The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Gamers' Club is a student organization that gears itself toward having a good time playing primarily non-traditional games. These include things like role-playing, collectable card games, board games (mainly the kind you won't find at your local toy store), miniature games, and various others. We have meetings on every Tuesday while the school is in session. These meetings are usually in the World Unity rooms in the University Union. We have the room open from 5:00pm to 11:00pm, though most people come at about six. Each week we offer a featured event, which is a game that one of our members is planning to run for everyone else. We encourage others to bring their own games as well. We are both willing to teach you how to play a game, or learn ourselves.

The great part of this organization is that there are no membership fees. We have our doors open to anyone that would like to come and relax.