Topwaters are probably the most exiciting lure you can fish with because you actually get to see the fish jump and strike your lure! They are especially good for beginners because of the thrill and confidence you gain when catching that first topwater fish.
Types of lures and techniques:
Chuggers or poppers are long slender topwater baits with a concave mouth that spit water and make a popping noise when going through the water. These lures are good for working broad areas with a fairly rapid pace. After casting I begin a steady retrieve  of pop, pop( or twitch, twitch) let it rest. These baits are great where current is present, around vegation, and over long points.
 Chug Bug; my favorite type of chugger!
Propeller or prop baits are topwater lures that have a propeller on one or both ends.The larger, chunkier prop baits are best for dingy, or choppy water, while the smaller ones are best for clear, calm water situations. To fish a prop bait first choose a target. Then cast beyond the target and let the lure rest until its ripples disappear. Then slowly move it so the bait hardly moves but the propeller spins. If no strike follows gently twitch it until it rest beside the object, Wait till the ripples disappear and sloly twitch it, with rest in between, back to the boat.(Note: this is an object oriented lure, meaning that the best results will come of of structure.
Torpedo-my fav. prop bait!
Walking Baits are good for covering a lot of area quickly. They get their name from the technique most people use with them called "walking the dog". To "walk the dog" make quick short jerks with your rod-tip. This lure is especially good for calling big bass out of deep-water.
Zara Spooks-my fav. Walking bait
Storm-the place to buy chugbugs...
Buzzbaits:Built on a spinnerbait design, buzzbaits feature windmilling blades that churn water during a steady pull. They are great around structure. To fish a buzzbait cast it out, and right before it hits the water begin the retieve. You want to retrieve the bait just fast enough to keep the blades churning the top of the water.
A standard buzzbait.
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