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Welcome to Gary's Page!
Hi!! My name is Gary Loyd. I am the proud father of two beautiful little girls. I stay home during the day with my girls, work part time evenings and weekends, and make soap the rest of the time.  Occasionally I work in some time to do some programming or some other playing around.

Here I have two games I wrote back 2000 using Visual basic on the Win 98 platform.  I found them on an old CD and they seemed to work fine on my new computer with Win XP and I assume it should work for everyone.

I am currently working on a guide explaining how to build paper domes with your children and I will be posting some pictures here as I go.

I you need any unique soaps for a baby shower, birthday party, wedding, or anything else, just click on one of the pictures to visit my store.  I also have an
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Click here for more pictures of available soaps.
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