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Arigatou no Uta is out in Japan
This single comes in 3 different versions with different cover for each one. For first press, there are 2 versions with
one having the DVD of "Arigatou no Uta" and the other with a snapshot booklet to go with the cd single.
The normal press will come with an extra track of the karaoke version of "Arigatou no Uta". This single topped the
oricon rankings since the day of release~

V6's 25th Single, "Arigatou no Uta" will be released soon
This single is to be released in Japan on the 24th of March. The PV and live performance in Music Station
can be downloaded in our forum.

Tonisen's First Best Album, "Replay -Best of 20th Century-" is out in Singapore
The picture above shows the cover of the first press which comes with 2 CDs and a coupon to exchange for a
Tonisen History DVD if sent in before 14th Feb 2004 (Valentine's Day). The DVD will be mailed to your home on
White Day, which is one month after Valentine's day. The normal version Contains 14 tracks of Tonisen,
and it also comes with a bonus demo track.


3 May 2004
section updated - Arigatou no Uta single up!

28 March 2004
section updated - Arigatou no Uta

15 March 2004
section updated - Chigireta Tsubasa's lyrics up!

14 March 2004
section updated - Hard Luck Hero movie and Tonisen's Best Album

03 November 2003
section updated - winning wallpapers created by forum members up!


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