UXB live at the Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall 2005

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*October 2008: The band were very saddened to learn that Des McNamara passed away on 16th October 2008 after a short sudden illness, aged 47. Des was in from the start of UXB, a loyal roadie, lighting technician and press liaison officer. And above all a true friend of the band. He loved this band and we loved him. He will be greatly missed by us all. Our thoughts go out to his wife Sue and son Aidan, his brother and his parents. Photo gallery in memory of Des.

*5th October 2006: UXB are playing at the Wasted Farewell Party in Morecambe on Saturday 28th October. Tickets are FREE. For more details, visit the Wasted website. Paul Brindley will be joining the band on second guitar after doing an excellent job at the Blackpool gig.

*14th August 2006: UXB played a storming set at the Wasted UK 2006 punk festival in Blackpool, with stand-in guitarist Paul Brindley doing an excellent job in the absence of Mark Read. Photos from the gig to follow. In other news, UXB now have a MySpace site featuring photos and mp3s. Go to myspace.com/uxbtheband.

*7th July 2006: UXB have been confirmed to play the Wasted UK 2006 punk festival in Blackpool on Thursday 10th August. The band are playing an unplugged set on the Acoustic Stage at 7pm, followed by a 'plugged-in' set in the Arena at 8:20pm. Refer to holidaysinthesun.net for more details.

*12th December 2005: UXB kicked off proceedings at the Wasted punk festival in Wolverhampton in fine style. Review and photos from the gig to follow soon.

*22nd October 2005: UXB have been confirmed to play the Wasted @ Xmas 2005 punk festival at the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton on Saturday 10th December. This is the band's first gig in over three years. Doors open at midday and UXB will be the first band on at 12:45. For more details, refer to the Wasted website.

*23rd April 2005: Crazy Today has been included on a Japanese compilation CD entitled 'Don't you know, it's Last Year's Youth'. For more details, refer to the discography.


Crazy Today front cover UXB are a punk/mod band formed in Cannock, England in 1978. They released one classic single in 1980, Crazy Today b/w Mr Fixit which has since become very sought after by punk record collectors worldwide. They also recorded a whole album's worth of material which remains in the archives.

They split up in 1982 but reformed in 2000 due to the offer of gigs and record releases. For more details see the UXB Story.

The seminal line-up...
Dom Roche: Vocals
Colin Bennett: Bass Guitar
Mark Read: Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Mick Turner: Drums


*29th April 2004: A copy of the original Crazy Today 7" single was on sale for 150(!) at Vinyl Tap.

*24th June 2003: The German release of the Crazy Today EP is out now! The tracklisting is:

CRAZY TODAY 7" EP (500 copies)
Side 1 (Studio Side): Crazy Today / Imagination
Side 2 (Live Side): Stop n Stare / Rescue Me
For all enquiries, e-mail Joe now.

*3rd April 2003: Arrangements are being made for a release of the Crazy Today single as a 7" EP, as well as a live album, in Germany. Provisional details are:

*6th June 2002: The Fire In Cairo website now contains mp3s of classic unreleased tracks Sirens and Anthem. Fire In Cairo were formed in 1983 by Mick and Colin of UXB.

*24th May: UXB Online has won a 'Golden Web Award 2002-2003'!

*23rd April: New mp3s added to the audio page... including the full Crazy Today mp3 as well as samples of Mr Fixit, 48 Hours, In The Q plus many more.

*6th April: The Japanese release of the Crazy Today single has now SOLD OUT of its run of 500 copies! There are also JUST A FEW COPIES LEFT of the 48 Hours EP, see 1977records.com for more details.

*5th April: The latest installment of Kermit's Korner has been added to the site. In his latest article, UXB roadie Kermit reflects on the London gig and interviews another up-and-coming Midlands punk band, Jinx.

*22nd March: The Garage gig has been reviewed on ukrocknet.com Read the review here.

*21st March: UXB were again featured in this week's 'Chase Post' newspaper, the article focusing on the London gig and the prospect of follow-up "Bored Teenagers 2" gigs. View the article.

*5th March: The Garage gig on Saturday 2nd March went extremely well! All 4 bands played a blinder; UXB kicked off the show in fine style (their first gig in 20 years!!) followed by the Zips, Knife Edge and finally the Negatives. Every band member went on stage for the rousing finale of 'Pretty Vacant'! View the UXB set list and photos from the gig here. All the bands feature on the Bored Teenagers Vol. 2 compilation album.

*24th January 2002: The UXB studio chat on Wolverhampton radio station WCR1350am on Thursday 24th Jan was a resounding success. Col, Mick and Dom went into the studio for a chat on the 'Secret Public Cafe' punk show and a fantastic time was had by all. Numerous UXB tracks were played during the show.

*13th December 2001: The first steps have been made to forge a unique link-up with landmine disposal company UXB International. This could prove to be an exciting partnership...more news to follow.

*19th November: The full MP3 of 'Crazy Today' is now available here. This song is available on 7" vinyl from 1977 Records or on the 'Bored Teenagers Volume 2' compilation CD/LP on Detour Records. See discography for more details.

*8th October: THE TWO SINGLES ARE THIS WEEK RELEASED IN JAPAN! The singles are: a clone of the original Crazy Today/Mr Fixit 7" single AND the first full release of the 48 Hours/In The Q/2 Steps EP on 7". 1977 Records are selling the singles which are on vinyl only and cost 1200 Yen each.

*16th August: The band were today featured on the FRONT PAGE of the local 'Chase Post' newspaper. The article concentrates on the Japanese interest and the reformation. Read the article here.

*5th June: The band were today featured in 'The Express and Star' West Midlands newspaper, with virtually a whole page article devoted to the band's reformation and the current Japanese interest, including 'before' and 'after' photos of the group. Read the article here.

*22nd May 2001: The 4 original members (Dom, Col, Mick, Mark) have rehearsed together for the first time in 20 years! It took place in a pub in Great Wyrley and they are in the process of looking for a few local gigs to get back into the swing of things.

*BOOTLEG DETAILS... UXB tracks have been included on at least four different bootleg compilation albums. Both Crazy Today and Mr Fixit have been bootlegged in some form or other. See discography for full details. Special thanks to www.punk-information.com for the tip-off.

*Bored Teenagers Volume 2, a compilation CD/LP of obscure punk bands from 1977-82, is out now on Detour Records. UXB contribute two tracks; Crazy Today and Over The Wall, and the band also feature on the front cover. Click here for more details.


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