Types of Worms
Plastic Worms are probably the most widely used bait in the world. They are known for catching both numbers and big fish when other lures can't.
1.Straight tail:just like the name implies this type of worm has either a straight tail or a small flat paddle-like tail. It was desinged for deep-water fishing with a slow jigging retrieve. This is a good choice when fish are inactive and hanging close to structure.
2.Curly-Tail:these worms have a a small curled tail. This type of worm is good for shallow-horizontal presentations and deep-vertical presentations.
3.Ribbontail: this type of worm has a long ribbon-like tail. This lure is best for shallow, fast horizontal presentations when fish are actively feeding.
4.Finesse Worm: This type of worm is small, thin and straight. They are best for deep, vertical presentaions when fish are inactive.
First slide a sinker on the line and then tie the hook on. Then push the point through the head of the worm then slide it and slide the point out of the bottom. Pull it through until the line tie is in the head of the worm then push the hook point into the body of the worm.
2.Carolina style: First slip a large bell sinker on the main line.Then behind that slide a bead on the line. Then tie a swivel on the line. Next make a leader from 1-5 feet long and tie it to the swivel. Next tie the hook on the line and rig the worm on the hook.
              Bottom Bumping
This is the most basic and widespread method of fishing worms. First cast your worm out and let it sink to the bottom. Once on the bottom reel in slack, position the rod at 10 o'clock then pull the rod sharply up to 12 o'clock. Repeat back to the boat. I like curled-tail worms for this method.
First cast your lure out and instead of letting it sink all the way start a steady retrieve at an intermediate depth. I prefer ribbon-tail worms for this retrieve.
First find structure that fish are holding on. Next, position the boat right over the area. Drop the worm down to the bottom and jiggle the rod. For this method I  lik e finesse or straight tail worms.   
Carolina Rig
I like fishing the Carolina rig in a sweep, pause, take in slack manner. First cast it out over potential fish-holding area. Then let the sinker hit bottom and let the rig sit for about 30 seconds. Next sweep the rod to the side about 2 feet. Then pause and take in slack. Repeat back to the boat. For this retrieve I like straight tail worms and curly tail worms.
             Weightless Worm
   Rig a worm texas style without a sinker. I like using this technique around submerged grass and timber.  Let the fishes mood determine how fast you fish it. Cast the lure past the target structure and let it sink slowly. Next twitch the lure a couple of times to give the lure an erratic fleeing action. Bring in slack between twitches.
My favorite soft-plastics! 
 A Curly-tail Worm
A finesse worm
A  ribbon-tail worm
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