1200°C Vacuum Heater System

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This website provides information and photographs of a high temperature vacuum heater system designed and built by J. L. Tom Engineering.
Heater assembly with tungsten element in an Alumina casing surronded by radial and axial thermal shielding.
Heater assembly supported by a thermallly isolated stand.
Spiral wound tungsten heater filament insulated with alumina beads.
Performance Testing of the
1200°C Vacuum Heater System
Click on performance data for a chart of the performance test results.
Electrical power to the equipment is provided through a power control unit.
The tungsten heater assembly is designed to operate inside a stainless steel vacuum chamber.
A video system is used to view and record the operation of the vacuum heater system using a wireless video camera to a receiver onto a personal computer. The video system enables remote monitoring of the temperature and vacuum with provisions to e-mail images at pre-selected time intervals.

Designed and Manufactured by J. L. Tom Engineering.