This site is about one thing and one thing only; the trade and exchange of our esoteric books for your esoteric books. You will not find active links to books at this site, nor will you find any flashy interactive graphics to hypnotise you with.
What you will find is our list of available books in etext format (usually .doc. or pdf) for your downloads, and on the other hand, you will find a list of books that we are wanting ourselves, and therefore interested in aquiring by way of trading our books.

How you will go about negotiating a book is very simple. You will first find a book that you want in our list of available texts. next, you will look for a book that you have or can get somehow in the list of books that we want. Then you will email us from the link provided at this site and negotiate the exchange. We are also open to negotiations with books that are not on our list, but please dont email us with topics outside the interest of this site.

When you email us with your negotiations we will discuss your proposel and then email you back with the results. The only way that we operate is for you to email your book to us first, then we send our book. Please read that last sentence again, because if you do not want to comply with that request, please do no email us.

One last little word, we are not concerned with morals and ethics about the trade and exchange of these books, we provide a service, and if this service gets up your nose, then dont visit the site.
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