Don Medeiros, Ph. D.
E-mail: dmedeiro@westga.edu
Phone:  678-839-0605   Office:  Melson 110
Don received his B.A. from the University of Santa Clara in 1965 and his doctoral training in a behavior modification oriented program at Arizona State University. Early on, however, he showed evidence of a natural interest in understanding the experience of others. He was noticed eating the standard pellets fed to laboratory rats and pigeons, seeking to understand what it was like for these animals when they were reinforced. Upon graduation, he served four years as a clinical psychologist in the U.S. Army, directing children's treatment services at various Army medical facilities. Again, his curiosity about what it was like for his clients in play therapy led him to spend numerous hours on the floor of the play therapy room, trying out paints, crayons, and toys.
After military service, Don worked for two years as Director of Children's Services for the San Luis Valley Comprehensive Community Mental Health Center. In 1976 he began teaching at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. It was here that he first became acquainted with the work of Maslow, Rogers, and Rollo May, which led him to the further study of phenomenologically oriented psychologists. Don arrived at West Georgia College in 1981 and began working in the area of sports psychology, assisting the women's basketball program.
This has evolved to the point that he now coaches the men's and women's cross country teams, as well as the nationally ranked women's tennis team (for which he was named the Gulf South Conference "Coach of the Year"). His hobbies include listening to and playing country, bluegrass, and blues music. He also enjoys cooking, although not quite as much as eating. Don has co-authored three books, Children Under Stress, Beyond Burnout, and Self Actualization: Theory, Research and Practice, as well as numerous articles including, most recently "The Experiential Method."
Influential Works
Theory and Methodology of Training (Tudor O. Bompa)
Training the Distance Runners (Peter Coe; George Martin)
Disclosing Man to Himself (Sidney Jourard)
The Ultimate Athlete (George Leonard)
Motivation and Personality (Abraham Maslow)
Fighting to Win (David Rogers)
Beyond Freedom and Dignity (B. F. Skinner)
Existential-Phenomenological Alternatives for Psychology (Ron Valle; Mark King)
Up from Eden (Ken Wilber)  
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