19 Oct: Welcome to the new UWGP site. Very nice, huh? It should all work nicely by the end of the week, and the video clips will be up soon :). If you have any sugestions for the site, let me know :)
19 Oct: The Worldwide Incident PPV is finished. The owner of IWGP is checking it over as I write, so look forward to the release very soon. I know I've said this 100 times before but I'm serious - it should be done this week
How should IWGP and UWGP continue after WWI?
They should become one fed
They should split up again
They should continue to fight

20 Oct: The new site is fully functional now, and the first video clip is up. I have many more to upload, plus the 'classic moments' clips you all know and love. I haven't seen the owner of IWGP today, so no word on the event. You should still expect it for this week.
UWGP Thanks go to: Waffles for the idea and the support, as well as being owner of the IWGP. DrLitebur, for excellent match writing. Barretblazer for being very forgetful but nearly writing some matches. Shorturl.com for the quick domain name, and to everyone in the UWGP and IWGP, for putting up with all the stupid things that have happened recently. We're all set now :)
23 Oct: Happy Birthday Waffles!

If you don't send me the finished WWI soon, you're gonna get the birthday present from hell :-D
1 Nov: Ok, here's the deal. I spoke to Waffles today, and he's literally just got 10 or 20 lines left to write. He's sending out the promo piece over the weekend, and the actual event will be sent out on MONDAY. Enjoy. There will be photos, video clips and other stuff here by Tuesday :). Enjoy your indy trip Waffles! :)
7 Nov: Ok, I know, it's Wednesday. I have WWI now, but I haven't released it because of personal things that have been taking up most of my time. In the meantime, I suggest you download this AUDIO CLIP OF ME PLAYING GUITAR WITH THE NERF HERDERS!... Just click and save it! It's...good :)
WWI IS OUT! If it's not in your Email, then send an Email to the almighty  waffles222@aol.com to get a copy. There is some cool stuff from WWI in the MEDIA section, but don't look unless you've already read WWI, as it contains spoilers. ENJOY! Oh, and make sure you vote over on the left.
9 Nov: The first winter card is released. You can see a picture of the deathmatch HERE, so you know what's going on. It's the most hardcore match we've had yet, and there are bound to be injuries. Who will walk away with the Walrus title? Who is the new commish? Will Drake retain his title? :)