Types of Cranks
Crankbaits to me are any lure that as you reel it in dives deeper. I'm not particularly fond of cranks, but I do know the basics so here they are:
1.Lipless:this type of crankbait is usually a sinking model. As the name describes they have no lip so the line tie is on their back.
2.Shallow-diving:These cranks are usually short with a short lip. To me a shallow diving crank on an average cast dives from 1-6 feet.
3.Medium diving:These are a little bigger than shallow diving cranks and have a bigger lip.In my mind a medium-diver dives between 7-13 feet.
4.Deep-Diving:These cranks are the biggest of all and have a very wide lip a deep-diver in my mind dives from 14-25 feet.
The basic retreive is very easy to learn. Cast it out reel it in. Match the depth with the running depth of a crankbait and try to get the bait to hit the bottom when reeling it in.
                Grass Ticking
If you find a grassbed during the summer and you can't get any fish to bite try this.
With either a Rat-L-Trap or Bomber Model "A" cast out onto the grassbed carnk the bait down into the grass and when it hits the grass let the bait float up a little and continue retrieve (with Rat-L-Traps rip the bait up out of the grass).
  I use a Rat-L-Trap or Frenzy Rattl'r when  fishing this method. First find a flat with structure or a long sloping point. Then, cast as far as you can across it and worm it back in. (By worming I mean, using the rod to move the bait not the reel.)To worm the lure lift your rod from
10 oclock to 1 oclock and then taking up the slack. This technique is also known as Yo-yoing.
My fav. crankbaits!
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