Norbert's  V-22  Project
From Austria comes a Webra 120 single ,central engine project of the Marines famous V-22.He has hovering model with  tilt mechanics in but has not tried transition yet .He is working on a more scale fuse with wing and tail feathers and hopes to try a transition in 2003.
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New fuse plug for 2003 project
This versions weight is about 24 lbs.
Rotor heads are a combination of  different stock 3 bladed heads.
View of gearboxes and servo setup
Engine , drive gears and tilt mechanics
Keep coming back as I hope to have more on this Well designed ,well built project ! Being a mechanical engineer by education, and working now as an consultant for ERP-software , I have high hopes that  he might get this one to work!!!!!
It uses an ACT-gyro on the  wing tip to control the roll axis ,which makes it very controllable in hover and heli type forward flight