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John 5 Ruffin Family

JOHN 5 R. Ruffin(?1738 - 9 July 1777)
Born: About 1738 (Surry County, VA)
married: 18 Dec 1776 Sarah Williamson
son by Sarah Overby - John D. Ruffin (alias Overby)
Died: 9 July 1777
Will: (no children mentioned)
Parents: John and Martha "Pattie" Hamlin Ruffin

Served in House of Burgess 1775-1776. His brother, Robert Ruffin, served 1758-1761. John was a member of the Revolutionary Council Convention in the 3rd Convention in concert with John Barrister.

John was a lawyer in Dinwiddie County, VA.
John D. Ruffin 6 (alias Overby)
born: Jan 1773
died: 7 Dec 1842
married Lucy Ann Clark, nee Day
born: 23 Mar 1769
died: 21 Sept 1843

John D. Ruffin 7
Born:1795   Dinwiddie Co, VA
Died: April 10, 1867
Buried: Blandford Cemetery; Petersburg, VA
Married :1)Jamima Wheelhouse 2) Nancy Ann Audas 
War of 1812 Pension claim of Ann Ruffin, Widow, filed May 5, 1879 in Petersburg, VA.
John Ruffin's farm was on the Blandord and Halifx Rd, near Richard Bland. Johan Hargrove (surveyor) surveyed 213 acres for John Ruffin in 1813) Alledgedly in vicinity of the Yellow Tavern or Globe Tavern and the end of the US Military Railroad.
*There is also an opinion that John D Ruffin line is traced through Robert 2.
Children by: Jamima Wheelhouse:
  • Edwin 1820-1852
  • Joseph 1824-1872 married Martha
  • Edwin
    born: 1825 - Dinwiddie Co, VA
    died: Dec 4, 1852 (32 yr 1 m 29 days
    buried: Blandford Cemetery
  • Lucy 1830
  • Mary 1828/30
  • Nancy
  • Elizabeth
  • Emmett W
  • Reuben 12/8/1825 - 10/17/1895
    married: 1) Mary Jane Ellington 2)Josephine Ellington
    Mary Jane died in 1863 and Reuben married her sister, Josephine, on Jan 4, 1865.

Reuben served Co. A. (Stewart's Brigade" 9th VA. Paroled at Appommatox Court House.

Children by Nancy Ann Audas:

  • Algernon M.
    born:1840- Petersburg, VA
    died: Jan 29, 1863 (23 yr 2 month)
  • John Monroe
    born: 1834/5, Dinwiddie, VA
    died: March 29, 1856 (21 years _mon 24 days)
    buried: Blandford Cemetery
  • William Manassah
    married Olivia Jane Fitz
  • Junius Franklin
    married Mary Ann Chappell

REUBEN Researcher: Kimberly Salmons Kimberly.Salmons@ctxmort.com
7th Reuben married Miss Ellington
          John never married
          Joe married Miss Parker
            Algernon never married
            Junius Married Miss Chappel
            Eliz married Moody
            William married Miss Fitz
            James married Francis
            Laura Married Alex
            Mary married Perkins
            Sarah married Geo.Heath
            Martha Jane
            Thomas a lawyer
            Lucy Cocke
        8th William Ashby Ruffin married Hattie Gray Sterne of Meadville PA
        9th Bessie daughter of Wm and Hattie Gray married Lum
            Jennie daughter of Wm and Hattie Gray married Goodrich
            Edith daughter of Wm married St. John
            Wm Ashby son of Wm married Carrie Hahn
            Frank died
            Mary daughter of Wm married a Gibbons
            Hattie Gray daughter of Wm married a Dobie

Robert 1801-1879
married Sally G. Long (died: May 24, 1860) Blandford Cemetery
  • Lucy Ann
  • William M married Oliva Fitz
  • Sarah F. married George W. Heath
  • Elizabeth J
  • Martha L. married Richard T. Crumpt
  • Lavenia I.
    Researcher for John D. and Lucy Clark Day: Bill Kemp Rebecca Collins beckdon@erols.com ============== Military Service Information based on a Pension Application of: John Bailey (Researcher: STRINGCAN@aol.com - Michael(Mike)Bailey My G.G.G.G.Grandfather applied for a pension for service in the Rev. War twice,first in 1819 second,1824 at the Bath Co. Ky. Court. Both times he mentioned Regiment commanded by Col. John Ruffin. 1819 application,(Illegible symbol)1775 he was enlisted for one year at Mathews(?) County by Capt. Augustus Willis and served in Capt.(Illegible name)and Capt.(Illegible name)Company-Regiment commanded by Col. John Ruffin. 1824 application-John Bailey enlisted for a term of one year in August 1775 in the State of Virginia,that he was enlisted by Capt. Augustace Willis and was attached to Capt. Masons Company a part of the time and the remainder of his time was attached to Capt. Pelhams Company of the First or Second Virginia Regiment in the Virginia Continental Establishment commanded by Col. John Ruffin,that he continued to serve in said Corps in actual service in the Virginia Continental Establishment until August 1776 when he was discharged from said service in Yorktown,Virginia. I was able to find in Provincial Forces,1774-1776 Southampton District Battalion,(Counties of Southampton,Sussex,Surry,Brunswick,Prince George,and Dinwiddie). Field Officers,Col. David Mason,March,1776,Lt. Col.John Ruffin,Dec.1775.On Dec.29,1775,Lt. Col. John Ruffin and 180 Southampton District Minutemen arrived in Williamsburg to relive regular troops on duty there. In the book,( Virginians in the Revolution) I found Ruffin,____,Col.in 1775-6.of Dinwiddie,Ruffin,John,Lt. Col. 1st. Minute Battalion,paid in Aug.,1776,Ruffin,John,Art Perhaps I should explain my objective,I would like to document what my ancestor said in his pension application,I sent to the National Archives in Wash. for any info. they refered me to the Library of Va. the Va. Library refered me back to the National Archives,they referred me to special research dept. I was then sent forms to request info. that I have previously sent.The National Archives has Va. Compiled Records,Rev. War Records of Virginians but to view all of the rolls appears to me to be overwelming. I am trying to find a Regiment number as that is how they are cataloged. The Battalions and Regiments were reorganized so many times it is impossibe to order records based on what my ancestor said in his pension application. If you know of this Col. John Ruffin any information about his command would be appreciated, I will be glad to share all information that I find. Thanks for your reply, Michael(Mike)Bailey

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