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Monday December 10th, 2007.
Honolulu, Aloha Stadium
7:00pm Eastern

Opening Match
Bare Buckles Match
  Jon Blazevic V.S "The Legend" Johnny Johnson
The UWF comes on television in Honolulu, the Aloha Stadium... flashes of the Tag Team Champions come across the stage.. Yukino Williams and Samantha Grimm-McCallister.. as well as the new Prime Champion .. "The Prodigy" Brad Starr as he lays a good one on Yukino for the title.. then a showing of Anthony Sicario.. defending his title for the second time and last but not least .. Johnny Mara who holds his title high for a good long 5 months now..! But wait.. clips of Madison Divera chasing Sassy Micheals-Weaver up the ramp after selling all of her shares to the company to Blayze Alexander... the scene then cuts to the commentators tables.

Goodman: Looks the champ Johnny Mara has a huge deal on his hands tonight.

Owens: All people he has defeated before.. no big deal.

Pickard: Yeah but David he never beat them all in one night and in the same match..

Goodman: I can sesne a gang up..

Pickard: I wouldn't say that Mark.. Toya and Brad Starr have it out for one another.. and David if you haven't noticed.. Toya kicked Mara's ass..

Owens: Yeah but when the title was on the line.. he kicked hers and left her bloody to prove his worth.

Goodman: Yeah and a couple weeks later she gets revenge on him.. but beating his brains in to the matt and losing with a DQ.

Owens: Cut it out..!

Pickard: What you can't stand knowing Toya has it better than Mara....?


"Deep" by Nine Inch Nails goes through the arena speakers as the bass hits the lights fade totally to black. As the lyrics hit sparks fly up from the floor in front of the entranceway and out walks Johnny Johnson. Wearing his latest "The Legend" t-shirt and his blue wrestling shorts and boots. He walks out from the backstage area with a his big signature devilish smile. The crowd boos him rom the time he enters their site and he holds nothing back with them as he throws words back to them and insluts them with every breathe he takes as he makes his way into the ring.

Misty James: And introducing firs to the ring... this is schedueled for pinfall, or submission.. it is a Bare Buckles match and he weighs in at  255lbs.. he is from Las Vegas, Nevada... "THE LEGEND"... JOHNNYYY JOHNNSOONNNN!

He climbs up the ring steps and enters the ring. He then climbs up on the second turnbuckle and begins to belittle the fans even more. He jumps down off the turnbuckle he takes his t-shirt off whips whatever sweat he has on his chest and brow and then darts it to the face of the closest fan. "Smooth Criminal" by Alien Ant Farm cues up as the fans go into IMMEDIATE BOOS! Blue and green pyros go off as JON BLAZEVIC comes to the ring. He smirks at the fans and some try to punch him only to be fended off by UWF security. Blazevic poses for a minute or two before getting into the ring.

Misty James: He hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota and weighs in at 254 pounds. He is JON BLAZEVIC!

Goodman: I hate that guy..

Owens: I do to.. the guy has a permanent pickle stuck up his ass..

Pickard: You have to be kiddin me.. you hate Blazevic.. he's your type.

Owens: He disgusts me.

Goodman: I think he is serious Kevin..

Pickard: Creepy..

The bell sounds as both men lock up in arms.. Jon goes for an elbow shot to Johnny's gut and heeve's him in to the ropes successfully.. he goes after him with a clothesline in attempts to throw him over the ropes but Johnson gives him a boot to the abdomen and then Spears him down to the matt. Johnson then grabs Blazevic by the hair and goes to "help" him to his feet but Blazevic leg sweeps him to the matt.. grabs him by the ankles and drags him to the turnbuckle.. pulls him up and tehn DDT's him from the top rope... Blazevic then goes for the pin...



But no Johnson kicks out. Johnson reaches up and grabs on to Blazevic's leg and pulls him to the matt and then rolls him up in to the pin..

But no he kicks out. Blazevic gets to his feet .. as well as Johnson.. they both lock up in arms again bu Blazevic gets the advantage and shoves Johnson in to the turbuckle.. knee's him in the gut turns him around and places his hand on the back of his head and begins to smash his face into the bare turnbuckle mutiple times.. blood coming from his forehead.. until Johnson stomps on Blazevic's foot.. Jon stumbles backwards bouncing on his foot then Johnson swoops in and perfromes his "Just Legendary" before locking him into the Chicken Wing Sleeper.

Goodman: Wow these men are really laying it down on each others.

Pickard: Yeah but the sad part of it all is Blazevic actually has the upperhand in this one.. cept for at this moment.

Owens: Then he doesn't have the upper hand now does he?

Blazevic crabs on to the ropes and ref breaks the submission... Johnson backing up to the other side of the ring.. Jon attempts to get to his feet as Johnson goes after him with a charge... Blazevic ducks and he goes over the ropes... Blazevic then taunts the fans with flipping the middle finger with both hands and they boo him and throw tomato's at him.

Owens: Are they throwing fruit at Blazevic.

Goodman: I think so David.

Owens: Now that is something new..

Blazevic just laughs as Johnson comes parading at him with a clothesline and knocks him down.. he begins to stomp on Jon.. and then grabs him and throws him into the ropes.. knocking him back down with a clothesline.. he brings him over to the corner of the ring and knocks his face off of the bare turnbuckle.. but before he can do it again Blazevic spins around with a back arm chop to Johnson's chest and then throws many lefts and rights hooks to his face before  performing his Roadkill Dust and goes for the pin...



3... the bell sounds and Blazevic rolls over off of Johnson to create his second ever win in the UWF.. he gets up and smirks expecting to see Toya Winters on the sidelines cheering him on.. but the camera's zoom on on a blow up doll that has her name written in magic marker on the doll with a sign on it.. saving "IN YOUR DREAMS" and then it is signed "With love.. Toya... ha ha ha!"..

Misty James: Winner by Via-Pinfall... JONNN BLAZZEEEVIIICC!!

Goodman: Now that is funny..

Owens: Blazevic is pissed..

Blazevic slides out of the ring engraged at the insult by his girlfriend and grabs a hold of the blow up doll and squeezes it so hard out of anger it pops and he squishes it until there is nothing left.. all y ou can hear is a cackling over the P.A which sounds like the voice of Toya Winters as all fades to black.

(The Mystery Man and Sassy Michaels-Weaver are discussing some. Sassy smiles and gets a bit close to him. We can't tell what the masked Mystery Man is saying, but cameras do pick up some of Sassy's comments.)

Micheals-Weaver: My lawyers are working on getting this marriage annuled soon! You really put that handicapped wannabee freeloader away last week!

(Sassy leans closer, but than MICHAEL WEAVER JR. WHEELS HIS HANDICAPPED CART RIGHT INTO THE MYSTERY MAN! Sassy screams as Weaver starts rolling back and forth all over the Mystery Man!)


(Her husband ignores her and keeps on CRUSHING the Mystery Man by rolling over him. Weaver stops his cart and aism right at the Mystery Man's groin. He hops up and the cart comes RIGHT DOWN ON IT! Weaver starts SCREAMING at his wife while white bird poop comes out of his hair.)

Weaver: Do you KNOW how it feels to be ABUSED? You know what, I FINALLY had something! I had a match with the world champ last week. I had a chance to win and get a title shot! Finally, people would UNDERSTAND my crotch rot! People would accept the mice that live up my behind! People would see a person that is in too much pain to bathe CAN be successful! But I was ROBBED!

Micheals-Weaver: You DESERVE it! You rob people of their hard earned money, DVD's, and anything else you can get your unwashed hands on! You SMELL and you CAN BATHE! Now GET AWAY FROM ME!

(Sassy tries to run, but Weaver yanks the UWF Co-Owner and puts her on his lap. Weaver's penis gets up to it's three inch limit right away. Sassy starts screaming, but Weaver puts his hand stacked with boogers from picking his nose earlier across Sassy's mouth. Weaver starts talking some more.)

Weaver: Do you know what, my love? I have something VERY IMPORTANT to say! While you and that Masked Man were plotting my destruction, I found out some VERY BAD NEWS!

(Weaver starts to cry. He is VERY TRAINED to let tears fall!)

Weaver: I went to the doctor and the UWF had to pay for it because I'm too hurt to work! The doctor was giving me my physical and felt around my legs. He felt THIS...

(Weaver points to his legs.)

Weaver: There is a LUMP in my right leg above my knee! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? That means I HAVE CANCER! I'm SICK! This PROVES it! I'm going to DIE! I already have fibromyalgia! My voice sounds like a woman! I have was coming out of my ears! I can't bathe because I'm in constant pain. But NOW I'M GOING TO DIE!

(Weaver starts to cry even more. Sassy actually looks concerned for one moment. She looks down at his leg and than gets angry.)

Micheals-Weaver: That is NOT a cancer tumor. That is a FAT tumor! You just have that because you are FAT, OUT OF SHAPE, and SMELL BAD! Your body is reacting to your GROSS lifestyle!

Weaver: (totally ignoring Sassy and thinking she is concerned for him) I KNOW this is sad for you, my loving wife! We just got married and NOW I might be dead at any moment! I NEED HELP! I'm BEGGING every UWF and wrestling fan to send me MONEY so I can fight this disease! Send me a Playstation 3 as well because that also will help me beat the cancer! HELP ME NOW! Look at my poor wife! She is DEVASTATED BY THIS!

(The camera pans in on Sassy who looks like she is going to kill Weaver.)

Weaver: And help put ABUSERS of physically handicapped CANCER patients away!

(Weaver points at the knocked out Mystery Man. He looks down at him. Sassy grabs a sanitary napkin and wipes off her mouth trying to avoid vomitting.)

Weaver: YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS! Do you SEE who you have abused? I HAVE CANCER! DO YOU SEE THIS!

(Weaver gets out of his cart and grabs the Mystery Man's mouth. He takes the tumor and STICKS it in the Mystery Man's mouth! Sassy starts to SCREAM!)


(The cameras fade back to the announcers.)
Match #2
Flaming Tables Tag Team Match
AJ Donavon/ Reno Drake V.S The Perfect Strangers
Goodman: That was creepy.

Pickard: Always is when it comes to Micheal Weaver. Jr and his forced to be wife.. in a scandal of a marriage.

Owens: Your such a soap opera junkie Kevin.

Survival of the Sickest” plays throughout the arena and the lights strobe red and black around the entrance way as AJ Donavon, wearing his wrestling attire and a pair of expensive sunglasses, walks out from the back. He looks out into the crowd, surveying the masses.

Misty James: And welcoming to the ring first he is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada... he weighs in at 255lbs.. he is AJ DONNAAAVOONNN!

Before stepping out into the aisleway and raising his arms up in a statue-esc pose. At which point pyro’s shoot off behind him. Once he’s at ringside AJ wastes no time getting into the ring. Where he climbs the turnbuckle standing on the middle one at the far post and poses with his arms up just as he did at the top of the entranceway.
The crowd is going crazy with mixed reactions but mostly cheers as the lights start glowing and flashing white and red while "Feed" by Sevendust starts bursting through the speakers. A dark figure slowly makes his way up through the stage via stage lift as a strong white light glows from under him, showing him as a silhouette to the crowd.

Misty James: And his Tag Team Partner.. weighing in at 310lbs.. he is from Miama Florida.. residing in Toronto. Ontario... he is... RENNOOO DRAKKKEEE!

The figure has his head down and slowly looks up before turning around into the limelight and revealing it to be the Vigilante, Reno Drake. Drake then looks around at the crowd with dark shades on and a stone cold stare on his face as he looks around at the fans in the arena. He then goes to the center of the ramp and cocks his head up in the air as if smelling fresh blood, causing red pyro to go off behind him. He then starts his way down the ramp and continues to stare dead into the ring with intensity that no one can read from his face as some of the fans try to get him to shake their hand. Getting himself into his business stature, he starts staring around with an evil statuesque glare, getting more and more fired up before charging straight to the ring. Sliding halfway through the ring, he lands in the center on his knees, the stare completely glued on his face as he pans the crowd. The Vigilante then gets up and stands at the center of the ring as the crowd continues to cheer and slightly jeer for the massive monster. Slowly, his head turns towards the stage as he awaits his opponent, not moving an inch as he waits.

Owens: Now that is a tag team that is off the chain.

Goodman: They definatly have what it takes to go full force in this federation.

Pickard: Even in the singles divison.

The opening chords of Deep Purple’s “Perfect Strangers” strikes up as the arena lights turn off. A spotlight hit’s the entrance ramp where Ogre stands with his hands on his hips, another hit’s the back of the auditorium where Chase Rolland nodding his head towards Ogre knowingly. They both walk towards the ring confidently as the spotlights follow their every move.

Misty James: And they're opponents hailing in from Denton, North Carolina and Red Bank, New Jersey.. weighing in at a combined weight of 570lbs.. they are... THE PERFECTTTT STRANGGERSSS!

They ignore the fans as they pass. Chase hops the guard rail, and slides into the ring, just as Ogre clears the top rope. They meet in the center of the ring, across from one another, with Barney Bailey standing in between them. They size one another up, and then shake hands, and slowly walk to their respected tag team corner. Tables have been hosted throughout the ring and a gas can with lihgters on the outer edges... with all men in the ring the ref singles the bell.

Reno and AJ team up and do a double clothesline to take down The Perfect Strangers of Chase Rolland and Ogre. AFter falling to the matt they leg sweeop their opponents to the floor and then crawl up top of them and nail lefts and rights to Reno and Donavon... the ref comes in and breaks them up before they both go back to their seperate corners and then come in at one another again Reno locking arms with Chase and Donavon locking arms with Ogre... Ogre managers to take down Donavon and he goes for the pin as Reno had threw Chase over the ropes in the other edge of the ring..

But the ref comes in and reminds Ogre that this is a flaming tables match... Ogre helps up Donavon to his feet and throws him on to a table.. and then gets up on to the ropes.. he flys off with a frog splash and and with a combined elbow drop and puts Donavon through the table.. Reno comes back in angry.. he grabs Ogre by the back of the head and throws him in to the other table,... Donavon crawls off heads for the lighter and the gas can and pours it on all the tables,...

Goodman: Wow.. I don't think this match is going to last much longer.

Owens: I think there are close in talent these two tag teams.

Chase gets back in to the ring and knocks Donavon down with a baseball slide.. he hoists Donavon up on a table and climbs a rope.. going for a downward spiral.. ..Donavon rolls off of it just in time for Chase to crash through it...

Donavon lets out a laugh and grabs Chase by the neck.. and pulls him out from the table debris.. on the other hand.. Ogre just knocked down Reno and goes for the lighter ... lights up the table and goes to throw Reno on to it.. but Donavon runs over and  knocks him down making his partner crash to the floor as well.. Chase comes runnig over.. in order to help his partner.. but Reno sweeps him to the matt .. Reno gets up and  lights a second table on fire.. he grabs on to Chase and goes to the turnbuckle..

As well as Donavon grabbing Ogre and pulls him up the turnbuckle.. both men nod at one another and jump off... Donavon planting an RKO from the top rope in to the table on Ogre.. and Reno connecting a DDT from the top rope on Chase to through the falming table.. declaring them the winners as crew members come in with fire extinquishers..


Both men smile and roll off the tables .. and get to their feet raising one anothers arms in victory.. seems to be a mixed reaction from the crowd with leaning more towards boos as the scene fades.

Match #3
Hell's Den Match
Sean "Pit Bull" Homes V.S Dan Ryder
Scene comes back from a commercial break to ringside. As "Rocking in the Free World" hits the arena the word "Dangerous" blasts across the screen as Dan Ryder calmly walks to the ring. He stands in the corner, only stepping out and raising his hands to the crowd when his name is announced. ”Dogs Out” by DMX pounds throughout the arena as the bright lights fade and turn into black lights giving bright colors a glow…the voice of a little girl speaks...**

"He's baaaaaaaaaack!...

[Little Girl(DMX)]
This is dedicated to, this is dedicated to
(The streets), this is dedicated to...

[Little Girl(DMX)]
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
It's just D
And the dog is out, (c'mon! c'mon!)

**Blue fog fills the stage and in the midst Sean “Pit Bull” Homes slowly appears as if emerging from the depths of hell.**

"Started gettin a little too big for the cage that I been trapped in
Cats new it was a problem, went from robbin to rappin
Guns got the clappin, another trip to the morgue
We all know why it's happenin, another bit by the dog
When there's nothin left to eat, I ate away at my soul
Felt destructive cause I don't give a fuck if I go
I know y'all been told I don't give a fuck about livin
Killin other dogs got you cats chasin bitches
Got me itchin to bring back the beast from within
What I catch I'ma eat, in the streets I'ma win
I've been top dog and I'ma stay top dog
So what the fuck you got to say dog?
You cats play games that dog ain't with
Suck my dick, behind my back dog ain't shit
Well this is it, from now on if you ain't out the camp
We out to clamp, put 'em up against the champ
You bitch..."

**Sean Homes steps out of the fog as a spotlight turns on and shines down upon him and the fans roar with excitement.**

[Little Girl(DMX)]
"And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
It's just D
And the dog is out, (c'mon c'mon!)

And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
It's just D
And the dog is out, (c'mon c'mon!)..."

**Sean begins making his way to the ring bumping knuckles with a few fans**

"I don't think you cats see too clearly
If it ain't that you must be deaf, cause y'all niggaz don't hear me
But I know I got you scared to death
How many other niggaz you know when you see 'em make you hold your breath?
All a nigga did was take a pause
Did a couple of movies and you thought this whole rap shit was yours?
Stop being greedy, when was the last time you gave to the needy
Believe me, I run through niggaz like hallways with the cops behind
Give it to a nigga all day cause I pops the nine
Man listen, if you don't wanna see your man missin, man listen
I get dough like a nigga in a up north flick
And still roll like a nigga on some up north shit
The way dog flip out, cats'll never understand
Niggaz be like "X I thought I was your man!"

**Sean Homes slides into the ring and jumps up onto the second turnbuckle before holding up his large spinning Pit Bull pendant covered in onyx and diamonds.**

[Little Girl(DMX)]
"And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
It's just D
And the dog is out, (c'mon c'mon!)

And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
It's just D
And the dog is out, (c'mon c'mon!)..."

**Sean jumps down from the turnbuckle and runs to the opposite corner then umps up onto the second turnbuckle and throws his arms in the air before bringing them down to his chest and making the “Westside” sign with his hands.**

[Little Girl(DMX)]
"This is dedicated to, this is dedicated to
(The streets), this is dedicated to..."

"My dogs is dogs that love to brawl
Bring as many as you got cause we gon fuck 'em all
Dicksucked in the hall
The same shorty thats puttin any work on her knees
I'm duckin her call
A dog is a dog is a dog for life, dog been a dog, dog in your wife
I got kids this age
But let 'em keep talkin slick and I'm gon put somethin hot up in his ribcage..."

**Sean jumps down from the turnbuckle and begins impatiently hopping on the balls of his feet like a fighter ready to engage in a war.**

[Little Girl(DMX)]
"And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
It's just D
And the dog is out, (c'mon c'mon!)

And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
And the dog is out, (arf arf arf arf!)
It's just D
And the dog is out, (c'mon c'mon!)...

(When the dog is out, bitch ass niggaz get bit or fucked
One or the two, and I'm not Ja Rule
Feel me? Aight)..."

**The song fades as Sean stands tall in the ring ready to fight as he stands in his respective corner and throws strikes at an invisible person as he tries to loosen up his arms a bit…Both competitors stand in the octagon ready for battle when Misty James takes center stage to announce the match, but Sean stops her and whispers into her ear. The arena lights in Honolulu, UWF arena begin to flicker pink. The song "Human" by Skye Sweetnam blasts the speakers loudly and up on the Ultima-tron flashes of Madison Divera in her past wrestling days and in her owning days flash by the screen as she walks out on to the ramp with a look of vengeance in her eyes.**

Misty James: "Introducing to the ring... weighing in at 184lbs.. she is from Damanhur, Egypt.. and she is...MADISON "THE DIVA OF THE FUTURE" DIVEERRRAAA"

**She has a smirk about her face as she is standing on the ramp.. she has a very peculiar belt in her hands... it reads EGW EXTREME WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! She raises it to the crowd and they cheer for the cocky heel as she makes her way down the ramp with the title over her shoulder..! Sliding in to the ring... she raises the belt once more representing her home fed as she tosses her title to the referee who places it out of the ring. The ring techs begin attaching the barbed wire, but Sean stops them and tells them to leave the octagon. Misty hands Madison the microphone to announce the match…**

Madison: This bout is set for three rounds of fighting in the UWF Heavyweight Division. Introducing first, the fighter to my left, he is a Mixed Martial Artist with professional record of 36 wins and 9 losses. He stands at 6-feet-4-inches and weighs in at 247lbs. Fighting out of Oakley, California… SEAN “PIT BULL” HOMES!!!

**Sean raises his arms as the fans cheer.**

Madison: And now introducing his opponent to my right, this man is a submission specialist, he holds a UWF record of 0 wins and 0 losses. He stands at 6-feet-2inches and weighs in at 243lbs. Fighting out of Louisville, Kentucky…”DANGEROUS” DAN RYDER!!!

**Dan raises his arms as the fans cheer.**

Madison: And when the action begins our referee will be…Me!

**Madison tosses the mic out of the octagon but is still audible… She looks over at Sean.**

Madison: Are you ready?

**Sean nods and Madison looks over at Ryder…**

Madison: Are you ready?

**Ryder nods as well…**

Madison: Let’s get it on!

**Sean approaches the center of the octagon and puts his fist out to bump knuckles with Ryder and Ryder respectfully bumps knuckles as a sign of respect for his opponent. The two begin circling each other, Sean hopping towards Ryder and then back again as if trying to catch him off guard. Ryder comes in with a left hook to Sean’s ribs, but Sean manages to block it with his elbow and fire a heavy right hook to Ryder’s jaw, sending him falling to the mat. Sean quickly gets Ryder into a full mount position and just reigns lefts and rights down into Ryder’s face. Madison keeps an eye on the action as Ryder’s hands drop to the mat and his body goes limp and she pulls Sean off of him. Sean runs over and jumps onto the octagon wall and straddles it throwing his arms in the air in victory! Sean jumps down as Madison is handed a microphone to give the decision. Sean joins her in the center of the octagon and she takes hold of his wrist.**

Madison: Ladies and gentlemen, I have called a stop to this contest at one minute and twenty-eight seconds into the very first round. With the winner by TKO due to strikes, SEAN “PIT BULL” HOMES!!!

Madison and Sean turn to one another with a smile as the scene then fades to black.

*** Coming back from a commercial break, in the ring is two drape covered objects. They were carried out by two hooded men. They leave the ring as the crowd is wondering what is taking place...

PICKARD: I don't understand this. I don't see this on tonight's flow sheet.

OWENS: I'm as lost as you are! What's under those black drapes?

PICKARD: Beats the hell out of me!

*** Suddenly, African war drums is played throughout the arena (LOUD BOOS)... The giant Tajara walks out from behind the curtain and makes his way to the ring...

PICKARD: Oh no, not him...

OWENS: Guess his suspension is up...

PICKARD: For what he has done here over the last few weeks, it should have been a lifetime ban!!!

OWENS: Here we go... Boo-hoo storytime.

PICKARD: The man has brutally attacked two UWF stars... First he brutally assaulted Jay Verona and put him on the shelf. Then two weeks ago, he visciously brutalized young Scotty Mac. And I'd like to add, both were cowardly assaults.

OWENS: Well, Tajara is in the ring... For our own good, we should let him speak...

PICKARD: Yeah, or else we'll get jumped from behind in the parking lot...

OWENS: My point...

TAJARA: Tajara will now speak... (LOUD BOOS).

Tajara was sent to the west to show the world the dominance of the almighty nation of Sudan (BOOS)... First, Tajara destroyed the man named Jay Verona (LOUD BOOS). Mr. Verona had not met defeat in his professional career. He is the first wrestler ever to retire undefeated and leave the wrestling world a mangled bloody mess (HUGE 'YOU SUCK' CHANT ERUPTS)... Tajara ended Jay Verona (LOUD BOOS)!!!

The following week, rookie Scotty Mac felt the power of Tajara, and he too was retired (LOUD BOOS)... Tajara ended Scotty Mac (LOUD BOOS)!!!

PICKARD: He is real proud of himself!!! Will he ever go face-to-face against anyone?

OWENS: You keep talkin' and it might be you...

TAJARA: Tonight, Tajara will give you fans one last moment with Mr. Verona and Mr. Mac...

*** Tajara pulls the black drapes off to reveal two large framed photos... One of the bloody Jay Verona, and one of the battered Scotty Mac (LOUD BOOS)!!! Tajara looks at each picture and smiles...

TAJARA: Goodbye Jay Verona... Goodbye Scotty Mac... (SMIRKS)... These pictures will be sent to Sudan and put on public display as a show of Tajara's dominance (LOUD BOOS)... You will never forget the name Tajara... Long live the nation of Sudan (HUGE BOOS)!!!

*** Tajara takes the two large framed pictures with him as he leaves the ring to a huge chorus of boos... As he walks up the ramp, suddenly throughout the arena blasts Ministry's 'Burning Inside' (HUGE POP)!!! Tajara drops the two pictures, and frantically looks for Jay Verona!!! Out from behind the curtain he walks out with his face heavily wrapped in gauze (LOUD POP)!!! Tajara looks furious and slowly walks up the ramp. He starts to unwrap the gauze, but behind it is the still bruised and stitched-up face of... Scotty Mac (LOUD CROWD GASP)!!!

Tajara can't believe his eyes!!! He starts up the ramp when suddenly, Jay Verona jumps the guardrail from behind, grabs one of the pictures and smashes it over Tajara's head (LOUD POP)!!! The glass shatters and blood starts to flow from the back of his head!!! As the stunned Tajara turns around, Verona grabs a steel chair from a fan, folds it up, and places the other picture on top of it. Verona then shatters that picture over his head over-and-over with repeated chairshots until Tajara is a bloody mess (HUGE POP)!!!

OWENS: Wanna talk about a lunatic??? Look at Verona!!!

PICKARD: What comes around, goes around in my book!!!

*** The bloody Tajara finally collapses to the ramp after six straight chair shots (LOUD POP)!!! Verona points up at the still injured Scott Mac, then turns the bloody Tajara over, and then starts to rake his face over the steel mesh rampway with the charred glass laying on it, just as Tajara did to Mac's face two weeks ago (LOUD POP)!!! Seconds later, a herd of UWF security personnel run down the ramp and pull the crazed Verona off Tajara (BOOS)!!! Verona struggles to break free, but additional UWF officials plea with him to stop!!! A huge 'LET HIM GO' chant erupts from the crowd!!! Verona is walked up the ramp by the officials as a huge 'VERONA' chant erupts!!! He is taken through the curtain to thousands of flashbulbs...

PICKARD: Well fans, I believe you can now say that Jay Verona is back in the UWF, and he is out for blood!!!

OWENS: Why is it okay for Verona to attack someone, but if a heel does it, it's wrong?

PICKARD: Revenge is a dish best served cold...

OWENS: You don't think Tajara is gonna pay for this???

*** The bloody Tajara is helped to his feet by the medical crew. He hears the Verona chant and explodes!!! He thrusts his Sudan Spike into the throats of the three medical crewmembers, then wipes some blood off his face, stares at it, then licks it off his hand!!! The still dazed Tajara looks down and sees a large piece of the shattered glass, picks it up, places it in his hand like a machetti, then walks up the ramp with a crazed look in his eyes... He walks through the curtain as the crowd seems very concerned!!!

PICKARD: I think we should get every uniformed police officer backstage, and I mean now!!!

OWENS: Verona had best hide!!

PICKARD: I think Verona would be ready for him!!!

OWENS: This has to be nipped in the bud!!!

PICKARD: I think this would be a good time to go to a commercial break...

Scene fades out.

Match #4
  Myster Man V.S Jason Young
The scene fades back in to Mystery Man waiting in the ring patiently for his opponent to come out.

Misty James: And he is ... from parts unknown.. MYSTERY MAN!

He gives a slight smirk under his mask... and no music hits.

Misty James: Jason Young.. calling Jason Young.

The crowd let's out a laught but nobody comes out... a crew member signals Misty James and she kneels down to him having an approximate 2 minute conversation before coming to Mystery Man in the ring and raises his hand and the microphone.

Misty James: The winner of this match due to Jason Young being fired ISSS.... MYSTERY MAN!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Pickard: Yeah I can see Mystery man totally dominating the match.

Mark Goodsman: Yeah considering the guy was fired.. ha!

David Owen: Hey wait! Look! It's Sean Homes and Brad Starr!!!!

Sean Homes and Brad Starr run down the ramp and slides into the ring. Sean Homes locks eyes with the Mystery Man with a Steel Chair in his hand. Sean Homes lifts the chair, swings the chair towards Mystery Man .... ... ... WHAM!!!! The steel chair lands on Jason Young! Brad Starr starts stomping wildly on Jason Young. The three of them then clash knuckles and hugs each other! Sean Homes and Brad Starr both points at the Mystery Man as the Mystery looks around. He raises his hands to the mask and pulls it off, revealing himself to be .... .... ... ... ... ... HARD ROCKER!!!!!!!


Mark Goodsman: The GWL Hall of Famer has arrived here in the UWF!!! What a legend!

Kevin Pickard: Oh no ... I really don't like this man ...

Hard Rocker raises his hands in the air much to the jeers from the crowd. Brad Starr and Sean Homes tries to calm the crowd down as Hard Rocker brings the microphone to his mouth.

Rocker: I promised all of you that something big is going to happen here in the UWF. From today onwards, things will not be the same as before anymore because Hard Rocker is officially here in the UWF!!!! A new era has only just begun!!!

Brad Starr applauds Rocker and Rocker gives him a high-five in return. Rocker passes the microphone to Sean Homes, who is asking for it.

Pitbull: Finally, the trio is officially revealed. From tonight onwards ... SECTION 8 IS TAKING OVER THE UWF!!!

Sean Homes throws the microphone onto the ground as Section 8 taunts and poses to the crowd in the arena.

**The scene comes back to UWF Monday Night Madness as Sassy Micheals-Weaver, Sean “Pit Bull” Homes, and Johnny Mara are in the ring. Sean and Johnny sit opposite of each other at a table in the middle of the ring as Sassy places a clipboard with a contract attached in front of them.**

Sassy: Ok boys, once you sign this contract your match will be official for Christmas Carnage.

**Sean smiles and nods before jotting down his signature on the correct line and then sliding the pen and contract over to Johnny who acts as if reading it before finally signing his name. Sean gets up and walks around the table and Johnny gets to his feet ready to fight, but Sean offers to shake his hand in respect. Johnny looks down at Sean’s hand then back up to Sean’s face. Johnny smiles at Sean and then spits in his face. Sean takes a step back and smiles as he wipes the spit off his face then out of nowhere he nails Johnny with the Lock Jaw(Superkick) and sends Johnny toppling over the ropes behind him and down to the floor. The lights go out and come back on and Section 8 is in the ring with Sean: Brad Starr, Hard Rocker, and The Untouchable. Starr hands Sean a can of spray paint and Sean rolls out of the ring then sprays an “8” on Mara’s back. Sean walks over to the ring announcers table and asks for a microphone…**

Pit Bull: What we have here is the evolution of UWF. I will guarantee victory at Christmas Carnage and once I beat this paper champion…this person who has held the title for such a long while…UWF will see what a real champion looks like. They’ll see that I deserve to be champion and that I have what it takes to get to the top of the mountain and stay there!

**The lights flash on and off and in that mere second Section 8 had vanished from the squared circle.**

Match #5
Carnage V.S "Shooting Straight" Jason Taylor

Due to the lateness of the roleplay provided by Jason Taylor... this is just showing who wins.


Match #6
"The Professional" Anthony Sicario (C.) V.S Spaz
The scene for the Aloha Arena in Honolulu fade back in from as commercial break as Here and Now by The Ernies begins to play as the lights in the arena go out and it begins to Flash throughout the arena, Spaz soon appears on the top of the ramp and looks at the crowd he then smiles a little and then raises his arms to the air and as soon as he does red Pyro shoots down beside him on both sides.**

Misty James: Introducing first, from Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada…”The Renegade Cowboy”…SPAZ!!!

**Spaz puts his arms down and begins to walk down towards the ring, he gets to the ring and grabs the bottom rope grabs it with his right hand and slides feet first in the ring. He kicks up to his feet and walks over to one of the corners and jumps on the second turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd, he jumps down and smiles evilly as he gets ready. “Adrenaline” by Gavin Rossdale hits the arena as “The Professional” Anthony Sicario appears on stage peering out at the fans with a cocky smirk. He struts to the ring and climbs up the steel steps before wiping his feet on the ring apron.**

Misty James: And now introducing your UWF Madness Champion…”The Professional”…ANTHONY SICARIO!!!

**Sicario steps through the ropes and takes his jacket off then folds it and sets it in the corner before adjusting his gloves. The bell sounds as Sicario and Spaz circle each other before locking up in the middle of the ring. Sicario takes Spaz down with an Arm Drag, but Spaz fires back at Sicario with a Clothesline. Sicario hits Spaz in the chest with a hard chop and Spaz returns it with a smile before following up with a quick kick to Sicario’s gut and a DDT. Sicario gets back to his feet as Spaz charges at him, but Sicario catches him and executes a perfect Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Sicario goes for the pin, 1…..2…Kickout! Spaz on his feet nails Sicario with a hard dropkick and follows up with a Leg Drop across his throat. Spaz gets Sicario to his feet and Irish Whips him into the corner before charging in with a Clothesline, but Sicario ducks it and as Spaz turns around Sicario goes for the “Assassination” but Spaz blocks it and sweeps Sicario to the floor.**

David Owens: What a couple of wussies!

Kevin Pickard: I think these two are a couple of very fierce competitors.

Mark Goodman: They do seem to have everyone on the edge of their seats…

**Sicario pushes Spaz off of him and gets back to his feet before nailing Spaz with a Snap Suplex. Sicario gets to his feet and locks Spaz in a Triangle Choke from behind, but Spaz manages to make it to the ropes and get the hold broken. Spaz uses the ropes and pulls himself to his feet before nailing Sicario out of nowhere with a huge Spear! The two roll around on the mat and exchange punches for a moment before both getting to their feet. Sicario charges at Spaz and goes for a Flying Knee, but Spaz ducks it and fires back with a big Bulldog. Spaz quickly goes for the pin, 1…..2….Kickout! Sicario uses the ropes to get to his feet before Spaz nails him with a Samoan Neckbreaker out of nowhere!**

Kevin Pickard: Looks like Spaz is going in for the kill!

David Owens: That’s illegal!

Mark Goodman: Space shuttle…

**Spaz goes for the cover once more, 1…..2…..KICKOUT!!! Spaz can’t believe it and gets to his feet as he begins to stalk Sicario as Sicario uses the ropes to get back to his feet. Spaz moves in ready to hit Sicario with the Spaz Devide(Backflip Exploder), but Sicario uses his agility and flips over Spaz! Sicario nails Spaz with the “Assassination”(Superkick) as Spaz turn to face him, and Sicario falls onto Spaz for the pin with his right arm in the arm showing the count, 1…..2…..3!!!**

Misty James: Your winner via pinfall and STILL UWF Madness Champion… “The Professional”…ANTHONY SICARIO!!!

**Sicario helps Spaz to his feet and raises his hand in victory before shaking his hand to show his respect.**

Section 8 is seen backstage in the parking lot standing next to a large truck. Rocker stands at the rear of the truck holding a large hose as the camera pans to the left we see that the side of the diesel reads, “All Purpose Degreaser”. Only a short ways away there’s a huge box of the newest DVD’s, Video Games, and electronics. A faint whistling can be heard before there’s an audible gasp. Michael Weaver appears and runs at the huge box containing all his favorite things, but just as fast as the happiness had come over Weaver it had gone as Rocker and the rest of Section 8 hoses him down with the degreaser. They watch and laugh as Weaver howls in pain and keeps slipping and falling as he gets back to his feet.**

Pit Bull: Leave Sassy alone or things will get even worse for you my pathetic fat friend.

Section 8 leaves the parking lot howling in laughter…
The scene continues to flicker on the announcers table as Mark Goodman takes a short LOA.

Pickard: We've had one hell of a night so far but finally, it's the Joey Harris Homecoming Celebration, the true main event of the night!

Owens: Blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH! Joey Harris this, General Manager that...where did he find the credentials to be General Manager, a box of cracker jacks?

Pickard: Joey Harris is a legend David! He has just as much credentials to be General Manager as you have to be my partner.

Owens: What exactly has Joey done that makes him such a legend, other than his four "legendary" beatdowns by Johnny Mara?

Pickard: He's beaten many of GWL's finest superstars, such as Hard Rocker, Big Shot, Brad Starr, "Mad Dog" Murdock...he's beaten the legendary Jason Dreamer, and even went toe to toe with our boss Madison Divera in IWA! Add a couple championships, a Hall of Fame induction...

Owens: And a soap-box GM promotion at that!

Pickard: More than you've done, Mr. Playgirl cover model.

*Before David Owens can make a comeback the crowd goes insane, as the first notes to "Out of My Way" by Seether, the entrance theme for the legendary team Natural Selection, strum loudly over the PA system. A loud "Joey!" chant kicks up throughout the arena as the lights flash wildly, the bass beat getting louder as the seconds pass by, until finally, the PA screams those famous words:*


*A huge explosion shoots on the stage as the guitar riffs grow heavier in competition with the roaring crowd as Joey steps out onto the ramp, dressed to impress as usual with his trademark suit and shades, holding a microphone in his right hand. He smiles as he walks slowly down the ramp, slapping hands with some young fans as the music plays loud and proud.*

"I can't pass up this opportunity to make myself observed
I can't pass up this opportunity to let myself be heard

Would you like to, be the one who sees me lose this all
Would you like to, be the one who sees me fall"

*Joey climbs up the steps, climbing into the ring over the middle rope before hustling to the opposite side, climbing the turnbuckle and looking out into his fans, grinning wider every second.*

"Nobody's gonna stand in my way
Give it up son, I'm doing this my way
Nobody's gonna stand in my way
Give it up son, I'm doing this my waaay

You like to think the worst is over now, but you can't breathe at all"

*Joey jumps down, crossing over to the opposite turnbuckle and climbing it, looking out again and clapping for his fans, encouraging them to cheer louder for their hero.*

"You like to think you're owed a favor now, man you've seen it all

Did you want, be the one who sees me lose this all
Did you want, be the one who sees me fall"

*Joey hops down, pacing around the ring and grinning for his fans as his music fades out...*

"Nobody's gonna stand in my way
Give it up son, I'm doing this my way...."

*The fans chant "Joey!", louder and louder each second as Joey grins, lifting the microphone to his lips to speak.*

Joey: You know, after over three months of sitting at home, it feels great to be back here in a UWF ring! After that brutal Bar-room Brawl with Johnny Mara, many thought my career was over. I had fought and fought for the UWF Ultimate World Championship, and each time I fell short. Even I didn't think I had another match in me. For over two months, my career was over.

*The fans boo loudly, Joey wincing as if he were in pain. He tugs on his collar for a second before continuing.*

Joey: But then, I got the phone call. A call from the new, and past, owner of the UWF, Sassy, Sassy Michaels-Weaver, from what I hear.

*More boos from the fans at the thought of the despicable cest-pool known as Michael Weaver, Jr.*

Joey: Sassy Michaels offered me my job back, but I turned it down. After failing to defeat Johnny Mara four matches in a row, I felt I didn't deserve to be a part of the company I helped build. But as the days went by, I got another phone call from Sassy. She informed me that she didn't want me back as a wrestler, but as the General Manager of the UWF. As part of the deal, she gave me forty-nine percent of the match-making authority here in the UWF, which brings me to...-

*Before Joey can continue, "Dog's Out" by DMX plays as the fans cheer for the legend known as Sean "Pitbull" Homes. He smirks at Joey, but you can tell he's not smiling.*

Pitbull: Joey, may I be the first to say to you...welcome back.

*Joey tries to say thank you, but is cut off as Pitbull raises his hand to Joey.*

Pitbull: I ain't done talkin' yet. Now I know this is supposed to be your night and all, but in case you've forgotten who I am, I'm Sean Homes! I've won more championships than there is hair between your legs, son! If you think for one second that you're just gonna come in here and throw us around, we're gonna have a big problem.

*The crowd cheers loudly, but is opposed by jeers of equal amplitude. Joey stares back at Sean, a fierce look in his eyes.*

Joey: Pitbull, you and I have never had any problems, you know that. We may not have always seen eye to eye, what with my "Anti-GWL movement" from EGW and all, but aside from that we've never been a problem to each other. I just want you to know that you can trust my judgments always to be fair and impartial.

Pitbull: And all I'm sayin', is that you better just stay out of my business, unless I ask you to be a part of it.

Joey: Man, I'm out here for two things right now Sean, my celebration, and to make my announcement. Why breathe down each other's backs when we're supposed to be having fun man?

*Pitbull points to his eyes, then to Joey...then turns around and walks to the back. Joey sighs and turns back around to the fans.*

Owens: Some harsh words from the man known as Section 8.

Pickard: I felt they were somewhat unnecessary, but then again Sean Homes is just looking out for number one.

*The fans quiet down, ready to get on with the show and hear Joey's big announcement.*

Joey: As I was saying, I...

*Joey is cut off yet again, as "Not Going Away" by Ozzy Osbourne hits the PA. Joey pouts in the ring a bit, throwing his arms around. "The Untouchable walks out, a smug grin on his face.*

Untouchable: Well well, "The Natural" Joey's been a while.

*Joey simply stares at him, squinting as if to get a better view.*

Joey: Yeah...who are you?

Untouchable: How dare you mock me? I'm The Untouchable, the EGW legend!

*Joey points to the sky as if a lightbulb went off over his head. He grins.*

Joey: Yeah, you're that guy! Didn't you make it a whole three weeks over there before packing your bags?

*The fans laugh as Untouchable's face turns deep shade of red.*

Untouchable: Oh, you think that's funny do you? I bet you I've lasted longer in bed than you've lasted against Johnny Mara, all four losses combined!

Joey: Really? That's funny, Skye Richards told me there's a reason your name is "The Untouchable!"

*Untouchable throws a fit in rage as Joey simply shrugs.*

Untouchable: You know what Joey, I am immortal in that ring! When I'm out there, you can't touch me! Someone needs to teach you some respect, and that's exactly what I'm about to do.

*Before Untouchable can even get his shirt off, "Rockstar" by N.E.R.D. plays and Brad Starr walks out in his trademark hoodie, looking right past him. He talks to Untouchable as he stares down Joey in the ring.*

Starr: If I were you I'd just keep that shirt on A-cup, there's no way in hell you're getting a shot at Joey Harris before me, so move along.

*Untouchable storms off to the backstage, where the staredown between Joey and Brad Starr continues. Starr slowly walks down the ramp, approaching the ring.*

Starr: you doin' bro? Long time, no see. How've you been?

*Brad slides into the ring as Joey steps back, preparing himself for a potential fight. Brad just smiles.*

Starr: I'm not here for a fight man, at least not yet. But I do have a question for you.

*Brad gets right up in Joey's face, nose to nose. His breathing can be heard in the microphone as the crowd anticipates the next moment.*

Starr: What happened to our match last month at Eternal Sin? Why didn't it happen like it was supposed to?

*The fans fall into silence very quickly as they stare each other down. Finally, Joey takes a step back to ease the tension.*

Joey: I just wasn't ready for the match. Physically, I was hurting. Mentally, I was burned out. But I promise you, Brad and I, we'll have our match.

*Starr stares him in the eye and nods silently, then turns is attacked by the Mystery Man! The two exchange blows for a few moments before rolling out of the ring. Security runs down to separate the two, who fight all the way up the ramp for a few moments before they disappear into the back. Joey takes a deep breath, before continuing.*

Joey: I guess my celebration just isn't going to happen tonight, is it...well, in that case I'll get right on to my announcement. Now, I promised you all an announcement that will shake the foundations of the UWF, and I guarantee that I will deliver just that. So, without further ado, here is...

*Once again, Joey Harris is cut off, but for the first time there is no booing at the song..."Speak" by Godsmack...only sheer silence, in anticipation for the inevitable that is about to occur. Johnny Mara struts down the ring, championship belt slung proudly over his shoulder as he slides under the bottom rope and looks straight at his biggest nemesis, "The Natural" Joey Harris. He summons for a microphone.*

Mara: Joey, Joey, never learn do you? How many times will I have to knock you down before you learn to stay down?

*Joey says nothing, his eyes burning a hole through Johnny Mara's.*

Mara: When I heard you were the new GM, I admit I was a bit shocked. But you see, I am the Champ! I'm Johnny fuckin' Mara! And after thinking about it, I realize why you did it, because it's the only way you could ever come close to getting the championship off of Johnny...Mara.

*The fans boo loudly, a smirk on Mara's face. The expression on Joey's face doesn't change. He just stares down Mara as he lifts his microphone.*

Joey: Johnny boy, you're forgetting one thing. When you won that championship, I promised two things. Now, one of those promises I couldn't keep obviously, because here you are- the UWF Ultimate World Champion. But another promise is still here, waiting to be fulfilled. Do you remember, "Champ"?

*Joey gets in Mara's face, nose to nose, and smirks.*

Joey: I promised to make life a living hell for Johnny Mara.

*The fans explode, and Johnny Mara looks as though he is going to hit Joey. But the GM interrupts.*

Joey: I wouldn't try it, champ. Because since I'm now the General manager of the UWF, the second that you lay even a finger on me, I will strip you of that championship you cherish so much. But if you're looking for something to beat up on, I might have just the thing for you.

*Mara mouths the word "What?" in confusion, and turns around- only to be tackled to the floor by the returning Black Wolf! The Natural Selection member and former Bloodsport Champion lays into the champ with rights and lefts before picking him up for his finisher...but Mara rolls out of the ring from under the bottom rope, falling to the floor in exhaustion as the fans go crazy! Black Wolf hops onto the bottom rope, bouncing up and down with a sick, hungry look in his eyes. Joey smirks, lifting the microphone to his lips.*

Joey: Johnny Mara, pay attention, because I'm about to flip your whole game upside-down. Just when you think you have the answers, Joey Harris changes the questions. You want a piece of Joey Harris? You're not getting it yet. But what I do have for you, is the new Assistant General Manager of the partner, the Black Wolf!

*The fans go nuts as Johnny Mara flips out on the stage, screaming at Joey Harris, who just smirks back, his arm around Black Wolf's shoulder. "Out of My Way" hits the PA as Natural Selection stares the champ down.


"The Prodigy" Brad Starr and "The Champ" Johnny Mara are shown promoting Axe deoderant.. and then it shows Toya Winters and Yukino Williams showing off new women's attire..

Coming back in from commercial break. The cameras cut backstage where we find Sean “Pit Bull” Homes sneaking around backstage as he comes to a door labeled, “GM Assistant – Black Wolf”. Sean quietly enters the empty room and goes into the private bathroom at the back of the room. He closes the door behind him and stays in there for a few minutes and all you can hear is grunting and groaning. Minutes later Sean exits the bathroom with a smile and leaves Black Wolf’s office. As Sean walks down the corridor he sees Black Wolf and laughs as he walks by him, causing Black Wolf to give Sean a curious look. Black Wolf enters his office and goes over to the restroom in need of draining himself. We hear the toilet flush and then the bathroom door is thrown wide open and Black Wolf comes staggering out waving a hand in front of his face before yelling at the top of his lungs…

Black Wolf: PIT BULL!!!

The camera's fade to a commercial break.

Fatal Four Way

Johnny Mara (C.) V.S "The Prodigy" Brad Starr V.S Yukino Williams V.S Toya Winters

Coming in from a commercial break.... the camera's pan on the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu.

Goodman: Looks like we have the main event for the night... underway..

Owens: Well it will be underway .. and I have no worries.. Mara will end up being champ still.

Goodman: Don't be so sure of it.

Pickard: Mark just give up hope.. Mara is practically superman.

Owens: That he is Kev.. that he is.

RockStar' hits, as  Brad Starr comes out, in wrestling gear and sun glasses, he then runs full speed down the ramp, and slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He jumps on the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd.

Misty James: And introducing first.. he is one of the challengers to the UWF Ultimate World Title.... he is from New York City, New York.. weighing in at 235lbs.. he is known as "THE PRODIGY"... he is... BRADDDD STARRRR!

Brad stands in the ring.. looking around to the audience as they cheer him on.

"Misery Business" by Paramore comes out and all you hear is the drums and guitars going, after the small guitar solo the "singing" begins and out walks Yuki walks out in black pants, black sneakers, and a red halter top.

Misty James: And the second challenger to the UWF Ultimate World Title... she is from Deltona, Florida.. she weighs in at 125lbs.... she is YUKINNOOO WILLIAMMMSSS!

Goodman: I love the blonde hair.

Owens: You know it's fake right?

Goodman: I don't care... (Drools)

She's smiling a cocky grin, ready to step into the ring. She looks around at everyone, then runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. She walks around the ring, waving once or twice while testing the ropes. Finally she stands against the ropes and waits for her opponent/the match to begin.The music "Umbrella" by Rihanna hits the UWF arena speakers.

Ahuh Ahuh (Yea Rihanna)
Ahuh Ahuh (Good girl gone bad)
Ahuh Ahuh (Take three... Action)
Ahuh Ahuh

No clouds in my storms
Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank
Coming down with the Dow Jones
When the clouds come we gone, we Rocafella
We fly higher than weather
And G5’s are better, You know me,
an anticipation, for precipitation. Stacked chips for the rainy day
Jay, Rain Man is back with little Ms. Sunshine
Rihanna where you at?

The crowd around the arena begin to Ooo amungst themselves.

You have my heart
And we'll never be worlds apart
May be in magazines
But you'll still be my star
Baby cause in the dark
You can't see shiny cars
And that's when you need me there
With you I'll always share

The Tita-Tron then glows a bright purple color.. as smog begins to unfold on the ramp.

When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

These fancy things, will never come in between
You're part of my entity, here for Infinity
When the war has took it's part
When the world has dealt it's cards
If the hand is hard, together we'll mend your heart

The arena goes dark, the glow of purple shinning through the smog.

When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

Toya Winters is now seen within the smog as the fans then begin to get louder with cheers.

You can run into my arms
It's okay don't be alarmed
Come here to me
There's no distance in between our love
So go on and let the rain pour
I'll be all you need and more

The figure then comes out of the smog for the fans to begin cheering at the recognization as their fan favorite.. the now able to see woman walks out on to the ramp. She has a smile on her face.

When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

Toya then heads on down the ramp holding her left arm out to the fans as they touch and slap her hand as she walks by holding the other one in the air.

It's raining
Ooh baby it's raining
Baby come here to me
Come here to me
It's raining
Oh baby it's raining.

Heading up the steel steps.. she grabs on to the ropes in the middle of the outer edge to the ring and she turns to raise an arm to the crowd as they go crazy with cheers. she then flips herself over the top rope as her entrance in to the ring and she then raises both arms to the fans once again.

Misty James: And here she is... a Legend a Hall of Famer..... her weight being 137lbs.. she is from Chicago, Illinois... TOYAAA WINNTTEEERRSSS!

Free, you better love me
And hide or run away
From all your yesterdays

Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea
I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me!

And way beyond your controlling mind (mind)
And no more believing in all your precious lies

Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea
I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me!
Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea, yea
I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me!

Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea
I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me! Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea! I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me!

[The crowd instantly gives off a mix reaction at the chorus of the rock song as the lights slowly start to dim and a bright spotlight shines at the entrance.]

Misty James: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, Introducing first He stands tall at SIX FEET and FOUR INCHES!

[The Rock bass starts to thump as the boos simply get louder.]

Misty James: He weighs in at a solid TWO HUNDRED and FIFTY POUNDS!

Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea
I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me!

Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea, yea
I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me!

Misty James: He hails from the city of MIAMI, FLORIDA!

Free, you better love me
And hide or run away
From all your yesterdays


[A mix reaction erupt from the crowd as Mara comes bursting through the curtain, with a spotlight following his every move towards the ring. A large smile is on his face as he simply looks about the reaction crowd. They hated him and it was just the way he liked it. He didn’t care if they jeer, or let alone cheered him. He was here to do a job and it so happened to be that he was very good at it. He slides underneath the bottom rope, as the lights start the brighten up.]

Free, you better love me
And hide or run away
From all your yesterdays

Speak the truth, or make your peace among the way, oh yea, yea
I never knew, but I believe that you trust in me
Speak to me!

And way beyond your controlling mind (mind)
And no more believing in all your precious lies

[Mara hops upon the middle turnbuckle of a corner of the ring and throws his fists in the air to the reacton from the crowd. But yet a wave of flash bulbs shine over him as he hops down and makes his way towards the other turnbuckle. He hops down hands the belt to the referee and leans against the ropes.]

Misty James: This match is for the UWF ULTIMATE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.... !

The bell sounds off.. and all four competitors gets arms in for one another... Mara coming on to Toya Winters with a few hard right punches before she hooks his legs and throws him to the matt and stomps him a couple times.. he hooks her ankle with his elbow and brings her down into an ankle lock.. she squirms for a bit before grabbing on to the ropes .. he lets go and then grabs her ankle again pulling her off of the ropes and along the ring side.. she grabs a hold of Starr's and Yukino' legs and pulls them down to the matt.. she spins herself over which causes Mara to let go with the force of her legs knocking him down.. she then rolls over and rolls him up for the pin..




NO.. Mara gets the shoulder up and elbows Toya across the face. Yukino Williams grabs a hold of Starr's hair and begins to pull on it out of frustration and she stomps on his left foot.. raising it .. and grasping it he hops backwards over top of Toya and Mara and over top of the ropes.. Toya then climbs out .. grabs a hold of Starr and throws him back in after knocking his head off the edge of the ring a couple times.. Mara had got Yukino down to the matt and is rolling her up for the pin.. Toya jumps in to the ring.. leaving Starr laid out on the floor outside of the ring and pulls Mara off of Yukino.. he slaps the matt and goes in to take her down but Yukino heel kicks him in the jaw and he goes tumbling backwards.. Starr sneaks up behind Toya and grabs her around the waist and throws him over him.. then gets up and does it a second time.. holding on he gets up and does it once more..

Goodman: Do you think that was a show of affection to Eddie Guerrero..?

Pickard: I don't know Mark.. but it was a true honor whether it was intended or not.

Owens: Gotta love Eddie.. and you gotta love the heat in this match.

Pickard: It's one to mark in the books thats for sure David.

Yukino and Mara are throwing shared lefts and rights at one another as Toya is getting up.. she is wobbling all over the ring and Starr knocks her hard back to the matt... leaving her star-struck, he tackles Mara down with a sneaky Clothesline.. and it takes down Yukino too.. Starr and Mara get in to it on the ring floor.. rolling back and forth.. when Starr gets the upper hand he pulls him down with the Starr-Treatment and then performes the walls of Jericho on Mara.. but Mara manages to withstand the submission attempt and wriggle his way out and knock Starr down to the matt.. Yukino and Toya are now bitch slapping one another in to the next mellenia.. Yukino pulls Toya up to the top rope to performed a DDT but Toya manages to regain her strength and she jumps off pulling Yukino up over her head.. and they land hard on the matt but yet Toya still is able to roll Yuino up for the pin..



No the pin was broken by two falling men.. Starr and Mara topple on top of Toya and Yukino... ! They break free from one another and Mara knocks Starr down with a hard left.. but as soon as Starr hits the matt he russian leg sweeps him down.. Toya and Yukino are now rolling around the matt pulling on one anothers hair.. btich slapping one another and scratching each others arms. Misty James comes in to break the fight with some more words..

Misty James: I had just recieved some new information.. after the champion is crowned.. the three competitors left in the ring will battle it out for the Prime Championship.. have fun!

She smiles and exits the ring... Mara and Toya stare at her in bewilderment.. as Yukino and Starr have already climbed the ropes. Yukino Williams flies off with a flying summersault neckbreaker on Toya and Starr flies off with a Starr-Blast on Mara.. taking both of them down they roll them up for the pin.. the ref dives down to count but looks at one pin to the other and shakes his head yelling at them all.. saying that it won't count.. Starr and Yukino rolls off of their opponents.. but Yukino tricks Starr and rolls Toya up before Starr can roll up Mara and the ref counts for the pin..



3... but not Toya Winters had kicked out.

Goodman: Wow this is getting very suspensefull.

Pickard: It's getting scary..

Owens: I can tell because you just pissed yourself.

Pickard: (Whimpers) You didn't have to mention it on live television..

Toya and Mara are at one anothers necks... Mara takes her down with a hard DDT and then begins to stomp on her leg... he pulls her up for the pin but it was so sloppy she just flopped out of it.. he grabs her by the ankle and goes to stand to his feet but recieved a heel kick to the nose by Toya Winters.. she climbs the ropes as he is struggling to get back to his feet. Brad Starr and Yukino had ended up outside of the ring using all the walls around them as weapons without breaking the rules.. and Toya flies off the turnbuckle as Mara gets to his feet with a Toyacanrana and goes for the pin..




The bell sounds... .. Toya is in complete.. shock... as she rolls off with wide eyes. Mara can't believe it.. and Starr and Yukino look back shocked as well to see Toya win.. expecting to see Mara reign again.


Misty James: Winner... of the first round and the NEW UWF ULTIMATE WORLD CHAMPION..... TOYYAAAA WINNNTTERRRRSSS!

She was barely able to get to her feet as the referree had presented her with the World Title.. Mara stood there gaping in awe at Toya Winters unable to believe his reign had finally come to an end as the ref held her hand in victory and escorted her to the ropes.. he jumped down and raised the title to the fans as they cheered and chanted her name.. she flashes Mara a smile as both Yukino and Starr tackle him down to the matt in order to win the Prime Title.. the three of them take turns in bashing at one another.

Pickard; Finally the Ultimate World Title is in the hands of the person who deserves it the most.. the rightful champion of the UWF!

Goodman: I am ... in.. total... shock..

Owens: I must be dreaming.. please pinch me..

Goodman: Oh... My..... GOOOD!


Pickard: Sowwie.

Starr had been layed out to the matt with a hard kick from Yukino Williams and Mara had been rolling on to her with lefts and right.. he lays her down to the matt and goes for the pin...


But no Yukino Williams kicks out,.. Starr knocks Mara in the back of the hand with a backhand.. Mara turns around to a another backhand but he gets to his feet anways and approaches Starr but Yukino Russion Leg sweeps him to the matt..

Owens: Why gain up on him..?

Goodman: Because Toya just took his pride and joy away... all that is left is the prime title.. and if Toya can take him out.. they will gain up to try and take him out for any bit of hope in the man..

Owens: How cruel..

Yukino and Starr begin to go at it.. she clotheslines him to the ropes and then throws him to the other side .. she charges at him and clotheslines him hard over the ropes.. but she turns around to deal with Mara.. who MIAMI DROPS her.. to the matt knocking her out cold as Starr falls out of the ring.. he staggers to get to his feet.. Mara rolls up Yukino for the pin.. Starr tries to get in the ring to stop it..



Starr gets in the ring but as he approaches to defend his title..

3..... and he was too late..

Pickard: Wow.. This Madness was a real role turner in UWF.

Owens: At least he walks out with something.

Mara rolled off with a cocky smile as he is presented with the Prime Championship... now losing his one pride and joy somewhat shadowed by a new title reign with a new belt.. Starr stands there in anger and goes to tackle Mara but is held back by security..


Mara taunts Starr.. and Yukino lays unconcious on the ring floor as Mara backs out of the ring.. scenes fade to black.