fades to a commercial break...

UWF fades back in from a commercial break.. you can see Jon Blazevic storming down the hallway obviously very enraged as his girlfriend Toya Winters.. who we have just witnessed as the masked women.. in a black suit holding her mask in her left hand running after him.

Toya: Jon wait..

Jon turns around and glares at her.

Blazevic:  WHAT in the heck do you want, WOMAN?

Her face goes from worried to angry as well, she raises her hand and shakes the mask in front of him.

Toya: I know I deserve something but not the filthy degrading name .. so cut the crap.

Blazevic's eyes go into a rage.

Blazevic:  I should SLAP THE DAMN TASTE OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! You have NO ROOM right now you snot nosed LITTLE BITCH! I came to this fed with bad intentions. But do you know what though? I LET MY GUARD DOWN! I LISTENED to you. I TRUSTED you. I BACKED YOU UP! I SUPPORTED YOU! But THIS is what you do? You are lucky that I'm resorting to verbal abuse instead of doing something worse.

She looks at him extremely hurt.

Toya: Now what you just said it worse than what I just did. You don't understand Jon..

Blazevic:  I don't understand? (sarcastically)  Oh tell me OH WISE ONE ... what DON'T I understand?


(Jon rolls his eyes and looks at his watch.)

Blazevic:  You have a couple minutes so you better make this worth my time.

Toya: Sassy made me attack you.

A Teenaged girl walks up to Toya with a pen and paper.

Girl: Toya Winters can I get your..

Toya turns to the girl.

Toya: Shut the fuck up and leave me the hell alone.

The girls mother comes up behind the girl.

Girls Mother: You bitch.

Toya: Deal with it.. now fuck off.

She turns back to Jon, who looks at her with a bit of suprise. She approaches Jon further in attempt to take his hand but he pulls it away.

Blazevic:  I've never seen THAT side of you before! But you know, I'm STILL ticked at what you did. WHY would that head cunt make you attack me?

Toya: She kidnapped my kids Jon. I had no choice.. she made me do her dirty work for her... I couldn't even bare the thought of my kids being hurt.

Blazevic:  But WHY ME? What the heck am *I* going to do?

Toya: Your my boyfriend.. connect the dots hun. Not to mention.. you hate this place.. what other reasons does she need?

Blazevic:  (smirks)  This place is a DUMP ... (he looks at Toya, who gives him a mad look). Ok, ok. I need to calm down with that, but you KNOW my thoughts. I understand your reasonsing, but you know what? It kind of HURTS to be attacked by the woman I love. You can't BLAME me for being pissed!

Toya: You... you love me?

Blazevic:  Why do you think I was so hurt?

She blushes a tad with a smile.

Toya: I'm sorry Jon.. I really am.. I never wanted to do it trust me.

(Blazevic than brushes her hair aside.)

Blazevic:  Than I think it's time we start doing things a different way. You don't like the bitch that runs this fed. I want to pull down my pants and pee on this fed! You may not agree totally, but we have a common enemy. It's time to start winning gold and taking names. You have influence. So what I want you to do is something simple. You and I WILL be the next UWF Tag Team Champions and that will be the START of this! Get the goth and foreign bitch in the ring together against us. We're going to start pissing over everything here. The best way to get someone mad is to get gold and FORCE them to depend on us!

Toya: Umm.. she's not gothic.. she's the army.

Blazevic:  (rolls his eyes)  I could care less what she is. I didn't bother to pay attention anyway. All I care is we beat the hell out of them and win the belts.

Toya: Fine with me.

Blazevic:  Now, I think you and I need to go somewhere so you can MAKE THINGS UP to me ... wouldn't you agree?

Toya: What do you think I am some kind of sex object. hat I need to do sexual things to make you happy or to 'make' things up to you. I'm sorry but it kind of offends me.

(Jon looks at her with a blank stare.)

Blazevic:  Toya, I love you. I want to be with you. I'm passioniate for you. I'm ALSO A GUY! That is all I'm going to say.

Toya: I don't care if you are a guy.. only bastards always have sex on their mind. Sex is supposed to be spontaneous.. not.. (Impersonates) Hey baby wanna fuck?

Blazevic:  I NEVER said that and you KNOW I don't! But you know what? You OWE me. And remember ... we are doing things MY WAY right now!

Toya gives Jon a look of disgust.

Toya: I owe you..? I owe you.. so to 'pay my dues' I have to fufill your sexual needs.. you know what then.. stay the hell mad at me for all I care.

Blazevic:  Toya dear, I love you, but you know what? I'm not going to just change myself totally. I'm putting into this and trying new ways. I damn well expect you to do the same. I don't take ANYTHING sexual we do for granted. I consider it PASSION and LOVE! Excuse me if I want to profess my love to you in that way and want it back from you.

Toya: You don't get it do you..! I'm not blaming you for wanting to be with me in that way.. but to demand it .. and command me because I 'owe'  you is down right dispicable.

Blazevic:  And what you did to me wasn't exactly paradise on earth either. But you know what? I'm dealing with it and I'd like you to do the same.

Toya: Yeah well my children a hell of a lot more of a better reason that the fact that I owe you one..

Blazevic:  And I respect your children and am FINE with them coming first. But right now in this very moment, you have a relationship to focus on too that you royally screwed over by doing what you did. I understand why you did it, but you won't exactly be on my first person trust list especially when you just want to get all pissed at me once again for simply asking in a male way to be with you.

Toya: Asking me offesively and degradingly won't get you anything.. I don't care what happened tonight.. if you want to be like that then find yourself a damn prostetute.

Blazevic:  I see we have more discussion to go at this subject. You are strong willed and I'm strong headed in the wrong place right now. Look, I'm sorry. It's not worth fighting over this when we've seen enough drama already. I'll lay off and try to respect your boundries with things. After all, you are the gatekeeper and I don't want the gates shutting down on me for good.

Toya: All I ask for you is to be respectful not demeaning and offensive.

Blazevic:  I'll try. You know I'm a first rate asshole so things won't change over-night, but I swear I'll give it an honest attempt. As long as you can work with me and understand how I roll.

Toya: Hey be a first rate asshole to everybody you want just not me and my kids.. thats all I ask.

Blazevic:  Fair enough. That's fine by me. I've never said a word about your kids and I hold you in a very high standard. How about we get out of here and get a beer or something? You ok with that?

She smirks.

Toya: Yeah I'm okay with that.

(Jon extends his hand to her.)

Blazevic:  Let's go, my love. It's been a long night.

She takes his hand and they both head towards the parking lot of the arena before the scene fades to black.

Match #5
Leather Strap Match
  Yukino Williams V.S Johnny Mara
Coming back in from a UWF Commercial break..... the arena is silent until...

Free, you better love me
And hide or run away
From all your yesterdays

Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea
I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me!

And way beyond your controlling mind (mind)
And no more believing in all your precious lies

Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea
I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me!
Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea, yea
I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me!

Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea
I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me! Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea! I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me!

[The crowd instantly gives off a mix reaction at the chorus of the rock song as the lights slowly start to dim and a bright spotlight shines at the entrance.]

Misty James: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, Introducing first He stands tall at SIX FEET and FOUR INCHES!

[The Rock bass starts to thump as the boos simply get louder.]

Misty James: He weighs in at a solid TWO HUNDRED and FIFTY POUNDS!

Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea
I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me!

Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea, yea
I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me!

Misty James: He hails from the city of MIAMI, FLORIDA!

Free, you better love me
And hide or run away
From all your yesterdays


[A mix reaction erupt from the crowd as Mara comes bursting through the curtain, with a spotlight following his every move towards the ring. A large smile is on his face as he simply looks about the reaction crowd. They hated him and it was just the way he liked it. He didn’t care if they jeer, or let alone cheered him. He was here to do a job and it so happened to be that he was very good at it. He slides underneath the bottom rope, as the lights start the brighten up.]

Free, you better love me
And hide or run away
From all your yesterdays

Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea
I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me!

And way beyond your controlling mind (mind)
And no more believing in all your precious lies

[Mara hops upon the middle turnbuckle of a corner of the ring and throws his fists in the air to the reacton from the crowd. But yet a wave of flash bulbs shine over him as he hops down and makes his way towards the other turnbuckle. He hops down and leans against the ropes.]

Owens: And there is the champ we all know an love.

Pickard: I disagree with the love part.

Owens: Your just jealous.

Goodman: I would rather kill myself then by like that guy.

"Misery Business" by Paranormal comes out and all you hear is the drums and guitars going, after the small guitar solo the "singing" begins and out walks Yuki walks out in black pants, black sneakers, and a red halter top.

Misty James: And his opponent... weighing in at 125lbs.. she is from Deltona, Florida.. she is One half of the UWF World Tag Team Champions... and she is the UWF Prime Champion... she is YUKINOOO WILLIAMMMSSS!

She's smiling a cocky grin, ready to step into the ring. She looks around at everyone, then runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. She walks around the ring, waving once or twice while testing the ropes. Finally she stands against the ropes and waits for her opponent/the match to begin. After the bell rings both competitors pulls on the leather straps with fury knocking each opponent around like bowling balls or raggady ann diolls.. when Johnny Mara grabs the rope pulls her in further then begins to use his forces to circle her around picking Yukino off of her feet and then she goes smashing in to the turnbuckle with enough slack that it does not affect Johnny.... he taps the last post above her head declaring him the winner.

Misty James: Winner of the match... JOHNNNYYY MARAAA!

Scene then fades to a commercial break.

UWF coming back in from a commercial, Sassy strolls to the ring with a microphone in her hands as the music continues playing in the background. She steps into the ring, not caring about the reception she's getting from the crowds.

SASSY: Michael Weaver! I'm tired of all your grumblings and your harassment week in and week out! Every day of my life, I have to be on the alert, not knowing when will you pop up in my office. I'm tired of all these crap and today, I shall end it once and for all!!!

The crowd replies with loud jeers but Sassy continues speaking.

SASSY: Meet your doom, Michael Weaver! Because as of today, I've got one man who is capable of taking you down at my corner. He's more than willing to help me eliminate you for good. You do not know the man under the mask but I do. Michael Weaver, bow down to the Extreme Immortal ... The Mystery Man!!!

The Mystery Man appears and walks down the ramp slowly, taunting and thrash talking to the fans by the side as he walks down the ramp. He enters the ring with a microphone in his hands.

MYSTERY MAN: Sassy Michaels ... I keep to my promise and you keep to yours.

Sassy Michaels hands over a cheque of $1,000,000 to the Mystery Man and immediately after that, the Mystery man shakes her hand.

MYSTERY MAN: The deal is done. Michael Weaver ... Your doom is here. If you dare to touch Sassy one bit, I promise to give you hell. If you ever think about harassing Sassy Michaels again, you have to pass through my round first! I'm going to say it once and for all to you, Michael Weaver ... STAY AWAY FROM SASSY OR I'LL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL FOR YOU!!!

The Mystery Man slams the microphone onto the ground and Sassy applauds him with a smirk on her face.

TLC Handicaped Match
"The Prodiy" Brad Starr & Andromeda V.S Section 8
Coming back from a commercial break, 'RockStar' hits, as  Brad Starr comes out, in wrestling gear and sun glasses, he then runs full speed down the ramp, and slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He jumps on the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd.

Misty James: This match is schedueled for a TLC Tag Team Handicapped Match... and introducing first.. from New York City... he weighs in at 235lbs.. he is "THE PRODIGY" BRAD STARRR..."

Pickard: Ha much like Section 8 will have in this match up.. he;s against two warriors.

Owens: Section 8 can tear through Brad Starr and besides what good would Andromeda do.. she could suck afterall.

"Toxicity" by System Of A Down blasts the speakers.. the arena begins to flash purple and green when out comes a well figured woman .. she is ressed in all black and she has on a leather mask like catwoman but without the ears... She smirks as she is heading down to the ring.

Misty James: And his partner.. she is from Edmonton, Alberta Canada.. she weighs in at 192lbs.. she is ANNDROMMEDDAA!

She has a wide smirk on her face as she hops in to the ring.. the audience cheering for her.. when suddenly the whole arena goes black.

Goodman: What is this some kind of joke?

Pickard: I don't think so.

The lights strobe blue as "Cut Throat" booms throughout the arena and a masked assailant in all black army attire and a ski mask appears on stage as he walks through a cloud of thick fog. He makes his way to the ring and slides in before mounting the turnbuckle and looking out at the fans with his arms crossed...

Misty James: And last but most certainly not least.. he is their opponent, and only opponent.. he is from parts unknown.. weighing in at 247lbs... he is SECCTIONNN 8.

Andromeda and Section 8 begin to exchange looks, both of them hiding their identity.

Goodman: Don't you think with all these 'Masked" people it is kind of playing out the idea?

Owens: Just a wee bit!

"Beep" by the Pussy Cat Dolls hit the speakers as all competitors get in to the middle of the ring.. Sassy Micheals comes out to the ramp with an evil look on her face and the crowd is booing her loudly... she comes out with a microphone in hand.

Sassy Micheals: As we all know.. this match was supposed to be a Tag Team Match with Draven as Section 8's tag team partner... but due to unforseen circumstances.. he had to bow out of this match..

She pauses and everybody in the ring looks at her confused.

Sassy Micheals: But I found a new partner for Section 8.. oh yes that is right this will be a Tag Team Match.

The crowd begins to murmur with curiosity.

Sassy Micheals: You know who you are come on out.

Pickard: I wonder who it is..

"Paint it Black" by GOB hits the speakers.. and Madison Divera comes out with a very insecure look on her face.. she is not exactly happy with this. The audience begins to oo and awe.. Andromeda's jaw drops and it looks as though Section 8 is a little uncomfortable.. but yet it seems like he is having a bit of a chuckle. Madison stops at Sassy and begins to bicker with her.

Sassy Micheals: Oh Madison.. do you want to lose your position as co-owner?

Madison glares at her.

Sassy Micheals: I thought not.. now get down there and fight this Tag Team Match.

Goodman: Even for Madison Divera this is a bit cruel.. I never seen such a bitch like Sassy before.. first she kidnaps Toya's kids to force her to do her dirty work and now she is black mailing the co-owner with her own job..

Madison walks down the ramp.. giving Section 8 one weird look as she enters the ring.. she stays on the side of Andromeda and Brad Starr who look between them awkwardly...

Misty James: All competitors will be able to be in the ring at the same time.. now let the match begin.

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs all placed around the ring Madison slowly creeps over to her side with Section 8 as the bell sounds.. Andromeda charges for 8 with a heel kick which plants him to the table just behind him and Starr and Madison lock up in arms.. but she manages to throw him on top of 8... mistakenly she hurry's over and pulls Starr off of him. But 8 Just looks up at her through the eye holes in his mask and smirks... she ignores it and plants a DDT on Brad Starr. Andromeda approaches behind Madison with a steel chair and goes to hit her upside the back with it but Section 8 grabs her wrists and he grabs her by the throat and pulls her in to the air and then slams her through the table that was set up...  he then goes for the pin...



3... No She kicks out successfully. He gets up and helps her to her feet but Brad Starr runs in with a baseball slide and knocks Section 8 down. He does a face plant in to the table and then rolls over... Andromeda has a chair in hand and goes to hit him with it but he stops her.. meanwhile Madison grabs the leadpipe from her boot while the referree is not looking and she wacks Andromeda behind the left knee with it sending her to the mat.. she tucks it back in to her boot climbs on top of her and begins to smash in her face with right hooks.. Brad Starr by this point has climbed up the ladder and jumped off with a frog splash on Section 8 but he moved out of the way.. Section 8 rolls Starr over helps him to his feet and then begins to land him with UFC Mounted Punches.

Goodman: I don't think I can watch any longer..

Owens: Getting too violent for you?

Pickard: This match is pretty intense.

Madison then lowers to Andromeda for the pin...


2... and no Andromeda gets the shoulder up.

Pickard: Why are they picking on her?

Section 8 is still working on Starr and Madison has Andromeda down .. she then climbs up the turnbuckles and turns around to Starr down and out and to Andromeda with a chair in her hands yet again approaching Section 8 from behind.. Madison gets an angry look on her face dives off of the ropes with a jump.. grabds Andromeda's arms and flies behind her throwing her over her and in to the ropes.. and Madison lands harshly on to the ladder with her back and she screams from the pain.. Section 8 turns to her bu Starr Russian Leg Sweeps him down to the matt and then climbs the ropes himself and frog splashes Section 8 and goes for the pin..



and no Madison wacked Starr in the head with the chair..! Andromeda comes up behind Madison in an attempt to attack her but Section 8 hooks on to Madison's leg and pulls her over him.. but they roll and Section 8 lands up top Madison.. her eyes wider than a bugs she stares up at him uncomfortable and he smirks... kind of frozen there.. but after a minute he rolls off of Madison who just lays there frozen.. he charges at Starr with a Superkick and knocks him down to the matt and goes for the pin...



but no Starr kicks out.

Owens: Dear lord this match is getting really juicy.

Goodman: I wonder what kind of history is between the Co-Owner and the Masked Section 8!

Pickard: Time will tell I guess.

Owens: There is definately something there though.

Andromeda had climbed up the ladder.. she flies off with a Hurricanrana on Madison and is thrown to the ropes hard and bounces back... Andromeda lands on the matt with a hard landing.. Brad Starr knock Section 8 down with the Starr Treatment. Madison crawls up top of Andromeda with a chair and hits her repeatedly in the head with it.. and then grabs her by the hair and helps Andromeda to her feet and throws her in the turnbuckle.. Madison folds up the ladder and charges at her with it.. craming it in to her gut.. Andromeda holds on to her stomach with pain but Madison charges at her with it one more time as Section 8 goes for the pin on Starr...



3.... Madison turns her head and drops the ladder as the bell sounds...! Section 8 rolls off of Starr .. grabs his hand and helps him up...

Misty James: And your winners... SECTION 8.. and MADDIISSSOONN DIVERAAA!

The crowd goes wild with boos, and Andromeda took advantage of the distracted Madison and grabs the ladder.. swinging it and hits Madison in the head with it knocking her down.. and blood spurts to the matt as Madison hits it hard.. The Mystery Man comes running down the ramp... he slides in to the ring and he knocks Andromeda down with a clothesline.. Madison layed out on the matt ... Section 8 then picks her up and hits her with  his Devastation and then Brad Starr hits her with his Star Breaker... Madison is stilll out cold..and then Section 8 bends as a can of spray paint is passed to him by the Mystery Man and he sprays a large blue 8 on her and then kicks her rolling out of the ring with a smirk.. he tosses the can to Starr who spray paints a huge 8 on the ring matt and they all smirk to the crowd and raise their arms as the crowd boos them...

Owens: Wow.. what a twist of events.

Pickard: Poor Andromeda..

Madison is finally getting her feet with the help of the ropes... and the three men go to leave the ring... but wait for Madison to exit first.

Goodman: Ahh their just doing that because she is co -owner or else they would have sprayed her too.

Owens: I don't know about that Mark..

Scene then fades as the three men then shortlty after Madison exit in to the back.

Scene fades into commentator's table..

PICKARD: Well, it's been one hell of a night of wrestling action, but we ain't done yet.
OWENS: (Shakes head in disgust) Tissue alert...
PICKARD: Don't you even start!!!
OWENS: Okay fans at home and around the world... Welcome to the UWF Soap Opera segment... We're about to hear some 'boo-hoo' story as to why the almighty Jay Verona walked away from an Ultimate World Championship Match so that he could deal with 'personal issues'.
MARK GOODMAN: You could be the most uncaring individual in the UWF !!! You know ???
OWENS: Well...
PICKARD: (Interrupts) Well nothing !!! Even though it hasn't been publically announced, several UWF personnel has known about these 'personal issues' but has kept silent do to Verona's request.
OWENS: Let me guess... You already know ?
PICKARD: Yes, I know, and and I can guarantee you this... There isn't a roster member who wouldn't have done what Verona did !!!
OWENS: Let's see... Have a contract on the table to battle for the Ultimate World Championship against against someone you don't quite see eye to eye with ? And you don't sign it for 'personal reasons' ?
PICKARD: Prepare to eat some crow Owens...
OWENS: Whatever... Well ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to hear from the undefeated Jay Verona... 9-0, like it really matters... Tell the world some sob story as to why he walked away from the UWF at the peak of his career... For 'personal issues', as Pickard says...
PICKARD: You're pathetic...
OWENS: Listen... Everyone knows that Verona was riding an undefeated streak. He was set to go up against the then undefeated World Champion Johnny Mara. He knew the streak would have ended once he faced Mara...
MARK GOODMAN: (Shaking his head in disgust) Keep digging... Hope you enjoy crow, because you're gonna be eating a whopping portion in a few... Let's send you down to the ring announcer to welcome back one of the UWF's finest...
OWENS: (Imitates a chicken) Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk...
MISTY JAMES: Ladies and gentlemen... It is my honor to welcome back to the UWF... JAY VERONA (HUGE POP)!!!
*** The crowd comes to their feet as Verona's new entrance theme, Ministry's 'Burning Inside', blares through the arena's sound system !!! A huge 'Verona' chant erupts as the fans await their returning hero. Finally, Jay Verona walks through the back curtain (HUGE POP)!!! He stands at the top of the ramp soaking it in the fans ovation. He has tears in his eyes as the 'Verona' chant turns into a 'Welcome back' chant...
OWENS: This is sickening!!! I'm gonna vomit!!! Soap operas don't belong in wrestling!!!
MARK GOODMAN: The fans are letting Verona know that they want him back in the UWF full time!
OWENS: I hope this is gonna be a retirement speech!!!
MARK GOODMAN: You are some character, you know?
OWENS: I'm gonna need a barf bag!!!

*** Verona starts down the ramp slapping the hands of the fans. About half way down, he is against the guard rail acknowledging a fans sign when out of nowhere a fan grabs the back of Verona's head and slams it with great force onto the steel barrier (HUGE CROWD GASP)!!! Verona falls backwards onto the ramp !!!

PICKARD: OH MY GOD!!! A fan has just attacked Jay Verona!!!
OWENS: You see the size of that guy???
PICKARD: Where the hell is security???
*** Verona is busted wide open!!! A huge black fan steps over the guard rail and drops a knee into Verona's sternum (HUGE BOOS)!!! Six security guards charge the fan, but each are leveled with a combination of overhand chops and chops to their throats!!! The fan picks Verona up, and walks down to the ring with him. He gets a running start and drives Verona back-first into the ring post (HUGE BOOS)!!!***

PICKARD: Get more security out here !!! Damn it !!! Shoot the bastard if you have too!!! 

*** The fan rolls bloody Verona into the ring, and then rolls in himself!!! The fan then picks Verona up and Irish whips him into the ropes, and on the bounce-back delivers a crushing Swinging Sidewalk Slam (HUGE BOOS)!!!  Verona is out cold!!! The fan smirks as the fans are in a state of shock over the assualt!!! The fan backs up, and then runs forward and crushes Verona's chest with a Running Elbow drop (HUGE BOOS)!!!
A herd of security rush down the ramp!!! The giant fan sees them, rolls out of the ring, and climbs over the guardrail and runs through the crowd!!! Security chase after him as the UWF Medical Crew sprints down to the ring!!!
The show ends with a close up of the unconscious Verona's bloody face and with the Medical Crew checking him... The arena is silent as they work on their fallen hero...***

Special Thanks To: Section 8, Weaver, Toya, Blazevic and Myster Man.