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Adult Basic Education Society Pioneers in Adult Education in PAKISTAN

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Adult Basic Education Society

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Pioneers in Adult Education in PAKISTAN 

Eradicate Illiteracy, is OUR MOTTO.


The Adult Basic Education Society (ABES) is an NGO established in 1971 and registered under Societies Act 1860. The ABES is a non-sectarian, non-profitable organisation working under the supervision of an autonomous Board of Directors. The staffing consists of 25 people who work within 6 sections Since 1971 the ABES has been mainly working in promoting Adult Functional Literacy in the country. It developed Naya Din Teaching Methodology for the adults, which found very effective, presently being used efficiently on national level by various organisation involved in adult literacy. Simultaneously the Naya Din primer for basic literacy and other follow-up functional literacy reading materials have also been developed by ABES. It is regularly developing and publishing small book-lets on different topics like health, nutrition, social problems, child care, recipes, family planning etc. All the publications are developed on graded vocabulary. The ABES developed video lessons for Literacy Teachers Training courses and the Naya Din primer (basic literacy primer).

Scope of Activities:

Ongoing Projects

1. Primary Education Projects:

In October, 1993 Non-Formal Primary Education Project was started with a triangular approach by ABES, Federal Directorate of Education, and the UNICEF. It is an Advocacy project mainly focusing to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the primary schools. The Federal Directorate identified 25 Primary schools in 5 Union Councils of Islamabad rural area. Besides, 10 Community Primary Schools (CPS) are established in Multigrade situations mainly in areas which are without schools. These CPS are also functioning as small feeder units for formal Government Schools. Several activities have been carried out in this project including close community co-ordination, publishing of a fortnight Newsletter "Humari Dunya" (Our World). Organised 6 Multigrade Teaching Workshops for an activity based, child centred teaching approach. These workshops were designed in order to have an In-service teachers training for Government school teachers. Professional support was provided to the teachers for making the learning more responsive and effective. The attendance in the CPS is one teacher to 25 students and it is encouraging to note that we have experienced very little drop-out rate. Mostly the students who left these schools, either migrated to other areas or got admission in the Government Schools. The teachers of CPS and Federal Government Schools involved in various training and refresher courses have been found as efficient and motivated teachers. The successful experiment of 10 Community Primary Schools (CPS) inspired ABES to replicate the model on a larger scale and subsequently, it established 75 Co-operative Rural Primary Schools in the Narowal and Sialkot districts with financial support of ICCO - Holland. After training the teachers in Multigrade techniques these schools are functioning efficiently. Presently there are 100 schools functioning with a total enrolment of 3000 children of which 80% girls. The non-formal primary education project in Narowal district is functioning through community participation with a new approach coupled with an in-built female health education programme. Besides, the ABES is involved in improvement of teachers training programme for literacy teachers, Multigrade Teachers and also In service formal school teachers training using innovative techniques. The present efforts ensure that the NGO is capable enough to expand its activities in other areas like Audio-Video production, teachers training and material development. It may further reinforce its role in capacity building for the outreach community schools.

2. Functional Literacy / Poverty Alleviation in Semi-Urban, Under- Privileged Communities

The ABES has recently started this new project in collaboration with the UNESCO. The main focus of the project is on the functional literacy and poverty alleviation in two semi-urban communities in Islamabad District.A Student of Adult Functional Literacy Class With Her Grand Daughter This project would provide an opportunity to the literate females for enhancing their literacy skill through participation in literacy refresher courses. After completion of these courses the participants would join skill training programmes and simultaneously required inputs will be provided to them to start income generation projects for Chicken Raising and Goat Rearing. The inputs shall be refunded in cash at the end of project. The whole activity shall be monitored, documented and evaluated for future replication at certain scales. These projects would help in poverty alleviation in the target areas.

3. Female Functional Literacy on Health Issues.

4. Literacy Teachers / supervisors Training Programme

5. Multigrade Teachers Training for NFPE

6. In-service Teachers Training Programme Involving Activity Based Child Centred Techniques Through Multigrade Approach.

Achievements:ABES Publications & Liberary Box

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The Man Behind the Mission

Vincent A. David

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In recognition of its services in the
field of Literacy, the
UNESCO  awarded  ABES
the international Literacy Award in
1984 & 1991

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