Vien's Cool Site
Vien's Cool Site!
Name: Vien Nguyen
Sex: Sure
Age: 18
Location: Maryland
Nationality: Vietnamese
Hobbies: Break Dancing, Partying, Hanging
  Out, Playing Guitar, Girls,
  Cars, Movies, and Drawing.
AIM Name: VN83
Favorite Quote:  Don't regret what you did
  do; regret what you didn't do.
Pictures/Drawings - Enter here to see pictures of family and friends and pictures that I drew.    
Here is a funny joke for all of you Asian people out there.  No, I did not write this.
Wulfert- Come to this awesome site to download new screensavers, desktop themes, wallpapers, skins and more.
Learn how to play the newest guitar songs with this up-to-date page of guitar tabs.
Last Updated: 5/01
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